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Thank you for coming to my TEDTalk.

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When I first began my #reikipractitioner journey, I wanted to heal the world. I've since realized that that's impossible and that's okay. I can however help heal in spaces I'm most familiar with that tend to go underserved. It's taken the better half of a year to become the type of woman, worker and healer equipped to work through my own healing first in order to truly assist those ready to heal themselves. The focus of my reiki practice is emotional + mental disturbances, specifically with depressive and anxious disorders. My goal is emotional release. To break up what's been built up from childhood + adult traumas, heavy emotive build-up, grief, heartache/heartbreak, emotional repression/regression, chakra tune up + release, cord cutting and return to love of self. I'd love to work with you. I continue coming out of the healer closet and establishing myself in this space. I care so deeply about this work. Allow me to aid you on your healing journey. #TheJoiElement #TheLightWork_

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The Universe knows exactly when to send me the words that have been escaping me. Thank you @thevoluptuouswitch. #Repost from @thevoluptuouswitch with @regram.app ... You can walk away from your fears, your doubts, the beliefs you once had about yourself, the names people called you, sitting alone at the lunch table, being slut-shamed for existing, your mistakes, perceived failures, regrets, things you thought you wanted but never got, things you got but never wanted, times of hopelessness, times of joy that could not last, the trolls, the haters, the jealous and their inferiority-superiority complexes, your own inferiority-superiority complexes, people who think they know you, people you once thought you knew, bad habits, harmful thoughts, confusion, illusion, delusion, sickness, and shame. . . You are holier than anyone has ever told you. You are holier than your being has ever been able to know. You are holier than the parts of you you find ugliest. You are holier than the parts of you you choose to put on display. You are holy. And you can burn anything that isn’t you away. . . (revisiting some words from the past during Venus Rx...) . . . Art by @colormelurid

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As I sit here with a Heart Chakra tea wondering how it will all play out, the Universe has messages.

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God, yes. #Repost from @yoitsatari with @regram.app ... Dear past self I love you and I forgive myself for failing you at times. #selfreflection #selfawareness

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Came home after a day of eloquently cussing folk out to homework and magical Virgoness.

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Let me have my things!

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refeeltribe. Motherhood with the fadeaway.
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Bless. #Repost from @just_seriafit with @regram.app ... Let the church say awoman. 🙌🏾 . When I see little notes from the universe like this, I know: -1- I'm on track. Something is close. -2- Everything is working for my greatest good, & everything will be ok, eventually. Keep trying/moving & being intentional. Even if you don't quite know what the hell you're doing, your efforts still matter. Use the bread crumbs to guide you and go for it! #HappyWednesday✌🏾💕😌 ______ #Repost @spiritualgangster (@get_repost) ・・・ Time to manifest 🙌 #trusttheuniverse #spiritualgangster⠀ via @spiritdaughter

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I can't express just how much following others' "guidance" has fucked me up. I've edited my entire existence because people told me I was offensive. My dance moves too concise. My writing too articulate. My dreams too big. My speaking up too loud. My love too hard. My walk too grown. I have dialed myself back. Allowed myself to stay stagnant as to not offend. Well, fuck that. And fuck you.

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refeeltribe. #Repost from @thevoluptuouswitch with @regram.app ... MARS SQUARE URAN

#Repost from @thevoluptuouswitch with @regram.app ... MARS SQUARE URANUS :: . . This is the third and final square these two will make with MARS IN AQUARIUS activating the SOUTH NODE. This is shit-stirring energy! Old stuff, habits, PATTERNS, rage, motivation, DESIRE, Power are in MOTION. There’s somewhat of an 💥explosive💥 energy here. Good day to be careful driving or operating machinery. PROTECT your head (literally and figuratively). Don’t be reckless. Be aware that fights could ESCALATE or have unexpected CONSEQUENCES. . : What is this ENERGY great for? BUSTING A RUT. Leaving old ways in the dust, even if it’s a bit messily. Make sure not to FRY yourself. Personally I slept one hour last night but if your body allows you more I’d recommend it 🙃. We want to move through BLOCKS while keeping ourselves in TACT and honoring needs and BOUNDARIES. . : You also may be seeing signs of PROGRESS or even RESOLUTION with some of what arose this summer. Or recognizing what is left to do. . . Good luck! ✨💥✨ . . meme by @inked.mystic ✨❤️✨

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WHAT👏 IF 👏YO👏 #Repost from @hadiiyabarbel with @regram.app ... WHAT IF LADIES? WHAT IF YOU TURNED YOU MAGIC ON BY SPEAKING YOUR TRUTH? MY STORY BELOW: So this quote that happens to be the title of my book has gone viral several times. The thing about it is that many pauper have recreated it and decided to remove my name from the quote and make it as if it was their own. Now I’ve seen this many times in many different ways and some very nicely done. But still it’s the internet and no matter what people will use it not meaning any harm or knowing the source since the name was removed. • • • • My followers constantly tag me and quote me when they see it on accounts without my name. I usually ignore it. This past weekend I’ve decided to address the accounts where I found it. Instead of this becoming something nasty I asked @oliviachurch.co to instead recreate the meme with my name quoted. And @smudged.co removed the one without the tag and reposted the correct one, It was recreated it in minutes. • • • • It was satisfying to know that #womensupportwomen and that we all can let go of our #egos to truly do the work that we say we do. Swipe to see her beautiful meme and follow her pretty page! • • • Anyway.. her comes the 😂🔌 You can purchase my book on my website ( link in bio) @turnyourmagiconbook because it will change your life and because it is in our day to day interactions in this #humanexperience that we can all learn to Turn Our Magic All The Way The FUCK On! #speakyourtruth #behonest #shareyourvoice #yourfeelingsmatter #Repost @smudged.co ・・・ A little Instagram snafu turned into making three new fierce and beautiful female friends. @hadiiyabarbel @oliviachurch.co @bajan_babydoll ✨ We all agree - you need to turn your magic all the way the fuck on!! Do it. NOW. ✌🏼❤️🌱 #smudged . . . #mondaymotivation #mondaymood #magic #magical #magick #witchesofinstagram #brujavibes #energyisreall #selfcareseptember #turnyourmagicon #goodvibes #autumn #fall #equinox #change #fullmoon #harvestmoon #miamibeach #womenempowerment

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When you get the words you've been needing. #Repost from @chaninicholas with @regram.app ... . M O O N I N C A P R I C O R N . Just wanted to send you a Monday morning love note. When I start feeling overwhelmed I know that I’ve talked myself into thinking that I am in this alone. That I have no help. That I am somehow completely on my own. The only thing that lifts me out of the despair is reaching out to others. When I don’t have access to loved ones I do what I can to call in the spirits of support that surround us all. If I can, I do both. There’s no emotion that hasn’t been faced before me. Most times I just need to remember that I’ve lost faith, I’ve lost my connection and I’ve lost my way inside my own ups and downs. Getting out of my own story for a moment, remembering all that has been experienced and worked through before me and beside me, always helps me find my center inside a larger story. . What’s helping you? . Today the moon in Capricorn trines Uranus in the early morning, shaking things up. This aspect brings a moment of inspiration that lifts an other wise heavy morning. As the moon conjuncts stern and stately Saturn a couple hours later, it leaving emotions a little heavier than we might be comfortable with. However, it is the kind of aspect that whips us into shape and gets us refocused on the week ahead. Luna finishes off the day with a sweet sextile to Venus reminding us of the power of love, connection and the right almost-fall-fashion-moment. In general the moon in Capricorn can be a little emotionally removed. Make sure you give yourself the encouragement you need to find the motivation your life calls for. #MondayMotivation #MondayMood #LoveYou #MoonTalk #Moon #Capricorn

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Bless Saint Rickey. #rp @rickeythompson

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Asking for help is hard af. In the midst of fully transitioning us to Maryland, my car stalled on 95S and is now declared a loss. I need your help. Every dollar helps me towards my goal. With the hurricane approaching, this may be a tall ask for a few which I completely understand. For those who can, I humbly ask that you do. Getting my daughter around safely in our new city is my top priority. Thank you all in advance for your kindness and giving. Check the link in the bio to donate. #ANewNormal

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I'm truly beginning to think that so much around me had caught fire because I need to trust myself enough to breathe flames when needed. #Repost from @spiritualhomegirl with @regram.app ... Sometimes we get the persona or energy of someone and for whatever reason, we let it intimidate us. This causes us to get shook or even question our own abilities and strengths; and it slowly cripples us from moving how we want to. I love animals, and there’s a lot to be learned from them. I know that humans are apart of the whole circle of life and “food chain”, but there’s a whole ecosystem that’s been going on without us for a very long time, filled with checks and balances. And if this lion can get tossed up by an animal that appears, “less than”, so can anyone else in the “human kingdom”. Move how you want to, regardless, and watch that ego. 🌟💜 With love, Spiritual Homegirl

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