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Gamle sten og fine bjergtoppe, Zante har mere at byde på end sol, strand og vand. Pt står det ned i stænger, mamacita som vi bor hos har smidt os på gaden før tid, vi er blevet opkrævet ekstra betaling for brug af aircon, vi er blevet glemt i afhentningsprocessen til lufthavnen og @suntoursdk yder den absolut ringeste service jeg nogensinde har erfaret.

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I går var @stinelidstroem og jeg på scooter tur og kom som jeg altid gør det, på afveje 🙈 Efter at have kæmpet os op ad snørklede grusbelagte veje meddelte kørelæreren at nok var nok. Vi parkerede derfor og fortsatte gennem krat og tornefyldte buske til fods opad bjergsiderne, vi mødte både rotter og hidsige hunde, i bagende solskin og uden hverken vådt eller tørt. Men se dog lige en udsigt vi blev beriget med! 🤩

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Probably one of the nicest views I’ve ever seen! 🤩

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Life on Zakynthos is approved ✔️

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riejolst. #Zakynthos here I come 🇬🇷💦 Da den danske sol gemmer sig, har @stine

#Zakynthos here I come 🇬🇷💦 Da den danske sol gemmer sig, har @stinelidstroem og jeg købt os en flybillet, så vi kan komme ned og se hvad den græske har at byde på.

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I Spanien laver de formidable drinks! Omend man bestiller mocktails mens man er på penicillin, så bliver man bimlende bacardi efter bare et par tåre. Her får man ikke lov til at gå ned på alkohol 🤷🏻‍♀️🥳

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In my right element ☀️💦

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riejolst. 11 months and 23 flights later ... Er tilbage i det danske land for en

11 months and 23 flights later ... Er tilbage i det danske land for en stund 🥳

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I’ve missed you little’sis ❤️ #nusafriends

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Moster’Rie kom heldigvis hurtigt ind i varmen igen 🙏🏼💦

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Back to morning walks and uncovered shoulders 👣😅

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I had a flight at 4 am leaving Egypt. I checked out of my hotel at 12 pm, and told the receptionist that I’d hang around till midnight. Without hesitation the guy found a key and offered me a clean, bright room to stay in till midnight. What a service! Imagine how my travels would look like if I wasn’t always staying in hostels, taking local transportation and doing everything the cheapest way? 🤩 Now I’m back in Europe. Spending the next week surrounded by family in Mallorca. And then I’ll be going back to Denmark for the summer 🙏🏼❤️

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I’ve had a lovely dinner in the desert, with a Bedouin guy who genuinely feels that it’s okay to have 4 wifes. 🙉🙊 . At one point in our one day, 590 km road trip, we took a wrong turn and got waved back by security, who told us we would have been shot at, if we hadn’t turned back around. 🚘🚫🔫💥 . I’ve been to an amazing iftar (the dinner where the Muslims break the fast during the Ramadan) with the sweetest people who opened up their home. But where I also got to experience the different levels of belief, as one of the uncles refused to shake my hand, as I am a woman. 🤝❌ . And I’ve had to pay an Uber driver 4 times the amount of money as the app said, because he didn’t follow his gps and therefore got lost. 💬💸 . Egypt you keep surprising me! And I love every aspect of it! 🙏🏼

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Arriving at Cairo airport I’d read that I could take a bus to the city centre. And avoid the hustle of negotiating with the taxi drivers. But as always with me and transportation, it wasn’t as easy as I thought. I got on a bus in front of the airport. I showed the driver, who only spoke Arabic, the address of my hostel. Tahrir Square, the centre point of the city. He acknowledged the address and drove to the bus station just outside of the terminal. As we stopped at the station, everyone left the bus, to get on one of the other more local looking busses. As I followed, the driver yelled at me and ordered me back on his bus. Once again I showed him the address of my hostel, and he demanded that I stayed on his bus. And so I did. We left the station a few minutes later and went back into the airport, for 30 minutes we went driving around the different terminals, just to get back to that exact same bus station. This time I got off the bus, despite the fact that he kept yelling at me. I went to one of the other bus drivers, then another one, a third, a fourth and a fifth. They all shook their heads when I showed them the address. Why the hell do you have to be this cheap, I thought to myself, about to give up on this project, when an English speaking man came up to me. It took him another 6 busses, to find the correct one for me. Driving through Cairo, was an experience. It’s the most aggressive traffic I’ve ever been in. In other places like Nepal and India it can be chaotic, but this was different. There was a lot of yelling, obviously a lot of honking and people running for their lives to cross the streets. And on top of that we saw multiple accidents along the road. At one point our driver stood on his break. Three cars had crashed into each other in the intersection in front of us. A police man was there to control the traffic around the coalition, but no one, no one was paying attention to his whistling or guidance of the place. A few minutes later I was told to get off the bus, I had just under 1 kilometre in 41 degrees heat to walk to my hostel. And now I was the one running for my life to cross the streets 😅 Welcome to Egypt Rie! 🇪🇬😂🙈

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Went playing around on some old rocks today 🤩

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This is how every Monday should start, right? With a cold smoothie, a good book and a nice breeze by the sea 🙏🏼

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Back in the water 🐳 This time it’s the Red Sea that has me impressed 💦

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