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Going on a new adventure, Poon Hill here I come 👣💥

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Tak for at have haft verdens største ja’hat på de seneste par uger @jeppeko 🎩 Det har været en sand fornøjelse at se dig overskride grænse efter grænse 😅🙏🏼

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Another tick off my bucket list, paragliding 💥✔️

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Hold nu kæft hvor er livet bare en gave altså! Ja, jeg kaster lidt op i min egen mund over min billedskønne Instagram profil, om hvordan tilværelsen altid ser fantastisk ud. Men når jeg efter at vandre opad med fuld oppakning 7 timer dagligt og ikke at have været i et varmt bad i en uge, kan stå på toppen af en af Himalayas bjergtoppe med det største smil og den vildeste lykkefølelse, så er jeg det helt rette sted.

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Climbing these mountains might very well be my favourite thing to do! 👣

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Scariest ridge walk I’ve ever done! Walking at 4.200 m altitude. When we got down we were told that a guy slipped and died just three days ago. Well, thanks for the heads up 😳

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Verdens bedste @jeppeko underholder mig pt i Nepals bjergklædte landskab🇳🇵

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Feeling humble 🙏🏼

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At our fifth morning in the mountains we woke up at 5 am due to thunder and lightning. Our windows were not exactly dense, and my blanket was therefore covered in snow. Having spent 9 months in a bikini, wearing a jacket and having to put on pants, wasn’t exactly the most pleasant adjustment 😅 But as the snowstorm was not only happening outside, but also inside our room, we decided to get dressed and head out down the valley. Luckily we soon got to see the sun and enjoy yet another day with a clear blue sky ☀️

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Did you know that your face can become swollen, if you get badly sunburnt? I didn’t 🤷🏻‍♀️ But I learnt my lesson. On day 4 of our trek, I woke up and could barely open my eyes. My lips wouldn’t fully close together and I was red as a tomato from my neck up. Neither pretty nor pleasant 👹🙈 So the day became a rest day. Hanging out at the bakery, eating cake, drinking juices and playing card games, while hiding from the sun.

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Day 3, summit, 4606 m ✔️ My navigation skills are a disaster, but we made it, and that’s all that matters, right? 😂 A few extra hours of walking, uphill, never killed nobody! Well it might actually have, but we’re still alive 🤷🏻‍♀️🙈

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Day 2 of the trek is absolutely stunning I can’t believe how light my bag is, and my boots aren’t giving me any blisters so far 🙏🏼 Moving into the valley the views are getting better step by step. At one point we stop at a clearing to enjoy the scenery as a yak comes along. A yak is a large domesticated wild ox with shaggy hair, humped shoulders, and large horns. We’ve passed a few of them on the way, but this one seems particularly interested in me and my bag. (I didn’t leave all of my snacks behind at that tea house) I put my bag down, step away, and Tim a meditation guru who I’m walking with somehow calms the yak. The yak leaves, and so do we after a while. I head out in front of the guys, and a few minutes later I turn around as I hear screaming and yelling from behind. And there it is, the yak, coming right at me, running, horns pointed in my direction. 🐃😳 I grew up at a farm, playing with the cows, so normally an animal like this wouldn’t scare me. But this one was trouble. I raise my trekking poles over my head as I scream my lungs out. While the guys are running towards me. 🆘 Luckily all of that fuss makes the yak change its mind. I get to eat my chocolate bars without having to share them with the yak. And that was the action of our second day on the trail. 🤷🏻‍♀️😅

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Starting the trek I feel great, sun is out and my new boots are on. 🥳 But after walking for 7 hours, 14 km uphill, I start to question my packing skills as my hips are starting to hurt from the weight of my backpack. I’ve literally brought more chocolate bars than I’ve been eating in the previous year and I have a new shirt for every day. I was told there would be a hot spring somewhere along the trek, so I got a swimsuit with me. I’m bringing a deck of cards, dices, pen and paper, a speaker and my iPad for music for those cozy nights at the tea houses 😅🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m walking with three guys, who are all bringing playing cards. And apparently it’s not a thing to wear clean clothes on a daily basis, so just like that my bag got about 5 kilos lighter as I’m leaving behind all of the things mentioned above here at this first guest house.

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Shopping’s done. And I’ve spent half a day getting the permits that allows me to enter the national park. Next up is the 10 hour bus ride to the actual trek. And what a bus ride, I could have chosen the tourist version and taken a jeep, but what would be the fun in that? So here I am with a backpack full of all of my newly purchased gear, on an overcrowded bus full of lovely locals and living chickens, on bumpy dirt roads. Soooo excited 🤩

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Staying in a hostel you get to hear peoples previous and upcoming adventures, which in Nepal is all about trekking. I’d never heard of the Langtang Valley, but as the Annapurna circuit was closed due to too much snow, and the Everest basecamp would be a little too hardcore for me to start out with, apparently the Langtang trek was the way to go. So here I am in flip flops, searching the streets of Kathmandu for hiking boots, a sleeping bag, a down jacket, gloves, socks, layers and layers of clothes to keep me warm, trekking poles, water purification tablets, rain clothes and apparently you need special glasses not to make you snowblind as well. Starting to second guess what I’m getting myself into 🤷🏻‍♀️😅

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Till next time Thailand 👋🏼

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What does your Saturday look like? . I’m leaving Koh Tao, my home for the past 5 weeks 👋🏼 11 hours of transportation by boat and bus 😴

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Bare svømme’ bare svømme 💦 . . 📸: @discoverdivingwithkyle

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