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If you’re looking for hard & sexy (good combination!) techo, don’t look any further. Listen to my new mix on Mixcloud: Itinerary episode 002! Link on the bio ↑ ↑ ↑ #rockyg2019

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I’m so happy and proud! Today I can present you the first episode on Mixcloud of my first ever radio-show called ITINERARY. Please click in the link on my bio ⇞⇞⇞ And let me know what you think! 😘❤️🙏 Love @rockygmusic #rockyg2019

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Do what you love and you will not work one day in life... 🙏🏻 @denondjofficial ♠️ @rockygmusic #rockyg2019 ♠️ check out the link on my bio for my new interview on DenonDJ blog...

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Happy Christmas 🎄 To all of you guys from me and my 🐶 and all my family 🎄 @rockygmusic #rockyg

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Infinite... Ask the universe And received ... ♠️🎁 #rockyg2019 will be 🔥 Check out the present I have for you on my bio ... and enjoy my 🚇 new track by @maxime12records @rockygmusic

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Mashing up 2 tracks is something I love... Yesterday during our my live set yesterday :) ▪️ A mashup (also mesh, mash up, mash-up, blend, )is a creative work, usually in a form of a song, created by blending two or more pre-recorded songs, usually by overlaying the vocal track of one song seamlessly over the instrumental track of another. ▪️ In this case was made live using my amazing @denondjofficial Track ID Destruction @asysofficial & Bang the Box @ramontapiaofc #rockyg2019 Tomorrow I will have present for you ...

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rockygmusic. Because the best videos are the ones who show magic moments... Somethi

Because the best videos are the ones who show magic moments... Something happens to me when I’m playing... My smile express what I feel... Thank you you all for being with me on this ride... Rave me hard...play the techno song @rockygmusic #rockyg2019

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Here is coming “other baby” ♠️ my new Track Voyage will be out 12 January 2019 on my Label @maxime12records ♠️I will give to my fans 100 copy’s of my Track Do you want? ♠️ until there click on the link on my bio for my last track “Voyage” #rockyg2019

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I’m proud to announce my Record Label @maxime12records Follow 🔝🔝🔝🔝 ▪️ Techno Label based in Amsterdam run by @rockygmusic ▪️ We will not just release tracks but as well tell the story behind the music and who is the artist? ▪️Give the artist the opportunity to perform in Amsterdam in Maxime 12 Led Studio during our weekly livestream ( Reach 2.2Million Of techno fans) ▪️We a ready to get your Demo

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♠️ Move a step closer Dreams can come true You know you gotta have hope You know you gotta be strong Dreams can come true You know you gotta have hope You know you gotta be strong #rockyg2019 @rockygmusic

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Here is my new track Voyage By @outcoderecords I want you guys to stop everything you’re doing: Click on the link on my BIO and listen. ♠️ Share this post with your techno fans.♠️ Share this post on your story.♠️ EXTRA, send me a video of you, your friends, your family, your dog, dancing or playing Voyage, or my other track Rebirth, and I will shout you out, and share your video on my Story, and the best of on my timeline. All the love of the world and enjoy this more “soft” version of my Techno♠️ @rockygmusic

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Every artist who releases on Spotify, is releasing their numbers. Many of them have BIG millions, others don't even show to you.  But I want to share and tell the story behind. This was my first year on Spotify. To be honest, my first year releasing music. I start releasing stuff I did not like. (never listen to opinions of others this is your life) After 2 tracks I had an identity crisis and I did want to give up everything. EDM or TRAP was not really my thing, but I learned a lot. After came "Rebirth" my first techno track, but that was during on #ade2018, so for all of you guys who are playing my track, thank you. For me, 101K stream is a LOT. Thank you to the 64 Countries 50,778 Fans (same number of the population of Bermuda) 8,956 Cities I'm DJ, who is looking to take where she believes works on the dancefloor to you in shape of her own music. I'm part of you guys, and you all are part of me. Your feedback will help to transform my #rockyg2019 in the bigger success of my career. My losses are mine, but my victories are from all of Us.

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I’m super exited to be planing so many amazing adventures for the next year #rockyg2019 China 🇨🇳 is one of my projects and South America too. On music production ▪️ “Voyage” will be out 10 December ▪️ “Subway” Jan. 2019 ▪️ “Acid Ghost” Jan. 2019 ▪️ “Warrior” Feb. 2019 I will open my own label Maxime 12 and I will help new artists to get there music out and And there social-media. ♠️Where you want me to play this year❓❓ I will organize a party in the city with more comments...

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♠️ me I look at the world From awakening eyes in a black face— And this is what I see: This fenced-off narrow space Assigned to me. I look then at the silly walls Through dark eyes in a dark face— And this is what I know: That all these walls oppression builds Will have to go! I look at my own body With eyes no longer blind— And I see that my own hands can make The world that's in my mind. Then let us hurry, comrades, The road to find.

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#technolove This was today :) check out on my Facebook or download music on the link on my bio Acid time 🤯 #rockyg2019

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Sometimes I feel “alone” .... ♠️ @rockygmusic ♠️ 15 December Germany 🇩🇪 ♠️ Tomorrow live from Amsterdam ♠️ click link on my bio for free download 1 hour of techno music ♠️ my track “voyage” pre sale on beatport Love you guys #rockyg2019

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✨And Dreams come True ✨ Yesterday, I play Techno at @ted on the 10th anniversary of @tedxamsterdam with my amazing @denondjofficial ♠️ Thank you to Ted Amsterdam and @weare.live and all the other amazing people who did make my Dream possible. ♠️ I played on the amazing @stadsschouwburgamsterdam on an iconic place for amazing people who are changing the world ♠️ I was using orange ribbon for charity @orange_babies (check out) Thank you 🙏🏻 so much This was a Dream what is real now! This video is going to be played around the world and many will not know but I’m a women a mom an artist a wife and a friend I’m all of you and yesterday on that stage was my dreams and your dreams, your love, your energy because I’m you! You who are reading this! Thank you. And in the end thank you to @rockyg.management PQ my friend, my love and my partner in crime I love You. To end the track ID Hidden T by @enricosangiuliano and @drumcoderecords (It was a pleasure for me to bring you guys to this stage) Ps. my jacket (not paid advertising) @bodaskins Love ❤️Techno and ❤️ Ted @rockygmusic #rockyg2019 Ps 2 Click on link of my bio for free download of 1 hour of music 🎶 🔝🔝🔝

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Yesterday I had the chance to bring to #ted 2 things I love ❤️ ♠️ #technomusic ♠️ @denondjofficial Thank you so much to @tedxamsterdam for the invitations and too everything volunteers who made TedX Amsterdam possible ... 🎁 I have free music to give to you guys, the link is on my bio. 1 hour of techno for free download exclusive for you... Love ❤️ and Techno ♠️ @rockygmusic #rockyg2019

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