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Thank you so much.. 300k followers on my FB page... So many of you watched my live sets and listen to my music. In 2 days, I will play live to celebrate.... ▪Click the link on Bio to get a reminder 🖤 @rockygmusic

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Hi Autumn 🍂... Everything look so beautiful ... Everyone loves spring and summer... I love the Beautiful Autumn and Winter In Holland.

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Amazing @raving.fm Today was my new set! Thank you guys for support Love 🖤 and Techno @rockygmusic

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La eternity @rockygmusic :) in Amsterdam Remix by @charlottedewittemusic

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So proud... more videos soon Thank you 🖤 @rockygmusic

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rockygmusic. Just me expressing my music in Images ... @rockygmusic

Just me expressing my music in Images ... @rockygmusic

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Perfection 👌🏻 @rockygmusic

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I love my life... Thank you 🙏🏻 for all support All the best to all of you guys! @rockygmusic #denondj

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A dreamer... is what I’m! @rockygmusic live living my dream...

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Raw Me #selfportrait @rockygmusic

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Good morning... this Thursday I will be live at 7pm Amsterdam time on Facebook @rockygmusic ... I’m waiting for you...

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What was the best of my @amsterdamdanceevent ? @denondjofficial and the Denon team is the best of my #ade2018 ... I’m in love... Thank You for your time and attention and we have so much more to do together @rockygmusic

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"I love underdogs, I think I’m an underdog myself as well. I love the ones that are punched in the face a few times in life and stand up for what they believe..." (donadrop.com interview) 🐺 @ddlopes_ @rockygmusic . . .

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rockygmusic. ... @celsuscouture ... thank you so much for the beautiful present...

... @celsuscouture ... thank you so much for the beautiful present... this 🎩 is amazing... What I love it so so much ...

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I waited so long for this moment. The moment I turn on my @denondjofficial for the first time. I was so excited I could not find the power button😀 Denon is Djing superpowers on your fingertips... I felt like a kid on Christmas day and ended just sleeping 4 hours. Tomorrow I hope I can share a little more.

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Doing one of 2 things I love more ... better in Amsterdam :) I m so blessed ... Really happy to get my account verified too, finally Instagram believe I’m real lol 😂

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