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I bet you can't get better squad then mine. 🦋❤️ . . . @rashi_chandel ka flirting with camera vala पोज़ , Zeher hai ladki 😂 . . . Helluuu wasupppp ? @aahana20feb photu Ko deakh ke tere bare Mai kuch bolna tha par tune toh वॉर्निंग deke Rakhi hai na , aab माँ ki baat toh suni padegi na 😕 . . . #India #ig_india #insta_india #friendship #portrait #young #girl #fashion #style #stylish #photooftheday #instagood #instafashion #people #love #casual #fun #family #multicultural #pretty #model #beautiful #snypechat

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We know that we have different priorities when it comes to choosing people, but we never complian, we focus on good and we make sure that whenever we are together we create a best memories. I think that's the best part of our bond 🦋❤️ @aahana20feb blessed to have you 💫 . . . . . . . #India #ig_india #insta_india #young #people #couple #girl #portrait #casual #love #friendship #family #fun #fashion #style #stylish #photooftheday #instagood #instafashion #friendship #bff #friendshipgoals #outdoors #beautiful #snypechat

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saksham_golar. So here comes a day, Which we were waiting for from almost three month

So here comes a day, Which we were waiting for from almost three months, Yes I got irritated at one point but I don't think anyone is as glad as I am t today, I am glad that you are born, I am glad that you walk into my life, I glad to have you ❤️ I seriously think how people manage to live without having a friend like you, How? I wish you a happiest birthday ever pagli! May lady luck visit your home today and stay forever , may your all dream turns into reality. As I am writing this about you today, I have a million thoughts running through my mind. This caption is meant to be a testament to the love and respect I feel for you – and that is honestly hard to put into words. Do you know how much you mean to me? No Matter how many people gonna join me in my life's journey but you'll always be top in my priority list, you are the one person that can put a smile on my face, even on those days when I am feeling down. I realize your presence has done so much for me in my life – I can't thank you enough for the things you have done for me, Thank you for taking care of me like mother, Thank you for scolding me like father, Thank you for fighting with me like sister, Thank you for loving me unconditionally, Thank you for keeping my secrets like best friend do, Thank you for tolerating my immature behaviour, Thank you for cooking food for me whenever I was hungry, And one of most important and special thanks for introducing me to @aahana20feb she is the most precious gift you gave me 🙏 What else I can ask for ? Thank you for everything 🥺 My every single problem is shared with you I know many of them can't be solved but the positivity I required to solve them, you are unlimited source of it. There is no other person in this world that could have done that for me. Now that I know you are the one, I want to offer you all of the happiness the world could possibly give. I try my hardest to make you happy by taking care of you and doing the things I know you like. Forgive me if I have ever hurt you or caused you any pain – that was never my intentions. Trust me I will never gonna leave your side I LOVE YOU 🦋❤️ @rashi_chandel

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saksham_golar. Congratulations inspiration.! ❤️ This is the best news of 2019 for all

Congratulations inspiration.! ❤️ This is the best news of 2019 for all of us , I am in tears right now. What a proud moment this is for all of us. This man really work hard day and night , Following him since 2 and half years and he never fails me to inspire. Everyone wants success, but it only follows those who make a true approach to get it. You know the hard work and dedication has a destination which is success , which you are getting every single day my love ❤️ No matter how big a crowd may be, a person like you always stands out. There’s no one who has worked as hard as you have in the last years. Now your efforts effort have paid off. You become a star and made your teammates life too , You are the true example of a leader and now with this achievement, you add another feather in your crown. I wish you all the best for your future and congratulate you for this achievement. May you achieve every success in your life.” I love you @melvinlouis Sir , Thank you for everything 🙏❤️ . . . #Repost @melvinlouis (@get_repost) ・・・ Dadasaheb Phalke IFF Award 🔥 If you are reading this , it’s important for you to know that I got this because of you ♥️🙏🏻 Grateful to each one of you ! Big shoutout to the entire @melvinlouis team that puts together all of me every day and in every way ! Love you guys 😘 @arunimadey08 @mr.kiranj @prateekshettigar @simranjat__ @karan_parikh @chitra_jain1540 @aneri.y.shah 🔥♥️ #melvinlouis #dadasahebphalke

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So here comes your day.! Happiest birthday to one of the most important person in my life ❤️ This birthday I wish you abundant happiness and love. May all your dreams turn into reality and may lady luck visit your home today. May you be gifted with life’s biggest joys and never-ending bliss 💫 First of all a special thank you to @rashi_chandel for introducing me to you.! Do you remember how we started talking? We were too kind to each other because the way @rashi_chandel described us we have a visual image of each other in mind 👀 You were exactly the same - A Powerfull , pure hearted and the positive person! ❤️ Isn't it too dramatic ? but whatever happened I am blessed , I am blessed to have you. Sorry I am bad at expressing my love , but trust me the amount of respect and love I show to you is not even a half of I have for you. You know what I always used to say sorry first , no matter whos fault it is because my ego is surely not bigger than our friendship. I seriously want you to be happy in your life and your every single dream turns into reality. Thank you for coming in my life and making it worthy. You don't have an idea how important you are for me. I just want to tell you don't be shy to share your problem with me just one message and you'll find my back , I promise you that I'll be there for you in every situation 💯 Sorry for posting late you know the reason.! Hopefully we managed to make your day special. We tried our best and sorry if I ever hurt you 🙏 Lots of love and respect @aahana20feb 🐼❤️ . . . . #India #ig_india #insta_india #people #house #family #business #modern #industry #technology #tech #techie #geek #techy #appoint #motion #safety #work #computer #room #snypechat

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saksham_golar. No one else can be as fortunate

As the boy that destiny has made me

No one else can be as fortunate As the boy that destiny has made me By giving a special person in my life ❤️ None other than my inspiration @melvinlouis sir No one else can be lucky enough As the boy that I have become For getting the best that life has to offer 🙏 All because of you @melvinlouis sir , thank you for everything 💫 Thank you #India #ig_india #insta_india #child #street #outdoors #people #fun #lifestyle #urban #boy #casual #leisure #young #outside #pavement #pants #snypechat #melvinlouis

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Swipe for best part 💫➡️ . . . . Handwritten letter is something I always wanted From @melvinlouis sir 💌 There were many competition in which he used to send a handwritten letter to his fan's but I couldn't make it! It is said to be that nothing happens without reason god have better plans for everyone and who thought that he'll write a letter infront of me.! I still couldn't came out from those Vibes 😭❤️ Thank you @melvinlouis sir for everything 🙏 You are the sun that shines brightly throughout my day. You are the gravity that holds me down in every way. You are the moon that shimmers throughout my night. You are the stars that glimmer so bright. You are the oxygen that keeps me alive. You are my heart that beats inside. You are the blood that flows through me. You are there the reason I am there 💫 #melvinlouis #dreamcomestrue #theden #Mumbai #bandra #choreographer #dancer #superstar #bollywood #dharmesh #raghavjuyal #remo #dancepeopleteam #dancepeoplestudio #love #snypechat

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Ugly face I know! But who cares when you have the picture with super talented and a gem of a person @mr.kiranj ❤️ ( I just got exhausted after his 1:30 hour's of class and that's clearly shown up in my face.! Kaha se late ho sir iti energy ? ) I don't know why but I seriously don't take my photos seriously because I was busy in creating memories with them 💫 First of all @mr.kiranj sir a massive thank you for making my dream comes true. Without you meeting @melvinlouis sir is not possible. You are the reason why @melvinlouis sir come to know that I am in Mumbai. You are the one who spoke for me and you know what that's Matter a lot to me! Knowing I am @melvinlouis sir huge fan still you help me and treated me like the way I can't even imagine 🙏 I can't enough thank you for this. Every time I meet you respect for you increases. As you know I was in deep thinking that will my dream gonna come true ? So sorry I was bad in expressing myself trust me I love you a lot. I get goosebumps whenever I think about the moment spent with you. I am a normal boy still you sit besides me I have never seen such a grounded superstar ❤️ Thank you for being so awesome and spreading a positivity in my life. Keep dancing you are inspiration for many of US not only as a dancer but the type of a person you are! Tons of love for you 💫🌈 #India #ig_india #insta_india #people #sport #mcm #fit #fitfam #fitspo #fitness #soccer #wear #outdoors #competition #football #portrait #photooftheday #instafashion #fun #kiranj #melvinlouis #dancer #choregrapher #mumbai #bandra #dancepeoplestudio

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मेरे दिल में जगह ख़ुदा की खाली थी देखा वहाँ पे आज तेरा चेहरा है ! 💫❤️ Your hug was magical @melvinlouis sir 🌈 You hugged me once. Once. Like flashbacks, That hug. It plays back in my mind, Over and over again. I experience every detail Again. Every emotion I felt, I feel them again. Every thought That crossed my mind, I think them again. Every unsteady breath That I took, I take them again. I've experienced them, Because of that hug. And because of that hug, I experience it all again. Every single day. You actually saw me. You noticed me. You hugged me... And I hugged you back. I cried on your shoulder. I told you how much I love you and you replied I know baba ❤️ I hugged you so tight And you let me. You let me!? Why I don't know. I hope you feel the Vibes. When I hugged you. I remember feeling you I actually touched you. I was looking... Looking for something to hold. My hands grazed against them, my body was badly shivering and still I don't know why ? As I tried to grasp Onto to your well-fitted hoddie While you too hugged me back. But when you hugged me, I felt so secure. In that moment I was safe, Everything was okay. I was sure. I never felt so good and loveable. you made me feel safe and loveable you. With that hug of yours I've never been hugged- Well I have, but.. Not like that. Never before. I've never been able to forget The way your arms felt Wrapped around me In such a reassuring And caring way. I never will. Thank you for everything And I love you infinity plus one ❤️ @melvinlouis #melvinlouis #dream #besthug #dancer #choregrapher #danceplus #raghav #dharmesh #shakti #remo #mumbai #theden #love #fanmoment #bestdayoflife #tiktok

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Meet Arunima Dey mam ❤️ Most of you may know her and for those who don't know I swear you are missing something really special in your life. Have you ever Heard about genuine smile ? Yes the smile which automatically comes From bottom of your heart and I get a chance to wear Those smile after Meeting most purest soul @arunimadey08 mam. I don't know after meeting her I strongly get those vibes. she is extremely talented and when it comes to her dancing I Don't think any one can match her. She got her unique style which I rarely saw. Being genuine to you arunima mam I was not interacted with you so much before and you know that I am there for @melvinlouis sir still the way you treated me It just shocked me. How someone can be so good ? Thank you for all the love and respect I got From you and after meeting you my respect for you just increased 10 Times more 😭❤️ Now surprise surprise..!! 🔥 Actually I know you are bengali girl so try to write few lines for you in bengla..! Arunima ma’am❤ Khoob khoob bhalobashi tomake!😍 Eto din aami shudhu Tomar dance er fan chhilam..but tomar sathe dekha howar pore aami “as a human being” Tomar fan hoye gechhi. #melvinlouis #dancepeoplestudio #dancer #choregrapher #mumbai #bandra #arunimadey

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5 January 2019 The most memorable day of my life.!! Thank you @melvinlouis sir for your precious time 🙏 you are the most grounded superstar I have ever seen. I can't get better start of 2019. Basically 2 year ago I saw one dream. The dream of meeting my god father , my inspiration , my idol and my love @melvinlouis sir. And finally it happened last night. I swear I was never Happy like Last night in my 19 year's of life. I can't thank you enough @melvinlouis sir for making me feel so special Last night. I always have visual image of yours @melvinlouis sir. I know that you are the best Human being on the planet and I was right. The way you treated me I don't think anybody will..!! How someone can be so good. I love you not only because of your dance but the type of person you are.! You made me what I am today, now I Love people unconditionally and this is the best thing you taught me in my life. I swear I changed a lot in last 2 year's and now I feel like I am the most loveable boy in planet 💫 Those life lessons of unconditionally Loving people has given me many pure souls around me. @rashi_chandel @shivani.43 @aahana20feb and these people has become my lifelines. Guys many Times you asked me why you are so good as a Human ? The Credit goes to @melvinlouis sir. Following him has improved me a lot and it will continue. There is losts of things to learn from you @melvinlouis sir and I'll keep learning. Thank you for coming in my life and making me what I am today ❤️ I love you more my word's can't express. keep your blessings with me and one day you'll be proud of me 💯 #melvinlouis #dreamcomestrue #legend #fanmoment #god #mumbai #love #snypechat #likeforlikes #bestdayever #choreographer #bollywood

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Finally Finally Finally Dream comes true..!! 😭❤️ I have no words right now. How I am going to thank you @melvinlouis sir for this ? Seriously how can I ? You don't even have an Idea what you have just done. You are gem of person. The way you treated me just drive me more crazy about you @melvinlouis sir. I have never imagined that I am going to share the cafe table with you. How someone can be so grounded ? I seriously not expressed even half of my love for you. I almost waited for 2 and half years to Live this moment and I finally did..!! You know what my hunger for meeting you just crossed a limit and I even can't tell you how happy I am right now. I still remember I was sitting in studio after attending @mr.kiranj sir's class and you just called @karan_parikh sir and I was having an eye on him suddenly @karan_parikh sir told me that go to den cafe sir is waiting for you. And I just run madly without thinking anything with high Heartbeats. I travelled the distance in just few mins but trust me I fell like I am going in slo-mo I know this is bit filmy but it happens 💯. I saw you and I was speechless when you told me that you just pushed up a meetings and came. What else I can ask God. Thank you @melvinlouis sir for everything thing. It's not possible to dance like you no-one can match you but I'll try to be the human like you. I love you more than you think and Thanks once again for everything 😭❤️ you know what sir we all gonna die one day and as we go through our Last few mins of life we go in flashback and remember the all good stuff happed with us and this day is going to come first in list 💯. You are god father for me and can't enough thank you for loving a normal boy and make me feel special. I love you ❤️ Special Thanks to @mr.kiranj sir @prateekshettigar sir @karan_parikh sir @simran_jat98 mam and @arunimadey08 mam for helping me to fullfill my dream. It wouldn't be possible without you . #melvinlouis #melvin #fanmoment #theden #bandra #mumbai #dream

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So This is how my 2019 start's with a bang ❤️ I don't know from where should I start..!! @prateekshettigar sir first of all your smile that just made my day. I don't know how I can thank you for being so kind. The way you treated me last night I am speechless..! There are really few things to absorb From you not only dance but the type of human you are! I never seen such a grounded super star. I just wish That your all dream comes true and I know they will because you are a hardworking man. I love you thousand Times more than I express last night ❤️🔥 . More photos coming up! #India #ig_india #insta_india #people #music #bestsong #instamusic #portrait #musician #singer #couple #concert #band #performance #fashion #style #stylish #photooftheday #instagood #instafashion #dancing #wear #three #love #girl #snypechat

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saksham_golar. I believe in you 11.11 wish ❤️

I believe in you 11.11 wish ❤️

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I think we have reached a level where words can't express our bond! Isn't it ? Now Let's try something interesting. Jo bhi mera Lamba caption deakhke muh banara unko Fuck off jaise Gambhir galiyan 💩 * शुरू * @rashi_chandel - sun tu @aahana20feb ko pick karke direct church mil. @aahana20feb - bey tu ara hai tu bohot acha hai. Mai location bhejri tujhe aaja. Abey yaar Aab 18km dur Jana padega 😣 Bc kab se chale Jara hu ara he nahi. Eak kam karta kuch khake jata. Bey yar age vale chowk Mai police hogi! @aahana20feb kita dur Rehti bey tu 😣 @aahana20feb - Saksham aab mujhe bohot Hasi Ari teri halat pe 😂 ( mean friends ) Bey teko santa Vali topi pehna he padega Hume kuch nahi pata! @rashi_chandel - Saksham meri photo le na please Chalo zilpi chalte! @rashi_chandel - bey kya hua tu chup kyu hai aaj ? Chup hu usmai bhi problem! Chup hai isliye problem hai 😕 @rashi_chandel - meri photo khech na @aahana20feb - bey meri bhi photo khech ke de na @rashi_chandel - Bey bichara aaja Aab hum tere saath photo khechte pahle @aahana20feb Tu humari le bad Mai Mai tumhari lungi @rashi_chandel - bey mera musically Bana de na 😅 Aahana main road tak ka rasta Bata baki hum chale jayenge! @aahana20feb - bye! Jaldi he milte hai ❤️ @rashi_chandel - Han Papa bas aagayi yeh nale ke pass hu 😂 @rashi_chandel - bey aaj shaddi Mai Jana hai kya pehnu ? @rashi_chandel - bey mujhe pata nahi tu kaise gadi chalara tujhe thand nahi lagri kya ? Mera jacket leke ja kal lake Dena 🔥 Bey yaad se photo bhejna 😣 * खत्म * #India #ig_india #insta_india #fashion #style #stylish #photooftheday #instagood #instafashion #people #outdoors #fun #young #friendship #girl #portrait #summer #lifestyle #beautiful #wear #pretty #leisure #casual #snypechat

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