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Uluru is a giant sandstone monolith in the middle of central @australia. It stands 348m above ground and is over 2km deep below the surface. . This project is aimed at capturing the sense of scale of Uluru and Kata Tjuta. We hope you enjoy, and of course, actually get to see this place for you own eyes some time. It’s a must see 🤞🏼🌿 . . #saltywings @ausoutbacknt #seeaustralia #uluru #katatjuta

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The voice you are hearing in this video belongs to Craig, a Traditional Anangu elder of the Uluru-Kata Tjuta region. . He taught us that as visitors to this land, it’s important for us to understand its history and meaning. Together, we can work towards preserving this important and significant place for generations to come 🖤❤️💛 . Incredible editing and production from @wildislandfilms and @highfivingivan 🙏. . Cheers guys, enjoy 🌿. . #saltywings #uluru #katatjuta @ausoutbacknt @australia #seeaustralia #aerial

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An aerial look at Uluru and Kata Tjuta for @ausoutbacknt ❤️💛🖤 . Director @_jampal DOP @micgoetze & @highfivingivan Editing & Colour Grading @wildislandfilms Producer @unclepano Talent @trav.mccurry & @paulanassif

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In May 2018 we were asked by @ausoutbacknt to capture Uluru and Kata Tjuta with drones for one of the first times. . We were honoured to be a part of such a beautiful project. Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is one of Australia’s most sacred places and home to the Anangu people, who gave their special permission for this project to go ahead. Thank you so much to the production team at Tourism NT, @trav.mccurry and @paulanassif, and @wildislandfilms for your hard work and incredible video production. Shoutout to @morningswithkunzy and @unclepano for keeping us organised and fed. . Together we created 4 films that we’ll be sharing this week ☺️. Enjoy guys 🌿 . . #saltywings #uluru #katatjuta #seeaustralia @ausoutbacknt @australia #ntaustralia

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As the sun sets over Perth 😌

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Purnululu National Park is out of this world. This ‘small’ cluster of bee hive domes represents only a tiny fraction of the park. There is so much tropical orange goodness to explore 🌴🧡 . . @thekimberleyaustralia @westernaustralia @kimberleyspirit #thisiswa #thekimberleyaustralia #saltywings #kimberleyspirit

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west coast scenes 💙

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Ocean Dunes

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special spots 🌿🚁

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Beautiful moments from a beautiful place 🌿💙

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Broome at high tide. There’s nothing like the feeling of being in just the right place at just the right time. ❤️💙💫 . Who’s heading North this year? . #saltywings #broome #thekimberleyaustralia #justanotherdayinwa #seeaustralia #beautifuldestinations @thekimberleyaustralia @westernaustralia @beautifuldestinations

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