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Puffers, pastels and @princesspollyboutique 🍬 (p.s. puffer suitable for Canadian winters; so warm and cozy)

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Streetstyle from above ✨

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A casual walk in the park 📍 St. James Park/ St. James Cathedral

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Just another Thursday 🙂

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Snow day🌨 As much as I like being on the go and getting sh*t done, I don’t totally hate the idea of being stuck indoors, in a warm apartment, not getting pelted by freezing rain. Anyone else? 🤔 #casamian

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Vegan dinner of my dreams @plantatoronto 🤤 the mushroom bolognese with truffle almond parmesan is heavenly #sarahmianeats

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Suns out, skates out ✨ I guess Toronto’s not so bad in the Winter (despite the current storm warning with expected freezing rain, strong winds, snow and ICE PELLETS. pls no)

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sarahmian. Happiest in the countryside 🌤

Happiest in the countryside 🌤

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Cheers to the freakin’ weekend (🍷: @greenhousejuice ‘deep roots’)

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Layering my way through Winter (+ some current favourites) 🌨 #casamian

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I don’t usually venture out of the city for food, but this spread was worth it (p.s. THE best challah French toast, if you’re into that) 🤤 #notafoodblogger #justliketoeatalot #andpostmyfood #waitamiafoodblogger

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sarahmian. Beautiful day for a skate 🥰 (working on landing the triple axel, curr

Beautiful day for a skate 🥰 (working on landing the triple axel, currently at 1/3....of a single. will share results at the end of the season 🙃)

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