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the revolution in the time domain #10yearschallenge #2009vs2019 #tenyearchallenge #10yearschallege #studiolife

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The amazing @underher_music plays live my remix of their song ‘Triggered’ out on February 🙌💪 stay tuned #underher #remix #seismald

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New baby in red incoming ❤️🙌 @nordkeyboards #nordstage2 #nord #clavia

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There’re some good news incoming soon from @qosmomodular #qosmomodular #modularsynth

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Thanks to @spkerofthehouse for including our track ‘Rainfall’ on his #FLOABR Radio show @mau5trap ・・・smarturl.it/WAF008 🔊🔊 bringing episode 36 in with @spkerofthehouse 🔊🔊 [link in stories] @librae_official

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Finalizing my first remix of 2019 for a great artist 🚀 always with my best friend #CubasePro 10 @steinbergmedia in 4K 🙌

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Friday nights back Wonderbeat Special Guest 🚀 First guests of 2019 two friends who come back to visit us with a great set after their latest recordings on Suara, Click Records and All Day I Dream :: Anchor Acres & Lorenzo Calvio :: only on @m2oradio #wonderbeat #m2o #radio @lorenzocalvio

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a small step for man...🌚goodbye KRK #newmonitor #focal #studiomonitor #solo6be @focalofficial ❤️

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when you don’t want to work 🤣 @loudnproud_studio @francesco_pierguidi

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WE ARE FRIENDS vol. 8 includes our brand new track ‘Rainfall’ out now on @mau5trap #WAF008 @librae_official

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HAPPY BIRDHAY to the boss @deadmau5 Here’s full WAF008 mix to celebrate this special day youtu.be/4bE1HlHjihE All track are available: smarturl.it/WAF008

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‘Rainfall’ is everywhere 🌍 our new track made with @librae_official is out now on @mau5trap #WAF008! Check it out here: smarturl.it/WAF008

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2019 begins with great fresh collab 🚀 check the new #WAF008 in @mau5trap which includes our ‘Rainfall’ co-produced with @librae_official smarturl.it/WAF008

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seismal_d. It was an incredible year full of music! 2018 was spiced up by 3 great

It was an incredible year full of music! 2018 was spiced up by 3 great releases on @mau5trap, alongside my mate @frankyeffe_ , and there will be others next year! 🙏🏻🚀 #Mau5trap

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After one week ‘EDEN’ has reached more than 13k plays on @Spotify, 6k on @YouTube 🙌 @mau5trap

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Finishing another remix for a great artist! more info soon 🙌 #producerlife #remix

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seismal_d. Thanks to @konstrvkt for have featured ‘EDEN’ @mau5trap #Repost @konst

Thanks to @konstrvkt for have featured ‘EDEN’ @mau5trap #Repost @konstrvkt with @get_repost ・・・ EDEN @seismal_d RELEASED: 2018-12-21 LABEL: @mau5trap GENRE: Electronic

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here is the preview of my new tune 'Rainfall' made with @librae_official, out on January 4 on the WAF008 @mau5trap presave here: http://smarturl.it/waf008 #waf008

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