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LOVE. Lean into the edge. The edge of which you’ve known yourself to be. The comfort zone— End. Where we meet the resistance. Subtle or not so. Speaking, ‘You’re losing control.’ ‘What will they think?’ ‘Is this ok?’ ‘What if it doesn’t work out?’ ‘What if I fail?’ What if? What if? What if we soar? What if our breakdowns become our breakthroughs? What if our fear of heights transmute to our highest excitement? What if our wings expand and catches the wind? Taking us further and higher than our previous cage did allow? . Does this mean we ignore the innate wisdom of our body? ‘I’ll be fine even though this doesn’t feel right.’ ‘I just have to push through.’ No. Growth occurs only when we include ourselves. When we tune in, speak to, honor to move forward. . To lean into our edge, While learning + honoring our own boundary truth, Builds trust in our being, Builds resources + evidence Supporting our resilience. As we step forth + beyond. . Lean into the edge. Because what do we know? From where I stand, And what I’ve seen. Not a damn thing. . . #TheMonthOfUndoing . . Real talk: Last night was our Un.done: Exploration, and it was probably one of the most powerful ones to date. Imagine a room full of women-identifying persons in their underwear, flowing slowly + with intention, like metallic liquid through the space. A room full of women feeling so safe to sensually express themselves among the presence of others, to go bare chested, to let out sound, to be in their own capability of yoga. A room full of women leaning in + letting go. Losing themselves to find themselves… Un.done. The medicine of this is real. And I want so much for you to taste it. Join us. And find liberation in your being. . This photography is by one of my favorite artists I’m HONORED to call a dear friend + brother @claytonwoodley The way he captures the magnificence of the feminine essence amid nature is astounding. He’s even gotten a few captures of moi out there in the ethers. 🤪 Check it out. He has them for sale, too. 🥰 #photography #lettinggo #liberation #undoing

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YOGA. To be a wild woman, you must embrace sisterhood. You must let go of this mentality of scarcity and competition. You must let go of judgement of Her and Her. You must be bold, Get out of your projecting mind, Actually get to know Her. Because when we do, we meet ourselves. Once upon a time I was full of fear. What was her true intention. How could she get what I could not grasp? How could I do more, be more, say more, to shine brighter. To win. Once upon a time I woke up. And I could see so clearly, They are not my threat. They are not my competitor. They only add to me. As I discovered more love in myself, I discovered greater love in her, too. Claiming abundance, we support one another. Remembering there is plenty for all. And to this my life has never been the same. And why would I want it to be? . . #TheMonthOfUndoing Who’s your girl gang? Who has inspired you to be better. Who you want to see every dream of theirs be realized? Tonight I get to hang with mine + practice once again. Undone Yoga + Breathwork is happening @sanctum.la at 8p It’s a powerfully potent, slow moving yoga with the emphasis on reclaiming the relationship with our bodies, sensuality, + sisterhood. The Breathwork is INSANE unlocking emotions we continue to store that impacts our energetic flow. If you feel self conscious about your body or being in a room of women comparing your worth, A) you’re not alone and B) stretching our edges is how we grow. You’ll be sully supported in this journey to Un.doing. Tickets at Sanctum.la/calendar/undoneexploration Want a deeper dive? Join us in Tulum for our Un.done Retreat Our Tulum girl gang atm is FIRE. Wanna be a part? Link in bio.

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LOVE. Good morning, beautiful. In case no one has said it. A reminder of your innate radiance. As soon as you wake. You eyes as they flicker open, To this first morning light, Still clothed in the linen of sleep, As your irises peek out. How exquisite you’re being. Soft My heart aches. Knowing you know not of the perfectness that lays here. A masterpiece. An art. From the way you squint your eyes when you’re trying to reconfigure. To the way your voice gets mumbly when you’re nervous + in a pickle. I love you in all the quirkiness. The imperfections. One an all. Even those you deem unimportant, Annoying, Or Dull. I love every piece of history. Every heartbeat. Every fold. Your whole is universe. I want to journey through, I want to hold. And in case you haven’t heard it, Before you deem this old, Good morning, beautiful. May you take this, Your’s to hold. . . To all my loves out there, Who wake up having a hard time believing this. Even I have have moments of forgetfulness. Our divinity, Perfection, Cellular makeup of love. The reminders can help us shift back into. If we decide not to fight it, But to hold. I love you. Your ass is perfect. You’re magnificent, To behold. . . #TheMonthOfUndoing . . . Monday is our next Un.done sensual yoga class and Breathwork. Be sure to get your ticket. I can’t wait to have you for this special one. 🖤 Link in bio. 📸 @intimatelensstudio #iloveyou #youarebeautiful #goodmorningbeautiful #youareloved #selflove #intimacy #loveyourself #letlovein #lettinggo #undo #sundaymornings #knowyourworth

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S€x. The path to my org@$m: My legs must be crossed, My hips tilted like that, My fingers dancing in circles, Then x’s, Then palm. Slowed to moving faster, Repetitive hold. Trance as the pressure builds, Body contracting, Breathing flows steady. Caught. Ecstacy. Rolling through. And through and through. Like waves of the Pacific, My spine writhes to. Fall back, Satiated. Catching back my own air. Marinating in the glow. Self-created. Head to toe. . Tomorrow we do it again. Same pattern. Same flow. Same ecstatic entrance. Same glow. Should things be shifted, Add a partner or a beau, Are we able to experience this new path to org@$m, Or do we find it elusive? When we fall into pattern, And decide ‘This is how I achieve it.’ Then we hardwire the path, And we are correct. If instead we decided we are expansively orgasmic, And practice different techniques: Caressing the body, Changing the strokes, Turned onto our belly, Edging and rolls. We create different pathways. Pathways to pleasure. Pathways that feel good. And the body conditions that pleasure + satiation does not always need to end in the product of an org@$m. Yet by the practice does build. Build the ability to relax into, Seek not for a product at the end. Allowing the body to relax, Accept, Enjoy, And be. Creating new opportunity, For both partners + toys. And our exquisite orgasmic + pleasure potential, We all can enjoy. . . . #TheMonthOfUndoing . . . Hey have you checked out my newsletter? Each week I release to you some of my favorite tips and tricks to help you get back into pleasure focusing on S€x Love and Yoga. Duh 💁🏻‍♀️ We expand deeper into the month’s theme exclusive to my subscribers. Enjoy! Sign up link in my bio! 📸 @katiedentonphotos #undo #mindfulness #passion #orgasmic #play #discover #exploration #sensuality #sensual ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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LOVE. Oh the things we do when we feel powerless, only to try to regain the sense of control and power for ourselves once again. We go silent. We throw a tantrum. We throw a phone. We pout. We threaten to leave. We flirt with another. We purposely break an agreement. We ignore. We do leave. We accuse. We attack. We hide. We lie. To be powerful exists in the mind. Through the decision ‘I am,’ we create it within. Power is not demonstrated through loud expression, But rather through the quiet observation, The soft allowance, The firm assertiveness, The self-assuredness. Everything else is simply a sign that we do not perceive ourselves as strong. And that we must MAKE something happen. But what if we decided to release our grip, To allow that which does not align to exit themselves? Without a fight. Without force. Without manipulation. Without control. And realize that power is in the knowing that we center, Magnetizing into our existence everything that currently is. . . . #TheMonthOfUndoing . . Few more days left to sign up for our Navigating Jealousy in Relationships Masterclass. If you’ve been exploring with non-monogamy or just have a tendency to have this element arise, this is perfect for you and your partner to dive into. And if you’re available on the 21st at 11am PST, I’ll be able to answer some of your questions LIVE. Link in bio! . . . 📸 @nicoleashley #iloveyou #selflove #evolve #interracialcouple #lovers #supported #lettinggo #undo #imherewithyou #letsgo #undoingthisshit #jealousy

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LOVE. We prize people who renounce their own pleasure and sacrifice themselves for the good of others. ‘Don’t be selfish’ ‘If you can give, then do so’ ‘ Others before yourself’ We focus on ‘what is right’ rather than ‘what feels good’, associating the later with selfishness. Self-restraint over bodily cravings as moral superiority. Renouncing sexual pleasure or our own personal desires seen as a human virtue and self-mastery. ‘Suppress your natural sexual urges’ turn pleasurable feelings into painful guilt and shame. We become confused: ‘Why does this feel good but wrong at the same time?’ . Everyday we may deny ourselves our full measure of delight. We push ourselves, worry, neglect our emotional needs, work mostly to please others, try to keep control, and be stingy with ourselves. We become uneasy when too many good things happen, expecting that any minute it’s all going to come crashing down. Our suspiciousness becomes the demise of our good feelings and love. ‘Why can I not sustain?’ . Take note of this program. Are you operating on pain or pleasure in your decisions? This culture chooses avoidance of criticism and pain to discern. Instead, Be a witness to your contractions. Choose expansion. Consciously relax your body, jaw, root, belly. Play. Inquire: ‘What feels good?’ Acknowledge logic, incorporate feeling. And move forward. . . #TheMonthOfUndoing . . Monday we are practicing our ability to hold more pleasure in our body. Join us for our Un.done women’s sensual yoga + Breathwork class. Link in bio or @sanctum.la . . . 📸 @nicoleashley #embody # pleasure #lovers #bodylove #morepleasureplease #becauseitfeelsgood #unfuckwithable #selflove #idowhateverthefuckiwant #pleasureprincess #pleasureQUEEN #wheremypleasureat

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LOVE. We seem to be holding so much weight of the shame comparing our past selves and their limited knowledge to our current being and expanded knowledge. It’s time to transmute this. . . . #TheMonthOfUndoing What is it you intend to undo with this month’s intention? For me, it’s the sense of urgency I can feel in my body to be somewhere or finish something. Relaxing into my own pace + flow. And you? 🖤 Recently I talked with Adrial of the H opportunity about sexual shame as it pertains to #herpes If you or someone you love has that experience, you don’t want to miss ep 60 of Eat Play Sex podcast. Let me know your thoughts. Powerful topic. . . . Real Talk: We can hold so much shame around the experience of jealousy. Believing that we ‘shouldn’t’ feel it. Holding that it’s a lower vibration not to be felt. Not wanting to be ‘that girl or guy’. And yet, there is so much gold to be found here, as a tool, to help us unlock + understand what we need for our own personal + relational evolution. And when we are in the midst of it, it can seem overwhelming + endless. Luckily, I’ve got a masterclass for you. Link in bio. LIVE class with Q+A happens August 21st 11am PST + of course you get the entire course pieces. Answering all your questions LIVE, because we are in this together. No need to figure it out by ourselves. . . . 📸 by @nicoleashley #undo #noshame #lettinggo #podcast #jealousy #relationshipgoals #selflove #empower #mindfulness #hsv #hsv2 #healthyliving

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LOVE. The palpable energy of jealousy. Manifested by his comment. Uncomfortable. Poisonous. Human. We forget the commonality. We all have this experience. ‘She has what I want.’ ‘He may be wanting what I have.’ Fear-Based and powerful. Deny that we have it? No. Acknowledge that it’s here. And be mindful of the acting. Why so painful? Physically, it is a sympathetic response of the nervous system. System perceives a threat. Triggering our body into activation. Hormones released for fight, flight, or freezing. Perception of violation. Agression stirs. Emotionally, we hit up against the social conditioning that jealousy is bad, Undesirable to possess, ‘I must suppress the expression to maintain value.’ Perceived power imbalance. ‘My partner is of greater value. I need to ensure I do not lose out.’ Mentally, we discover past unprocessed instances projecting into the now. A core belief that we are not enough, not of desire. We come out of center, Behaving in ways we do not align. Further impacting the worth of self. Further impairing the trust of self. But to be of compassion. Vulnerable in expression. We may find the very connection and love we’ve been seeking for. . . #TheMonthOfUndoing Where we get to look at our identities, messages of shame, sexual expression, definitions of words, reality--and really get to decide...what needs to get ‘undone’. Signups are now open for my ‘Navigating Jealousy in Relationships’ masterclass. Link in bio. 🖤🖤🖤 . . . Photo by @kenziekesslerphoto #jealousy #undoing #relationshipgoals #selflove #empower #lovers

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S€x. The concept of S€x: Rough. Fast. Hard. Thrusting. Inter-course. Goal-oriented. Orgasm. Stick-it-in. Hetero. Partnered. These socially constructed ideas. Made strong by the repeated images of our media. We look, And we compare. We try it on, Feeling shame when it’s off. Basing our own S€x life on that of these guiding ideals only contributes to our S€x life waining. Growing dull. The same same. Boring. But to undo these images, To remember that the definition of S€x is infinite: A blend of action + non-action. A slowing down. Just the tip. Breathwork. Ki^k play. Role play. Outer-course. No orgasm. Intention-held orgasms. Hovering. Holding. Soft c*ck. Meditation. Energy movement. Same-S€x. Multiple S€x. Fantasy talk. Solo. Non-ej@cul@tion Waiting until the vulva’s invitation in. Is our key to unlocking the best S€x of our lives. It can be difficult at first, Changing our own script. Because most everyone else is still running on the old one. ‘Won’t he think I’m weird for suggesting this?’ ‘Won’t she think I’m a bad lover?’ Not if you own yourself. And when you own yourself, your pleasure, your body, your desire, Then those who don’t resonate will fall off. And continue the dance of S€x that will more than likely become dull overtime. But you, my love, will continue on this S€x-ploration forever. Experimenting + learning + pleasuring + beholding. Because we know, There is no end. To what this could be. . . #TheMonthofUndoing Want more inside scoops on undoing? Sign up for my newsletter and receive exclusive tips on this month’s theme. You’ll receive recommendations from my S€xy song collection + codes to my favorite products that I use myself + upcoming events + webinars. Wanna join the thousands of pleasure-enthusiasts like yourself? Sign up in my bio. . . 📸 @intimatelensstudio #sexualhealth #undoingthebullshit #unfuckwithable #lettinggo #relationshipgoals #selflove #embody #passion #play #tantra #tantric #orgasmic

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LOVE. Those thoughts that we are broken. Gross. Damaged. Used. That no one is ever going to sexually desire us. We believe it. Because we hold the ‘evidence’ of our lifetime. We’ve slept with a million. We’ve slept with none. We’ve struggled with infections transmitted by sex. We’ve struggled with love. We’ve been raped. We’ve been molested. We’ve been controlling. We’ve been snubbed. Yet the belief that we hold, The one about our worth, Is simply not the truth. Our mind wanted to make sense of a disturbance from what inefficient processing it had at the time. In attempts to resolve, it personalized. Because we have greater control over our internal than we do the external. ‘If the fault lies with me, I can control; I can correct; I can prevent.’ As a result: "I am damaged." And the lens from which we view the world is tainted. “I am damaged.” And our behaviors reflect it. “I am damaged.” And we repeat the same relationship. “I am damaged.” And we feel the pain of the past still present. “I am damaged.” I am not. No. I am love. I am not alone. I am perfect. I am healed. I am whole. . . #TheMonthOfUndoing . . All identifying females. What are you doing on the 19th? Come get Un.done with us at our Un.done Yoga + Breathwork experience in Venice. Tickets at Undoneyoga.com and @sanctum.la 🖤 . . . 📸 @kenziekesslerphoto #iamlove #undoing #selflove #evolve #relationshipgoals #lovers #lettinggo

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LOVE. When we allow ourselves to have something simply because…pleasure, we are allowing ourselves to create a life full of it. And how attractive this is for everyone around us. Because many of them do NOT give themselves that permission. They make their decisions based on practicality or avoidance of pain + criticism. Ew. ‘Not I,’ said the Erotic Woman. We tune into rationality, of course, but there is ALWAYS emphasis on what feels good as a deciding factor For if we don’t tune into what feels good, we can find that we regret our decision later. Or it may not really be what we wanted, but we did it for the production value. Decide today that you will invite pleasure as a deciding factor. An intention to funnel your energy towards the actions in your day. And note how all else is affected + unfolds. . . #TheMonthOfUndoing . . Wanna meet your erotic woman self? Join us for a deeeeep dive into the wild and erotic world that is yourself at our Un.done retreat in TULUM this November. Month of August, sign up with a friend and get $50 off. Sign up with 2 friends, get $100. Sometimes we really need to put a shock to our system if we expect for things to change. Come get wild with us. UndoneYoga.com/retreats In the meantime, join us Monday August 19th for our Undone yoga + Breathwork experience @sanctum.la Tickets on their site + ours. Link in bio. Photo by @lenaozea . . . #wildwoman #yogaretreats #tulum #getwild #leaveherwild #undoneyoga #getundone #embodiment #breathwork #ecstacy #liberation #wildwoman #lettinggo

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S€x. On Lust. Lust is defined as a craving that is excessive, unrestrained, or obsessive. It is a deep wanting for something that is out of reach. When we complain about low S€xual desire, usually we are looking for the craving of S€x with our partner. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Lust is excitement that insecure or impatient lovers rarely get to savor. To create lust, we must go forth and be curious about our own S€xuality and what it could be— The fantasies, The scenarios, The curious predilections, The fetishes, The longing for that forbidden fruit. We must have courage. Courage to press against the eyes of our own understanding To experiment with delving deeper into the realms of our personal erotic maps. Images, environment, situations, mindsets—what tittilates me most? Where do my most intense longings lie? Where do my near-overwhelming yearnings for S€xual contact get inspired? What electrifies my body until I abandon all control?… Well maybe here is where we begin. To question. . . #TheMonthOfUnDoing This months theme is getting a little steamy 😅 I hope we can handle it! So much to undo here around the conditioning of S€x. Look, I even have to misspell my words around S€x so the IG bits don’t get me. If that’s not a major sign of impact of cultural conditioning and censorship, I don’t know what. 🤨 Happy Thursday lovers. . . . Photo @marmurokph #steamy #lust #undo #evolve #relationshipgoals #lovers #kissme #passion #lettinggo

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LOVE. Here’s to all the good flirts and their service unto this world. May your light continue to shine as your remind us how incredible we each are. Flirting is playfulness…until we add layers of meaning. Flirting boosts our self esteem and mood. Flirting helps combat stress. Flirting is often the perceived as a threat. Flirting is often mis-perceived as the beginning of something progress. We often stop ourselves from flirting or receiving flirting because we believe that it has to go 0 to 100. That our brain gets in the way and says 'this must be going somewhere' and we make up a story that this means something more than just a momentary playful interaction. So we attach to this expectation and get upset that either a) it doesn't progress into something more or b) the potential of it turning into something more would be wrong. So what if we let ourselves get playful. Give a compliment. Smile just for the momentary enjoyment of the experience without the intention of progression. Anyone’s negative response is THEIR inability to play and THEIR insecurity in receiving without expectation. Playful flirts of the world, Thank you. We need you. . #themonthofundoing Challenging those meanings we’ve created around concepts keeping us from liberation and feeling our optimal best. Now. Who’s a good flirt? 🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏼‍♂️ . . Photo @marmurokph

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LOVE. What we’ve been taught about the herpes has been widely miseducated, misunderstood, and been the source of major fear and shame in our society. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be OUR story. In this episode we talk with Adrial Dale of The Herpes Opportunity about how a diagnosis can be a powerful experience for us to challenge shame narratives, what we understand as ‘sex’, and ultimately find greater sexual freedom in our life and love. . In this episode you will hear: The truth about the herpes virus and how what we see in our google search can create more fear than knowledge The opportunities for self and sexual expansion that arise with the diagnosis How to reframe disclosure-as-dealbreaker to disclosure-as-opportunity + tips to help you start that conversation Navigating safe sex practices How you can support your partner who has herpes Why getting herpes is not the end of our sexual freedom The power of our internal narratives impacting our self worth and relationships with others . . AND get your FREE guides to the TRUE statistics and strategies for navigating those tough conversations. Let me know your thoughts and questions in the comments below. What would you like to hear about on the podcast? . Listen now on iTunes, Spotify, iHeart Radio . . #podcast #herpes #sexualhealth #toughconversations #tunein #foreverastudent

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S€x. Breath. Cool along my exposed neck. Shivers reverberating down the spine. Slide my legs out from underneath me, Slamming down upon the bed. No words, but the language of our bodies. Reciting sonnets within our movement. Heart beats. Back bends. Soft musings. Totally beguiled. The glint of your white smile against the blackness of this void. A void I could lose myself forever in to the depths of. Over and over. And once again. We spiral. Teeth over the bone of my rib. Eyes roll. Guttural cry. Fall back. Breathless mind. Heavy figure. Soul soaring. Split wide open. And left, Un.done. . . . #TheMonthofUndoing . . To fully unravel + revel who we are beneath the armor of our protection + rigidity, we have to practice the art of surrender. Trust. Allowance. And we cannot do that if we continue to hold the conditioning of our forefathers, avoidance of being in our bodies, grip on control, + fear. Easier said than done, right? This is why we practice. Practice the un.doing. August 19th is our next Un.done Sensual Yoga + Breathwork experience in LA. Tickets @Sanctum.la Or join us for an incredible deep dive into the reclamation of your body + soul as a wild woman at our Tulum Retreat in November. Undoneyoga.com/retreats For more erotic poetry right now, check out my latest Eat Play Sex podcast with @positivepringle and her new book Wild Open . . . #wildwoman #couplegoals #poetry #relationshipgoals #surrender #letgo #sensual #yogaretreats #yogaretreats2019 #rewilding Photo by @chelseajonesphotography

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S€x. As children we run around free. Wiggle in our seats. Squeal loudly in excitement. Sing out of pleasure. Talk to our classmates. Make finger puppets out of olives. Rub our crotch on the swing pole because…it feels good. As children we experienced natural urges, feelings, needs, and reacted to them accordingly. As children many of us then experienced a command. ’Stop that. Sit still. Don’t talk. Be good.’ And we freeze. And contract. And program in our minds ‘to avoid punishment I must contain myself.’ But it felt good. And the body wanted to move. And we were having fun. Yet the message of authority was to hold back; that what we were doing was bad; that we were bad. As children when we are met with authority figures conflicting with the authority of our body, we can begin to build a sort of body armor. Muscular tightness results from holding back the natural emotional, physical, or sexual urges. Over time, causing rigidity. As we grow and implement this programing in our world, the body armor makes us less aware of the pain that may be residing here, caping our ability to enjoy pleasure. For some of us we develop anxiety to pleasure. “If I let go of my restraint, then I’ll be completely out of control.” So we tense on the feelings of pleasure as it expands through our body. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Or maybe we resist feeling quite as good as we otherwise might because the expanding pleasure oddly triggers feelings of fear, dread, or overwhelm. Like with emotional closeness. Like with S€xual excitement. Maybe we shutdown. Maybe we pull away. Maybe we sabotage an otherwise beautiful situation trying to unfold. . Work on staying open. Work on staying relaxed in difficult times. Work on finding enjoyment as the pleasure builds. Work on getting in tune with your body’s intelligence. Work on learning what your authentic desires are and vulnerably expressing from this place. It’s a practice. Let’s become children once again. . . Welcome to #TheMonthOfUndoing . Want more undoing? Be sure to check out our women’s re-wilding retreat happening in Tulum November 12-17. Undoneyoga.com/retreats (Read more below) . 📸 @intimatelensstudio #wildwoman #freedom #selflove

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LOVE. The masks that we wear. The fears showing we do care. The rigid control. The careful calculation. The monitoring our action. The automatic contraction. Inauthentic suggestion, Influenced for their own satisfaction. Leading to a coupling, We grow resentful to be in. Where am I? Amid this creation. For my power, I have unconsciously relinquished. The initial awareness, Is the pertinent first step. To undoing what we once had been, In our patterns, In our survival, In our make-up, For our revival. Letting go to let through: More moments of unguarded softness. More moments of spontaneous laughter. More moments without a filter. More moments of emotional rupture. Authenticity is the key. For a love that is truly we. Courage, Effort, Connection, Love to self, Trust in self— Crucial for this transmutation. Of all the past wounds + hurts having shaped our way of being. No longer serving, but worsening with each blow. The task is not light. But worth it for every bite. #TheMonthOfUndoing . . Real talk: one of my own patterns of protection was to be a know-it-all spitting out knowledge to assert my own competence. This created value in me, sure, but it didn’t allow for others to be able to connect with. At some point we must remember: ‘I know nothing’ and that others are masters of their own life and experience, too. What strategies if protection have you grown awareness to? . . Photo by @katiedentonphotos . . #couplegoals #relationshipgoals #cutecouple #authenticity #consciousness #therapy #growth #truth #selflove #mindfulness

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LOVE. We fear the state of commitment. The commitmentphobes are we. Wanting certainty to land on, Yet feeling caged and limited when it does present. ‘What if I’m not feeling it later?’ ‘How will I know this is exactly what I want?’ ‘What if there’s something better?’ ’Shouldn’t I be feeling this a fuck yes?’ One foot in + one foot out as our game. Ever hesitant. Ever vigilant. Ever moving. All the same. With the avoidance of commitment, We sabotage each moment’s potential. Every love life, Every career path, Every interaction, Every stride— A decision, Of where we choose to stand. Clear delineation of our intention, For our efforts, For our thoughts, For our actions + our reactions. For our production, For our instruction. For our world to understand: This is what I want. This is what I’m making. This is my declaration. This is mine for taking. But what if commitment had less to do with the thing, And more to do with the thing in we. We as in the commitment to self. Choosing ourselves. Holding ourselves. Considering ourselves. Honoring ourselves. And from that vibration, in attracts the exact resonance. And then we feel so full. I choose this, because I choose me. I’m exactly what I want, Nothing better, Nothing more. And shall I ever change my mind, There I still will be. #TheMonthOfUndoing . . New month, new series. Have you followed the others? #TheMonthOfRomancingMyShadow #TheMonthOfKisses #TheMonthOfVocalActivation #TheMonthOfBodyLove #TheMonthOfHealingHeartBreak #TheMonthOfHealthyAttachment . . 📸 @chelseajonesphotography

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