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SEX. What if we played a sexy Dora the Explorer game to discover all your body’s pleasure buttons? 😏 Play: a universal language and most powerful medium through which we learn lasting lessons. Full presence. Release of goal oriented action. Flow state. Absence or reduction of self-conscious judgement. Creativity. Personal interest and enjoyment. Wonderment. Fun. Loss of time. Discovery. When we can designate a time spent in this intention, we can expand our sexual potential. Sometimes when we introduce new bedroom things during the time of intimate sex, we can get in our head and personalize the outcome. We feel bad if it doesn’t work or is received. Same same with personal pleasure time. Make an intention to try new things and ‘play’ with the intention of discovering something new and not necessarily an ‘O’. . . Happy trailblazing! #themonthofbodylove #bodycelebration #bodypositive . . Photo by @chelseajonesphotography . . #sexloveyoga_sex #discover #play #passion #intimate #couplegoals #couple #relationshipgoals #relationship #iloveyou

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LOVE. Dear Body, You have been my companion through this lifetime. The form through which I dance. The container holding my most precious soul. The communicator of my most ecstatic emotion. And yet, You have been the receptacle of all my unkind words, My stress. My anger. My fears. My pain. You have rocked in anxiety, And crumpled into sadness. I have not taken care of you as much as I should. I have not been present to you as much as I could. I have not listened to you as much as I would. I understand now why sometimes you have to make things so intense, uncomfortable, loud, Just to get me to pay attention to your needs. I want you to do what I want, To look the way I want, To sustain something I want. And often ignore you or force you to do something that’s just not in your capacity. . Today, I’m here to declare. No more. No more shall I belittle you, Ignore you, Push you harder than you need. No more will I compare you to others, Pinch at your skin, Obsess about ways you used to be, Hoping for a greater future. Today, it stops. And I come back to you. You’ve truly been the best friend. And I have been less than. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ -Cat . . #themonthofbodylove #bodycelebration #bodypositive . Love Letters to our body. Today I’m joining #BreakTheStigma challenge for Mental Health Awareness Month because it’s important for us to remember that it’s real. Just as much as our physical health can rock us, our mental health can be devastating on our life functioning if we don’t take care. Many of us have needed help at some point. Some of us choose traditional therapy while others have found healing through body movement, dance, yoga. For myself, it has been the multilayered path of inviting my body and mind to the healing process. Tonight if you’re in #LA we will be joining @thewavesilentdisco + @almacares with silent disco headphones, DJ, + 100 others to dance by the waters as the sunsets. It’s free! And it matters. YOU matter. Tonight at 6 by the Venice pier. Let’s keep talking about it. What has worked for you? . . #selflove #bodylove #heal #healthyliving #iloveyou #hooponopono #mentalhealthawareness

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LOVE. Consent. The creation coming forth from Agency + Honesty. Empowering freedom through choice. Our body. Our decision. And yet, our society can get caught up with their own understanding + relationship with their bodies, Projecting onto others how they think to treat them. ‘You should not eat that cupcake.’ ‘You should not be casual with sex.’ ‘You should not eat meat.’ You should not have an abortion.’ ‘You should not smoke.’ ‘You should not wear that.’ ‘You should not be a man questioning if you’re a woman.’ ‘You should not eat so little.’ ‘You should not vaccine.’ ‘You should not take depression medication.’ ‘You should not take so many showers.’ ‘You should not drink coffee.’ ‘You should not be able to do with your own body what you want to do because, You should be doing with your body what I think you to.’ . . Fuck that shit. I’ll do what I want. And for damn sure I will encourage you to do the same. A declaration to empower ourselves move, and do, and be however we want. Our authentic expression + decision of relationship with our bodies. Through honest, complete education, we can make our own decisions. And allow others to do the same. We have NO idea their life story to be able to order anyone to do what we want them to. Yet when we decide that we do, We prevent the very things we preach: Consent. Agency. Freedom of choice. . . #themonthofbodylove #bodycelebration #bodypositive . . Photo by @marmurokph #sexloveyoga_love #bodylove #consent #choice #mine #selflove #authentic #honesty #agency #lover #couple #relwtionship #empower #humanrights #genderequality #justice #chooselove #permission ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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LOVE. Inauthenticity. The incongruence of the felt experience to the communicated vocabulary. We feel it in our bones. Yet a challenge to bringing the information forward. We choose words that present more favorable. What we think our partner would prefer to hear. Minimizing the intensity, Into the concise package of ‘I’m fine.’ All the while our internal experience is a wreck, And the body marinates in the anxiety. The motivation underlying cries out the fear of being left. Abandoned. That we won’t be received. That we won’t be accepted. That we will be seen as attacking, Nagging. Unfit. Disposable. So we choose not to speak the words of our body. Saving ourselves from the potential repercussions. And yet… The tension lingers. Out of fear that someday we will be found out. Stuck. Between a rock and a hard place. Should we speak the truth. My insecurities. Knowing full well that we do not accept this part of us, therefore, why would anyone else. Or do we keep this experience quiet. Favoring the idealized version of ourselves. But allowing the incongruence to eat us alive. This may have been a conditioned response worked before, And as adults we can gain the awareness that there’s something better. . The body. Fuck. It speaks volumes on wisdom we could all take to heart. Yet how many of us actually give space to listen? . . . #themonthofbodylove #bodycelebration #bodypositive . . . Photo by @chelseajonesphotography #sexloveyoga_love #bodylove #couplegoals #relationshipgoals #relationship #couple #lover #iloveyou

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YOGA. Our body holds an incredible intelligence. Affected by our environment, it picks up and processes cues, often faster than our mind is able to register. We can viscerally feel the interpretation. . Our body holds an incredible memory. Stored in the cellular memory are the events of past experiences unprocessed. A specific touch. A specific sensation. Stored stress. A smell. A taste. A vibration. . If our body could sit down with us for tea over this one situation we are in, What would they tell us? How would they guide us? What would they do? . While our mind makes up stories from the missing information we have, The body shares with us what is there. What we are holding. What might be holding us. . Our best guide, our body. But only if we give it space and quiet to be able to tune inward and hear. . . #TheMonthOfBodyLove #BodyCelebration #BodyPositive . . How’s the month been going and the intention for #bodylove practice? For me it’s been an increase of focus on self-care (even when I’m feeling to tired to) and kind words of love (even when I don’t want to be). Summertime and we often get flooded with messages about how our body should be, hence why it’s so important to remember to be self-compassionate and hold your own. Check out the other posts from this month’s series for Inspo on body loving 🥰 Love 🖤 Photo by @yaella_sky #sexloveyoga_yoga #beach #selflove #summer #la #venicebeach

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SEX. Arousal. Takes. Time. Are you giving it the space and time to unfold? Or do you throw in the towel after a few minutes of trying? Or do you avoid it completely for fear that you will not get there? ‘I am too tired. I am not in the mood. I take too long.’ For many of us, especially women, our desire for sex or self-pleasure occurs only after we are already physiologically aroused. Yet we can fall into the trap of pressuring ourselves that we must be in a sexy mindset or mood or higher energy state before we can initiate or accept an invitation for erotic play. And this could be self sabotaging our sex lives and that of our team. Sex is not phenomenal every time. It can be sensual. Erotic touching. Playful silliness. Dramatic. It can be slow. It can be charged. It can be experimental. It can be words. Sex can be ‘good enough’. If we let it. Where there is so much permission for us to enjoy exactly what is, without the pressure of performance or getting ourselves supercharged for a marathon theatrical performance. Maybe we decide not to wait for there to be ‘free time’. Maybe we decide not to wait for our body and mind to be rearing to go first. Maybe we just choose pleasure— Communicating we have the energy for touching but not the full sha-bang this time. Maybe we start the pleasure of ourselves, bringing forward to our partner a kitten already feeling juicy. Mmmm. . . . #themonthofbodylove #bodypositive #bodycelebration . . Have you been following our monthly themes? This month we reclaim & up-level the relationship we have with our bodies. For past months Check out: #themonthofromancingmyshadow #themonthofkisses #themonthofvocalactivation For tips and inspiration on the very topics. Photo by @intimatelensstudio . . . #sexloveyoga_sex #iloveyou #couplegoals #relationshipgoals #bodylove #relationship #couple #passion #orgasmic #lesbiancouple #lgbt

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YOGA. How often do we feel your own skin and body? Not the passive washing our hands. Not the unconscious picking at our cuticles out of fear and frustration. But with the full awareness of fingertips along the arm, feeling the texture, the contour, and the hair sensitivity. With non-judgment of the glide over bumps and folds and scars. With time that is not rushed. Or split attention across multiple tasks. My men and my women…why? So many of us have become disconnected and the subtleties in existence. We have become overworked and overstressed. We have become disgusted and shamed by the look of our bodies. Discomfort in our bodies abound. We do not want to feel it. We do not want it to be pleasured. So we distract and we shutdown. We feel and pleasure others before ourselves. The ungroundedness impacts our pleasure potential and that of our relationship. And maybe we simply start with consciously sliding our fingertips along our arm, hands, legs, chest, or face at some point today. Let’s just be present to the sensation and be kind with what we feel. Breathe deeply and find the deeper experience. This is what it feels like to be grounded in your body. Welcome home. . . #themonthofbodylove . . Back from @libfestival where we taught #UndoneYoga with @lenaozea What a beautiful experience. Attendees are already open-hearted by the festival atmosphere making it even more juicy to come into the sensual, body-loving, playfulness of the class. Our intention was to invite permission for authentic expression and connection to our internal experience. Undoing negative messages we hold around our bodies. Lena and I were first honored by intention-setting, ceremonial markings with @tribalmarkers by @vitamindean_ & @sunnydilinger to set the tone. Then led the class through 1.5 hrs of liquid flow & dance & Lena’s music magic. 🎶 Yum. We want to thank everyone for coming out. Stay tuned for more news on Un.done In the meantime, if you’d like to be a part of the intentional @tribalmarkers experience, use code: SEXLOVEYOGA A powerful way to reconnect with your body & deeper connect with others. 📸 @dtufino_photo #sexloveyoga_yoga #bodylove #iloveyou #bodypositive

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SEX. Research has shown that women who respond with more sexual ease in practices that are based in sensation focus (mindfulness) possess 3 unique factors: 🖤They touched a partner for their own experience, not for their partner’s 🖤They focused on the sensations associated with touching rather than on a wish to arouse their partner 🖤When distracted they would continually redirect their attention back to the sensations of touch. AKA non-demand touching. The goal is not to elicit pleasurable feelings but rather to observe any feelings that arise. So how can we strengthen this? By building what’s called interoceptive awareness, which refers to our ability to detect our own internal bodily sensations. We can practice by anchoring into the body’s sensation throughout the day or whenever you’re about to make a decision, or whenever you’re having a difficult conversation with someone. What are you physically feeling and where? We call this ‘tracking’ sensation. Body scans, mindfully practiced yoga, mindful self-massage, mindful eating, and tracking are all skills we can practice to uplevel our game here. The body holds its own intelligence. Improving so much of our sex, love, and life... when we invite him/her/them in. . Real talk: the quality and enjoyment of my sex life goes up when practicing yoga. I notice a difference of feeling, embodiment, less inflammation, greater connection and getting in sync with my partner, more groundedness in my being. Can anyone else attest to this? . . #TheMonthOfBodyLove #BodyCelebration #BodyPositive . . Photo by @chelseajonesphotography #couplegoals #relationshipgoals #sexloveyoga_sex

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SEX. Stress and anxiety are major killers of sex drive. So many of us have little to no desire for sex. Why is that? For starters we can look at daily lifestyle, where we may discover that it’s so overworked and overstressed and as a result, our sex lives and relationships are hurting because of it. When our body is constantly in overdrive and running on the stress response cycle, we are wearing out the adrenal system that produces our sex hormones. Not to mention, we probably are not absorbing enough nutrients to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including those that support a happy, healthy libido. First thought to ponder, ‘where can I reduce some of my ‘doings’ to create space for me again?’ Relaxation regenerates the body and the mind. We know this, yet even in our times of relaxation, we can still hold stress, busy minds, pressure to be doing. Now, this is different than checking out in front of the television which can actually continue to fatigue our senses. Conscious relaxation requires us to check into our body parts, be present to deeper layers of release, emotional processes that arise, physical sensations that move through. Consistent practice allows us to become more vibrant, sensitive, and receptive, which in turns heightens our sexual experience in the bedroom (or whatever room 🤪). So I am suggesting us to slow down through the process of relaxation, be aware of the body as both parts and a whole, reduce the amount of physical “doings”, and practice releasing the attachment of the chattering mind. With each drop into a deeper layer of relaxation, there is a corresponding expansion of awareness into more subtle sensation and vibration in the body. And more expansion into juiciness. Yum. Today I am going to practice #BodyLove & full relaxation as I curl up on my couch drinking tea and being fully present to my self and the moment. Hell, think I’ll start right now. 😸 What will YOU Do/be? . . . #themonthofbodylove #bodycelebration #bodypositive . . Photo @chasing.dreams.photography #couplegoals #sexloveyoga_sex #relationshipgoals #mindfulness #relax

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LOVE. ‘Why am I being self-conscious? Why can’t I be like those people who are unapologetically themselves and love their bodies the way it is?’ Because the majority of us do experience times of being less than kind to our bodies. We just are often witness to their external, final presentation. And to ignore that this is a collective human experience that we shift in and out of depending on time, age, life experiences, phase of menstrual cycle, life circumstances, awareness, is to separate ourselves from each other suggesting I or you is different, better, worse than the other. And even if we’ve done body positive workshops and coaching and retreats and books and...we can still have moments where we forget. And become unkind again. There are so many someones of the world who will tell us what we should do, how we should think, what we should feel. And they all have good intentions and speak truth. Yet we see and hear the ideals, The end results, The pretty part, Not necessarily how to apply them in real time. The WORK is in the observation, validation of where we are at in the process, and the kindness to that part of us who just hurts & is critical sometimes. Instead of shaming, what if this time we practiced self-compassion. Being kind to ourselves. Acknowledging we are probably going through something tough to be so hurtful to our bodies. Remember this as a the collective experience. We are not alone in feeling what we are. Practice mindfulness. Witness without judgement the fact that ‘here we are simply being hard on ourselves again, saying words that are not kind, noticing the body tense and tighten with each internal dialogue or action.’ Body love does not mean we commit to forever never being critical; but it is a commitment to the process, the willingness to choose to note it when it happens and loving us through when we do. Body love is a commitment to engaging in actions that show care, affection, attention daily. What will you do today to show it you care? 🖤 . . #TheMonthOfBodyLove #BodyCelebration #Bodypositive . . Photo by @theboudoirbelle #couplegoals #iloveyou #relationshipgoals

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YOGA. We like your body. It’s pretty fucking great. All your phalanges and limbs. Your knee caps and your shoulders. And we know society has not given us the best messages around what we should believe about it. Fucked up. And yet we consciously and unconsciously are influenced by it. And perpetuate it. Damn. So amid the chaos of internal dialogue and external propaganda, we’d like to invite you to develop a better relationship and reclaim the love for her/him/they. We’d like to invite you to undo the messages that don’t resonate so you have space to create your own. We’d like to invite you to your yoga mat, Set right next to mine, @libfestival this Sunday at 6:30p Sunset class. It’s going to be pretty fucking rad. Playful, and sexy. I’m mean, duh. What else would you expect from us? . . I’ve got some incredible friends @andrew7sealy @kishanshah who are also headlining the yoga tent. Check them out while you’re there. After a night of dancing, yoga is going to feel soooooo yum to your bum. 😋 Meow meow whose in? 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏾‍♂️ . . . #TheMonthOfBodyLove #bodycelebration . #sexloveyoga_yoga #undoneyoga #bodylove #yogagirl #expression #free #loveyourbody #yogaeverydamnday #yogaclass #flow #mindfulness

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LOVE. We are so willing to hold space and give care and consideration to our partner, But are we remembering to hold and care for ourselves? To slow down and give presence to the smaller things: Cleanliness, order, transition, relaxation, exercise, alone time, fun. We cannot forget or downplay the attention to our foundation, Else we find it deteriorating, Collapsing ‘neath the weight of the relationship health responsibility we happen bestow upon ourselves. Because we are afraid that we if do not put all the effort and energy we can into it & other, Then it may not hold up. Or we won’t have a valued place within it. Beause we have been conditioned to be ‘the perfect partner’. Because we have so much of ourselves on our plate. Because we believe we have so many other important things to maintain than to keep our room clean. Because we believe that our body can take it-- That we can ignore its limits to make whatever we need to happen, happen. . We race so fast through the day and through the love that all the little things we missed just keep piling up. And we feel flooded. Overwhelmed. Exhausted. Depleted. Burned out. We cannot sustain the energy output into the relationship that we had been. We cannot sustain the energy output into our work, our friends, our bodies, our life. Somewhere we decided that we must regulate another in order to or rather than regulate ourselves. ‘If he is good, then I can be good.’ And yet, this belief will leave us feeling empty every single time. . Slow down, kitten. Be with your body. Be with your breath. Be with your needs. Mundane and time consuming they may seem, Yet an investment to your sustainability and pleasure. . . #TheMonthOfBodyLove #BodyCelebration #BodyPositive I took the weekend off from posting in practice. My body was going through a rough adjustment back from #China and needed a lot of attention. Massage, Yoga, water, Epsom Salt Baths, and a lot of naps. How did you show some #bodylove this weekend? . . Photo by @tarabethphotography #couplegoals #relationshipgoals #sexloveyoga_love #lovers #lgbt #lesbiancouple #kiss

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LOVE. One of my favorite sensations in the body is the buzz that happens in ‘the moment right before’. The anticipation causing flutters and electricity. That expanding energy of pleasure through the body. If we slow down enough, Quiet enough, Be present enough, We find an infinite number of experiences co-occurring in every moment. So often we search for the ‘main thing’ only to miss all the juice in transition and in-between. Those moments that are seemingly less exciting, but contain in them immense power and pleasure. Or we shut down the expanding sensation of pleasure, because we fear the simultaneous sensation of letting go that comes with it. It’s overwhelming to our senses. . . What if in our love we made the intention to start looking for those moments of pleasure in the seemingly mundane or less poignant experiences and allow the sensation to linger in our body awareness. The pleasure effect in a sultry gaze across the room. The pleasure effect in the feeling her breath on your neck. The pleasure effect of a simple love text. The pleasure effect of appreciation. The pleasure effect of fingertips through the scalp. Relaxing into the expanding sensation. Mindful of any contractions that want to ensue. I wonder how it would change our ability to hold pleasure in our being. More please? . #TheMonthOfBodyLove #BodyCelebration #BodyPositive . . . Photo by @chasing.dreams.photography #sexloveyoga_love #bodylove #pleasure #couple #couplegoals #relationshipgoals #lover #love #iloveyou #orgasmic #kissme #mindfulness

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LOVE. We project he does not like our body. That she picks out all our flaws. That he disgusts at our rolls. That she imagines we are someone else. As we hold this image of being less than desirable, Engaging in actions to appear tighter, Thinner, Stronger, More picturesque-- Our body not only tightens, But rigidifies. Tense have we become, In attempts to control the package we arrive in. Assuming we wouldn’t be received otherwise. . The contraction constricts the flow of our energy, No longer at ease to our own. Disjointedness settles in. Unsustainable in our skin, We begin to fade in our sparkle. Our authentic action, Our natural flow. Succumbed by the influence of our projected fears. Perpetuating our discomfort. . We wonder when our partner pulls away, Becomes disinterested in us, Distant, Away, ‘Was this not because our bodies looked less than desirable? The ‘evidence’ is here. I knew it all along.’ . Oh, But we would be quite mistaken. For it is us who have left ourselves. Rejecting our own body in favor for something greater. Causing the loss of the spirit that attracted our partner to us from the start. And ourselves from missing the very light we once upon a time did have. . . . Who relates? Real Talk: We can show up as the perfect partner only to realize it was the subtle contractions held in our self-rejected body that was our contribution to the end. Our poor bodies have been through so much. . . #TheMonthOfBodyLove #BodyCelebration #BodyPositive . . Photo by @takeapick.fotograf #sexloveyoga_love #bodylove #selflove #intimate #couplegoals #relationshipgoals #iloveyou #embody #acceptance #couple #relationship

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YOGA. I was a tight little ball of stress. Rigidly shifting around. Uncertain and unwanting to influence the experience of others. If I had had the words to pass through my lips what I had been experiencing, I would. Yet they seemed to form and get caught by the net of my shame, An impass between their creation of my mind and the expression off my tongue. Shame that I should be soft. Shame that I should be relaxed. Shame that I should be sparkly, playful, chilled. Shame that I should be fun and entertaining for all. So I pretended. Tried to ‘fake it til I make it.’ Exhausted my adrenals by the copious amounts of caffeine. Fatigued my senses in the search of being and doing more. Amplified the anxiety for fear I could not keep this up. And as a result, my body became tired, rigid, disconnected, low. ‘Who would want to be with this?’ I thought. ‘Who would want to deal?’ I thought. And as I sat quietly I listened. ‘I do. I will. I am.’ I felt. And continued to feel I did. Reconnecting with the body. Accepting where I was in the process. Allowing where I’d rather control. . . The point is not so much eradicate all experiences from our field, but rather can we create a greater relationship to the body. Inviting her back into the conversation. Giving her space and room to breathe. Regulating system, And nourishing her being. 🖤 . . As we enter into summer, we are even more flooded with messages about our ‘beach body’ and bullshit. The way we see & treat our body impacts EVERYTHING whether we realize it or not. This month we are diving into practices and remembrances of #BodyCelebration #BodyPositive to help us strengthen the love of this vessel. Many of us have had quite the journey here and so we can relate. Where ever we are on that journey. Even when we STILL can slip and be self-harming. Let’s do this. Welcome to #TheMonthOfBodyLove Let’s set the intention right now. Because I don’t know about you, but it seems since I started doing these themed months, the intention had been like a magnet. Haha . . . Painting by @milkformycoconut #sexloveyoga_yoga #bodylove #selflove #practice #lover #iloveyou #mindfulness #meditation #evolve #yoga

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LOVE. True safety: when we reveal ourselves completely. False sense of safety: when we engage in the conditioned behaviors of hiding our authentic experience. Choosing to withhold our vulnerable hearts so we don’t lose out on love. . This is the last day of #TheMonthOfVocalActivation and before I hop on a 15hr flight back #China to #LA I’m reminded of all the times we choose not to communicate because we are afraid we will fuck it up, that they will leave us, that they won’t receive us. Yet we aren’t giving them or ourselves a chance to see who we and they truly are with what we have to share. Let this post be a sign for you to step up and say what you’ve been holding back on. Use the series of this past month of #BetterCommunication to be your guide. Own your own process. Be kind to yourself. And if you feel called to share here, I can imagine you’ll find that many of us have been there or can resonate. Sending my very best to you. -Cat 🐱 Next month is going to be a powerful one. I’m stoked to start it. . . #sexloveyoga_love #selflove #communication #bebold #speakyourtruth #stepup #chooselove Shout out to @tribalmarkers on my wrist from making dope markings out here 😜

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LOVE. We want to blame the other person for being inconsiderate, Self-absorbed, Rude, Betraying, Wrong. We yell at them. Or fuming silence. Tell them how they fucked up. Tell them to stop getting defensive. Tell them they should have known better. Tell them what they did was low. And yet amid the words and tension creating oceans of distance between us, Might we be missing something? He’s typically very considerate. She’s typically on top of it. He’s overall a good guy. So how does this interaction fit? We first remember they are humans Full of complexity, Capable of mistakes. Not as aware of everything as one might hope or think. So they missed something... Maybe blinded by an internal insecurity preventing them from being able to see beyond the self. ‘I’m no fun. I’m not wanted. I’m so overwhelmed I can’t keep up.’ I’m in scarcity financially.’ And when viewing from this lens, miss the cues. Because in that moment their mind is operating on survival. And as a result what does not lend to their survival filters passes through. Unconsciously. Without malice. They fuck up. On one side, Most of the time there is a compassion piece in there, If we choose to look for it. Even if we cannot see it, remember the totality of the person, And ask for what we could be missing, here. On the other side, If we realized we were blind to something and made a mistake, can we put our defenses down and hear them out? It was a mistake. A genuine overlooking. You can own that without it tarnishing your being. In fact, it makes you even more valuable. . . I love a person who is open and willing to see where they mess up. I love a person who is open and willing to remember the human compassion in scenarios. We are on the same team. Or did you forget? . . #themonthofvocalactivation #bettercommunication Photo by @chelseajonesphotography . . #sexloveyoga_love #communication #iloveyou #couplegoals #lgbt #lesbianlove #romantic #relationshipgoals #lesbiancouple #lovers #relationship #couple

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LOVE. Dialectical thinking: The concept that two seemingly opposite ideas co-exist, Multiple realities co-exist, And absolutes can not accurately represent human behavior. If we choose to apply this to our own relationships, we find greater freedom. We can hold that our partner is both considerate and absent minded. We can hold that someone through tough love can be mean and compassionate. We can allow sadness and happiness and worry to live in the same moment. We can acknowledge that her reality about a situation and mine are both real. We can see that he was unhealthy for me as a partner and incredibly good for my personal evolution. We can notice the exceptions to the times he showed up powerfully amid the times he did not. We can release the always, and never, and all. We can relax our definitive grip and are able to see a whole, flexible way of receiving others and situations. Our conflicts, both internally and externally, become more manageable. And we are able to see and hold more. . . Real talk: This trip to #China and #Bali brought some moments of navigating grouchiness, fatigue, tension. Really creating the opportunities to step into our communication game. The concept of remembering that I can be right and another can be right helped me to get unstuck from my own reality and hold other’s as well. It can be hard to accept someone’s point of view when it looks bad on us. We want to clear our name, show that we were w/ good intention. But sometimes we’ve just got to put our defenses down, acknowledge we see how they could experience that, even if it’s not our own. It’s an art to hold theirs without dropping our own for their sake. How have you seen this recently? 🖤 . . 2 days left of this series of: #TheMonthOfVocalActivation #BetterCommunication If you’re new, each month I have been focusing on a single topic across sex, love, and yoga. The last two months were: #themonthofshadow #themonthofkisses Check them out. 🖤 Photo by @icoronado_photography . #communication #lovers #vulnerability #sexloveyoga_love #lovenotes #samesamebutdifferent #iloveyou #lovers #mindfulness #couplegoals #relationshipgoals

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