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Just your average Thursday, ya know? #AtlantaFlorist Image: @loveandcovenant

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Had to crop my bicep out because I wasn’t flexing... I know- but you’ll survive. You’re just here for my flowers anyway. —————————————————————————-Hope to see you all at the Nashville @MayeshWholesale workshop! Join me May 20th + 21st as we tackle an awesome large scale, hanging installation, and you’ll learn to create my signature bouquets with your own spin on it of course! See you soon! Image: @nicoleclareyphoto #AtlantaFlorist

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Feeling cute. Might delete later. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #AtlantaFlorist

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Swipe————> 2019 @Mayeshwholesale April Design video is up and ready. I hope you love this hanging installation tutorial! Do you feel like this is something you could accomplish?!?! Thanks @mayeshwholesale, @shaunaveaseyphotography, @justinpeay, @knowelle_ , @succulentrose, and @upstairsatlanta for being a rockstar team! 👊🏾 🔥 🌿✨ #AtlantaFlorist

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Spring- She’s a lil moody and that’s okay. #AtlantaFlorist

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I’m getting antsy to play with some flowers. Its been too long! Also... I have a wedding this April, ONE in the summer and my fall/winter wedding dates are POPPIN! Where are all my SUMMER BRIDES- I know you want this juicy palette! Which flower photo is your favorite? #AtlantaFlorist #MDSWorkshop Images: @nicoleclareyphoto

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Textured bouquet. Textured ribbon. You’re welcome. ✨🌿👏🏾 #AtlantaFlorist Image: @shaunaveaseyphotography

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Happy Valentine’s Day! These ladies and I are going to paint the town red - and pink! #AtlantaFlorist Image: @shelbyraephotographs Floral Collars: @sheanstrong Pups: @thatdoodsquadree

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Gimme all the Tuscan feels.🌿 #AtlantaFlorist Image: @shaunaveaseyphotography Floral + Design: @sheanstrong Venue: @montaluce_winery

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Greenery done right. 🌿🌿🌿 @SheanStrong SheanStrong.com #AtlantaFlorist

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Hey friends! I’m back from vacation and honestly- ready to get back to work! I truly felt guilty for leaving BUT it was needed. The Caribbean had me so inspired! I came back even more excited for my 2019 + 2020 brides! Photos coming in the stories soon! 👌🏾🌿 #AtlantaFlorist Image from @mayeshwholesale workshop taken by @nicoleclareyphoto

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Hey fiends- The first of 12 Mayesh Design Star tutorials is live! Click the link- and let me know what you think! #AtlantaFlorist Image: @shaunaveaseyphotography

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sheanstrong. Oldie but a goodie- I’m headed to warmer weather on Friday and that ha

Oldie but a goodie- I’m headed to warmer weather on Friday and that has me thinking about spring. 😏🌿✨ #AtlantaFlorist

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You are all aware my heart beats for weddings- I truly love them- but in the past several years my love for floral design workshops have grown tremendously. I remember teaching my very first one a little over 2 years ago- and now I’m partnering with @mayeshwholesale to do a national - hopefully... international😏🤞🏾floral design tour. I am so grateful to do what I love, and for clients and attendees who appreciate flowers as much as I do! Our next course is in May, in Nashville!!! Until then— I have clients to cater to! #AtlantaFlorist

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Thank you, San Diego. But more importantly- thank you to @mayeshwholesale and MOST importantly- thank you to the attendees! I do not take these workshops lightly; each of you invested in your education to continue pursuing your dream. Beyond that, you invested in your creative freedom and gave yourself permission to GROW creatively. Getting to meet each of you this week and hear about your flower journey was so wonderful. Lots of laughs, some tears, some rejoicing, and LOTS OF FLOWERS! Thank you! ——————————————————————————————— Thank you to everyone who made this workshop possible. It’s not just the people you see- the photographer or the model, Ali or myself - It’s the people who are prepping the flower stems, it’s the growers who are giving us their best product, it’s those who are doing flower pulls at 4 am to make sure lil ole me has just the right color blue delphiniums for the centerpieces. The people who are working behind the scenes preparing the vessels and shipping those out, it’s the countless emails and phone calls and “make it work” moments. It’s people like Pat (Mayesh’ CEO) who believe in continuing education and has trusted me with the complete creative control to represent his family-built, owned and operated company; it’s the team who helped us prepare the day and cleaned up the aftermath. So. Many. Thank you’s. I am VERY grateful that in the short amount of time I’ve been designing, I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of what you’re doing- to learn from you, teach you, and to befriend you. I hope I have exceeded your expectations, and I am humbled at the vast amount of people it takes to pull things like this off. Each “moving part” is just as important as the rest; because without you, I wouldn’t be able to do what I have a passion for. So excited for the next workshop in NASHVILLE- THIS MAY!! Be on the look out for my floral videos with Mayesh, my tour dates, and who knows- we might add some more. 😉😏🌿✨ With all the gratitude I have- thank you!!! -Shean #atlantaflorist #sandiegoflorist #mdsflowerworkshop workshop Vendors are in comments- my post was too long 🤦🏾‍♂️🙈

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I am so pumped to be designing for all of my 2019 brides! First wedding of the year is in just 12 days! 2019 - you’re starting out great. #AtlantaFlorist: Images: @hannah.forsberg -Tap for vendors.

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2K19 is on its way! “New Year - New Me” Giveaway: •Tell me at least one resolution for 2K19 •Be sure to follow @sheanstrong, like the post, and tag 2 friends - they’ll keep you accountable. It’s that easy. Winner will be announced Jan 2nd and receive what’s on the 2nd slide! ✨🌿😏 Best of luck + Happy New Year! #AtlantaFlorist Images: @shaunaveaseyphotography

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