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I am so pumped to be designing for all of my 2019 brides! First wedding of the year is in just 12 days! 2019 - you’re starting out great. #AtlantaFlorist: Images: @hannah.forsberg -Tap for vendors.

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2K19 is on its way! “New Year - New Me” Giveaway: •Tell me at least one resolution for 2K19 •Be sure to follow @sheanstrong, like the post, and tag 2 friends - they’ll keep you accountable. It’s that easy. Winner will be announced Jan 2nd and receive what’s on the 2nd slide! ✨🌿😏 Best of luck + Happy New Year! #AtlantaFlorist Images: @shaunaveaseyphotography

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Give me some Spider Mums... Yes. You read that right- Spider mums, a shrimp boat and a beautiful newly married couple... And I’ll give you the intimate reception you never knew you wanted. 😏🌿✨ Images @camiwade #AtlantaFlorist . . . . . . . . . . Shot at: @workshopvero Hosted: @kberryphoto Dress2: @Linyage MUAH: @vigilantecosmetics Florals: @sheanstrong Table top + Paper @vintagestylist Jewlery: @edenluxebridal Publication: @weddingsparrow Educator: @lauragordon

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#MerryChristmas, ya filthy animal. Slide for those Christmas feels. #AtlantaFlorist

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Ha! I am notorious for pausing the photographer mid shoot so I can fix, cut, modify, tweak, twerk, fluff, pull, tuck, or adjust something for that perfect shot. Don’t worry- they always thank me later. 😜🤦🏾‍♂️🙈Any of my photographer friends wanna testify to this. Images: @CamiWade #AtlantaFlorist . . . . . . Shot at @workshopvero Hosted by @kberryphoto Dress: @daalarnacouture MUAH: @vigilantecosmetics Florals: @sheanstrong Jewlery: @edenluxebridal Publication: @weddingsparrow Educator : @lauragordon Sponsor: @creative.candles Sponsor: @photovision Sponsor: @nobelpresets Model: @kae_rawlins Floral sponsor: @gracerosefarm

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Grey hairs poppin like my collar. #AtlantaFlorist Image: @kberryphoto

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Autumn. You’re the best.

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You all know weddings are my heartbeat- but teaching is a passion I wasn’t aware I had until I started to do it... Does.. that.. make.. sense? I share who I am, my sources, and give advice to you all because I want each of you to be successful in the things you’re passionante about! I can’t wait for you to join me in 2019 on my @mayeshwholesale Workshop tour. It’s going to be a one of a kind experience where I share my passion with you... in person!!!

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-Your 2019 Mayesh Design Star- ⭐️ 🌿______________________________________________________________ Hey friends- I can’t wait for you to join me as I partner with @Mayeshwholesale in 2019! I’ll be teaching several amazing workshops coming to a city near you- all over America! Can’t WAIT to meet each of you! Follow along to stay in the know! I’ll see you in 2019! SheanStrong.com #MayeshDesignStar #MDSFlowerWorkshop 📷: @shaunaveaseyphotography

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I know your wedding is coming up- you know... the one you’ve been dreaming about since you were a little girl... Yeah... You could get someone to make a bouquet for you, OR you can contact a me; a designer who will bring you imagination to fruition. Which option do YOU want? 😏✨ ————————————————————————————Hey there- My name is Shean. I’m looking forward to working with you + for you. Can’t wait to hear from you! SheanStrong.com

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Ceremony space for the win. #AtlantaFlorist

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Hey ohhh! If your floral designer doesn’t walk you through how to hold your bouquet properly... fire them. On. The. Spot. ALSO - if your designer looks like a broken doll whilst adjusting your bouquet ribbon- you shouldn’t have hired them to begin with. 😜😂 📷: @camiwade #AtlantaFlorist

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Yesterday, I found out my paternal grandmother had a degree in botany + the other day I found out my maternal great-great grandmother owned a floral shop for many many years. It’s almost like... I was meant to do this? Image: @kberryphoto @workshopvero #AtlantaFlorist

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Hey. I’m Shean- I’m a #FloralDesigner based here in the South- but don’t let that fool you. I do #weddings + events all over. I know you’re stressing about hiring the perfect #floral designer for your wedding... No need to panic. I promise we have the easiest, most transparent process out there. Shoot me an inquiry over at SheanStrong.com and let’s make sure we’re a perfect match. Image: @audreygracephoto #AtlantaFlorist

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My hands smelled like cilantro for the rest of the day... and I wasn’t complaining. Also... Right after this photo was taken... I was CHASED by a sheep. He better be grateful I didn’t put some of that cilantro on him! #AtlantaFlorist 📷: @kberryphoto #whpflowerpower

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You guys... _______________________________________________________________ My good friend Meghan called me last night and was like... “Shean- I should have just listened and hired you. Can you please come and REDESIGN my wedding flowers in a days time.” And I was like... My good friend Meghan. Meghan Markle. My melanin rich, mulatto cousin. Her Royal Highness Duchess of Sussex... FOR SURE. Please know that this is a HUGE inconvenience for me, but If I can bring my own assistance- We can do it for you. ———————————————————————————— Looooooong story short me and @thatdoodsquad are on our way to #England. Think we can make it in our @mgcars? @shelbyraephotographs- Wanna come photograph our journey?

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Hi. 👋🏾 I’m Shean - Event Designer + Studio Florist. In this photo I’m literally thinking “I feel like I look like Quasimodo with this hunchback shoulder thing happening so... be as basic as you can get.” I never met a carb I didn’t love and I like to sleep my on my side. #LeftSideStrongSide. I’m 6’3” and weigh none of your business. I wear a size 13 shoe and want 2 golden retriever puppies- Like right now. I smell like Le Labo’s Oud, or that old spice deodorant with the hawk on it. I feel my life would be complete if I had a weighted blanket. I live in the A T L - born in Florida- traveled the globe growing up. I’m an INTJ - believe it. I’m GREAT at the things I love to do- and one of those things is binge watching foreign films on Netflix. I like breakfast for dinner and prefer a morning shower. I always fold my pizza in half but hate folding my clothes. Also- if you or a friend is getting married... I know a pretty PHENOMENAL floral designer. It’s me- the guy who’s GREAT at the things he loves. #AtlantaFlorist

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“Wedding season”... or as I like to call it- “How beautiful will you allow me to make this” season. Doesn’t roll off the tongue as well, but it does give you an idea of what we like to do. 😏🌿 #AtlantaFlorist

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