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Semi-naked Animal Desert Cake 🐅🌴 It’s always nice to see my bakes up on the dessert tables during your special day - Every cake is made differently with it’s own story to tell and its heartwarming to know that my love and passion I have for baking is shown in each and every one of these creations I do. Thank you to those who always look for me to bake their cakes as it’s always an honor for me to be able to create this special memory for you 🧡✨ — Happy 2nd birthday little Jonas, I wish that you’ll grow up to be a healthy and bubbly boy, exactly like how you are now! @Jonasaurus.lim 🎂 #ShersFoodJournal

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Fortune feasting with @graincomsg 😍 Omg guys, everything tasted as good as it looks!!! The beef stew, herbal chicken and tofu were my favorites but everything else also tasted good. If you’re looking for healthy bento meals, @graincomsg is an online platform offering healthy and tasty meals for lunch and dinner with delivery to your doorstep! Their shared meals are also made for sharing with your love ones~ I know a lot of people around me who loves grain as well, so do check them out 👌🏻😋 #Grain #Grainsg

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My all-time favorite breakfast goodies from @mcdsg is their hash browns & hotcakes - You? 😋🍟

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Happy Valentines Day Sunshines 😍✨ Everyone’s probably receiving flowers today but here’s my Broccoli & Kale bouquet HAHAHA; Well it fits me don’t y’all think so? Hehe have a great week ahead! 🤭🌿🌹

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My 2 cutie babies!! Always thankful to be able to hold y’all in my arms every single day 🐶💗✨ #Juniorandpinky #Goldenretriever #Labradoodle

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Chicken & Waffles 🤗💯 Apart from having sweet waffles, I really love the idea of having chicken with waffles because of the savory and sweet flavor combination - This beauty from @wimblylu is not only pretty but quite yummy too! The honey chicken wings are moist and tender on the inside, crispy on the outside and it goes well with the plain waffles. A nice change from the usual ice cream on waffles! Who else is a fan of this combi?? #Wimblylu #Wimblylusg

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Always choose kindness ❤️ It’s tough enough to live in this world filled with so much negativity and hatred, so when given the choice, always choose to be kind. Spreading some love to all my sunshines here because you guys deserve it 😘✨

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Perfect Brunch table 💙✨ Some may say that the Mentaiko Mac & Cheese here is very overwhelming but I personally really love it so much that I’m back here at @focr.sg for the 3rd time to have it - The mentaiko and cheese flavor is so rich and creamy that’s why I love it! So yes, if you are not a lover, share it with your friends instead of having it alone! Other plates like the Eggs Benedict and Foie gras beef bowl were also my usual favorites~ ☕️🌿✨ #Focrsg #Fiveoarscoffeeroasters

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shermainexk. Hokkaido Milk Cream Puff 😍😍😍
This is one of the BEST cream puffs I’

Hokkaido Milk Cream Puff 😍😍😍 This is one of the BEST cream puffs I’ve ever had!!! I’ve never been to Japan before so I won’t be able to compare but this was amazing. The cream was so generously filled that every bite I took had cream oozing out! The crispy exterior was also fragrant and light which complemented the creaminess of the filling well. The cream is made with @baristartcoffee_sg’s special Hokkaido BIEI Jersey milk and its not as milky and heavy as you think. I’m someone who doesn’t take milk on a regular basis but this was really good!! It’s $4.50 for one and $12 for 3 - Worth every cent hehehe. Try it and let me know what you think!! 🤭🌿💙 #Baristartcoffee #Baristartcoffeesg

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All-Day Brunch with @Artisanboulangerie ❤️ I always love places that offer “All-Day Brunch” menu items because I’m always craving for brunch plates! If you’re not a brunch person but you’re finding a place for a short afternoon tea break, Artisan Boulangerie also offers an “All-day Coffee Set” which comes with pastries, tarts or cakes for only $8.80!! Now you guys can add this to your list of places to have your brunch/coffee break 🤗☕️ #Abcsingapore #Zenabc #Zenfluence @zenfluence.co @artisanboulangerie

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Special Valentine’s with @danielwellington 💗 If you’ve yet to get your gifts for your special one, these exclusively curated ‘I ❤ U’ gift sets from Daniel Wellington are sooooo pretty. They are currently offering a special 10% off for selected sets & if you order any leather strap watches it will come with a cute limited heart charm for free! Use “Shermainexk” for additional 15% off online orders. All orders come with a greeting card, complementary gift wrapping and free shipping! Happy shopping sunshines ✨😘 #DanielWellington #LoveDW #Dwsg

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Best of both worlds 😍✨ When you can’t decide between having BBQ or steamboat, just have both kekeke~~ I guess CNY feasting haven’t seem to stop yet!! Just wondering, are you guys a steamboat or BBQ lover? Have a great weekend ahead!! 😘💙

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What’s your favorite noodle dish ever? I can’t decide an ultimate winner but my top few favorites goes to Banmian, Spicy Chinese noodles (Bachormee/ Fishball noodles) & Udon noodles!!!! Actually I just love noodles in general, I’m a carbs girl y’know hahaha 😋🍜💯❤️

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Crepes & Co ❤️ Edible art like this Avocado beetroot hummus toast makes brunch a lot more perfect than it already is - Love this quiet spot in Bangkok which serves up really yummy food. Do try their signature crepes and starters like this toast and garlic prawns!! #ShersBkkEats #Crepesnco

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大年 •Chu• 二~~ 😙✨ Been wearing @heychu.co’s accessories out these few days and I really liked how the simple and minimalistic designs complemented well with my entire outfit! You guys can head over and purchase their new collections using “Shermainexk” for 10% off your order with min. $15 spent! Hope everyone feasted well and had a good rest during this period - A short work week ahead so hwaiting sunshines! 💗 #Sherxheychu

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#ShersCleanEats Vegetarian Beehoon 😛🌿 Happy 猪二大家!! Whipped up my healthy vegetarian style purple wheat beehoon for my family this reunion - Topped the noodles with yummy goodies like braised mushrooms, mock meat, tofu, taupok, crispy tofu skin, bamboo shoots, pumpkin, green peppers, baby corn and beansprouts. Every bite is super satisfying and flavorful that some even forgot it was vegetarian, hehe #success! Remember to stay hydrated from all the house visits and snacking!! #ShersFoodJournal

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大年初一 ❤️ 祝大家”猪”事大吉 🐷; 财源广进💰; 家和万事兴 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦! Wishing all you sunshines out here a prosperous and healthy piggy year ahead!! May we all feast and never grow fat this feasting season HEHEHEHE 🎊🤭

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Craziest milkshake I’ve ever had but it’s sooooo pretty and good?!? Strawberry milkshake topped with whipped cream, lots and lots of cotton candy and lollipops! If y’all have a big sweet tooth like me, this beauty from @blacktapsg is the one for you~ 🤭💗 #Blacktap #Blacktapsg

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