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"And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you, because the greatest secrets are hidden in the most unlikely places." ~ Roald Dahl ~

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A B B O T • K I N N E Y • B L V D

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I can't emphasise enough how I wish it was still summer. Instead it's basically dark by 4pm and I am on the sofa hiding under a blanket with the fire going. I don't like it! Someone send help!!

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SEA > SLC Plane series 3/3 • Salt Lake, Utah

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sidtrotstheglobe. SEA > SLC Plane series 2/3
• Farmland

SEA > SLC Plane series 2/3 • Farmland

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SEA > SLC Plane series 1/3 • Mt Rainier

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So, not too long ago I was with my friend and her daughter. We were on a drive through the town of Bellingham, WA and we saw the start of this incredible sunset. Desperate to view it from a better vantage point, we drove as quickly (and as safely) as we could, down to the lake, where we jumped out of the car and ran, like literally ran, to the water's edge. The three of us stared in awe at the sky like we had just woken up from comas that we had been in for the last decade; during which time we had somehow forgotten what sunsets even were. There we were, mouths agog, looking kind of insane and unmistakably tourist like; laughing hysterically at our own ridiculousness...but, wonderfully, we just didn't care. When I think about what happiness is, I think of moments like these. Little moments between the madness, between the mundane, between the pain. Moments that, if you're fortunate enough, can be spent with the people you love, being reminded of just how beautiful life can be if you let it ✨ _______________________________________________________

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Views from Seattle

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If you hang out with a super cool 18 year old, that would make you cool by default, right??? Asking for a friend... ______________________________________________________ 📷: @lunamatto

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"I don't care what they say...I know we belong together" • Careless Whisper by @dface_official _______________________________________________________

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