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My Booty Camp Girls ❤️ For the last 7 months I have had the pleasure to train these lovely ladies every Tuesday and Thursday morning. I am so happy and proud of the commitment and energy these ladies have put in every week. Can’t wait to make Booty camp even more exciting next year! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 • Wanna join us next year? Shoot me a message! There are only 2 open spots!

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Here is the Highlight video of my fight @therealfightdk 🥊 • The video shows some of my cleanest hits and combos. My opponent put up one hell of a fight and obviously also got some good hits in as you could see on my face after the fight 😂 However, I am still very happy over my decision victory and that I went home with the W!! • If your turn on your sound you can hear the amazing support from my friends who yelled their hearts out 💪🏻💪🏻 • Thank you all again for your support and encouragement both on here and at the ringside ❤️❤️

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My brotha, thank you for your visit and a fantastic weekend here in Copenhagen. See you in Zurich soon ❤️

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Happy birthday to me! • I wanted to say a huge thank you for all the best wishes and kind words from you all. It means the world to me! Another huge thank you to my lovely friends and Mom (who came all the way from the US to surprise me) for celebrating me last night. I love you all but my head hates you ❤️ • For me birthdays are always a good time to reflect on the year that’s past, do a quick life status and set some goals for the next year to come. • Everyone close to me knows that this last year has been my most transformational year yet. I learned a lot but it was also not without hardships. • My biggest take aways were: To tackle fear head on. To challenge myself with things that scare me because beyond fear lies pure bliss. To surround myself with positive energy and to proactively work on eliminating negative energy. To be confident in myself and my abilities. To give more and expect less. And last but not least to love and be patient with myself. • I have some big plans for this next year but my main goal is to use my energy to help others maximize their potential and to continue to spread positive vibes in my own unique way. • Much love ❤️

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Last day of being 24 and as you can see we’re getting rowdy 🕺 • And yes, my eyes are still messed up 🐼 😂

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1 day after fight night 🥊 • I couldn’t even begin to sum up all the emotions and hard work during the last three months that all boiled down to 9 minutes of action in the ring last night. This was hands down the toughest thing I have ever gone through but in hindsight it was all worth it. • A huge thank you to my amazing friends, family, colleagues and coaches that supported me every step of the way. Especially when the going got tough and I thought I was in to deep and felt like quitting. I could never have done this without you by my side! • My opponent 104kg Mike, sure put up a fight and it was one hell of a battle in the ring as you can see on my face. • A very special thank you to my coaches @timmy_kimose and @coach_falcon for their patience and guidance. Thank you @mettetoettrup and @therealfightdk for putting on an amazing show. • Now I’m going to give my body the rest it needs. And who knows, maybe I’ll be back in the ring again soon 🥊🥊💪🏻

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10 days until fight night 🥊 • 3 months of hard work are slowly coming to an end and I can’t wait to unleash some fireworks 💥 • Don’t forget to buy your tickets to @therealfightdk 💪🏻

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What if I told you it only takes 3 seconds to conquer everything you desire? • Most decisions start with a short phase of consideration, which usually takes around 3 seconds. During this time you will either come up with enough reasons to do or not to do. • The thing about these 3 seconds is that they can hold us back from a lot of things if we let them. Why? Because they allow us to think about all the things that can go wrong. • However, it’s the best feeling whenever you’re able to beat those three seconds and take the leap towards what you really want to do, even though you might find it scary. • So friends, I challenge you to start counting and start conquering!

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Photographer said cheese and we took that quite literally 😂😁😁 • It was such a pleasure to watch one of my closest friends get married to the love of his life today. • Much love and a thousand years of happiness to you two @twintiemroth & @henja ❤️

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simonsaidso. 22 days until fight night 🥊
It took @timmy_kimose a lot of hard wor

22 days until fight night 🥊 • It took @timmy_kimose a lot of hard work and dedication to get me to the point to be able to say this: I am feeling ready to rumble! • I guess it holds true that behind every great contender stands an even greater coach. • We hope to see you on Dec. 1st at @therealfightdk

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simonsaidso. Is it okay to show weakness as a man ? 
Can we talk about not being ok

Is it okay to show weakness as a man ? Can we talk about not being okay or does that go against our image of manliness ? Does opening up make us vulnerable and challenge our Ego? • This year I have decided to participate in Movember for the first time ever to raise awareness for mens health. Why? Because in my opinion, it's F****** alright to show weakness as a man! • It's not only okay, but necessary to talk about our mental wellbeing to others. It is in our ability to open up and show vulnerability that we can portray the true strength that we carry within. • Forget about your ego, it does you no good. • So my brothers, open up if something is weighing heavy on your heart. Get those regular health checks to spot testicular cancer early. Show your weaknesses to grow even stronger! • Let's stop men dying too young! • If you took the time to read all of this, I appreciate you ❤️ PS: If you also want to help raise awareness for mens health, then talk about it! Also, you can donate to support my Movember team as we use the month of November to raise awareness for mens health. All donations go to the Movember foundation. https://mobro.co/simonsaidmenshealth?mc=1

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A wise man once said you better lose yourself in the moment, you own it, you better never let it go. • How much time do you spend thinking about tomorrow instead of focusing on what you can do right now? • Personally, I am always 10 steps ahead and I can already tell you what I want to do next June. Although big plans are good, this can also be the cause of a lot of unease and keep you from enjoying the now. • One thing that has helped me a lot is to simply become aware when I am planning too much and to snap back into the now. That is often followed by a deep breath, which helps me feel grounded again. I repeat this process multiple times a day and it has really helped me a lot. 📸 @casper_enggaard @bjornborg

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Hot, cold and everything in between💪🏻 • Have been living in Denmark for 4.5 years and this was the first time I went winter bathing. I’ll be back! • @nstenfeldt on the headstand @chrisday20 on the side pose @oliverthornblad behind the camera

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Don’t let go 💪🏻 • Don’t let go of your dreams just because they are hard to achieve. • Don’t let go of a meaningful relationship just because it takes work to maintain. • Don’t let go of the things you hold dear to your heart because of unnecessary external pressure. • Don’t let go of the beautiful small things just because they seem insignificant. • And even when you feel like letting go, don’t! Trust me, you’re strong enough to hold on ❤️ 📸 @casper_enggaard @bjornborg

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In my natural habitat 😇 • I love to cook and host dinner parties. One of the many good traits I picked up from my beautiful mother! Tonight I made some veggie patties (they are well done and crispy 😂) • Also really love my sweats and underwear from @bjornborg. Comfy and functional 😍

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33 days until @therealfightdk 🥊 • Today we took promo pictures and had our first sparring of the week. Michael and I were trading some pretty hard shots today and it’s so cool to see how much we’ve both progressed. You can swipe right to check out a little bit of our sparring today. Coach @timmy_kimose had to remind me to shut up and box 🙈 • Hope you guys are having a wonderful week. Don’t forget to take this week by the horns 🐮 💪🏻

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36 days until fight night 🥊 • Another week of training in the books. I can really see a lot of progress these last couple of days, which is in huge part due to the patience and resilience of coach @timmy_kimose • As we are coming up on the last few weeks of training, It is really crunch time now. From now on it’s even more about putting my head down and grinding. Fingers crossed for no more injuries 🤞🏻 • Hope you have a lovely weekend ❤️ @therealfightdk @bjornborg

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Have a little Thursday booty! 😉

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