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Tennis - I’m not that good but it’s fun so who cares 😅 ☝🏻☝🏻A mindset I am trying to copy and paste to many other aspects of my life. If you always let the fact that you’re not good at something stop you from trying something new - well I guess then you’re going to miss out on a lot of fun stuff! Just try that sh** - even if you’re not good at it - as long as it’s fun, then who cares 💪🏻💪🏻 #tennis

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This pic is about a year old. I feel like so much has changed since then - yet a lot is also still the same. For example, I’ve become more comfortable with the direction I am headed, both personally and professionally. In the past this caused me a large amount of stress and im sure at some point i will question it again, but for now I like where I am headed. Im sure most of you can relate to that as it is a struggle that most of us go through. Generally, I found that life is not always as easy as i may have thought as a 25 year old, single, self-employed millennial trying to navigate my way through school, 21st century dating, working and keeping up with my high ambitions. It’s life, and obviously there’s going to be ups and downs, but what I found out throughout the last year was this: You need to fight to keep the controllable positive aspects of your life as constant as possible, such as movement, nutrition, what you do in your free time, even making your bed or calling a family member/friend. Those are all in your control and you can change them, whereas as other aspects that can change your mood are not always controllable. For me personally, when i incorporate some of the above as something that brings some consistency into my life, periods of feeling down are a lot less worse and the ups are even more enjoyable when those things are in place. I know It’s not always easy to be consistent with our positive habits, but boy can they make a big difference to our overall well-being. 📸 One of my faves from @casper_enggaard #mindset #healthblogger

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One ice latte on table 3 🌞 What a weekend filled with friends, food, swimming and of course some exercising. So nice to have my dear friends from Mexico over for the weekend - one thing is for sure, they still know how to party and get loco! Hope you guys had a good one too! #fitspo #summervibes #pic

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This was one of the hardest workouts I’ve done in a long time! You up for the Challenge? 10-9-8...1 Deadlift Hang clean Front squat Bent over row Push ups on barbell Over the bar burpee Do 10 of each, then 9, 8 etc. The weight should be challenging but not too heavy. Most rounds should be able to be done unbroken. I went with 60kg (the video is with 40kg). Thanks for suffering with me @soerenhald ! 💪🏻

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On my way to make you sweat and curse under your breath just so you can do it all again tomorrow because you learned to love the endorphins of after burn and the positive side effects that come with it 😉 Being a coach is hands down the most rewarding and fulfilling job I have ever had. It’s my way of sharing my passion all while trying to make a positive impact on someone’s life through movement and health. Shoutout to all you other impacters - you make the world a better place! #coach #impact #fitness

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K dot said it best: Everything in life's subject to change, change whip, change grind. Change clothes, change opinions, right before I change my mind... Ultimately, nothing in life is constant, meaning that we will experience a lot less stress by practicing to invite and embrace changes in order to foster a mindset of adaption rather than resistance. 📸 @brianmchristie #sunday #pic

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Ready for a little ab sizzle challenge? Give this one a shot!!! A) plank walk outs B) plank walk ups C) shoulder taps Move slow and controlled. 🔥 20 seconds each move 🔥🔥30 seconds each move 🔥🔥🔥45 seconds each move 1 round = all three movements no breaks. Rest as needed after each round. If you want to spice it up you can do 10 burpees in between each round. Repeat for 3-5 rounds. #workoutvideos #absworkout #abworkouts

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Not a bad day at the office😇 Hope you guys had a great start to the week❤️ 📸 @mimiiruth

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This feels pretty damn good... Master of Science ✅ #graduated

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I’m going clubbing, please watch the stang 🐎 It’s been so fun to create a different style of content from what im used to. Definitely feel like doing more of this! 📸 @brianmchristie #ootd

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My first painting since kindergarten 😅 Finally finished up my Dijon with the help of my lovely friend @lisambr. Powered by about 10 protein pancakes we spent all day in the sun on the balcony painting. Something I need more of for sure 😍 Hope you had a lovely weekend!

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A Sunday afternoon somewhere in Africa. 📸 the amazingly talented @brianmchristie

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Ciao for now Copenhagen Business School. Actually, ciao for forever I guess. It’s been a solid 5 years!❤️ Thanks for all the rye chocolate scones and ice lattes. Oh and all the friendships of course. I guess I learned a few things here and there as well. Especially that 8am lectures after a binger are no bueno. Now if everything goes to plan I am going to turn this master thesis into a thriving business in real life 🕺

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Hey I’m Simon and I’ll be your coach today! 💪🏻💪🏻 There’s many ways to exercise and get fit. Start by choosing the one that’s the most fun for you. For me, exercising is a lot more fun when I am surrounded by amazing people with great energy. If you need some help getting started or back into it, just shoot me a DM. I’m always happy to give you some tips! I hope you guys have had a good start to your weekend ❤️

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I have to share something with you guys… Lately i’ve been feeling like absolute 💩! I have been sick for the best part of 3 weeks now, starting with a small cold, then a really bad flu, which transferred into a wisdom tooth infection. F***! Sometimes life just give you a lotta lemons I guess 😂

Being sick for so long is really frustrating for me, because usually, I never get sick and if i do, it’s only for a few days. 
Because of my sickness, I haven’t really been able to exercise or had much energy to chip away at my to do list. 
However, today was the first day where I felt close to being normal Simon again. 
It always amazes me how much being sick makes you appreciate being healthy. I have been on a real high all day! 
This whole being sick thing really got me thinking that If there’s one thing for certain then it’s that we should absolutely appreciate the lows we have in our life because they make the highs feel that much higher. So think about that next time you’re sick, sad, stressed, angry etc. Embrace the negative emotion and remember it, because the next time you feel the opposite of that negative emotion, a positive emotion, you will be able to enjoy and value it much more. Anyways, i’m on my way back to normal and will do my best to stay healthy for the rest of ’19. The killer brunch this morning with the best @twintiemroth at one my favourite restaurants sure helped me on my way ❤️

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Wherever you go, go with a purpose. Remember, it’s your journey and you have the damn right to own it! 💪🏻

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Flamingos are the new Easter bunnies 🐰 #easter #party #springbreak #flamingo

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After 14 amazing days in Brazil I have made it back home safe and sound. • At the beginning of 2019 one of my biggest personal goals was to experience what it’s like traveling alone. I feel like i’ve travelled quite extensively in my life, but for some reason, never alone. And to be honest, the concept of traveling alone has always scared me (quite a lot actually). Funnily enough, every single person I have ever talked to about traveling alone said they had a great time. So what was I so afraid of? Well, thats the funny part about fear, it’s not always rational. • Anyways, when I received an invite by my lovely friends @colincolinm & @danisagara to attend their wedding, I decided this was an amazing chance to try my first solo travel. So I added on a total of 10 extra days before and after the wedding, during which my goal was to travel alone. Now when i reflect back to 2 weeks ago, I remember being quite anxious on the plane during my journey to to Brazil. Im glad that I got over my initial fear quite quickly and ended up having so many great experiences and had the pleasure of meeting many amazing people with whom I could share life stories, ideologies and deep talks. • Generally, the fear of traveling alone might seem trivial to some, but for me it was a big step. Luckily, I now realise that my fear of traveling alone was pretty unwarranted and I can now second the notion that traveling solo truly is a great time. Now I am looking forward to see where my next solo trip will take me. If you haven’t tried it before, I hope that I could inspire you a bit to look into traveling by yourself some time as well❤️ • A huge thank you to all the lovely people I met along the way who made my trip one for the books! 😘😍

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