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Manshausen 2.0 @manshausen_island photo by @adrien.giret

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Warm comfort from the @malangenretreat to start off a new cold winter week in the north.. Photo by @eugenipons #stinessenarkitektur @brunner_germany #fireplace

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WORKING ON: An apartment building in Narvik for #narvikeiendom @tnystad 3D images by @viscato Wish you all a nice weekend! #stinessenarkitektur

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Today I had a Norwegian Sunday; cross country skiing. While walking I came to think of my friend @borgeousland - who of course started out as my client, when he decided to embark on a new kind of adventure and I got the job designing what would become the @manshausen_island resort. It must be the connection to and love for nature that motivates anyone to seek the solitude and challenge of undertaking the first unsupported trek across the South Pole (from coast to coast) more than twenty years ago. However Børge has undertaken quite a lot more than that; like the first unsupported to the North Pole together with Erling Kagge and deciding that departing on the icy coastline of Russia and not only skiing to the North Pole, but over it and all the way to the ice coast of Canada was an excellent idea; and then later again to the North Pole with @mikehornexplorer during the dark period taking turns bringing up the rear and hoping they would not get a pat on the back from the polar bears.. Well, not exactly your everyday explorations - but I would certainly recommend a visit to Manshausen where you will experience a unique connection to #nature; and perhaps also meet the great #explorer in person, at what I dare say has become one of the world’s most unique #destinations ! Thank you Børge for the opportunity to share in one of your many adventures and the chance to prove myself as designer and architect in such beautiful scenery :) Now follow him and @vincentcolliard on their @icelegacyproject to understand more about our #environment and the #climatechange Photos by: Siggen Stinessen, @adrien.giret , Kjell Ove Storvik , @skydesign360 and myself :)

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Our Seasonal office staff (and friends) have invaded @malangenretreat - much to the owners surprise I suspect - to wish you all a joyful and merry Christmas 🎄😊

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It’s my pleasure to share some of the beautiful images by @eugenipons for the magazine @arquitecturayd - @cabin_efjord featured in their latest issue 😊 #stinessenarkitektur #cabin #cabinlife #architecture

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Manshausen 2.0 @manshausen_island has been selected finalist in Interior Design’s prestigious Best of Year awards 😃 Fingers crossed at the ceremony announcing the winners in New York next Friday! Photo by Kjell Ove Storvik. #stinessenarkitektur

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In today’s Die Zeit you can read about the new additions to the @manshausen_island resort #stinessenarkitektur @visitnorway

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Proud recipient of the Iconic award Best of Best in Architecture 😃 Again many, many thanks to the fantastic clients @malangenretreat 😊 #stinessenarkitektur

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Manshausen 2.0 @manshausen_island The new cabins have the same connection with the majestic landscape and the ocean, but their positioning out over the sea on the north end of the island is even more dramatic and more exposed to the natural elements. Film by @adrien.giret #stinessenarkitektur #visitnorway #steigen

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Interior’s Day #interiørdagen in Oslo yesterday, hiking on a rainy and windy day outside Tromsø today. As appreciation and respect for nature was one of the main topics for both editor Øyunn Hrasky @oyunnbj and myself I felt this was a good way of saying thank you to @interior_magasinet for the kind invitation as one of the contributors 😊

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Malangen awarded Best of Best in Architecture at the prestigious Iconic Awards 😃

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Wishing you all a good day from the north 😊 @cabin_efjord #stinessenarkitektur

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Manshausen 2.0 This summer 3 new cabins were completed @manshausen_island These are positioned above the ocean on the northern part of the Island offering a spectacular sea view! #stinessenarkitektur #cabinlife #summer #seaside @visitnorway

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Manshausen 2.0 @manshausen_island #stinessenarkitektur

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snorre_stinessen. A+ Voting ends today and Malangen is in 2nd place - a few votes behind

A+ Voting ends today and Malangen is in 2nd place - a few votes behind - in the Residential Interiors category and in need of your vote. Link in bio. Use FB for easy registration and search Malangen or category 😊 #architizer #stinessenarkitektur #interiordesign #interiors #cabin #retreat

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Malangen needs YOUR vote in the Residential Interiors AND the Architecture+Wood categories of the A+ Awards 😉 Link in bio - and you can use FB to log-in easy and search by category or simply search: Malangen 😊

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Proudly presenting Efjord as finalist in the prestigious A+ Awards: Now we need your help - please cast a vote 😃 Now: Link in BIO 😉 Not an insta expert - but the category is Architecture+Glass.. ALSO: Residential Interiors and Architecture+Wood with Malangen 😊 EASY TIP: You can search by there names: EFJORD and MALANGEN 👍

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