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She’s super, shes lit. If you love Gua Sha facial massage it’s the similar technique but different results. Because she has several function modes she will take your morning or night routine to new heights. Blur the fine lines, de puff, detox the skin and boost collagen production. Immediately after the massage your skin will be energized and refreshed. Heat, LED + sonic vibration technology. Travel friendly, sleek, compact + USB charger included.

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solarislabny. Glow @rafa_consentino 😍⭐️ #healthyskin #glowy

Glow @rafa_consentino 😍⭐️ #healthyskin #glowy

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Photo cred @urbanoutfitters Face and Body cupping set is your all inclusive health and wellness set. The face cups can be used to promote an immediate glow on the face, the eye and lip cups de puff the eyes and plump the lips, and the body cups help reduce cellulite and reduce dimple appearance. Now available @urbanoutfitters

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Our STEAM 1st up close. You get 1 raw clear quartz crystal plus complex botanical mix of herbs to cleanse and detox your skin. Available @urbanoutfitters #uobeauty #facialsteamer #steam #botanicalbeauty

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Joining our Pink Skin Care Series collection 😍 smart massager following the Gua Sha massage “technique” for the face. Heat for promoting circulation, Pulsating vibration for detoxification + Red LED For skin benefits. We’re crying 😭 this was so fun to test and use pre launch.

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Some pink series products coming soon that will knock your socks off ♥️ #skincare

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On the shelf ♥️

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On Repeat.

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solarislabny. If you’re as sick of clogged pores and black heads as we are we have a

If you’re as sick of clogged pores and black heads as we are we have a solution for you and it’s coming real soon 🥰 #exfoliator #facial #cloggedpores #blackheadremoval #ultrasonic #skincareroutine

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The beautiful @yasminmoonmoon using our Gua 😍 #guasha #holisticbeauty #facemassage #crystalfacial

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Give your skin a natural moisture barrier 💦 plum seed oil is ultra hydrating and moisturizing with zero preservatives or additives. Did you know it contains 13 omega fatty acids and is high in vitamin A and E and has anti inflammatory properties to calm skin, reduce puffiness and enchants brightness! Not to mention how good it smells 😱the marzipanny plummy aroma is 100% natural 😍 #plumseed #plumseedoil #plum #holisticbeauty #veganskincare #plumoil #skincareroutine #exzema #moisturizing #naturalskincare

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Have you heard about our acupressure activator tool ? It’s a tool that blends massage and acupressure to tone lift firm and promote a quick natural glow. It’s like an upgraded Gua Sha 😍 Check out our video on how to use below, now available @urbanoutfitters #uobeauty #guasha #neutralstyle #parisianlifestyle #rosequartzguasha #jaderoller #holisticskincare

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solarislabny. Pink is always a good idea

Pink is always a good idea

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solarislabny. Our organic cold pressed plum seed oil sitting among the best, shelfie

Our organic cold pressed plum seed oil sitting among the best, shelfie by @gothamista 💫

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Where wellness meets spirituality

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New products coming soon 😍 #holisticbeauty #holistic #holographic

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solarislabny. Travel must have @meowcatkitty26 😍

Travel must have @meowcatkitty26 😍

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Mini Tute on how to use our acu pressure Gua Sha tool. This is a Gua Sha 2.0 it incorporates both massage and stimulating pressure points to help the body naturally combat effects of aging. It’s not a cure, but a great add on to your already existing routine. Doing this massage will help lift muscles and counteract gravity, promote super circulation, and stimulate fibroblast cells to produce and secrete collagen amongst the many other benefits that will need an entire blog post to discuss.

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