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sophiegraceholmes. Invest in yourself. It pays the best interest.

Never downgrade your d

Invest in yourself. It pays the best interest. Never downgrade your dream to fit your reality. Upgrade your conviction to match your destiny. Swipe left all the way ⏪... the testing doesn’t always go smoothly even for me 😉 being human is fun huh! - ‼️Why am I showing you this⁉️ - The reality of living with CF. Testing my lung function in the gym pre and post training. I hope this can make you proud to have CF and be open no matter where you are.. what our body’s deal with daily blows my mind - we are badass. Educating myself for me and you. You never stop learning if you choose to open your mind. My most asked question; What training will benefit my lungs the most to improve my FEV1? I’m going to test exactly this using my @nuvoair to see what my lungs respond best to so I can share the science #educate I know what works for me but let’s dig a little deeper for YOU and show numbers as that’s my passion. So you can get in that gym and have the confidence that every rep, every round, every push those lungs of yours are gaining strength and in return over time % one at a time. Sharing full results tomorrow with the workout stay tuned!! Ps apologies for the grainy video - I could have re-filmed but this is real time this morning. Proud to have the support in my training from @underarmouruk @sportsdirecttraining 👊🏻 #IWILL win. Powerful team! #cysticfibrosis #lungfunction #nuvoair

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#worldmentalhealthday Everyday is a fight me vs my mind. Having Cystic Fibrosis isn’t easy although perhaps I make it look that way. Doesn’t mean the statistics don’t run through my mind Over half the people born with CF die before the age of 47 with the average age being 31. I’m 28, that scares the hell out of me to do everything I can to beat this so I push my body harder than ever to build mental toughness to be ready to fight anything that comes my way and be here until I’m 104. As I’ve a goal I am to achieve then. But with the fight comes the worries - Iam only human; will I ever need a lung transplant, what if I don’t have the energy to take a single breath anymore and suffocate, how would that feel? How much pain would I have to endure? will this chest infection send me into hospital? The list goes on. We all struggle from time to time and that’s perfectly ok.. Never be afraid to speak up or seek help when you’re up and down! It’s ok not to be ok but never give up. Spend time with those who love and support you. Give yourself a break from time to time just simply breathe Don’t feel guilty or bad if you’re not doing as much as usual you’ll soon be back Without struggle we won’t know what we want, who we are or how strong we can be. You’re human. Look after yourself and your mind. Mental health is priority. Let’s support each other and encourage others to raise their voice when they thought they couldn’t. Speech and communication is power. Let’s use it.

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sophiegraceholmes. Have you ever wondered what it might feel like to have CYSTIC FIBROSIS

Have you ever wondered what it might feel like to have CYSTIC FIBROSIS? - ➡️ SWIPE LEFT ‼️ - Breathe for 60 seconds through a straw - let me know if you try it - add a burpee or two if you’re brave! This is how I feel currently when I train - it’s ok - I’ve been worse, I’ll get them back in a week or two of training from help from those who push me, nutritious foods and sleep. - With my lungs not being where they should be due to a number of factors such as not doing what I need to do in my training as my body needed to recovery which is fine to having too many drinks at the weekend - alcohol massively affects my lungs. But we all need some fun occasionally! - I’m going to be tracking my lung function on my home machine every Friday to see how they are doing. - 1)For myself and actually see if there is a trend especially as it may avoid me getting disheartened at clinic when the results aren’t what I expect as it could just be the day. 2)Learn my body and lungs better so we can be a team and progress 3)My last appointment my consultant asked me to as they can see results due to us trying to figure out why my FEV1% is fluctuating as it may not be CF related. Kinda makes me excited for the challenge and to see what levels I can take my body this time - no rain no shine! - But I hope this helps many of you to show even me who pushes and completes these huge events and challenges I do struggle too. But the struggle gives up strength and we need that growth to go to battle. Together we can beat this 🌹💜 - #cysticfibrosis #strawchallenge

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No one ever made a difference by being like anyone else.. - But surrounding yourself with those who are likeminded and lift you higher you can be the change the world needs - together we can make a difference. My beauty and absolute beast @kirstyhendey My inspiration and go getter - strongest woman I know in so many ways! I’ve noticed more recently the importance of your circle and the impact it can make on you if you don’t get this right and WHEN you do. I’m lucky to have a strong circle full of strong likeminded people who will push me. Positive powerful people who inspire me to level up. Especially through the tougher times - struggle means you’re growing we need that. Notice how people make you feel, if they don’t make you feel inspired or empowered to do better, positive or to up your game or support and clap your success consider this: Do you want to be in the same position in 12 months time? Read that again. Guaranteed you’ll say no, everyone wants to progress - make sure your network is right and then never stop supporting your friends progressions like the celebrities you don’t know. I’d love to see every friend of mine crushing it and if I can help, amazing. @underarmouruk @sportsdirecttraining #IWILL #TEAMSDxUA

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Dress impeccably and they remember the woman! @bananacrumbleuk Cystic Fibrosis Charity Ball with my best friends. Beautiful evening with my beautiful friends ❤️ you all Special thank you to @matttaustin and family for putting it all together and making it a huge success - raising money for a cause close to my heart and to all the generosity of everyone there and as I said in my talk - literally saving and changing lives one £1 at a time! #cysticfibrosis #charityball

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You can’t fall if you don’t climb, but there’s no joy from living life on the ground. Never give up. My outdoor winter training has started. I couldn’t be more excited. Doing things differently to most by using my surroundings to run faster, become stronger by climbing and lifting logs and rocks and enduring what’s one of the hardest form of training because I can and the outdoors makes you feel so alive. 8 weeks until I’m back getting my lung functions tested. 8 weeks to simply show what’s possible. 8 weeks to get myself back to where I want to be 8 weeks Me Vs CF with no excuses, no fault, no missed treatments, no missed gym sessions. 8 weeks to make sure my body is the best it can be so mind mind can push it even further. If you don’t make time your wellness you’ll be forced to make time for your illness. What would you choose? Read that again. We all have a choice, even if it’s doing the things we don’t want to do in order to do the things we do! #UARUSH #TEAMSDxUA #IWILL @underarmouruk @sportsdirecttraining - Photo by the talented @alexpettitt

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sophiegraceholmes. If you don’t do insane things while you can you’ll have nothing to lau

If you don’t do insane things while you can you’ll have nothing to laugh about when you’re old. ITS THE EXCUSES YOU MAKE TODAY, will be the REGRETS you have at the end of your life. Forever with me thanks to this legend who is one amazing ultra athlete @tomotton - Heading into this week with a bang and a whole lot of DOMS from the weekend BUT it’s crazy how much fitness and mental health come hand in hand. Admittedly I hadn’t been feeling myself at all the last 2 weeks and it was really grinding on me and although my body needed rest and it did me the world of good my mindset hugely shifted which affected every part of my life and on the positive it’s a reminder as to why I push to hard and do these big endurance challenges and why I love fitness so much. The power it holds is phenomenal as much as those who are your people! This is where discipline comes in - although I want to train my energy levels and mental toughness to make myself do the intensity I’m used to seemed a huge struggle and I’m sure this is relatable to so many. So, I forced my self to lift and safely with my hand while it’s still suffering with nerve damage - I’ve booked a few people in my diary to train with who will push me and excited to get back boxing 🥊 and ultimately in my ROUTINE if that’s what you can call it with everyday being different. Consistency with training = consistently caring for your body and mind and you’ll find your nutrition comes together you’ll choose healthy options and you’ll have so much energy and be HAPPY. God it’s good to be back and feeling fresh and creative for you guys to be pushing yourselves too! THIS IS WHY BIG GOALS ARE SO IMPORTANT! And I have a feeling I’ll be hitting up another soon! Ps back on the bike this weekend will be awesome just need my TEAM where you at 👏🏻 @deloitterab @livcyclinguk

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sophiegraceholmes. This life of yours is 💯 your responsibility. Do the things you need t

This life of yours is 💯 your responsibility. Do the things you need to do everyday to progress.. even if you don’t want to! Cutting the excuses and setting your goals is powerful, but nothing is more powerful than taking action, especially in the face of adversity! Today marks me getting back into full training, focusing on winter training to get fitter, faster and stronger to prepare for what’s coming in 2020.. @ironman_austria ! I’ve never been happier! I’ll be doing lots of my training outside with a difference you’ll see - you know I love to make things as hard as possible so watch this space. Also the beauty of it as you can see you can find anything to lift, throw and run with. Reignite your training! Would you like me to share my new training plan and workouts? #UARUSH #TEAMSDxUA #IWILL @underarmouruk @sportsdirecttraining

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That post training feeling... If it was easy everyone would do it! You don’t have to be extreme just consistent! My passion lies in extreme, it’s important set goals that align with what you want. Nothing more satisfying than finishing a tough session or doing something you didn’t think you could do and seeing what your mind and body can achieve together! That’s why as the summer comes to an end and autumn sets in I challenge you to do three things before 2020; #IWILL 1)Set a new goal to achieve - no matter the size commit and make it realistic to you. 2)Train outside weekly it’s good for the soul - I’ve loved training in the rain in France - there’s something about the outdoors that gives you the edge and makes you happy. 3)Take action and cut the excuses - see how far you get - you may even make yourself proud. Fitness is as much physical as it is mental never underestimate its power - it makes me feel alive especially training in extreme conditions and mentally it makes me feel invincible and builds toughness, even sitting here soaked on the veranda! There’s such a scientific connect between them! #UARUSH #TEAMSDxUA #IWILL @underarmouruk @sportsdirecttraining

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Happiest Birthday to my beautiful twinny, big sis @annacado_fitness my bestie, my peanut to my butter, my sidekick and one and only who always makes me laugh.. 30 or 3? Love you always ❤️ such special times celebrating in France drinks to cake to burpees and squats... always be your bar 🏋🏼‍♀️ - #sister #bigsister #birthday

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Tough conditions only make you stronger.. no excuses get out there don’t let anything stop you.. it gives you a new challenge and overcoming them is makes you realise who you are! This mornings hilly run in torrential rain through the french countryside and it did give us a laugh! Happy to say I’m BACK in training post challenge and I’m absolutely loving it and can’t wait to push myself through the autumn and winter focusing on outdoor training especially trail running and lifting! Training outside is my favourite come rain or shine you have to embrace it and I hope I can get some of you out there too as we approach the winter months - don’t get stuck in the gym time to get creative. Wearing the new RUSH collection - brightening up the grey skies- hit the link in my bio for 10% off using SDSOPHIE10! #UARUSH #TEAMSDxUA #IWILL @underarmouruk @sportsdirecttraining

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Cystic Fibrosis.. - doesn’t take a holiday There’s no rest days There’s no days off is 365 days a year 24 hours a day 7 days a week For the whole and rest of my life There is no cure It’s ME vs CF - But being on holiday gives me a perfect chance to give it a chance to reset and recover. Just a gentle reminder of what goes on behind the scenes of what you don’t always see. This is my every day through the down time and while on challenges - this is only a handful of the 80 tablets. In the hope I can inspire those with and without CF to have the courage to seek their own adventure and be brave to live life on their own terms even in the face of such adversity that can scare the hell out of new mums, dads, siblings, friends and us who carry the disease due to the what can be sad reality and facts on google. A reality I’m trying to change for everyone via sharing my story and providing hope by achieving extreme endurance based feats and living passionately when I got told I’d never have a life, let alone a big bold happy life full of adventure around the world using my body, the body that I got told couldn’t do anything even breathe yet, it does what only 5% would attempt bc that’s how I’ve made it .. take a minute to take that in. read it again. I do believe we can all live limitless whatever that means to you and I hope I can show you how bc I’m so grateful for my life. Even CF ❤️ - #cysticfibrosis #wecanbeatthis #limitless

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I’ve had worse Monday’s...😜 - Be ready for the holiday spam in the beautiful french countryside in full force... living in my bikini, sipping on wine and eating all the food! I’ve just been informed by the ex-army major next door to be ready at 9am sharp... I think my training re-starts tomorrow.. openly absolutely buzzing after a week off.. you knew I couldn’t resist... and we have a dog next door - what more could we want. Go to the places your soul feels at home and you can make your own adventure! PS We spend so much time chasing and achieving goals and I’m guilty as I’m so passionate about it but we all sometimes need to kick back and reflect on those things and be bloody proud of how far we’ve come - SO take that time out and so we can be refreshed and excited to go for more as we can all be extraordinary! #france #holiday #family

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It doesn’t matter where you re going. It’s who you have beside you that that counts. Keep those close who want to see you win, achieve be happy and most Importantly make you feel and be the best you could be! If they don’t. Get a new circle. Trust me - positive life always! Happiness is planning a trip with those who feel like home, an adventure and inspire you in one... FAM I’m coming for you 🇫🇷 bring on all the food and wine! - Kick back and relax.. first holiday in 3 years. Think I earned this one. 4 days of chill in the sun with no requirements other than laughing and eating but be ready.. once I’m touchdown back in the UK I’ll be raring to go and pushing for greater things while having fun doing great things. You need both. We all need time out.. especially when you get to celebrate @annacado_fitness 30th with the gang @coachjackdubai @barbaraaholmes @peterholmes564 - ❤️ - #happy #holiday #travel

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sophiegraceholmes. The things these challenges remind me of time and time again:

No matt

The things these challenges remind me of time and time again: No matter where you find yourself today, never prevent your wings from growing. Never stop flying for greatness. Do it for you. I’ve had so many messages asking me how my CF has been since being back from this almighty challenge.. So I genuinely I feel great, I’ve taken a week to rest and refuel to allow my body the recovery it deserves after completing such a huge feat. The only thing I need to see to is that I’ve lost weight that was inevitable due to the size of the task, burning over 5000 kcals per day on the bike and even though I was eating ALOT you can’t keep up especially as with cf you need at least 3000 kcal base but, my body feels strong that’s what’s important. Lungs, feel great, they felt amazing on the ride and feel even better now although in need for a run to them to open up fully! Interested to see what my FEV1 is since I went into this challenge at a low for me @ 80%! Of course I’m a little tired and I’m so excited to get back in the gym, get strong and put some Muscle back on through the winter but our body’s are amazing things should we choose to nurture and respect them but also push them. I have my next check up in 8ish weeks so I’m really going to focus on health to aim for better results. Have an amazing Sunday fam ❤️ #cysticfibrosis #weekend

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sophiegraceholmes. The biggest question I’ve had since coming back from @deloitterab

The biggest question I’ve had since coming back from @deloitterab - How do you deal with the inevitable lows after completing such a big challenge and having such a big high? My answer: You must not only be proud of what you have achieved and reflect upon what you went through to get there but learn to enjoy the times after as that’s when you really realise the immensity of what you have done. There is a lull a day or two after such a big buzz, it doesn’t haven’t be pushed into a huge low if you have things to look forward to - I love the challenges it’s where my passion lies but I also totally relish the bit after of taking some time to enjoy other things, work on projects, see friends and enjoy training in a different way without pressure. You need both. I also have my next goal or two set in the diary from the big one I can’t achieve YET to smaller ones to aid that - so I can start planning and working towards it. Trying to keep a level balance is important especially for mindset. So many have said they’re worried about this part and it’s stopping them doing the challenge itself so I hope this can help you go and achieve extraordinary things as it’s in us all should we have the courage to seek it.

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sophiegraceholmes. If you don’t go after what you want you’ll never have it. Be the chang

If you don’t go after what you want you’ll never have it. Be the change you want to see. What are you waiting for! With the itch for what’s next already setting in 4 days after finishing @deloitterab I’m looking into so smaller challenges in the run Up to @ironman_austria to keep focused and training. A huge part of motivation and keeping it sky high is setting these smaller goals to aid the big ass ones not only for the physical challenge but to keep my mindset sharp and on form. So give that a go.. it’s my secret weapon! I find too many days away from training can have serious impacts on my mental health especially after the buzz of a big epic challenge. So this weekend I’ll be heading back out there starting with a light session to get my body moving and lungs back working maybe even hop back in the bike.. Let’s finish this week strong! #rideacrossbritain #livcyclinguk #rapha #cycling #cyclinggirl

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sophiegraceholmes. The darkest nights produce the brightest stars 
Get comfortable with b

The darkest nights produce the brightest stars Get comfortable with being uncomfortable Get confident bring uncertain Don’t give up because something is hard Pushing through challenges is what makes you grow. Strength is what we get from the madness we survive. Your only limit is your mind. Build it strong. Your body is capable of more than you realise. Always test it. Always push for more than you are. Always be the light in the life of others to show what is possible and what can be achieved Always be breathe positivity Always be passionate and start true to you Always be bold and take risks Never bow down to an excuse, always take action Live everyday, we only die once Laugh as often as you can. These are little things I always remind myself of through the highs and lows. We are the making of our own masterpiece. Life is basically a mad series of events one after another - one week you’re cycling the country the next sitting on your laptop. This is your little reminder that no matter where you are each decision you make can change your life in an instant - even if you feel the impossible - be grateful and have the courage to live life on your terms with those who push you do to better and bring out the best in you - take the chance. - 📸 @hugopettit

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