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The increased efficiency of the ATC2 & FREAK3 means that your jumps last longer, transitions are easier and more precise, and you can fly further and have more range on the base. Bla bla bla, you get the picture.

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Simon Huntridge’s #SuperDuperCustom FREAK3 is modeled after the RAF Supermarine Spitfire flown by WW2 fighter ace, Douglas Bader. The legendary DB kicked a lot of ass in his time, despite having tin legs - google Douglas Bader Spitfire for some career inspiration!. Cheers to Simon (@skydive_dreams) for giving us the chance to make this suit! Video by Thomas Loiseau #LordLoyd #Spitfire #FREAK3

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squirrel.ws. @nicholasscalabrino’s #SuperCustom FREAK3. Photos by @mattmunting

@nicholasscalabrino’s #SuperCustom FREAK3. Photos by @mattmunting

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Ever heard of Mayotte? @vincent.cotte @jimbo_gares and @sebastian.chambet on a dream trip in the Indian Ocean. #ATC

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@lukerogers.ws and @jeffweatherall cruising in Byron Bay, Australia. #FREAK3 📷 @greenflyingdude

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How sick is South Africa? @wandelersimon shares a few of his vacation jumps with us. Flying his #MUTATION and #AURA3.

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You can zoom in to see the laser-cut crossports in @will.kitto’s HAYDUKE. All of our parachutes are 100% CAD-to-Laser, and the #HAYDUKE benefits from a carefully engineered rib design that reduces weight and pack volume while increasing spanwise flow. The cut pattern is optimized for loaded, or unloaded, ribs. Photo by @scottyybob

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squirrel.ws. A new cure for line twists? Thanks to @stfanm for the inspiration! 

A new cure for line twists? Thanks to @stfanm for the inspiration! EDIT TO ADD: Don’t bother leaving a comment saying this is dangerous. Skydiving is dangerous, and no one is saying that this is a good idea or that it is something YOU or ANYONE should try on a very small high performance canopy at a high rate of descent. Obviously the technique above could go wrong for many reasons and this is not to be attempted by anyone in any situation where it’s not obviously basic. So chill the F out... and enjoy the successful ingenuity of a young and athletic skydiver in a pinch. And yes he knows the “twist them down” technique.

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squirrel.ws. @nicholasscalabrino just received his new #SuperCustom #FREAK3 and sen

@nicholasscalabrino just received his new #SuperCustom #FREAK3 and sent us this clip. @mattmunting broey yers ships soon... thanks for peeping Nic’s first flights...

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Oh, hello there. @marshall__miller’s belly’s view of @savagesac and @jessehallskibase

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Some new BASE gear, designed specifically for those who seek the light. #CXUL #IBEXUL

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@outrageous and @maxyaks would like to thank the LAPD for being so courteous and professional. #HAYDUKE #SNATCH #CRUX

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