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@bradley_slums is so ill. Not even kidding. #HAYDUKE #CRUX

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Hey so just in case you were wondering... the pre-order page is now live on our website. #FREAK3

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Fast is smooth and smooth is fast. Right? #FREAK2 #EPICENE

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How awesome is Felicia? @freefallfish playing in KL: #CRUX, #HAYDUKE

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It’s fun to go fast. That’s why we do it... cruising Kpow in the Great Northwest. #FREAK2 #EPICENE

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Thank you @oahuparachutecenter team!

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We visited @oahuparachutecenter and you should, too! Huge thanks to George and his team for welcoming us with genuine aloha, and for the many jumps with quick rides to altitude. It’s one of the most beautiful and friendly places we have ever skydived. Check it out!

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Turkey shoot by @kaanve. Span over the River Euphrates... #CRUX #HAYDUKE #SNATCH

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Roch, zooming in his backyard. #MUTATION can! . . . #CRUX #HAYDUKE #SNATCH

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As if you needed another reason to love this girl, or to order a MUTATION. Everyone should have one. Not having a MUTATION is like hating fun. She has been jumping this for about 2 days and looks rather comfortable. Filmed by @naddorious in an ATC. Yes this thing flies. #itsgettinghotinhere #thosethingsreal? #kickbackandrelax #donthatefun

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You’ve been asking us about the FREAK3. Here it is - both of the blue suits in this shot. If you follow @mattwingsuit then you’ve been seeing versions of it for months. Here we are cruising with the boys on the North Shore of Oahu yesterday. We will be taking take pre-orders next week when we’re back in the office, and the FREAK3 page will explain the improvements over the previous versions.

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Marshall: “Oh hey bra.” Matt: “Oh, hey bra.” #EPICENE #FREAK2

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An original AURA and FREAK getting some exit practice with #vertigobungee. @dugzaster the master of the bridge and his compadre the Vertigo Bungee Ghostsuiter hooked up four feet apart. “We were fully inflated with forward drive at 110 feet”, they reported. 📷 @rodrigosnaps

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#SuperCustom vs #SuperDuperCustom with Petter & Espen, by Amber. #FREAK2 speeding over Petter’s house at Eloy.

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Sagui says, FREAK 2 flies! 📷 Andre Ramos

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squirrel.ws. @danielristow took off his AURA3 

@danielristow took off his AURA3 #CRUX #HAYDUKE #SNATCH

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squirrel.ws. One jump with the FREAK2. (From 2017)

One jump with the FREAK2. (From 2017)

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