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Dedicated to this life🍤💉 @romeolacoste @millz #shrimpgang

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Whole lotta John Sh*t 🤘🏼

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Stash N’ Dash in LA with a 28 gram Backwood🔥💨 @millz @barewoodog #shrimpgang (Follow my snapchat @supremepatty for more👻)

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Caught @damnlongneck beating his meat in my bathroom on No Nut November smh😡 @millz #shrimpgang

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Subway didn’t have the $5 Footlong anymore, so I had to bring my own😂💨 @millz #explore

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Patty Chipmunk back at it again😂🐿 @Millz #shrimpgang

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Steve came in flying when he heard I had the Henny😂😳 @stevewilldoit @millz #lildickgang

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When you’re late to the Halloween party 😂🎃 @millz #shrimpgang

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Letting y’all decide... tag who I should fight in the comments😈🥊 @millz @mrexclusiveart #shrimpgang

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When the cashier tries selling you swishers😂😳 @millz #shrimpgang

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Pranked @millz with Melatonin/NyQuil and shaved his head😂💈 #lildickgang

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I’m partnering with TikTok over the weekend and will be posting a bunch of crazy content🍤 Follow me there @supremepatty #makesocialfunagain #shrimpgang

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