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Wow! Cleaning out an unused room in Mom's house and found this awesome offer! Try America Online -15 Hours Free! What a deal! 😝 #aol @aol @microsoft #microsoftworks #11thhour #7thguest @online_news

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farahiqrar_admirer. That moment ❤️☺️😍🙈 When he Call my name ❤️♥️ The Most important part

That moment ❤️☺️😍🙈 When he Call my name ❤️♥️ The Most important part of my life 🌸 @waseembadami_official ❤️ Love you ❤️ more than anything 🌟🙈 🌸 #waseemBadami #Wb #WasimBadami #HarLamhaPurjosh #ShaneRamzan #11thHour

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Sometimes people don’t understand what I do. Often they are surprised, maybe even put-off by my unusual comfort level with death and dying. Perhaps they think it’s morbid. Someone in grief recently asked me how it was that I found death beautiful.... and that didn’t sit well with my soul. So allow me to explain... My relationship with death is ages old. I have been working on this side or that side of it for lifetimes, if you believe in that sort of thing. It is truly a calling, something hard-set inside my being. Something I have to do. Many of you know that my first love died when we were teenagers, and that profound experience set me on a trajectory of spiritual seeking and existential thought (once past the years of suffocating grief). I went on to witness death at an alarming rate in my teens and 20s. I ran the entire spectrum of response to these losses, including the typical and sometimes necessary damning of a God who could be so cruel. It would take years to make peace. I became a mother at 19. I saw the opposite of death. I saw forgiveness and renewal in the miracle of birth. I saw how one led to the other. Where had this baby come from? Surely she left some other world to be delivered to me here. ✨ I began to notice how everything died in the fall. How it lit up in a blaze of red or yellow before fading to brown and returning to earth. I noticed how winter seemed dead and like a thing to survive but then in the spring the frozen ground gave birth to a million green baby sprouts. I saw how the Earth asked the plants to decay only to return to seed and then bloom more colorfully next year. I saw how humans were like that too. I learned that death and grief are two very different things. I can approach them as such. Death is what happens when we are released from the constructs of our body and animal mind and returned to the all-that-is. In my heart it feels like a homecoming. Though I’m in no race to get there, I know that when I do, it will be the happiest reunion of my existence. Grief, however, is for the people still here. (Cont in comments)

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Sundays in a honky tonk! #11thhour @baileysdowntownnashville #bloodline

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consuelastyle. It’s a great day to celebrate Renee! From serving our country, to serv

It’s a great day to celebrate Renee! From serving our country, to serving veterans, the elderly, and refugees, she’s busy positively impacting the lives of others. Join us in recognizing Viva Babe Renee as our latest ‘It’s Not About the Bag’ recipient! 🙌 ⠀ ⠀ Renee embarked on her life of service with 28 years in the US Army and has continued her servant heart after retiring in 2010. Nominated by her husband, Kevin, he shares, Renee “lives every day to comfort, console, and uplift veterans, civilians, and refugees.”💞 Her impact is widespread with all the groups she supports:⠀ ⠀ ✅ She volunteers for No Veteran Dies Alone at the Louisville, KY Veteran’s hospital, personally consoling and comforting dying veterans who do not have any family.🤝⠀ ⠀ ✅ Renee volunteers for 11th Hour, a hospice program where she holds the hands of dying civilians in local nursing homes, ensuring them that they are not alone.🤝⠀ ⠀ ✅ She volunteers for the Kentucky Refugee Ministry program (https://kyrm.org/), where she greets refugees with USA balloons and gifts to welcome them to the USA.🇺🇸⠀ ⠀ ✅ Renee teaches refugee women how to make earrings. She also makes baby blankets and receiving blankets for the expectant refugee women.👶⠀ ⠀ ✅ She teaches chair yoga to several different groups.🤩⠀ ⠀ ✅ Renee volunteers with WaterStep (https://waterstep.org/), an organization that saves lives by collecting shoes to fund drinking water projects across the globe. Renee has personally collected over 1000 pair of shoes for this cause.👟⠀ ⠀ WOW! When do you sleep, Renee? You definitely make life ridiculously awesome for those in your midst! When asked about her motto, Renee said she’s always lived by “attitude is everything.” YASSS!🌈⠀ ⠀ Nominate someone who inspires you today! Go to: https://consuelastyle.com/pages/its-not-about-the-bag/⠀ ⠀ #renee #noveterandiesalone #waterstep #kentuckyrefugeeministry #11thhour #consuela #consuelastyle #vivaconsuela #consuelabag #tote #totebag #leather #leatherbag #embroidery #embroideredbag #onthego #bossbabe #print #color #grabngo #ss19 #unmatched #sparkle #liveincolor #maketodayridiculouslyawesome

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jefforeal. Live these talented, amazing singers and songwriters!

Thank you so mu

Live these talented, amazing singers and songwriters! Thank you so much for all you do to further God's Kingdom! #11thhour @amberlynneppinette @jaquita_lindsey

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awheyyy. Post #784 #833 #22 #10thhour #11thhour  #12thhour #harvest #ephod #ber

Post #784 #833 #22 #10thhour #11thhour #12thhour #harvest #ephod #beryl #heisfaithful #endtimes #berylstone #berylgemstone #berylgems #berylgem #jacobstrouble #jacobsladder #manassah #christmas #noel #theangelssing 784 #aspilos Concordance aspilos: spotless, unstained Original Word: ἄσπιλος, ον Part of Speech: Adjective Transliteration: aspilos Phonetic Spelling: (as'-pee-los) Definition: spotless, unstained Usage: unstained, undefiled, spotless, pure. #833 #ashar  Concordance ashar: to go straight, go on, advance Original Word: אָשַׁר Part of Speech: Verb Word Origin: of prim. root Transliteration: ashar Phonetic Spelling: (aw-shar') Definition: to go straight, go on, advance

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hotrod_al. Had a great time last night at the Long Beach premier of the ska music

Had a great time last night at the Long Beach premier of the ska music documentary, "Pick it up". It literally brought a tear to my eye to see my young adulthood being made into a documentary. If you know me, you know I love ska music and everything associated. Some of my fondest memories were being a kid roady for my brothers ska band, The 11th Hour. The showcase, the barn, UCSB, USC frats, santa barbara, the whiskey, chain reaction, all places where shows were off the hook. I'm a little older so I dont skank or mosh the way I used to, but ska still makes a big impression in my heart. Thanks @skamovie for the great night!! #ska #punk #skatepunk #music #jamaica #raggae #sublime #11thhour #mysuperhero #aquabats #rancid #dancehallcrashers #nodoubt #thespecials #operationivy #madness #princebuster #thewhalers

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A big shoutout to @11thhourflowers . Mandi grows flowers on our land as well as other properties in the Portland area. She is a true Jane of all trades, girl does it all. Thank you for growing us gorgeous flowers M! . . #flowerfarmer #urbanfarm #urbanfarming #11thhour #flowers #pdxfarms #events #community #badasswomxn #hyperlocal

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wasim_admirer. #TB

#TB #11thhour

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No explanations at the #11thHour

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Check out my published review of The Woman in the Window in The 11th Hour! 🤩📚📃❤️🖊 Read online here: https://11thhouronline.com/2019/05/23/do-this-5-21-19/ #11thhour #chelseawrites #review #readthis #thewomaninthewindow #ajfinn #readingisfun #macon #published #writerlife

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“Oh, I see. You’re having a hard time with it just because you don’t want to work very hard” “Yes, these beautiful hands!” . . . . I really love the 11th hour and anything yeehaw so here it finally is! My 11th hour Taako!! 📸 and 🌂: @raspbearrycosplay #yeticon #yeticon2019 #cosplay #cosplayer #cosplaying #theadventurezone #taz #theadventurezonebalance #theadventurezonecosplay #tazcosplay #theadventurezonebalancecosplay #taako #taakocosplay #taakotaz #taakotaaco #taakotaacocosplay #11thhour

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just1womanfoundation_. I NEED YOU TO STOP SCROLLING 🛑 
A few weeks ago, someone said to me,

I NEED YOU TO STOP SCROLLING 🛑 A few weeks ago, someone said to me, “oh your too old for this game” - it rattled me! It made me hide! But then I heard a badass leader saying “You’ve gotta get over yourself, the world needs your medicine”.....it took me out of my uncomfortableness! What power has this woman got over me! FUCKING nothing that’s what - so I stood up, I regrounded and earthed myself so deeply! I called myself out because for fucksake it doesn’t matter how young or old you are! Disabled or physically able, when YOU’VE BEEN CALLED - you stand and deliver! Thank you @katechiffeygray_ for awaking me to my FULL POWER! My soul is screaming and planet earth is crying! The noise is being felt through PAIN SUFFERING & STIGMA It’s killing humanity! FUCK ~ this very noise, nearly killed me! I can’t hide, I won’t hide! I can’t play small, I won’t play small! I need to be seen, I need to be heard! The world needs me ~ not one day more will I not be seen! Not one day more will I not be heard! I am a conscious leader with a breath to create change on every level of my being so strong that it cannot be explained! I am just 1 woman with the breath of fire fiercely wild so with these words in this moment ~ I HERE & NOW STAND IN FULL POWER TO BE OF SERVICE TO ALL OF HUMANITY THAT ARE FEELING PAIN, SUFFERING & STIGMA! #11thhour #just1womanfoundation #mylongwalkhome

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roice_wyogirl. My first bear! Four years of patience and discipline waiting for the r

My first bear! Four years of patience and discipline waiting for the right bear. And he finally came. I couldnt be more excited and proud of how hard I have worked for this. Tagged people and gear who have inspired me and helped me get this done. #BLACKBEARDOWN #GIRLSWITHGUNS #GIRLSWITHGUNSCAMO #TEDNUGENT #BEARHUNT #SPRINGBEAR #CLOSINGDAY #11THHOUR #FIRSTBEAR #ARCHERY #HUNTRESS #ARCHERYHUNT #BEARBAIT #BOAR #GETOUTSIDE #NEATUREWALK #HOWNESTISTHAT #SOPROUD #MADERAOUTDOORS #MADERA #EARNYOURWILD #FIELDTOTABLE #EVASHOCKEY #JIMSHOCKEY #DIAMONDARCHERY #OUTDOORSUPPLEMENTS #ASCEND #WYOMING #307 #ONXHUNT

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“How much potential does that man have?”

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_wbcreations_. Aik doosry ki mazboot pehchaan 
Wassem Badami aur 11th Hour ❤️ When af

Aik doosry ki mazboot pehchaan Wassem Badami aur 11th Hour ❤️ When after facing struggles, he wins his passion by making it his profession 🥰 May Allah always bless WB with uncountable success Ameen ❤️ Youtube: (link in bio) @waseembadami_official 🥰❤️ #WaseemBadami #11thHour #ARYNews #WBCreations #wasimbadami #WB #wbbyhemani

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katechiffeygray_. Lets talk Conscious Currency Creation 💲💲🔥🔥 Yesterday, I checked my

Lets talk Conscious Currency Creation 💲💲🔥🔥 Yesterday, I checked my Paypal reports for the past 12 months.. My business has increased its revenue by 800%. WTF. I am not sharing this becasue of the money increase. TBH that doesn't interest me at all. What interests me is what I have been and what I will be able to do with it over the next 12 months... - $60,000 donated to a school fund in Vanuatu to support local children in their education and the school in its resources. - $44,000 to support Queensland homeless people via the blue bus initiative. And as I speak there are more things been set in place to give back in Nepal and Mexico. Not to mention the hundreds of lives that have changed from the work Ancient Awakening offers. From addictions being overcome, relationships being healed, businesses launched, partners found to dreams being realised. I 100% believe it is our DUTY as CONSCIOUS LEADERS out of our OWN WAY. To harness our skills in business CREATE CONSCIOUS CURRENCY through doing WHAT WE LOVE to save the planet, humanity and all sentient beings. And all of this whilst living a life of love, freedom and alignement. This isn't some far off dream - it is reality here and now. You just have to choose it. So the question is, do you? Declare in the comments and be the change you want to see in the world. Xxx #11thhour #ancientawakening

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🌟🌟It's Thursday my dudes! 🌟🌟 That means new Adventure Zone and Cricital Role! Here is a screaming 11th Hour Taako in his many chin glory from last Sakura Con 🌮 Photo taken by @glitterguineas #cosplay #themcelroys #thezonecast #theadventurezone #taako #11thhour #podcast #sakuracon2019 #tokudoku

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