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NORMAL/ I was listening today to one of my favorite podcasts by @clotildenet (podcasts are in French) on what “normal” means for us... and she had one point for me that is to be reminded: the norm is biased by our own judgment, it is only our own perception of what we believe the norm is. Even more she insisted on being aware that what is normal isn’t necessarily best for us. Does it give us results, is it beneficial to us ? It can get quite easy to feel anxious when thinking of ourselves as normal or not ... isn’t ? Because there is no clean cut answer on whether we are or not and it might even not help our own development. Does being normal really help us grow ? It’s not a yes/no answer but it is a question to be asked to ourselves more often. So cheers to that and here is my not-so-normal asana of the day 🤗

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She silently stepped out of the race that she never wanted to be in, found her own lane and proceeded to win. ✨❤️✨ #YouDoYou

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shiniyogi. Finding cozy sweater shapes on a cold winter day 💕
Hope you all hav

Finding cozy sweater shapes on a cold winter day 💕 . Hope you all have a great start to your week!! 😊 . . . . Sweater @lole Lens @rogerwardart . #yoga #makingshapes #lizardpose #flexibility #yogaeverywhere #mondaymotivation #cozy #yogini #yogapractice #yogaposes #instart #beyourself #yogajourney

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Sometimes I get upset for a second over some dumb shit and then I’m like, “wait, my life is dope.” 😂😂🙃 Also my legs are like 20 feet long. #iwokeuplikethis

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In this past year I’ve felt contentment and alignment brewing in a way that I hadn’t before. Somewhere along the line of the hard stuff: family health scare, breakup, moving, job change, I pressed pause and surrendered. I stepped back away from what I thought I knew, what I thought I wanted, and decided to step forward one foot at a time into the unknown. That moment of surrender is when everything changed. When we let go of everything and open our hearts, that’s when possibilities, opportunities, people, and places we never dreamed possible come into our lives to play. In that state of openness, we can be who we truly are, despite the fear. I want you to know that the fear will never completely dissolve. Life will always be filled with unknowns, but please don’t let that fear stop you from owning your truth. Stop. Breathe. Take the time to see your worth, your kindness, your humor, your blessings. Then, do what feels best: give it away to the world. Your soul is worthy of sharing. I don’t necessary mean on social media or a podcast or youtube. Share with your friends, you family, a stranger walking down the street. It will all come back to you. Thank you for allowing me to share with you. Thank you for the love and support and shares and kindness. —————————————————————— Thank you to everyone who is listening in to @air.and.earth podcast 😭🙏🏼 up on Spotify and my website and will be on iTunes soon! Also, don’t forget that all of my resources are 20% until tomorrow. Use code PODCAST20 at checkout 💛🌈🙏🏼 Pc: @nataliasyoga

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I’m not a yogi, but one of my NY resolutions was to start incorporating more yoga into my routine. Mostly for the mental benefits because I struggle with slowing my mind down🙏🏼 . . Well, we’re in the 2nd week of Jan & I finally took my first yoga class of 2019! Not going to lie, I was in my own head thinking a million thoughts a minute for 70% of it (super frustrating but couldn’t help it), but towards the end when my mind was present & I was able to experience the benefits of class- I felt amazing. I didn’t want it to end & I walked out feeling so calm & collected. . . . I think the reason I always pushed yoga to the side was because I would have always rather done a “workout”, but yoga can be hard & the benefits go far beyond a good sweat. . . . Do you find it difficult to stay present during yoga? LMK!!

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Have you ever done Pilates with a small ball before? Here are two really fun exercises using a soft ball to work the abs, hip flexors, inner thighs, back, and hamstrings😅. It’s amazing how effective #Pilates is to tone the body as well as help with back pain and posture! 💪🏻 I love both Pilates and #Yoga independently, but I also love to create #Fusion classes that combine the best of both world. ⠀ What is your favorite? ❤️ ⠀ Take this entire class today FREE for 7 days when you download my Playbook! I have over 80 classes on Playbook - something for everyone. ⠀ For my Playbook subscribers: I just published a new Pilates workout with these two exercises! Check it out! #trainwithkerri ⠀ Click the link in my bio and download Playbook today.👉🏻beachyogagirl.com

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Little throwback to warmer days. While austria descend into snow I will escape the chaos and fly to madeira next week.✈️ Stoked for everything what comes next.

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😍 Amazing Place! Oasis in Al Maha Desert. 📌 Dubai, United Arab Emirates. __ Photo by Sebastien Nagy @ssnnas #architecture #oasis #desert #design #dubai #uae #nature

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Would you visit this place?😍🌴. . 📸: @explorerssaurus_ . For more: @_dreamlandscape .

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