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allymahon12. Girls Girls Girls 💫

Girls Girls Girls 💫

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sumeet_sahni. Shape after a cheat meal 🥩🍷🥔🍪🍦🙈 I thought I’d share just a few r

Shape after a cheat meal 🥩🍷🥔🍪🍦🙈 I thought I’d share just a few really simple rules that I follow during a cheat meal that help me stay making progress, while enjoying a nice meal: . 1️⃣ This is 1 meal, not a day 😁 in order to keep it to a meal, I have my cheat meal for dinner. I enjoy the meal, go to bed, and get back on track the next day. I have found that if I cheat during breakfast or lunch, I have the urge to cheat all day 🙈 . 2️⃣ I always workout the day of my cheat meal. This speeds up the metabolism & I always tend to make smarter decisions after a workout 🤣 I also try to workout the day after, to utilize all that extra fuel 💪🏽 . 3️⃣ I always make sure my meal contains a lot of protein 🥩 this way I get in good quality foods, instead of filling up on sugar and empty carbs. Lord knows I love ice cream 🤭 . 4️⃣ I don’t binge. I pace myself, enjoy whatever I want during the meal, but do not overly stuff myself 💗 5️⃣ I drink lots of water before and after. I hate feeling bloated and puffy (which can happen after a big salty, sugary meal)- this helps to reduce water retention post meal💦 . 6️⃣ If my cheat meal contains A LOT of dairy, carbs, and sugar (like pizza + ice cream- I know this will make me hold extra water) I’ll add in a dose of H2Drop 💊by @ehplabs this helps to flush out excess water. Try this out and use my code for a discount: SUMEET10 . 7️⃣ Throw out the leftovers! Seems logical, but there have been a few times that I pick at the leftovers the next day 🙊 so now when the meal ends, everything gets thrown out. Unless it’s ice cream that I can save for next week 😉 . Hope these cheat meal tips help! Feel free to bookmark & save this post and use it as reference for your next cheat meal 💪🏽

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_fitnessonline. ‌
🔸اگر بدنتان شل شده چیکار باید بکنید؟

اگر در حال حاضر مانند خیلی‌ها

‌ 🔸اگر بدنتان شل شده چیکار باید بکنید؟ اگر در حال حاضر مانند خیلی‌ها از بدن شل و افتاده خود متنفر هستید، زیاد نگران نباشید، راه حل‌های هم برای این مشکل وجود دارد که به آن‌ها اشاره می‌کنیم ! ‌‌ ️۶ نکات مهم در روند کاهش وزن: ‌‌ 1- آب بنوشید 2- آنتی اکسیدان مصرف کنید 3- ویتامین‌های بدن را تأمین کنید 4- پروتئین بخورید 5- تمرینات با وزنه رو فراموش نکنید دقیق و حساب شده کار کنید 6- از یک رژیم ورزشی تخصصی همراه تمریناتتان بهره بگیرید ‌‌ این نکات را رعایت نکنید چه می‌شود؟ ‌‌‌‌ ️اگر سهل انگاری کنید و از این نکات استفاده نکنید، نه تنها پوست بدن همچنان شل و افتاده می‌ماند، بلکه در موارد برای رفع آن باید هزینه زیادی صرف جراحی کنید تا پوستتان صاف شود پس حتماً این موارد را رعایت کنید. ‌ ‌ #بادی_کلاسیک #Sixpack

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Parabéns para todos os fisiculturistas e amantes do esporte , seja você profissional , amador , iniciante ou então tenha um sonho de pisar nos palcos porque todos nós tivemos um início e tudo são fases. Até as torres mais altas começaram do chão ... . . . . #bodybuilding #bikini #mensphysique #instafitness #npc #training #fitness #motivation #foco #healthy #fitnessmodel #model #gym #rj #riodejaneiro #shredded #lifestyle

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lovvesammay. #transformationtuesday After I had my 6 week checkup my doctor told me

#transformationtuesday After I had my 6 week checkup my doctor told me my uterus was pretty much back to it’s original size, and I was kind of surprised bc I thought that was the reason for my stomach still being big🧐 So, I researched online and realized that it’s my diastasis recti that’s causing the pooch, plus eating a whole bunch of random stuff🤣 But, I’ve been working hard and still working hard to heal my DR w/light exercises, and I have to say the recovery process after birth is no walk in the park. The lack of motivation to even start working out is rough and especially if you’re use to snacking on your favorite snack😆 But, I told myself, “I’m my own motivation. No one is going to push me, but myself👊🏾 If I want it, I gotta go get it! And that’s what I’m doing💪🏾 I’m still a work in progress though😆 #progress #postpartum #postpartumfitness #4monthspostpartum

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Auswandern? 🙋🏼‍♂️ ⠀ Ich weiß nicht wieso, aber nach dieser extremen Hitze Periode im Sommer habe ich mich ein wenig auf den Winter gefreut. Jetzt merke ich erst was das für ein schwachsinns Gedanke war 😂 ⠀ Schon lange denke ich darüber nach irgendwann auszuwandern und natürlich irgendwo hin wo es war ist und ich an den Strand gehen kann wann ich möchte 🙏🏻 ⠀ Wenn du dich für ein Land oder Ort auf der Welt entscheiden müsstest, wohin würdest du gehen und wen würdest du mitnehmen? 😏 ⠀ Anzeige | Seitdem die Sonne sich nicht mehr so oft blicken lässt nehme ich jeden Tag mein Vitamin-D3 von @esncom ! Denn D3 ist das einige Vitamin, welches wir ausschließlich über die Sonne oder als Supplement zu uns nehmen können ☝🏼 ⠀ Ich wünsche euch trotz regen einen schönen Abend! Euer Max 🙋🏼‍♂️ @iammaxblum

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amandapascoaletooficial. Partiuuuuu ✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️🙏 De volta ...! Obrigada pelas bençãos, por se

Partiuuuuu ✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️🙏 De volta ...! Obrigada pelas bençãos, por sempre fazer sua presença em minha vida, quando penso que estou só, tu me segura nas minhas mãos senhor Deus..! 🙏tu és minha força, minha fé,meu livramento🙏, sem ti eu não seria nada ! #amandapascoaletofitness #europe #treino #miami #modelofitness #fitnessmodel #academia #gym #bonecadeaco #corpoperfeito #corposarado #maromba #marombeira #treinoanimal #harcore #femalefitness #bootybuilder #bootybuilding #wellness #photooftheday #boatarde

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Gentlemen 😄👍 happy day people 😘 👔 #hombresguapos #celebracion #motivated #hombres #men #gym #style #elegancia #me #madrid

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patriciaalamo_fitness. Pensativa....💆🏻‍♀️ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖

Pensativa....💆🏻‍♀️ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ . . Web: http://www.patriciaalamo.com/ 🔴 contacto📩 : Info@patriciaalamo.com 📲 . . Me suplemento con : 👇🏽 💪🏾💪🏾@goldnutrition_official 💪🏾💪🏾 💪🏾💪🏾@goldnutrition_official 💪🏾💪🏾 💪🏾💪🏾@goldnutrition_official💪🏾💪🏾 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #health #fitness #fit #Gymlover #fitnessmodel #fitnessaddict #fitspo #workout #bodybuilding #cardio #gym #train #training #photooftheday #health #healthy #instahealth #healthychoices #active #strong #motivation #instagood #determination #lifestyle #diet #getfit #cleaneating #eatclean #excercise

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Mit der Cap bin ich fast unsichtbar im Wald🤓 _____________________ #werbung | Die Cap gibt's bei @unvernunft_clothing ♥ Und ihr bekommt derzeit mit dem Code "STEFFI.UNVT" 10% Rabatt, also schaut einfach mal dort vorbei! 😊 ______________________________ #bus #mk7 #facelift #mk7gti #gti #golf7gti #cap #mk7 #mk7gti #gti #golf7gti #golf7 #why #so #funny #lol

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