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Yo tratando de imitar la foto de @maria.j_06

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why fit in when you can stand out? • a quick and easy way to make a photo more interesting is to incorporate foreground into the image. Try taking photos through an object or have something sightly obscuring the lens, this way it gives the image more depth as well as give the image more context. the second photo demonstrates this as you can see the white bars of the fence visible in the foreground giving it a more urban context.

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Set your sights on the horizon because there is always more you can achieve than where you’re at. . I believe it is great to be happy where you are in life, but there is always room for growth. As we get older we are always learning new skills, life lessons, and characteristics about ourselves that we didn’t know. That is growth. In a way, it takes a whole life time to get to know yourself and go through the journey we call life. Some learn faster than others, but we are all out here on our own. Growth is key in life. Setting goals to help be able to achieve them is very important. It all starts with the first step! Hikers that climb Everest don’t just wake up one morning and decide they want to climb it, they set small goals that lead up to the big ascent to the top of the world. Everyone starts somewhere, it may not be where you want to be, but with perseverance, drive, and good people around you can get there! Let’s get it! . 🌈find your bliss💚

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samiph_. ▫️ f a c e  i t ▪️
@danwtson 🔥
#retrato #portrait #777luckyfish

▫️ f a c e i t ▪️ @danwtson 🔥 . . . #retrato #portrait #777luckyfish #photoshoot #boy #vintageguy #peru #canon

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4 photos in a single post! Which do you like best? Let me know with a comment! And hopefully I'm not spoiling you with this multi-photo streak 👀 I might have to post single photos soon, again. But I'm sure you don't mind 😌 Anyway, I'm literally saying nothing of interest, right now so uh... I guess it's HASHTAG TIME! #majestic_view #MoodyGrams #777luckyfish #expofilm3k #snowisblack #vintagevibes #warmtones #sunsetportrait #shadowplay #moodyportrait #shooters_pt #visual_square #Talentoportuguespt #focus_pt #humanspt #omd_5k

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Beginner my a** this girl can shoot, thank you @sjmphotos_ for such great captures of me @goodinc #goodtuesdayz ✨ Week 14, WHO IS GOING? 👋🏻 LETS SHOOT📸 <<<<<HUGE FYI MY MOM @bibilalatj MADE THE CROCHET TOP I AM WEARING, let me know if any of you want any, only 20$🤩>>>>> #meetup #goodtuesdayz #modeling #promotionalmodel #bohostyle #bohochic #hat #homemade #makeuplooks #makeupartist #nature

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Bridal, 2019 & August, 2019 // for @_anjimaboro_ // with @shreya__malakar and @rosydekaa // 💜 @debashreedas_photography #bhalukgoesexploring

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distantides. 🤩🤩 hey everyone how’s summer been? What did you get up to? Last mont

🤩🤩 hey everyone how’s summer been? What did you get up to? Last month I went on a trip to Revelstoke and Banff, now I’m at Waskesiu and next weekend I’ll be camping in Cochin! Gotta get as much summer camping done before it snows 🙄

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I had been dying to do a shoot in the water for a while and fortunately @la_modella_campagna and @linsanity were up for an adventure. This might be my new favorite shooting location and I love how the pictures came out. Shoutout to @la_modella_campagna for being our brave model and @linsanity for being a good sport despite almost drowning (and drowning her camera). . Dress via @poshmark

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Просто Аня в чб

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Finding serenity in landscapes

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Boho Chic get with it✨ Thank you to @dannysong.co for such an amazing video, #goodtuesdayz Thank you to @goodinc for such a great meet up #13. @alexis_myhre for tell me my hat looked cute, everyone agreed✨✨ #goodtuesdayz #model #videography #promotionalmodel #motionpicture #musicvideo #actresshot #actress

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