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zana_pali. Mamas I’ve had a lot of inboxes asking me how the @Owletcare Smart Soc

Mamas I’ve had a lot of inboxes asking me how the @Owletcare Smart Sock works and whether it’s worth it. I have to say no other baby device has given me so much peace of mind (and extra sleep!) over the last few months. As you can see, it’s a sock worn on Leo’s foot that tracks his heart rate and oxygen levels. This then transmits to the Owlet App and Connected Care app (which are both free), allowing us to see in real-time where his levels are at. Better yet, it’ll notify me if his levels ever fall outside of the predetermined (or can change to "preset") ranges. If that’s not worth it I don’t what is! Highly recommend it and we take it everywhere when we travel as well. If you have any questions regarding the device or my experience using it, feel free to ask in the comments below. #baby #family #mum #momblogger

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Can we share?😂😩😍💙. @parkerthelegend #huskylove

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zal0va. Yaziğ atlar 😂🙈

Yaziğ atlar 😂🙈 10 COMMENT YAZANIN PROFILINI PAYLAWACAM😊 🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅 KEȘFETDEN GELENLER FOLLOW . .. . . ______________________________________________ . #uzb #tashkent #fergana #buhoro #samarqand #andijan #namangan #love #baby #узбекистан #uzbekistan #girl #model #fashion #styil #music #comedy #my5uzb #uzbekshounews #zortv #telegramyulduzlari #telegram_yulduzlari #uzbvideo #likelike #musofir #uz #xar_xil_tv #megayulduz #million2018 #millionjamoas

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هميشه دوست داشتم يه بار ماكارونى بهش بدم همه جاشو نارنجى كنه ولى فكر كنم اين اولين و آخرين بار بود 😂 يك ساعت داشتم تميز ميكردم 🤪 #ryanheidari #baby #babyboy #babyandspaghetti #spaghetti

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Fancy a game of pool to end the week? 🎱 You can tell I take this very seriously and am not set to accept a loss 😉😂

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Wow what a game of basketball last night. Such an amazing experience watching the NBA game with the official timekeeper @tissot_official. My watch is linked on my story so give it a swipe up. #TissotNBA #NBALondon #Tissot #Ad | 📸 @reecechapman

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Here‘s another example of how well suits & sneakers work together. As long as you keep your choice in clothing such as shoes minimalistic, you can basically pull off anything. Such a combo works with more patterns too of course but that requires a greater knowledge of which fabrics, colors & patterns harmonize and which don’t - chances are high that the outfits rather looks irritating than stylish. Give it a try with a combo such as this one: navy coat, dark grey suit, navy / dark blue jumper, brown tie, white shirt, white sneakers, brown socks and work your way up from there ✌🏻 (pic. by @senorkaya )

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domi_711. Friday✔️

Friday✔️ _______________________________________

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