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Happy Friday Folks! #DoninSomiar

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Introducing the Cruz boot in Caoba, a staple piece to the modern gentleman’s wardrobe. Available Now On Quadpay! #DoninSomiar

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Because Fall 🍂 #DoninSomiar

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Presenting The Valdez in Black. Combine the smoothness of suede, the versatility of quality leather and the sophisticated yet edgy gold eyelet feature. This boot gives a debonair presentation with a mix of militant style. The Valdez is lined with calf skin leather providing comfort and durability. This boot is a true showstopper and a go-to for the modern day gentleman. #DoninSomiar

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Create An Experience! Happy Tuesday! #DoninSomiar

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Feel Handsome Without Needing Someone To Tell You #DoninSomiar

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Good Day Everyone! ☀️ #DoninSomiar

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‘Twas the night before Halloween 🎃 #DoninSomiar

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Make it simple, but significant! #TheLegend #HandCrafted #DoninSomiar

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The Hernandez in Smokey Taupe 💨 #DoninSomiar

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The Xavier in Cafe #DoninSomiar

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Can’t go wrong with all black ♠️ #DoninSomiar

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Happy Halloween! 🧟‍♂️ #DoninSomiar #Halloween

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Wine Down Sunday 🍷 #DoninSomiar

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Another look at our Cruz boot #DoninSomiar

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#doninsomiar From Russia 🇷🇺 with love Thanks a lot

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Introducing the Cruz boot in Caoba, a staple piece to the modern gentleman’s wardrobe. #DoninSomiar

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Waiting for payday? Don’t stress. We have now partnered with Quadpay. Where you can Buy Now and Pay Later with no interest!! #DoninSomiar

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People will always talk about you, so give them something to talk about. #DoninSomiar

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Friday Fall Feel 🍂 #DoninSomiar

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Tuesday Walkthrough #DoninSomiar

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Happy Sunday! 🍂 #DoninSomiar

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40% OFF on some of our most popular styles! Visit our website now at WWW.SOMIARTHREADS.COM Sale Ends 10/9!

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Live Your Dream #DoninSomiar

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Hope Everyone Has A Great Weekend! #DoninSomiar

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The Winged Kelce in Vino Tinto. Make your way from your day to night festivities in this sleek design boot. #DoninSomiar

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Presenting the Legend in Caoba. Your everyday boot. It is versatile and can be paired with casual to formal wear. #DoninSomiar

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What Whiskey Will Not Cure, There Is No Cure For 👊 Check Out Our Hernandez Boot in Whiskey #DoninSomiar

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Always Classy 🎩 #DoninSomiar

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Say hello to The Xavier in Cafe #DoninSomiar

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Fall in Love 🍂 #DoninSomiar

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Another look at the Legend boot in black 💣 #DoninSomiar

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Your Everyday Boot 👊 #DoninSomiar

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Check out the Cruz boot! Link in Bio #DoninSomiar #FallFashion

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Presenting The Shelby. Reclaiming the year of the Gentleman in these versatile shoes will be easy. The Shelby fits like a glove and it's authentic wool design, provides comfort and flexibility, allowing them to be paired with the most casual or formal of attires. #DoninSomiar

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The Shelby’s are perfect for this Sunday! #Sundayvibes #Handcrafted #DoninSomiar

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