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highonhimalayasofficial. We are located in a corner of the heavens of a galaxy we call “The Mil

We are located in a corner of the heavens of a galaxy we call “The Milky Way.” The Milky Way stretches all the way across the sky and some part of the Milky Way is present every night – indeed EVERY star you see in the sky is located within our Milky Way. I’ll try not to be too poetic, but when you have clearly seen the #MilkyWay, it is hard to describe how awesome it is without breaking into song. At #Hanle (14,800 ft.) in the south-eastern region of • • • 📸✈ © @ananth_reddy • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DM for any copyright issues ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ • • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tag @highonhimalayasofficial and use #highOnHimalayas to get featured ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ • Follow us for your daily dose of Himalayan Wanderlust and don't forget to show us some love by subscribing to our website (highONhimalayas.com) / Link in bio ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ • #EatTravelLiveRepeat #Ladakh in #JammuAndKashmir, #India #MadeforMountains #MountainsAreCalling #HimalayasAreCalling #instapassport #doyoutravel #TheETLRfeed #banjaraladki #WravelerForLife #ig_asia

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fannymacrapskill. Nice little sesh up the local this evening with @stuartswaby and doggo

Nice little sesh up the local this evening with @stuartswaby and doggo. Just wore ma jeans. Nicked the boys bike for a lap. Showed everyone my sweaty arse crack and jaw dropping lack of ability. Ran out fucks and talent halfway through. Went home and ate a pizza so bastard massive it has its own post code and planning permission. Standard. . . . . . #whatever #engageflaps #fannyridesagain #bronson #bishopstokebikepark #foxhead #madeformountains #wheresyourshredat #afterworkshreds #mymtblife #mtbisawesome #soenduro #girlbike #mountainbikegirl #sheshreds #mtbstyle #mtbsnaps #mtbgirl #lovemtbiking #mountainbikelifestyle #girlbike #dirtgirls #mtbadventures #lovemtb #wheremybiketookme #ridelikeagirl #mtbwomen #herodirt #mybikelife #boundlessbetty

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"Hardship of Bajura!!" What you would call a tough life, office days? Clz days? Assignment? Or any thing that you are not fixing fast? Well, if you feel as above, get to the Bajura once and see what women do their and you will know what really tough life is. Wake up at 4:30, feed animals, rush towards jungle, return at 9-11, have bunch of bread, and leave home again with animals, back at 4-5 and go to make rice from raw thing. Comeback home, make food. Feed all and sleep. That's just how it goes. 🙂☺️ Location: Chededhaha Gaupalika, Bajura Altitude: 2500m Season: Winter, February 2019 #beinGhumante #travelNepal #PosingHimalaya #MadeForMountains #visitBajura🍻 @nepal8thwonder_ @nepaleseinphotography @discovernepal @discoverearth #traveller @nepal_now #beinGhumante @insta.nepal @ghumante #GHT @himalayangeographic @directionkathmandu @kaagmandu_magazine @nepaltourism @routineofnepalbanda 🍻 #nepal8thwonder #nepal🇳🇵 #nepal_love #nepaltravel #amazingnepal #discovernepal #nepal_visuals #nipec #explorenepal #wownepal #visitnepal2020 #photooftheday #visitnepal #photographynepal #photographyindia #agameoftones #dslr_official #dktm #shutterbugsindia #landscapes #nikon📷 #nikond7100photography

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"Something homie and something wild from Manang!!" 😊😍 Waking up late was the first mistake we did that morning. At 6:30 my eyes finally see the earth around. Opened door, saw view around was something magical and awe. Mountains just in front. Rushed inside took my gear, "get up and see the mountains outside!!" That was exactly what I told to my fellow partner to wake up and ran. There was no anxiety neither debilitated while running through that hilltop above 4100m. It was heart-stopping view. Mountains just in front, gigantic, alluring on southern side, veritable Naar village on Western end, Himalayas on both eastern and northern side bronzed and thunderhead by clouds. Soon later saw this flock of Horses grazing and steeping as merciful as it could be. That was history in bunk. All you need is step in and be part of it which you never saw and will never live in future. 👌💕 Location: Above Naar Village, Manang Altitude: 4200m Season: Monsoon, August-2018 #beinGhumante #travelNepal #PosingHimalaya #MadeForMountains #visitManang 🍻 @nepal8thwonder_ @nepaleseinphotography @discovernepal @discoverearth #traveller @nepal_now #beinGhumante @insta.nepal @ghumante #GHT @himalayangeographic @directionkathmandu @kaagmandu_magazine @nepaleseinphotography @routineofnepalbanda 🍻 #nepal8thwonder #nepal🇳🇵 #nepal_love #nepaltravel #amazingnepal #discovernepal #nepal_visuals #nipec #explorenepal #wownepal #visitnepal2020 #photooftheday #visitnepal #photographynepal #photographyindia #agameoftones #dslr_official #dktm #shutterbugsindia #landscapes #nikon📷 #nikond7100photography

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Hey guys. Super honesty moment here.... So⁣ if you can’t handle the truth KEEP SCROLLING ⁣ ⁣ It’s that time of year SUMMER ☀️ ⁣ AKA ⁣ “Get bikini body ready” ⁣ “Lose 10 lbs by next week”⁣ “Get in tip top beach shape” ⁣ ⁣ And honestly, I’m over it. I’m over selling the idea that we have to look a certain way to show up. How much more beautiful would the world be if we all decided to show up as ourselves instead? I feel like the world needs us. More than ever. ⁣ ⁣ Yes. I am a health and wellness advocate. But your health journey doesn’t have to look like someone else’s. It just has to look like yours, your own journey. Just do better, educate yourself, and make better decisions. When we know better we do better. ⁣ ⁣ I’m not trying to be a super model. ⁣ I’m just trying to be a super wife ⁣ A super friend ⁣ A super coworker ⁣ A super mentor ⁣ ⁣ So just start somewhere and don’t get overwhelmed by all the bikini body shaming. ⁣Start your own health journey and show up in your life as you! Want to talk some simple steps? Let’s chat! ⁣

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Hi friends 👋🏼 ⁣ I love getting to know this Instagram community. So I thought I would share a little about me this morning! Tell me if any of these surprised you or if we have any in common! ⁣ ⁣ 1. I spent 10 years as a camp counselor/ camp leadership staff. I lived for the outdoors. My job was to teach teenagers about the outdoors and share Jesus with them along the way. I miss it ever day. And nothing scares me anymore after camping with teenagers for years and years 🤘🏼⁣ ⁣ 2. I am a certified ⁣ • Outdoor educator 🌲⁣ • Archery instructor 🏹 ⁣ • Master Resiliency Trainer ✨⁣ ⁣ 3. I am also a certified life coach. Coaching and encouraging people to improve their life is the best. Seeing someone choose to work on themselves is the most rewarding thing! ⁣ ⁣ 4. I had a double minor in college. Sociology and Pychology, basically I love all things people. My major was Children, Youth and Family studies- more people! ⁣👩🏻‍💻 ⁣ 5. My day job is supporting military families! I have the opportunity to serve the most amazing people and hang with the coolest kids. Military families are so resilient and I learn so much from them ✨

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. Another 6 Cornys Rehomed🏠 . Recondition, Recycle ♻️, Repurpose👍 . These six, 19L Reconditioned Cornys are off to start a new life on Skye with @cuillinbrewery 🍺 . So it’s Mountain 🏔 Air, Sea 🌊 Breezes, and stunning landscapes for them. . If you see them out in the wild, please be sure and say hi 👋 . See link in bio 👍😜🍻 . #keggingnotbottling #cullinbrewery #nakedkeg #skye #madeformountains #brewery #brewers #brewer #microbrewery #drinkcraft #drinkcraftbeer

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Me? Celebrate Earth Day? Everyday! I kind of am in love with the outdoors and Mother Earth. If you’ve ever been hiking with me you’ll learn real quick about Leave No Trace. Basically leave the area better than you found it. I’m pretty picky about it on the trails 🤓 It’s so important we take care of the Earth and the Nature around us! Simply ways to celebrate the Earth: Reusable grocery bags Reusable straws Shorter showers Pick up litter Practice Leave No Trace Fill the comments with other ideas 💡🔽🌲🌿

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“We are an Easter People” 🐣 New post on my blog explaining the reason behind its name #MadeforMountains 🏔⭐️ Link in the bio.

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Wo lage hain do dilonko juda karne mein...bewajah Mujhe dar hai ,kahi unka di hi tuth na jaye... Jude hue dilonko kya juda karenge log.... Ye koshish toh zamane se hai... Mohabbat utna hi hai ajj bhi Bas tujhe ehsaas nehi, Aur humne bhi jatana chor diye... - anonymous • • • 📸✈ © @ku_nzang • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DM for any copyright issues ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ • • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tag @highonhimalayas and use #highOnHimalayas to get featured ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ • Follow us for your daily dose of Himalayan Wanderlust and don't forget to show us some love by subscribing to our website (highONhimalayas.com) / Link in bio ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ • . . . . . #MadeforMountains #MountainsAreCalling #HimalayasAreCalling #instapassport #doyoutravel #ig_asia #indiantravelsquad #incredibleindia #welltravelled #exploringtheglobe #travelawesome #ExtraordinaryExplorer #hippieinhills #serialtraveler  #travelsloverguide #ladakhdiaries #ladakhtrip #lehladakhdiaries #lehladakhtourism

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Struggling to choose a favourite out of these drone shots! 😍🎥. . It was a cold welcome of 360 degree view of glorious sunrise light that I frothed at while shivering and puffing at the -5 degree temperature and hefty walk up to a clearing ❄️☃️😬. . Coldest night I’ve ever experienced 🤦🏼‍♀️ and probably will do it again! 😂 #worthit . . Nagarkot was the last spot of my hike through the Himalayas and due to the time I went being so close to the winter season closure, I was the only guest in the hostel ... or the entire village it seemed 😂. . It proved to be such a beautiful moment of reflection for me. The Everest range went as far as my eyes could see from left to right (you can see it in the distance in the photos! Yes.. those aren’t clouds ☁️) . I ate my breakfast and sipped tea while trying to find Everest itself 😂 won’t ever forget that feeling!. . Can’t wait to be reunited with Nepal! Truly a place of forever inspiration. Who wants to come?! 🤩. . 🌟 Nagarkot, Nepal 🇳🇵 #lovedoes #nepal

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This is the only thing I want in this second winter! ⁣ ⁣ Nebraska is tricking us again, making us think spring is here. Then hitting us with the second winter ❄️ ⁣ ⁣ If the weather is going to be crummy, take me back to the land of bubble baths please!

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Nepal’s quirks are worth remembering and reposting time and time again 😂❤️. . This was my last morning in the mountains (3000 ft whaaaa?!) and only just made it down before dark because I was stalking for aaaaages - These little guys came in just as I was walking out and my excitement when from 0-100 real quick. . I mean, look 👏🏽 at 👏🏽 them! 👏🏽! 😍. . Nepal not only wowed me with the nature it holds, but it taught me what it looks like to live in rhythm with life around me. . I saw how locals sipped their tea slowly and marveled at the mountain view. They danced and played their instruments on every working break, with time as their friend and each other’s love as their quiet confidence. . It’s the little things that make us busy, but it’s also the little things that show us how to live more fluidly. . I hope that you’re not “busy” today. Rather that you are enjoying all you’re doing - and if not, that you have the courage to change it. You can and you’re destined for it! ❤️ #lovedoes

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⁣ There is usually one planner in every relationship… ⁣ Can you guys if it is me or Justin?⁣ ⁣ Lol. Definitely Justin! ⁣ I’m pretty sure he has our hikes planned for 2020 already 🗻⁣ ⁣ I’m personally more of a fly by the seat of your pants kind of girl 💁🏻‍♀️⁣ ⁣ Are you the planner or is it your significant other?⁣

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super_cooper33. Why we hike and run and #getoutside #madeformountains #thelostcause (T

Why we hike and run and #getoutside #madeformountains #thelostcause (Thanks @approachtheworldwith for sharing this).

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simplyspelt. Long cold winters are followed by fleeting summers, but the hazy yello

Long cold winters are followed by fleeting summers, but the hazy yellows and browns that emerge in the melt and contrast the blue bird skies, provide a colour palette that makes waiting for warmer days and greener grass a little easier. Besides, chilly afternoons are perfect for baking and Easter is just around the corner. . . . . . #moodygrams #spring #mountainlife #mountainviews #madeformountains #springiscoming #bakingdays #photography #livesimply #outdoorliving #exploremore #beoutside #inspiredbynature_ #colours_of_day

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made_for_mountains. Bloom in Freedom. 🌺 #Spring

Bloom in Freedom. 🌺 #Spring

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posinghimalaya. \"What you hold is not yours, what you gain is not always gonna be with

"What you hold is not yours, what you gain is not always gonna be with you. You came one, you will leave same. What will be there is earth, the woods, forest and universe. You are just a visitor, you came, stay and will leave soon. So, you only can do is love the places and nature around. That is the thing you are survive and that only makes you alive!!" 😍😊 Location: Illam, Nepal 👌 Altitude: 2120m Season: Spring, March 2019 Work call for Ghumante 🍻 #beinGhumante #MadeForMountains #travelNepal #PosingHimalaya #VisitNepal2020 🤟 @nepal8thwonder_ @nepaleseinphotography @discovernepal @discoverearth #traveller #bucketlist #beinGhumante @insta.nepal @ghumante #GHT @himalayangeographic @directionkathmandu @kaagmandu_magazine @nepaleseinphotography @routineofnepalbanda 🍻 #nepal8thwonder #nepal🇳🇵 #nepaltravel #amazingnepal #discovernepal #nepal_visuals #nipec #explorenepal #wownepal #visitnepal2020 #photooftheday #visitnepal #photographynepal #photographyindia #agameoftones #dslr_official #dktm #shutterbugsindia #landscapes #nikon📷 #nikond7100photography

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posinghimalaya. \"आमा हुनसार्है असजिलो छ
पाहाड जस्तो उचाइमा पुगेर मैदान भैदिनु पर्ने

"आमा हुनसार्है असजिलो छ पाहाड जस्तो उचाइमा पुगेर मैदान भैदिनु पर्ने मैदानमा पुगेर उकालो भैदिनु पर्ने होओओओओ .उकालो भैदिनु पर्ने आमाहरु पहाड छेउको चौतारीहुन अभिसक्त छन आमा हुन अप्ठ्यारो छ आमा हुन पहाड हुन जस्तै गार्हो छ!!" 😊❤️ - @nepathyaofficial Location: Jumla, Nepal Altitude: 2800m Season: Winter, February 2019 #beinGhumante #travelNepal #PosingHimalaya #MadeForMountains #visitJumla🍻 @nepal8thwonder_ @nepaleseinphotography @discovernepal @discoverearth #traveller #bucketlist #beinGhumante @insta.nepal @ghumante #GHT @himalayangeographic @directionkathmandu @kaagmandu_magazine @nepaleseinphotography @routineofnepalbanda 🍻 #nepal8thwonder #nepal🇳🇵 #nepaltravel #amazingnepal #discovernepal #nepal_visuals #nipec #explorenepal #wownepal #visitnepal2020 #photooftheday #visitnepal #photographynepal #photographyindia #agameoftones #dslr_official #dktm #shutterbugsindia #landscapes #nikon📷 #nikond7100photography

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Apparently we didn’t get enough of the snow in Nebraska this year. ⁣ ⁣ Devils Thumb Resort is so comfy and cozy I could spend forever here. ⁣ ⁣ We have returned to Devils Thumb every year since our honeymoon and it has been our little get away. It’s our favorite place to escape our busy world. ⁣ ⁣ Where is your favorite escape spot? ⁣

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Unclear if this is Pride Rock or the Flat Irons mountain...

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