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Looking forward to being part of this event organized by Workout.lk...why not treat yourself to a wellness day away from the city? Make that 'Me Time' for you!! ❤️ Time to rejuvenate the Mind, Body & Soul!! ❤️ Call 077 733 7430 for any further information or e mail contact@workout.lk ❤️

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Looking forward to being part of this event organized by Workout.lk...why not treat yourself to a wellness day away from the city? Make that 'Me Time' for you!! ❤️ Time to rejuvenate the Mind, Body & Soul!! ❤️ Call 077 733 7430 for any further information or e mail contact@workout.lk ❤️

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welsh_digital_nomad. So excited the registration is open for my September course!!!! Link i

So excited the registration is open for my September course!!!! Link in the bio😊😊 * * So who is this course for? 💜 Anyone who is feeling stuck and looking for away forward? 💜 Maybe you're sick of the same repeated pattern happening? 💜 You may already be a yoga teacher, holistic practitioner etc and looking to add to your current skills * * * 💜 Not sure if it's for you....message we to arrange a chat to see if this course is for you 💜 * * * 💜 Remember do what you've always done and get what you've always got so change begins with you...if you're ready for change am ready to guide and support you 💜

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So excited to launch my online Metaphysics course in September!!! ❤️ * * Is this another online course where you study on your own with no interaction from the other students or teacher?? NO definitely not!! ❤️ * * This course offers different topics every week with reflective exercises, interactive discussion forums, fortnightly webinars PLUS 3 individual online calls with your teacher ❤️ * * The aim of the course is to create a sacred space where you can be guided and supported on your spiritual journey to make positive changes in your life ❤️ Link in the bio ❤️

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Love the sunsets here in Sri Lanka & nice way to reflect at the end of the day 🌞🌴 * * I love sunset time to meditate and use the time to make a plan for the next day so feel more organized & avoid overwhelm!! ❤️

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How is 2019 for you so far? Did you want things to be different this year but still feeling stuck? Would you like life to make changes but not sure how? * * Join me for my online Introduction to Self-Awareness course next month. We read a lot of books & watch videos but this course helps you put things in action!! * * If you prefer we can do a 1:1 session? If you're unsure about the next step why not book a FREE 30 mins chat * * If you're ready to do the work am ready to support you... remember change begins with you 😉 https://www.facebook.com/events/310045403001470/?event_time_id=310045409668136&ti=cl

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mind.coach_. Affirming Affirmation: I am living in my power and wonderful unprecede

Affirming Affirmation: I am living in my power and wonderful unprecedented opportunities are unfolding in my world. I am creating new ways for enjoying deeper pleasures throughout my day! #shamanichealing #shamanicsoul #shamaniccounselling #shamanicdrum #yoga #shamanicyoga #shamanicjourney #spiritualcounselling #metaphysicalcounselling #metaphysicallifecoach #shaman #shamanism #yogainspiration #yogaeverywhere #reiki #celticpagan #druid #druidry #druids #wicca #wiccan #transpersonal #shamanicintentions #shamanicreiki

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Start and end the day with a bit of gratitude ❤❤ * * Focus your attention on what you have instead of what you don't have * * You then start to attract more of what you have!! 😉 Try it!! ❤❤

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⭐I do what I love and love what I do!! ❤❤ So blessed that I can also travel the same time meeting wonderful people from around the world!! It really is a #dreamcometrue & having fun #makingmemories ❤❤ * * * ⭐Would you like to work with me? I do 1:1 sessions or online training...DM me for more info...change begins with you 😉❤

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themoonlittree. 🌟So what is The Moonlit Tree all about?🌟 Here is a snippet from our

🌟So what is The Moonlit Tree all about?🌟 Here is a snippet from our 'About Us' site page. You can also read more about me, Ashleigh Stewart, there. 😊 We are a unique holistic spa, yoga & wellness centre where we focus on the connection between, and the alignment of the body, mind and spirit. Our therapeutic services are holistic in nature, meaning that we work to help you understand the influence that your mind and emotions has upon your physical body, and in your outer life experience. Our services include, mobile and on site holistic spa services such as reflexology, aromatherapy massage and facials, as well as specialised group, and private therapeutic yoga classes, spiritual energy healing, intuitive readings and spirit clearing. Check out our site. Link in bio. 🌟

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Looking forward to the Kunalini Yoga Festival @pranaloungecolombo this weekend!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 * * Check out the schedule I'll also be there with the other therapists from Prana Clinic offering different healing treatments...see you there!! * * You can also try the amazing food @cafekumbuk & relax for a while 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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❤This is so true and as Louise Hay says 'Every moment is a new beginning' ❤ * * * ❤I was demonstrating this in a webinar during the week with a plant pot with some seeds to show how thoughts manifest into our experiences ❤ * * * ❤ So what seeds are you planting? Remember you can't plant apple seeds 🍎 & expect to get oranges 🍊😊 * * * ❤ Choose your thoughts wisely but the good thing is we can't be positive 100% all the time so as long as it's 51% of the time then it will tip the balance to attract the good into our lives!!! 😉 ❤

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❤We wander why the same lessons are repeated? We think that by distracting from issues or running away they go away!! ❤ * * * * ❤When I started travelling I used to run away and escape life until I realised I would pack my problems with me too!! ❤ * * * ❤The ever so helpful Universe will give us the lessons to learn...getting a bit tougher each time until we're forced to sit up & take note!! 😉❤

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Great weekend in Bangkok...time to chill and enjoy sunset drinks at the Marriott...love the photo bomb!! 😂😂🍹🍸🌆❤🌅 * * * * * #Bangkok #Thailand #WelshNomad #DigitalNomad #CityExploring #RetailTherapy #WeekendGetway #LoveExploring #WorldTraveler #LifestyleCoach #MakeItHappen #LiveLife #LoveLife #LoveWhatIDo #DoWhatILove #MetaphysicalCounselling #OnlineTraining

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❤Do you like to be alone or always desperate to be in a relationship? ❤ ❤I work with so many clients who are co-dependent and rely on others for love and approval as they don't feel that self- love and worthiness for themselves❤ ❤When we find someone for these reasons unconsciously we can sometimes (not always) attract people who treat us how we treat ourselves e.g. critical, always putting us down, belittling us ❤ ❤So do you give yourself that self-love or always criticizing yourself? Good to explore reflections in others...friends as well as partners❤ ❤My message to you today is cultivate thst SELF LOVE & RECLAIM YOUR POWER & it will be reflected back in those around you!! ❤❤❤❤

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This is so true as working as a Metaphysical Counselor & Teacher we can share our own experiences and be honest about where we are...this is what inspires people and not trying to be perfect....the journey is about progression not perfection 💜💜

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❤We often think of being on the spiritual path as getting somewhere or being a particular person...yes we call it a journey but it's the Journey back to who we really are...our True Self...the journey back to source ❤ * * * * ❤So the journey is one of awareness to see where we're stuck in the past & to let go of limiting beliefs & conditioning to reveal our wholeness...remember healing is revealing ❤

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Do you make the 'Me Time' for yourself? We all get caught up in work with not enough hours in the day...sound familiar?? Take some time out then you can relax your mind and have an opportunity to reflect and refocus...then you come back feeling refreshed with more clarity ❤ How do you like to spend your free time? My happy place is the beach for sure listening to the waves & also jumping on the train to exolore somewhere new in Sri Lanka!! 🚃🌅❤

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Why not learn something meaningful this year ?? Which could change your outlook on yourself & your life And maybe open up a new career Find out more here about the online foundation course... https://www.schoolofmetaphysics.com/foundation-course/

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Repost School of Metaphysics ❤ You're a transformation agent if friends, family, clients & colleagues come to you for advice. Even if you don't always know the solution, instinctively they sense that you have the potential to help. So why not gain deeper understanding of the hidden dynamics & soul lessons behind challenging life situations with an accredited training programme. You'll feel more confident to offer insights & awareness and shed light on whats troubling them. Who knows it could lead to another career option as a Holistic Counsellor....Check out the website to find out more..... https://www.schoolofmetaphysics.com/foundation-course/

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Can't believe how fast this year has gone but a fantastic 10 months living in Sri Lanka...time to reflect on this year & set goals for 2019...am ready!!!! ❤

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Take whatever you need today & have a great weekend 💙💛💜💚

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Self-care is so important & I must admit I've let that slip recently so time to make that much needed 'Me Time' ❤

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If you're in Colombo come along to the Be Well Festival at @pranaloungecolombo @kineticfitmove @cafekumbuk to meet the therapists, try free yoga & kinetic fitness classes....also lots of great vendors!! 💜

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❤❤ Looking forward to being part of this Be Well Festival - Kumbuk & Friends on Sunday where you can support lots of local vendors who have wellness & suatainability at the heart of their businesses ❤❤ * * * * ❤❤ You can also try out yoga & kinetic fitness classes or chat to the prana clinic team of holistic therapists ❤❤ * * * * ❤❤ Here is a link to the event with timetable of the free sessions - https://www.facebook.com/events/296969511144039/?ti=cl ❤❤

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⭐Does fear hold you back? ⭐Where in your life would you like to take action & face your fears? Join me on Saturday @pranaloungecolombo to explore fear and how we can step out of our comfort zone & see the magic happen!! ❤ Date: November 3rd 2018 Time: 1 - 2.30pm Price: 1500 LKR Place: Prana Lounge, Horton Place, Colombo https://www.facebook.com/events/287159308785151/

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