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globart.co. \"Living Each Breath\" by Costa Rican artist Marco Battaglini. @battagli

"Living Each Breath" by Costa Rican artist Marco Battaglini. @battaglini_art Without a doubt, the work of Marco Battaglini (Verona, Italy, 1969) echoes the anxiety inherent in Western society during the 21st century.  This artist’s work confronts us with an aesthetic shock, a style charged with eclecticism and a touch of humour that brings a smile to the spectator’s face while begging questions about the dogma that underlies current artistic and social scenes. Throughout his artistic career, Battaglini has maintained a complex working-concept of reality, approaching it from its basis in perception and coming into close proximity with the multidimensionality of being; his purpose has been to expose the contradictions intrinsic to human existence while demonstrating the power of imagination through his view of the reality that surrounds us – a reality that sometimes insists on playing tricks on our perceptions. This is an artist that devotes special attention to the notions of time and space, viewing them as fictitious entities and showing us that their worth and weight in our daily lives are actually quite relative. #art #fashion #mood #luxurylifestyle #museum #best #luxuryart #art #bestart #dope #popart #streetart #graffiti #tattoo #tate #guggenheim #moma

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Willem Defoe plays Vincent van Gogh in, At Eternity’s Gate @ateternitysgatefilm ____________________________________________ Do you have a great Van Gogh to share? Tag #thegreatvangogh for your chance to be featured. ____________________________________________ Follow 👉👉 @thegreatvangogh for more great Van Gogh images.

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brush_uk. Rothko. That is all. ✌️

Rothko. That is all. ✌️

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Willem Defoe plays Vincent Van Gogh in At Eternity’s Gate @ateternitysgatefilm ____________________________________________ Do you have a great Van Gogh to share? Tag #thegreatvangogh for your chance to be featured. ____________________________________________ Follow 👉👉 @thegreatvangogh for more great Van Gogh images.

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André Derain ‘View on Collioure’ Oil on Canvas 1905 _ On View Museum Folkwang @museum_folkwang _ In the summer of 1905, Henri Matisse, Maurice de Vlaminck and André Derain discovered the village of Collioure, which lies south of Perpignan on the Gulf of Lyon. There they made a number of landscape paintings, including this one, with its view, painted with impulsively placed brush strokes, from a hill overlooking houses in dazzling sunlight on the shores of a deep-blue Mediterranean. Influenced by Vincent van Gogh's painting and the Pointillists who succeeded him, Derain and his fellow artists liberated themselves from the Post-Impressionist tastes that still ruled Paris. The painters, branded ›Fauves‹ – in English ›wild animals‹ – by the critics, developed a new style which was, for a short time, very influential, especially in Germany. The first owner of this majestic view of Collioure was the Paris art dealer Ambroise Vollard. (Via: @museum_folkwang)

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Claude Monet ‘Stacks of Wheat (Sunset, Snow Effect)’ Oil on Canvas 1890/1891 _ On View The Art Institute of Chicago @artinstitutechi _ The monumental stacks that Claude Monet depicted in his series Stacks of Wheat rose fifteen to twenty feet and stood just outside the artist’s farmhouse at Giverny. Through 1890 and 1891, he worked on this series both in the field, painting simultaneously at several easels, and in the studio, refining pictorial harmonies. In May 1891, Monet hung fifteen of these canvases next to each other in one small room in the Galerie Durand-Ruel in Paris. An unprecedented critical and financial success, the exhibition marked a breakthrough in Monet’s career, as well as in the history of French art. In this view, and in nearly all of the autumn views in the series, the conical tops of the stacks break the horizon and push into the sky. But in most of the winter views, which constitute the core of the series, the stacks seem wrapped by bands of hill and field, as if bedded down for the season. For Monet, the stack was a resonant symbol of sustenance and survival. He followed this group with further series depicting poplars, the facade of Rouen Cathedral, and, later, his own garden at Giverny. The Art Institute has the largest group of Monet’s Stacks of Wheat in the world. (Via: @artinstitutechi)

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Van Gogh/Dali Presents artwork by #lovingart ____________________________________________ Do you have a great Van Gogh to share? Tag #thegreatvangogh for your chance to be featured. ____________________________________________ Follow 👉👉 @thegreatvangogh for more great Van Gogh images.

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Jean-Michel Basquiat

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Jean-Michel Basquiat ‘Beef Ribs Longhorn’ acrylic, oilstick, and paper collage on canvas mounted on tied wood supports 1982 _ On View The Broad Museum @thebroadmuseum _ Many of Basquiat’s paintings are in some way autobiographical and Untitled is largely considered a form of self-portraiture. The skull here exists somewhere between life and death. The eyes are listless, the face is sunken in, and the head looks lobotomized and subdued. Yet, there are wild colors and spirited marks that suggest a surfeit of internal activity. Developing his own personal iconography, in this early work, Basquiat both alludes to modernist appropriation of African masks and employs the mask as a means of exploring identity. Basquiat labored over this painting for months—evident in the worked surface and imagery—while most of his pieces were completed with bursts of energy over a few days. Presented at his debut solo gallery exhibition in New York City, the intensity of the painting may also represent Basquiat’s anxieties surrounding the pressures of becoming a commercially successful artist. (Via: @thebroadmuseum)

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Painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat

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benny_illgner. Egal, welchen Wahnsinn Trump, Putin oder Gauland auch treiben.


Egal, welchen Wahnsinn Trump, Putin oder Gauland auch treiben. Solange die #MoMa-Tassen beim ZDF noch ausgeleuchtet und schräg stehen, ist die Welt in Ordnung.

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2ctyz. LV MFW AW19


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