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onewithkieran. Jumping sure is fun!!! 💪😎👌.

Jumping sure is fun!!! 💪😎👌.

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gymclipys. Killer Core Workout🔥
Follow👉 @gymclipys
Follow👉 @gymclipys
📸 @ke

Killer Core Workout🔥 Follow👉 @gymclipys Follow👉 @gymclipys . 📸 @kelseywells

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Finished off with a few sets of deadlifts today, something that I hardly ever do (which I really should) so not going overboard with the weight just yet. Quick tip when doing these, focus on pushing the ground down rather than pulling the bar. I promise the difference will be night and day. Happy Tuesday troops 💪

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Science is now showing us the FACTS on meditation and it’s pretty mind blowing. Meditation is essentially like going to the gym for your brain. Long term mediation shows growth in the following areas of the brain: 🧠 Hippocampus: emotional regulation and impulse control 🧠 Frontal cortex: planning, judgement, decision-making, attention span, personality and inhibition 🧠 Brainstem: vital body functions, motor and sensory functions, relays signals from the body to the brain and vice versa 🧠 Anterior Cingulate Cortex: self control, problem solving, emotion regulation and empathy related responses. * Among all the other health advantages of meditation, studies are now showing improvement in brain function. With all of these benefits to gain, daily meditation is a great way to improve your health physically, mentally and emotionally.

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crossfitcedarcity. What kinds of things do you do to WIN the day? Is getting a workout in

What kinds of things do you do to WIN the day? Is getting a workout in a must do to be a great day? We always feel better after getting in the gym-we get the physical boost-and the mental one! Visiting with friends and working hard together sets us up for a wonderful day and mood!

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Um cheirinho do treino de hoje! . 💪🏼😊 . Bons treinos! Boa noite 🤗

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jeremyguettacoach. Une tendinite est une inflammation douloureuse d'un tendon, et fait pa

Une tendinite est une inflammation douloureuse d'un tendon, et fait partie des troubles musculo-squelettiques. . L'organisme humain comporte de nombreux tendons mais la plupart ne s'enflamment jamais. Un petit groupe se manifeste plus particulièrement par une inflammation, ce sont les tendons des muscles : . . • du canal carpien au niveau du poignet, aboutissant au syndrome du canal carpien ; . • du coude, provoquant une épicondylite (plus communément appelée « tennis elbow ») ou une épitrochléite (tendinite du golfeur) ; . • de la coiffe des rotateurs (épaule), à l'origine de la tendinopathie de la coiffe des rotateurs ; . • triceps sural ou tendon calcanéen (tendon d'Achille) ; . • tenseur du fascia lata, provoquant le syndrome de la bandelette ilio-tibiale ou « syndrome de l'essuie glace » au genou . Mais aussi : . . • de la patte d'oie, lié à une rotation, tendinite généralement constatée chez les cyclistes . • quadriceps ou tendon rotulien. Lorsque la gaine synoviale est touchée, on parle de ténosynovite. . Causes • Surmenage • Efforts intenses et/ou répétés (chez le sportif souvent) • Malposition articulaire • Médicaments • Infections dentaires • Certaines maladies infectieuses . Diagnostic / . • Douleur à la palpation du tendon . • Douleur à la mise en tension du muscle du tendon . • Sensation d'accrochage douloureux lors des mouvements mettant en jeu le tendon . • Nodosités du tendon (ténosynovites chroniques entraînant des fibroses) . • Douleur due au changement de temps (pluie, vent...) . . Traitement Méthodes utilisées habituellement : • Repos ou immobilisation par contention (traitement orthopédique) (toujours indispensable) • Antalgiques . . #Fitspo #Fitfam #GirlsWhoLift #GymLife #Legday #NoPainNoGain #FitLife #GetStrong #Workout #MondayMiles #ChestDay #SeenOnMyRun #TrainHard #Gains #Strengthtraining #Physiquefreak #Fitness #Bodybuilding #Yoga #CrossFit #FitFluential #Fitnessfriday #Flexfriday #Sundayrunday #Instarunners #Gym #Movenourishbelieve #Squats

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ljclarkson. Tackling Hump Day head on with a little positivity and a road trip out

Tackling Hump Day head on with a little positivity and a road trip out of the city – what are your mid-week plans?? @lornajaneactive @vwaustralia  #yoga #movenourishbelieve #lornajane #activeliving #roadtrip

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naomi_fitme. Hey guys havnt been posting like I should. I’ve been very busy but hon

Hey guys havnt been posting like I should. I’ve been very busy but honestly like any human I’ve let some negative energy affect me more than it should and it’s interrupted my craft lately and my passion. Word of advice if you have a particular person whether it be a close friend a significant other or a family member pulling you down, even if it has to be temporary cut them out your space. Focus on you, what makes you happy and soar in that direction. So I woke up this morning and wrote down all the reasons I have to be happy. So many times people focus on their problems and they forget the million simple reason they have to be happy. Instead of wallowing in your sorrow and feeling attacked and defeated by your problems. First focus on the small things that you have to be happy for, then start thinking of solutions. Instantly you’ll feel much better. So I’ll be focusing more on this and getting back to my craft, soooo stay tuned. ;) Ps: I have a whole list of reasons on the other side of this paper as well.😊😍😍👊🏽

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Day in. Day out. Reps on Reps! You Got This! 💪🏻🤙🏻 [Final 5] - 4.23.19 - 🚨🚨 My FINAL "Strength & Conditioning" Small Group Schedule 🚨🚨 4/27/19 CKO Bayonne 4/28/19 CKO JC 4/30/19 CKO Bayonne (Final Tuesday) 5/4/19 CKO Bayonne (Final Saturday) 5/5/19 CKO JC (Final Sunday) - ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ - My Small Group classes are: Saturdays at @ckobayonne 8am Sundays at @ckojerseycity 8am Tuesdays at @ckobayonne 9:30am - ▪️specializing in (strength and conditioning, fat-loss, & circuit training, suspension-training [TRX]) Lets Get It!!!!!!!! - #FitnessMotivation #GymMotivation #Findyourstrong #NoPainNoGain #GetStrong #TrainHard #Bodybuilding #MoveNourishBelieve #NYCfitness #GoodVibesTribe #HaveFunWithIt #fitnessNYC #FITsporation

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geneva_fit. Circuit training is a creative and flexible way to keep exercise inter

Circuit training is a creative and flexible way to keep exercise interesting and saves time while boosting cardiovascular and muscular fitness. . . As with every class, bring a friend and they work out for free! . . #localfitness #genevail #genevaillinois #genevafitness #womanowned #bestofthefox #businessintheburbs #stcharlesil #bataviail #chicagosuburbs #movenourishbelieve #functionalfitness #circuittraining #bringafriend #friendsforfree

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🔥🍑 Arms Abs & Ass! 60 seconds of my 60 minute workout 💪🏻 #fitnessmotivation

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pumpedxlaso. Hey Freunde ✌😊 Na wie geht es euch ? Hoffe alles im grünen bereich be

Hey Freunde ✌😊 Na wie geht es euch ? Hoffe alles im grünen bereich bei euch! 💪 Heute hatte ich einen sehr anstrengenden 'Legday' oh ja meine lieblingsmuskelgruppe.😂😡 Undzwar möchte ich euch ein Thema erwähnen was viele leute vergessen und vielleicht nicht wissen ist die 'Blackroll' 🙌 was ist eine Blackroll? Mit der blackroll Massagerolle wird verklebtes, nicht mehr elastisches Bindegewebe (Faszien) wieder gleichmäßig, locker und elastisch. Das steigert deine körperliche Elastizität, löst Verspannungen und gibt dir ein befreiendes Gefühl. Nach jedem beintraining ist das für mich ein muss ! 😊👍 #Fitspo #Fitfam #GirlsWhoLift  #GymLife #Legday #NoPainNoGain #FitLife #GetStrong #Workout #MondayMiles #ChestDay #SeenOnMyRun #TrainHard #Gains #Strengthtraining #Physiquefreak #Fitness #Bodybuilding #Yoga #CrossFit #FitFluential #Fitnessfriday #Flexfriday  #Sundayrunday  #Instarunners #Gym #Movenourishbelieve #Squats #augsburg @powersystemsport @zecplus @vqfit @esnkitchen @cleverfit.bobingen @cleverfit_augsburg_oberhausen

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Here is your Wednesday morning reminder to MOVE! 🏊‍♀️🤸‍♀️🏃‍♀️⠀ ⠀ DAILY Movement really is the ingredient that our body needs to thrive! It has so many benefits and has the ability to TOTALLY reset your mood and day! ⠀ ⠀ To get results and feel AMAZING you don’t need to be exercising for hours, you don’t even need to be sweat dripping and you don't need any fancy gear at all! ⠀ ⠀ It’s all about fitting in little bits of movement where you can.. ⠀ ⠀ Because a little bit here and there every single day adds up! 💕⠀ ⠀ Be sure to move today! #aimn #aimntribe

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Down 0.9kg this week. So close to 1kg! So happy with this result considering my carb and sugar consumption was higher than usual over the Easter long weekend. Yay! Just keep pushing guys. We got this. 👊🏻 #Keto #Ketogenic #Ketosis #WeightLoss #KetoMelbourne #KetoAustralia #LCHF #DietDoctor #Health #IF #IntermittentFasting #Fasting #LowCarbHighFat #WeightLossJourney #Health #Inspiration #Motivation #KetoDiet #MoveNourishBelieve #Motivation #WeighInWednesday #WeightlossTracker

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alecthagreattt. Don’t sweat the small stuff

Don’t sweat the small stuff

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Savage 😵 I like to separately train left - right leg just to be sure that they develop equally strong ( all of us have a dominant side ) Slow motion, controlled and kept under tension. This works for me 👍 #fitspo #fitfam #girlswholift #gymlife #nopainnogain #fitlife #getstrong #workout #trainhard #gains #strengthtraining #physiquefreak #fitness #bodybuilding #fitfluential #gym #movenourishbelieve #squats #wcw #legday #fitnessmodel #bodygoals #strongisbeautiful

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A beautiful thing about life is that it always gives you a second chance the next day #mindsetreset⁣ ⁣ The other day was a bit 💩 but today I get to decide what I do about the things that were out of my control.⁣ ⁣ We all get a second chance with our stuff!⁣ ⁣ Do you wallow for ages and make everyone around you feel 💩 too? Do you bitch and moan endlessly to anyone who’ll listen? Do you cry yourself to near dehydration?⁣ ⁣ I've tried them all at different points over the years.⁣ ⁣ No matter how many happy selfies you see on someones highlights reel (aka social media) we all have 💩 days. That's just normal #reallife 🙂 #perfectlyimperfect⁣ ⁣ Different situations call for different responses it's totally ok to take all the time you need in certain situations 💗 #grief⁣ - and I've taken my sweeeet time over the years.⁣ But time has also been my greatest teacher.⁣ ⁣ With time has come experience and with that experience has come the knowledge that you can’t fix everything with a motivational meme or a trip to the gym (I wish it was that easy and I do LOVE both of those things).⁣ ⁣ With every sunrise comes a second chance to make new decisions about what you CAN control.⁣ ⁣ Hope you ll have a beautiful day 😘xx⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣

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Taking my EmPack Nomad @evolvedmotion up the mountain on this beautiful desert day. This jogging sign always cracks me up with the whole leaning waaaayyy too far forward. Plan is to run to the top and strength train with intervals of presses, curls, rows, cleans and swings then run back home. *Versatility* that’s what I love 💕 about the EmPack. Before I would run and then have to strength train. Now I can get it all in one sweet package. Sporting my @goodr sunglasses. #desertliving #gluteworkout #bodyweightexercises #conditioningtraining #movementislife #functionalfitness #Movenourishbelieve #strongisthenewskinny #gluteactivation #runnerworkout #crosstrain #quickworkout #primalfitness #instarunner #core #mobilitytraining #instafitness #instafitfam #unconventionaltraining #abs #lowerbodyworkout #legday #upperbodyworkout #empack

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Mat with leg and ankle weights for anchoring and finding maximum length! #tushietuesday

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pixieraifitness. Show week is over so last of the naughty food! Back to it tomorrow to

Show week is over so last of the naughty food! Back to it tomorrow to get my body beach ready for Greece 💪🏻 #beachbody #holidayready

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Last sets of the triceps Workout ☑️ Pump up until the muscle failure ◀️

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bonnybunson. Basking in the sunshine! ☀️ Top & leggings @social.eras.  Use my code

Basking in the sunshine! ☀️ Top & leggings @social.eras. Use my code [ bonnybunson ] to get 10% off on any purchase from @social.eras. Code expires on 5/30! Wearing all from @social.eras Gradient Yoga Top @abeatisofficial Jazzy Leggings in Gray @abeatisofficial @social.eras #socialeras #abeatis #ad https://www.socialeras.com/

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