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bentzensanne. How come it's so easy for you to let go? 
I've seen your soul and ther

How come it's so easy for you to let go? I've seen your soul and there no coming back from that I've seen the most pure soul trough your eyes And it makes me wonder what you saw in mine I wonder if the soul I saw in yours was indeed not your soul after all It was mine, mirrored like a picture in your eyes

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waterher__. A few words to the divine masculine...

A few words to the divine masculine... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If he reflects anything of me that’s my root. the clearest reflection and knowing of my heart. Centered. totally secure, grounded and joyful. Discernment sharp, omnipresence of everything good manifested as abundant life. He see’s, then receives. How’d you do that? I listen, carefully to connect with the strength you know inside “She is key.” Made me believe, in my dreams again & you bring the child from within to dance in freedom, such a simple man. Yet complex in the way you move to the drum of your own beat. I love your confidence, you still wear your heart on your sleeve. How brave you must be, to walk life with me and howl-dance every time we shed who we thought ourselves to be. My divine friend, even your imperfections compliment me. thank you for sharpening my softness when I felt weak. you affirm what’s true, blessed is your forgiveness and you take care of everything old or new. A protector. You love so deep, and I go further just to show courage is my love language... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #waterhim #wateher #fathersday #lover #lifepartna highercalling #unity #divinemasucline #humanbeing #wholesome #imperfect #authentic #openhearted #genuine #tender #direct #empowered #soulfuel #warrior #poetry #rootworker #grounded #taurusnscorpio #babydaddy 😜 #webdeveloper #geeky #sacredmind

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Happy Father's Day, loves. 💕 - Early this morning, before the day sprung to life, I sat in gratitude for a few moments thinking of my dad. - My father is a Benedictine monk living in a monastery in Germany, near the border of France. He spends most of his time in quiet reflection, content with the fullness of his thoughts. I rarely see him and don't often hear from him. And I have made peace with this. Because it is enough for me to know that he has found lasting joy and is pursuing a purpose driven life. This is as it should be. 🙌 - My fondest memory of my father is when he would read to me as a young girl. A wonderful children's book stands out above all others, called Miss Rumphius, by Barbara Cooney. When my dad so often read this book to me, he would practically sing the words at top volume, dancing around the room, always emphasizing with fervor and enthusiasm that "you must do something to make the world more beautiful." 💫 And he's right. The message has been permanently seared in to my brain. - Beautiful takes many forms. There's so much of it. It really is all around us. ✨⭐️💫 - This is what Wind and Soul is for me -- my art, my heart, my offering. My something to make the world more beautiful. ♥️ - Thanks, dads, for all you do to make the world a more beautiful place. 🙏 #yogalove #yogainspiration #fathersday #fathersday2019 #dadsrule #loveeachother❤️ #thisiswhyweyoga #missrumphius #yogaheals #gratitude #yogajourney #dosomethingbeautiful #openhearted #vulnerable #beautyallaroundus -

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57pearls. Father’s Day began early at the Renaissance in Austin. Eggs Benedict w

Father’s Day began early at the Renaissance in Austin. Eggs Benedict was on the other side of this huge display at the entrance with the letter R and a guitar right next to it. It was a great blend of celebration and atmosphere showcasing the music 🎶 we enjoy with Ron’s guitar playing. How this man has poured out prayers on behalf of his family with his guitar. I am so grateful for Ron’s fathering over the years to our daughters. . Now with grandkids his love for his growing household just grows and grows. . . . #community #gathering #family #hearttalk #brave #vulnerable #courage #hospitality #mealtime #friends #ubuntu #grandkids #atx #truefood #love #prayer #openhearted #friendly #observation #together #table #57pearls #austin #calligraphy #handlettering #belonging #generous #liveyourfaith #2019

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universe_rules_forever. «Есть столько путей к Богу, сколько душ на Земле...» 💜❤️💚💙🧡💛✨⭐️🌟

«Есть столько путей к Богу, сколько душ на Земле...» 💜❤️💚💙🧡💛✨⭐️🌟✨🙌🏻 #lightup

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hersacredvoyage. Traditional monogamy, the search for and completion with one romantic,

Traditional monogamy, the search for and completion with one romantic, sexual, and emotional relationship alone, is not the path of commitment. It does not ensure depth, longevity, focus, or health. The divorce rate is still around 40 to 50 percent, sometimes higher. It is not monogamy we truly desire, no matter what we are being fed by our parents and the rest of society. It goes beyond a relationship structure to something deeper. In fact, clinging to monogamy as a way to find safety and stability, instead of focusing on building a sacred partnership, will only hurt the relationship. “I want stability. I want him to love only me.” The mindset behind these statements is highly fragile, as it equates happiness with a specific container, instead of happiness flowing from loving a specific person. When you say, “I want him to love only me,” you are asking him to shut down his heart and his s*x in all other places. As if that will result in deeply connecting with you, or ensuring that you will never lose him. In my experience, the shutting down of life one place, turns off the life elsewhere. It does not make the monogamous bond stronger but creates co-dependency: the act of losing our individual selves in our partner and calling it intimacy. “What if he falls in love with someone else and wants to leave me?” A love that can be broken by new love elsewhere, instead of fed by it, was never love to begin with. It was a very nice relationship, without the grounding of truth and desire. When I love you, I want you living in bliss and to grow as much as possible. And there is nowhere else I demand that you get all of your needs met at one place, so why should our relationship be any different? The focus here is HUGE: being in love with an idea of safety vs being in love with an actual person. If I am in love with you, instead of the thought of keeping you to myself, you can feel it in your bones. It feels like freedom. When you come close I am elated and when you take space, I honor it. I love seeing you happy. I trust the flow of relationship and if we are both doing our work, we will continue to flow together or flow apart with ease. Cont..

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#happyfathersday Daddy = My #foundation | He is #guide | #protector | #strength | #pioneer | #exemplary | #love | #charitable | #openhearted | #teacher | #professor | #fashionable | #respectable | #honorable | #legend | #fatherfigure to many & so much more = That's my #Daddy | I Love Him #eternally 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿

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jeanneheilemanyoga. Happy Father's Day  all fathers!  Also to my dad, John Philip Heileman

Happy Father's Day all fathers! Also to my dad, John Philip Heileman, who left the planet in September, but continues to live through little guestures from Nature. I am going to write a letter to him today, telling him what is new and how much I appreciate him. (Got the idea from my neighbor and love it.) Just the act of writing will be enough to reach him in the etherial world. So, if you can't celebrate on the physical, don't let that stop you from celebrating in other realms. #happyfathersday #missmydad #daddykins #penpal #notleftout #openhearted #dadtopbanana

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crissi_l0ve. They kept calling me dangerous, I heard it on most dates I went on. I

They kept calling me dangerous, I heard it on most dates I went on. I began to realize it was my intensity, my passion for life’s magic, my ability to extract raw vulnerability. I loved this about myself.... Then I looked deep at where in my subconscious I believed this to be dangerous. I discovered my fear of being raw, vulnerable and open hearted with matching intensity. I healed this fear. They no longer tell me I’m dangerous they only recognize the light, love, soulfulness and the intensity is safe now. People mirror our truth! What do you consistently hear people say to you? Look within and find it, transcend and illuminate.

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springsandslings. The love in your heart wasn’t put there to stay...love is not love til

The love in your heart wasn’t put there to stay...love is not love till you give it away... 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 Happy Father’s Day!!! And to you single mothers who play both roles of mother and father Happy Parent Day to you!!! 💞

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Gestern und heute im Museumsquartier: der wunderbare @folke.tegetthoff lädt zum #storytellingfestival. Lasst euch von den Geschichten verzaubern und euer Herz mitnehmen in andere Welten! ❤️ #storytelling #storytellingfestival #wienistschön #openhearted #openminded #listen #creativity #mindfulliving #heartfulliving #family #awareness #persönlichkeitsentwicklung #geschichten #fantasie #abenteuerimkopf

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italiabella. Heal yo self 😉🧹 #cleanup #heal #wounds #ascension #love #light #awak
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Here I am at my fave Asian Market today in #yyc (Calgary Alberta Canada) 🇨🇦 #T&T market buying the fresh grouper and HUGE shrimp + other seafood and tropical fruits 🥭🌴🥥🍍🌶for my culinary bliss to celebrate Fathers Day for my incredible Dad tomorrow... Right now, in this shop I am mindful of so much ancestral balance happening with beautiful celebration of masculine influence of Father’s Day coming Sunday and the FULL moon vibration right now being in the Divine Feminine on our maternal side !!! 🤴🏻 +👸🏻 Energy clearing deeeeeep into family roots !! WOW. What a set up !! #getexcited The sleepy geomagnetic movement over the earth is waning but you still may feel tired and need to hyper-hydrate with clean filtered water or coconut water or electrolytes ~~ don’t skimp... your body may feel the weight of trying to balance this deep deep unsettling and anticipation of shift !! 💦 but if you just have access to tap water then drink it! You need to hydrate deeply right now!! ⭐️This moment I time: It can be tottttally AWESOME or it can be uprooting ~ so let’s align with Excellent and Allow ourselves to clear with Ease and Grace 👑 ~ don’t fall into the traps set to create drama or irritability... deep breaths, hydration, and do what supports you to show up at your Best Self !! #energyiseverything #manifestation #HIGHESTself TAKE A NAP and KEEP INTERNAL BALANCE with Focused Meditation ~ if you don’t know what that is then click the link and find out more about us by scheduling a “sayHELLO” meeting ~ 🤩 #bestselfalways #nowisthemoment #align #meditate #hydrate #liveFULL #JOYFULliving #openhearted #mindful #inspiration fullMOON #spirituallyminded #emotionalhealth #mentalhealth #celebrate #fathers #divinemasculine #fathersday #divinefeminine #divinewisdom #divinehuman #atmosphericimpressions

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soulistic_healing. This is a dreamy Full Moon that will amplify our intuitive gifts and a

This is a dreamy Full Moon that will amplify our intuitive gifts and allow us to unlock the wisdom we already have inside of us. Everything we need, every piece of the puzzle was given to us before we came into this body, and on a Full Moon like this, it will be easier for us to remember and gain access to this wisdom. Under the light of this Full Moon, we are going to be reminded to spend time with our soul and to nurture ourselves exactly as we are. While there is this beautiful intuitive, creative, and dreamy energy surrounding this Full Moon, it also has a fiery quality too. All through June there has been this focus on speaking our truth. There has been a focus on learning to rise up from the darkness and the walls we have created, and step into a more authentic place where we can own who we are- baggage and all. Speaking our truth is about getting to the root of our soul and uncovering the masks and finding the freedom and the love to be true to ourselves in all situations, no matter how difficult or challenging. The Full Moon is going to give us the confidence and spark we need to face up to our truths and stand in it. We cannot let fear run our lives nor dim our own light; we cannot allow ourselves to shrink down to avoid being seen. Leading into the July Eclipse Season, which has a potency to it, meaning that this June Full Moon is a chance for us to prepare ourselves for what’s to come. Pay attention to any signs or triggers that are presented at this time, as they may come back around to be resolved and cleared once and for all in July. You may also want to think back to what was happening in your life around the end of January 2019, as events from this time may also come back around to be cleared, worked through, or elevated to the next level. Overall, the June Full Moon will be lighting the fire within and guiding our way forward through the Eclipse Season. It will be encouraging us to peel back the layers to uncover our truth, and to trust our intuition and dreams. The Sagittarius Full Moon is truly one of the best of the year and will be helping all of us to elevate to that next. Info from foreverconcious and thank you @mishaloula 🙏

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sarahsangit. See/be seen. Of course it’s perilous. But that’s what eyes and hearts

See/be seen. Of course it’s perilous. But that’s what eyes and hearts are for. Travel in love and light, beauties. Can’t receive if you’re not open. And bring those open hearts to the @nolovelything album release at The Five and Dime in Berkeley tonight. Let’s make magic together. #womeninmusic #musiciansofinstagram #bayareamusic #singersofinstagram #openhearted #intolight #seeme #seeyou

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mynameishueman. I finally feel like if my father was here today, even if he couldn’t b

I finally feel like if my father was here today, even if he couldn’t be the man I needed him to be, I now understand that I can be the man that I need me to be to myself. I just need my dad. Although I will never have you back, I am grateful for you bringing me into this beautiful loving world. For you giving me the genes and the dna, that help make me who I am. For giving me my mom, my brothers, my grandmother, uncle and cousins. I am grateful for you. I am grateful that I knew who you were. I am grateful for the little time that I got to spend with you. I love my dad. #RIP #fathersday #forgiveness #letgo #love #belove #son #resteasy #openhearted #mindfulness #awareness #heartfulness #wholehearted

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"When you pray, move your feet" Introducing Gabriela Gonçalves, facilitating African Dance. Gabriela is born and raised in Portugal, but her soul must have lived many lifetimes in Africa. When she dances, the spirit of that sacred land is clear to see in her feet. Her class will be on our first day (during our MOVE process), dedicated to the theme of landing, grounding and rooting. Before we fly, first, we must ground. This day we honor the root chakra and celebrate the earth elements and the physical body. And we will have a delightful time doing it! Gabriela's class is fun, ecstatic, and sweaty! 😉 Gabriela's Bio: Dancing since birth, Gabriela believes that the body itself is nature and the centre of action for senses, emotions, feelings and all connections with the world. It is through dance that her research reaches a greater meaning. Owner of an open mind, she seeks in the encounter with the other a more comprehensive path, through the body, movement, differences and education. Traveling around the world and learning constantly (body awareness, movement and consciousness methods, tribal and contemporary african dance, flamenco, ballet…) she believes that we can take our body and our soul in our power, because the body it´s life and it´s the instrument for the formation of the world, and the modification of itself is the transformation and evolution of the world. "Dance is a state of being, it is a form of communication with myself and with the other, it is the pulse of every form of life that connects everything with the present - the moment is movement.”

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Today we’re off. Newfoundland is calling! Hubby booked this trip for us a few months ago. The most remarkable thing about this is that Little Miss Controlling over here actually let him! Yep, I’m becoming Little Miss Chilled! I said yes, yes, yes to everything. Didn’t question a single decision (at least, not out loud!) so here I go, hoping to scratch at least one biggie of my bucket list (whale spotting) but open to whatever may happen and may not happen. Here’s to adventure, a week with my beloved, and living for today! . . . . #goingwiththeflow #gowiththeflow #lifesanadventure #lettinggo #bespontaneous #besthusbandaward #adventurecalls #personalbloggers #offwego #leavingonajetplane #livefortoday #maketodaycount #seizethemoment #lifessimplepleasures #smallthingsinlife #mindsetreset #mindshift #perspectiveshift #shineyourlight #trusttheuniverse #seethegood #goodvibestribe #positivityonly #beauthentic #openhearted #findinghappiness #thankfuleveryday #keeplearning #personalgrowthjourney #beopenminded

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mama4yoga. Nothing feels more alive than to let the sun beat down on you. Listen

Nothing feels more alive than to let the sun beat down on you. Listen to the trees blow in the wind. Really let your mind feel rested and your heart be open! My 4 year old son Elias took this picture of me🌱🌞 #yogamoms #yogagirl #sun #wind #openhearted #love #yogateachertrainings #dailyyogapractice #yogachallenge #outdooryoga #yogaonthemat #yogastretches #iamayogagirl #momof4 #momsofinsta #momoflittles #iloveyoga #innerpeace #outsideisthebestside #engery #yogaeverydamnday #blessed #spiritual #yoga

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Final day open to the public (11am to 5pm) for the Surrey Artists Open Studio. Mind, body, soul explorations through painting and sculpture - all that makes us human and whole.

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"You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star." -Nietzsche ☁️🌍✨

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