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shahin_hennastudio. 🚨Here are the important information for the henna lovers ..🚨
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🚨Here are the important information for the henna lovers ..🚨 🔮Plz read it fully 🔮 #1 : Packaging - Real henna is hand-mixed by henna artists because it is perishable (it only lasts a few days at room temperature). It's not possible to buy natural henna paste unfrozen or from overseas. Henna in pre-printed cones or tubes are a red flag, as it indicates it has been mass-produced in a factory. #2 : Scent - Real, natural henna smells GOOD! Alone, it smells grassy or like hay. Usually, it's blended with essential oils which will smell fresh and inviting (unless you don't like the particular oil :) ). Commonly used oils are cajeput, tea tree and eucalyptus which all have a similar spicy/medicinal scent, and other oils may be added to enhance the smell as well - such as lavender or lemongrass. Imitation "henna" will have a strong, unpleasant odor and will often smell like hair dye or gasoline. #3 : Time - Real henna needs to be left on the skin for 4+ hours in order to stain the skin effectively, and then water should be avoided for 24 hours. It takes about 48 hours to darken. Chemical "henna" is often called "instant henna" or "emergency henna" because it only needs to be on the skin for 30 minutes or less, you typically are instructed to wash it off with water and the stain is dark immediately. #4 : Ingredients – Ask the artist to tell you the exact ingredients in their mix. They should have mixed it themselves, or have purchased it from another henna artist who mixed it themselves. Either way, they should be able to disclose a complete ingredients list for you... 🚨Plz check all the points mentioned above before getting your henna cones🚨 Thank you. By @shahin_hennastudio #goorganics

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