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This is our mantra. Don’t sweat the small stuff and make sure two people have a wonderful meaningful day. Bonus points if you have the opportunity to grab an oyster. Thanks to the team that made today awesome for Kate & Scott! #kateandscottietiethenauti #esqevents #esqteam #newportwedding

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shirl_xiao. Happy Valentines 
#RSwedding #20191012 #happilyeverafter #wedding

Happy Valentines #RSwedding #20191012 #happilyeverafter #wedding

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shirl_xiao. Happy Valentines 
#RSwedding #20191012 #happilyeverafter #wedding

Happy Valentines #RSwedding #20191012 #happilyeverafter #wedding

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shirl_xiao. Happy Valentines 
#RSwedding #20191012 #happilyeverafter #wedding

Happy Valentines #RSwedding #20191012 #happilyeverafter #wedding

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whimevents. It’s rare that I show up on the ‘gram, because I love my #whimen so mu

It’s rare that I show up on the ‘gram, because I love my #whimen so much that I would certainly rather show you their faces! 😊 But, here goes: I’m Natalie, co-founder and Lead Planner at Whim. My favorite thing about planning is not planning at all. It’s actually the relationships I’ve built through planning. . ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The relationships I’ve made with couples are undoubtably a huge love for me, (whom I love dearly) but I also highly cherish the relationships I have made and kept with vendors and local creative partners - the people I can count on to provide stellar service and go above and beyond, time after time, even in the most challenging of situations. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ . As much as everyone wants to host a perfectly planned event, sometimes things happen unexpectedly behind the scenes, like weather for example, and in the thick of it, it is often my job to call the shots. But, one of my favorite things about these high-stress times is turning to our creative vendor team and using each one’s expertise to make a quick, collaborative decision that will create the best experience for our couples. . These relationships strengthen on challenging event days, just as they do on easy ones. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ . I played a lot of sports as a kid, both solo and team - so this job suits me well. Planning is like a marathon (steady training and small daily goals help) and day-of is like the big game. A team that plays well together, understands each other, has gone through tough stuff together and who can let go of ego will always come out on top. This is one of the things I love most about my job, and why I have done it for 9 years. This is also why I recommend the best of the best to my couples, because they deserve it. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I thought about giving a shout out to some of my favorite vendors who always feel like an extension of my team, but there are too many to name. I am grateful to work with and learn from them every day. For now, you can find me setting those small daily goals and training. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.❤️

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whimevents. We were recently talking about how much more fun wedding planning woul

We were recently talking about how much more fun wedding planning would be if couples were encouraged to celebrate more milestones throughout the wedding planning process. And not just the engagement or saying yes to the dress (still celebration-worthy of course), but what about honoring the challenging accomplishments, like finishing your guest list, finally determining your seating assignments, or having necessary financial conversations?!This is the stuff that can make planning stressful, so why not celebrate them when they’re done?! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Give it a try. Instead of the Sunday scaries, pop open a bottle of bubbly or treat yourself for a wedding mile marker that you’re psyched to complete! 🥂 photo: @jennymoloney

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Heading into the weekend feeling on top of the world. 🌤 Our couples inspire us everyday to think creatively and our colleagues help make these dreams come true! Some other points of inspiration we’ve found extremely helpful this week that are worth a share: . Our friends @valleyandco and their beautiful wedding planning book @storiedweddings . The book @the_power_of_moments recommended by our friends at @ingoodcompanypr . The calming podcast @practice.you recommended by @giovanna.mp. . Float into the weekend friends! ☁️ Photo: @tiffanyvonwed

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Walking into the weekend like these two, who are about to PAR-TAY!!! I want to get on there level! • I'm currently back in Palm Springs with Jay on the hunt for our wedding venue! HOLY MOLY - it so crazy for me to actually say that! And, yes I just released our wedding location!! I'm always doing venue searches for my clients and now I'm finally doing one for myself! Palm Springs has so much meaning to us - it is the place we first got connected and what we call our happy place that we have been visiting for years! We couldn't think of a better place to come back to. I will be posting some BTS of our visits on stories - we definitely have some epic properties/estates we are visiting! • Photography: @zacxwolf Planning & Design: @cristenandcoevents

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My personal opinion - goodbye wedding favors and HELLO epic welcome gifts! What's your opinion on welcome gifts vs. favors?!

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kristenleebarrett. Complimentary guacamole @chipotle today. Don’t sleep on it guys. Happy

Complimentary guacamole @chipotle today. Don’t sleep on it guys. Happy #nationalavocadoday 🥑

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White ink. Enough said. • Stationery: @thepaperperfectionist Planning & Design: @cristenandcoevents

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whimevents. Yesterday, our team did our typical debrief after Laura + Miles weddin

Yesterday, our team did our typical debrief after Laura + Miles wedding. We discussed what we did well personally and as a whole and what we could improve on next time. One of the biggest successes turned out to be that each of us felt an overwhelming sense of calm energy inside ourselves on the wedding day. While we must always keep cool on the outside at weddings, often we are thinking of 1000 things and our minds are racing internally. But L+M’s wedding was different. Moira, Giovanna and I all felt blissfully calm and relaxed. We are confident this is because both the bride and groom are two of the most relaxed and open people that we’ve ever met. Laura’s calming energy was contagious that day, and Miles’ “go with the flow” attitude was admirable, so we vowed in our meeting to bring that internal energy to every single wedding. We hope you can too. Life is too short to stress on such an important and celebratory day. Stay in the moment, laugh and enjoy every step as if it is brand new...because it truly is. Styling: @giovanna.mp @minted @laurastulip

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Lots of soft romantic hues for Megan's estate wedding! Are you dreaming about your bridal bouquet?! • Photography: @anneleephotography Planning & Design: @cristenandcoevents Floral Design: @bynectar Venue: @lindenplace

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How do you know if you found the perfect wedding venue? With so many different options out there it might make you indecisive! I am sharing some advice on the venue search and how to figure out if a wedding venue is the right fit for you and your wedding! (link in bio)

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A sweet ending to your weekend! • Photography: @anneleephotography Planning & Design: @cristenandcoevents Venue: @lindenplace Caterer: @morinscatering

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“It does not matter how many languages you know. To know the language of the heart makes you worthy.” -Rumi

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The last hour before becoming a Mrs. • Photography: @zacxwolf Planning & Design: @cristenandcoevents Venue: @handsomehollow Dress: @everthinebridal Hair & Make-up: @glass_slipper_wedding @aleethaclanton

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"I know we only met but let's pretend its love" 🖤 . . . . . . . . . @photographer_loka_ 📸♥️ #menswear #mensfashion #rswedding #hakunamatata #hashtag #onedirection

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Can't wait to transform this estate for J & C's 2020 wedding - here's a little peek at the waterfront lawn! Another amazing venue on the books! Every year I say it’s the best year yet because I am truly blessed to have such incredible clients that I get to work with, who are seriously awesome! They trust me with their vision knowing that I can bring it to life on another level that they couldn't have imagined before!

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whimevents. It’s the first day back from vacation and we’re gearing up for Laura +

It’s the first day back from vacation and we’re gearing up for Laura + Miles’ wedding week!! Pretty sure @onawhim81 is ready ☝🏻and her excitement always makes coming back from time off way more fun!🌿 This week we are heading into production - processing and arranging the prettiest flowers, unpacking and repacking details, and prepping our team with the timeline and visual set up plan. Weeee!

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The Vows - I tend to be a better writer when expressing my feelings and I know I'm not alone here! But, I also know that there are some of you that struggle hard when it comes to writing your vows so I am sharing a few quick tips on helping you get over the vow writer’s block on the blog! (link in bio) • Photography: @anneleephotography Planning & Design: @cristenandcoevents Ring Box: @the_mrs_box Rings: @cynthiabrittcustomjewelry

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This escort card display was one of my favorites - there is a fountain in the cocktail hour space at the Misselwood Estate so I thought it would be fun to have an interactive escort card display. Pop your penny out and make a well wish for the couple. It was definitely a hit and we collected the pennies from the fountain at the end of the evening. Then packaged them up for @prepofboston & @j.cas21 to go home with all their wishes! • Photography: @movemountainsco Planning & Design: @cristenandcoevents Venue: @misselwoodevnts Stationery: @thepaperperfectionist Floral Design: @whimevents

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Sailing into the weekend like.... @j.cas21 arrived by boat to @misselwoodevnts with his groomsmen on his wedding day! How do you plan on arriving to your wedding?! • Photography:@movemountainsco Planning & Design: @cristenandcoevents

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That wedding glow!! Hannah & Marcin's Catskills wedding is up on the blog - I can't wait to share this whimsical woodland wedding with you all! Photography: @zacxwolf Planning & Design: @cristenandcoevents Venue: @handsomehollow

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Golden hour view from above! There is something very magical about a tented wedding celebration! Photography: @thefoxes Planning & Design: @cristenandcoevents Venue: Private Estate, Cape Cod

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Girl Gang Goals!! And, that collection wall in the background is pretty awesome too, just sayin' 💁🏼‍♀️ Photography: @zacxwolf Planning & Design: @cristenandcoevents Floral Design: @whisperandbrookco Venue: @handsomehollow Hair & Make-up: @aleethaclanton

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Cheers to the weekend!! Summer weekends are truly the best - what are your plans?! Photography: @anneleephotography Planning & Design: @cristenandcoevents Venue: @lindenplace Beer: @treehousebrewco

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Belly laughs and floral backdrops. That’s what the best toasts are made of. 😉 Photo: @movemountainsco / @prepofboston

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What we like most about this photo are the things you will never physically see. Like how just minutes before, our team was lighting those stairway candles so they would be completely ready to glow for the ceremony exit. And if you look closely, you can see the #whimen in the top right corner beaming with excitement for the newlyweds. Or knowing that at this exact time, the other half of our team was prepping detail shots in the dinner tent for stunning golden hour photographs. And these are just the moments we the planners know. What’s even better is that these were the couples’ first steps as a married couple and all the feels they must have been feeling. So many emotions in just one snap. @whiteloftstudio @evabadra @bigcatt89 / beautiful terrace glow: @designlightco

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It’s been one year since #lindseygoesgrossman! And what a better way to reminisce than to see their beautiful bar details on @martha_weddings!! (Actually, the best way would be to get drinks soon, you two!!) Happy anniversary @lindseyrgrossman @gabecgrossman and @bodie.blue 😊 🐶 // Calligraphy via @paperweightink / photo: @lindsayhite

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