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mosaic_rp. \"Disney threatened to break my knee caps if I didn't censor the nAUGht

"Disney threatened to break my knee caps if I didn't censor the nAUGhty wOrDS." #DanielleSchuler #PrismSymbiote #Mutant #Mosaic #MarvelOC #MutantAndProud #Rainbowgeddon #MarvelRP #RainbowMerc #Mercenary #HalfGerman #IGRP #RoleplayCharacter #GunsNFun

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Ayo Ens!!! 👀 Happy birthday!!! 🎂🎉🎊🎈🎁🍻 Hope you're having a kick ass one 🤸‍♀️ #BirthdayBoy #CelebrateHim #Pride2019 #JHBPride2019 #JoburgPride2019 #PrideMerc #RainbowMerc #Diversity #Inclusion

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mosaic_rp. ---((Open Roleplay To Marvel Mutants))--- Hot...humid...riddled with s

---((Open Roleplay To Marvel Mutants))--- Hot...humid...riddled with sweat. Danielle "Mosaic" Schuler, member of the mercenary squad, "The Triumvirate", lumbered up two flights of stairs in a nondescript apartment building. It was 8pm, and The Bronx was hopping. . . Mosaic hit pay dirt when she blew away half of 'The Four Kings' gang with her powerful mutant ability, since she felt like she was wasting ammunition. Her employer, Leader of 'The Second Street Saviors' gave her a paycheck of fifteen grand. To celebrate, the Rainbow Mercenary treated herself to some Ludenkeigle's Ultra. Being half German, she can appreciate decent beer. . . The journey to her abode was arduous. Wooden stairs squeaked under her boots. The heavy rifle caused soreness in her shoulder, time to hit the chiropractor. The eight pack of beer clinked with every step. . . Setting the beer down, Mosaic took a breath. Old Man Harold opened the door. Harold was unpleasant. At eighty three, he had a sour milk smell, a constant scowl, and was racist as hell. ["Hello, (enter racist remark here)."] He slurred. The prick was drunk. She could hear his liver weeping from all the Mad Dog he swallowed. . . "Evening to you...and your wrinkly, sagging ball having ass." Mosaic retorts. "You do realize it's 2019, right? You may wanna stop pulling your 'Archie Bunker' bullshit." She said, finally unlocking her door. "Ugly motherfucker." . . The door opened. Without a second thought, she goes into her humble home and slammed the door. Mosaic locked up. A few Soldier Of Fortune magazines laid about. Next to it, was a post apocalyptic novel--Robert McCammon's 'Swan Song'. . . Kicking her boots off and sinking into the patched up futon, she began reading. The book's beautifully written. "The characters are more hardcore." She remarked. "Those assholes in 'The Stand' (by Stephen King) had it easy!" . . A knock sounded at the door, grabbing her large, high powered rifle affectionately named, 'Bitch Blaster', was snapped up. "Who is it?" She demanded. The safety clicked off.

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mosaic_rp. \"I can create rAiNbOwS!\"
\"This is why the other mutants don't talk to

"I can create rAiNbOwS!" "This is why the other mutants don't talk to me!" ((Words by @the.anti.venom Art by Mosaic's Admin.)) #Mutant #MosieLogic #DanielleSchuler #PrismSymbiote #Mutant #Mosaic #MarvelOC #MutantAndProud #Rainbowgeddon #MarvelRP #RainbowMerc #Mercenary #HalfGerman #IGRP #RoleplayCharacter #GunsNFun

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{"GIVE US YOUR FUCKING PHONE! YOU CRANKY ASS, TORTURIN' ASS, EDGY ASS PIECE OF SHIT!"} #Prism #RainbowSymbiote #DanielleSchuler #Mutant #MarvelOC #HalfKrautButFullOnStyleBitch #Mosaic #Rainbowgeddon #IGRP #AdminArt #Symbiote #RainbowMerc #Mercenary

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mosaic_rp. {\"Don't drop acid while bonding with a Symbiote, kids....or you'll loo

{"Don't drop acid while bonding with a Symbiote, kids....or you'll look like a Grateful Dead album cover."} #DanielleSchuler #PrismSymbiote #Prism #Mutant #MutantAndProud #MarvelOC #AdminArt #digitalart #Rainbow #Symbiote #IGRP #HalfGerman #Mercenary #mutantmerc #RainbowMerc #Rainbowgeddon #Mosaic

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mosaic_rp. \"Nothin' worse than a contract stealing motherfucker! I'm cooking up a

"Nothin' worse than a contract stealing motherfucker! I'm cooking up a "Rainbowgeddon" for any thieving ass bitches that gets in the way of my paychecks!" #Mosaic #DanielleSchuler #PrismSymbiote #Mutant #MarvelOC #MutantAndProud #Rainbowgeddon #RainbowMerc #Mercenary #HalfGerman #IGRP #AdminArt (Art by the Admin.)

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mosaic_rp. ---The Mutant Symbiote: Open Roleplay--- A gorgeous woman in casual we

---The Mutant Symbiote: Open Roleplay--- A gorgeous woman in casual wear struts down the street. Her chocolate hued skin, luminous. The green in her eyes, intense, like glowing emeralds. The heels she wore clacked rhythmically along the pavement. Danielle "Mosaic" Schuler garnered attention wherever she went. Mostly good...until something incurred her wrath. The symbiotic spawn writhing through her veins made her stop abruptly. Her eyes narrowed. The mutant scowled. "Aight...you actin' worse than a too tight g-string from Victoria's Secret!" Mosaic said aloud, passerbys giving her an odd look. "Stop that shit!" She said. {"Let me have some time to bond with you."} The Symbiote purred in her mind. {"I'm not like my progenitor...I don't like torturing much."} Mosie's mouth turned into a frown. "Uhhhh, hell no. Not now. Not fuckin' now. Too early in tha gotdamned day for yo' shit, Prism!" {"Come on, Danielle! Don't you want to break into that fancy bakery?! They have salted caramel cheesecake. SALTED. CARAMEL. CHEESECAKE."} The creature emphasized each syllable with a moan of delight. The color loving female's mouth watered. Inside Telly's display window, the cheesecake beckoned. It's dairy goodness called to the mercenary. Dani stomped into an alley. "Aight! Come on, bitch! I don't got all day!" She allowed the rainbow hued ooze to take over. The curvy, yet sleek symbiotic female propelled herself into the street. Prism crashed through Telly's window. Her dainty clawed hands grabbed a cheesecake, in which she shoved into her mouth. Prism let out a pleased squeal. Customers fled the bakery in horror, along with the employees. Prism just sat there eating sweets. She pouts. {"We're not gonna eat you fleshbags...we just want your cupcakes and shit."} Seeing that her reassuring sentiment didn't do it's job...Prism shrugged. Stuffing another chocolate cupcake down her gullet. The cops sat outside. ["Yeah... there's a rainbow Symbiote inside Telly's. Uh, we need someone from SHIELD or something. Our firepower ain't gonna do much to that thing..."] Prism belched. {"Let us eat in peace, for fuck's sake!"} She whipped a few cookies at them. The cops began firing.

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mosaic_rp. ((Closed rp with @metamorphic.mystery))~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

((Closed rp with @metamorphic.mystery))~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ***Timeline: Three Years Ago, Chicago, IL. 9pm***["Out! Out my restaurant, crazy rainbow lady!"] The irritated Korean man shouted at the drunken mutant. "Easy there, Mistah Chopsticks! Jesus fuckin' Christ!" Mosaic slurred as she stumbled out of the Korean Barbeque restaurant. Mr. Wong gritted his teeth. This woman has single handedly caused an uproar in his establishment. First, Mosaic began singing some Neil Diamond songs with horrible vocals that would cause a rabid cat to cringe. Then when Wong confronted her, the colorful mutant proceeded to throw her Pokeball keychain at him and say: "I CHOOSE YOU PIKACHU!" But, the third strike was the fact ol' Mosie had a hard time controlling her "ability". The dreaded Rainbowgeddon. A colorful beam of energy shooting from her mouth when she was denied any more alcohol. There she was, standing outside the Asian eatery with a scowl. "Xenophobic ass, muthafucka." Mosaic spat and scratched her ass. The Rainbow Mercenary turned down Second Street, and pulled out her 9mm to check the clip. "Ooooohhh Roy...I gotta oil ya!" The chocolate skinned female squawked as she failed to observe her surroundings. Especially, with another mutant nearby. Mosaic doubled over to vomit, and wiped her mouth. She sniffed and smirked. "I wonder if anybody saw that." This particular individual did not have any shame...at all. ((Sorry so short starter wise! XP)) #Mystique #Marvel #MutantAndProud #Mutants #MarvelOC #Mosaic #Mosie #DanielleShuler #HalfBlackKraut #Rainbowgeddon #RainbowMerc #Mercenary #Mutant #LoudAssBitch #IGsFavoriteObnoxiousMutantOC #BiracialAndFabulous #Closedrp #RP

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mosaic_rp. \"Call me a 'Mutie Freak' muthafucka. I'll just blow yo' ass up with ma

"Call me a 'Mutie Freak' muthafucka. I'll just blow yo' ass up with mah rainbow energy beam!" #TheRainbowFuckingSaysSo #DeadpoolsBitch #RainbowBuns #Mosaic #DanielleShuler #Prism #Mercenary #RainbowMerc #Mutant #MutantAndProud #Rainbowgeddon #BitchImFlyAsFuck

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mosaic_rp. \"Ugh...\" Mosaic groaned as she sat up. The bedroom dimly lit from the

"Ugh..." Mosaic groaned as she sat up. The bedroom dimly lit from the appending sunrise, casting hues of blue, orange, yellow, and pink across the sky. The mocha skinned vixen looked over on the other side of her bed for her boyfriend Wade, but found it empty. If Mosie knew her honey..he was probably out doing a contract, or making a shit ton of explosions. A chuckle escaped her pair of luscious, plush lips as she managed to crawl out of bed. "Mah crazy ass baby." She murmured as memories of the past few days surface. Her and Deadpool definitely had a lot of fun. And by how sore she is, it was a large quantity of good times. Mosaic groaned and put on a pot of coffee, scratching her large, round rear as the television blared on about issues with mutants. Being a mutant herself, bad press about her kind annoyed the fuck out of her. "Ratchet, jealous ass muthafuckas." Mosaic remarked about the anti-mutant protestors. She was kind of lonely. Her parents shielded her from others of her own kind. Sad, really. The Rainbow Mercenary in a way, longed to know her other brethren. But, hell..she has a unique group of people to hang out with. Including her symbiotic hostess cousin, the Australian vampire, and of course, The Merc With the Mouth. A knock on the door sounded, Mosaic clad in underwear and a T-shirt, no fucks given..answers the door. ((Open rp 3+ lines please, literate. Preferably mutants.)) #Mosaic #DanielleShuler #RainbowMerc #Mercenary #Mutant #MutantAndProud #OpenLiteraterp #DeadpoolsBitch #Prism #Rainbowgeddon #Crazybitch

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mosaic_rp. Another job. The infamous Rainbow Mercenary prepped herself for her la

Another job. The infamous Rainbow Mercenary prepped herself for her latest contract, however the employer set her up with a partner for this job. Mosaic wasn't sure who this person was. She was hoping this person wasn't an enemy. So with her FN CAL loaded with spare mags, the Glock 17s secure on her hips, and a few grenades..Mosie made her way to the meet up point. The night was clear and beautiful, stars twinkling like a million diamonds. She loved nights like this, her eyes admired the bright full moon above. After manoeuvering through alleys, seedy streets, and the occasional drug deal...the mocha skinned mercenary found the location. There he was. Her partner for the contract. Garbed in crimson and black, two katanas strapped to his back, along with some guns on his person. It was the infamous Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool. Mosaic heard of him, and liked his work. The attractive mutant had a crush on him too. So, she walked up and extended her gloved hand. "Ya must be mah partner fo' tha job, I'm Mosaic!" The woman said loudly as her brown skin erupts into swirls of color, like a psychedelic wet dream. "So, ya ready to go whack some muthafuckas?!!" Mosaic asked with a little dance, obviously enthusiastic about the new task at hand. ((Closed rp with @mr.wilsxn )) #Deadpool #WadeWilson #MercWithAMouth #HealingFactor #Boxes #Mosaic #Mercenary #RainbowMerc #DanielleShuler #Mutant #Closedrp #Fun

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mosaic_rp. #Banter2~~~Music: Boots Randolph - Yakety Sax (The Benny Hill Show The

#Banter2~~~Music: Boots Randolph - Yakety Sax (The Benny Hill Show Theme)~~~ Mosaic: "Ohhh shit! I want a talkin' monkey!" Morgana: "I swear to god, Mosaic..if you get us kicked out of this movie theater, I will kill you!" Mosaic: "Ooooohhhh they risin' up an' shit!!!" <<Movie patrons began yelling and throwing stuff at the Shuler girls. Mosaic and Morgana rise out of their seats. Morgana let's the symbiote take over, Mosaic began turning into several different colors. And with that, Mosaic unleashed a Rainbowgeddon. Neon the symbiote began making snacks out of the angry movie goers. Minutes later they walk out and go back to normal.>> Mosaic: "Why did we have to leave tha movie early?" Morgana: "I can't take your stupid ass anywhere!" Mosaic: "Do you think we can get a talkin' monkey? If not...can we get that talkin' raccoon and his chatty pot plant wit' legs?" Morgana: "You're a fucking idiot."

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mosaic_rp. #OpenLiterateRP~~Music: Insane Clown Posse - Chicken Huntin' (Slaughte

#OpenLiterateRP~~Music: Insane Clown Posse - Chicken Huntin' (Slaughter House Mix)~~ A large behemoth of a metal vehicle swerved in the streets. The strong scent of alcohol permeated the full expanse of the tank like contraption. Housed in this vehicle is a certain mercenary. A mercenary who really loves to get drunk and hit her bong like two alkies in a bar brawl. Mosaic sat inside the armored vehicle hooting and hollering. "Whose goin' chicken huntin'? We's goin' chicken huntin'! Whose goin' chicken huntin'? We's goin' chicken huntin'?" The dark skinned beauty held the nearly empty bottle of vodka as she turned down the street. People dash out of the way. [Watch where you're goin', crazy bitch!] A man yelled at the big rumbling SUV as Mosaic kept driving. Some police cars followed her as she continued to drive. And just like the time she hijacked a tank..Mosie drove the large vehicle into a restaurant then climbed out, vomited, then ran. Patrons at the restaurant gawked at the display as the infamous Rainbow Mercenary made a break for it. Mosaic regretted her decision to be a smoker as she found an alley and tried to catch her breath. ((Open rp, 3+ lined responses, literate please))

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mosaic_rp. #DiariesOfTheDamned~~Music: 28 Days Later Theme~~ A dark and desolate

#DiariesOfTheDamned~~Music: 28 Days Later Theme~~ A dark and desolate place the world has become. A pure, unadulterated wasteland. Mosaic sat up on top of a building nearby peering through a rifle scope. Most of her child like delight and humor nearly vanished into thin air. The mischievous glitter in her green eyes is no more. Just like whoever else left in this unforgiving world. An agitated sigh escaped Mosaic's full lips as the trigger to her Barret M90 pressed back. A loud crack followed and the stray dog she aimed for collapsed in a crumpled heap without an ounce of life left in it. Mosie climbed down from her decrepit perch. The mocha skinned beauty took the carcass back to her hiding spot. In normal civilization.. Mosaic would never kill a dog, let alone eat it. But in times like these..a girl can get desperate.The greasy meat sweated over the burning licks from the flames below. She looked out a dusty window, it was silent. One can hear a pin drop. "I wonder..where tha fuck is everyone?!" She knew what happened. ((CIC))

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mosaic_rp. #OpenLiterateRP~~Music: LMFAO  Lil Jon - Shots~~
[Back In '79 the John

#OpenLiterateRP~~Music: LMFAO Lil Jon - Shots~~ [Back In '79 the John Belushi. In 1992 I did the Chris Farley, in 2008 I did the Cloverfield monster, I said fuck that shit and went back to the Belushi..] Beats from The Left Rights's 'I'm On Crack' pulse from Mosaic's beat up old maroon Buick as she made a trip to the nearby liquor store. Mosaic has a certain set of hobbies: being a mercenary, art, smoking weed, playing with guns and explosives...drinking was her favorite hobby of them all. Yeah, her liver will take a shit but..drunken shenanigans will always reign supreme. The colorful mutant's skin goes back to it's mocha hue as she entered the liquor store. Ol' Mosie bought a variety--$150 worth--Of hard liquor and beer. She packed it all into her beaten up old car. The woman gleefully drove away, excited for what her newly bought alcohol will bring. "Oooohhhh it's gon' be a good ass night!" Mosaic exclaimed loudly. She wondered what terribly made movies she will watch while blitzed. Jingle All The Way? True Lies? Mostly Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. However, her plans are derailed when something dents the hood of her clunker. "Oh what tha fuck!!" Mosaic squawked as she pulled out her gun. "You gettin' in tha way of mah drinky time?!" She said in agitation as she cocked the pistol. Nobody messes with Mosaic's one woman parties..nobody. "Do not get in between a bitch an' her goddamned alcohol!" Her Harlem upbringing ringing through her vocals as her green eyes narrow at the offender her ruined the hood of her car. ((Open RP no one lined responses))

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p1n1on. #Mercedesbenz#rainbowmerc#Mercedes#benz#rainbowsheikh#enam


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mosaic_rp. #OpenRP~~Music: Mindless Self Indulgence - What Do They Know?~~ There

#OpenRP~~Music: Mindless Self Indulgence - What Do They Know?~~ There are times of emotional distress. There are times when Mosaic can be in a rather saddened mood. This is one of those times. A displeased sigh escaped her lush, full lips as she played with a soft lock of onyx colored hair. "Mah mood's been shit lately. Maybe it's mah job." The Rainbow Mercenary muttered herself as she sat on a roof. The targets have not arrived yet. Her trusty Yalguzag sniper rifle sat on a ledge nearby. Her emerald hued eyes peer up at the sky, stars littering the dark hue of the violet sky. Mosaic shifted position. She debated whether to buy her typical pack of her Pabst Blue Ribbon or not. Hang overs were tiring as it is so..no beer this night. A melancholy feeling came over her..like something is missing. What it is..Mosie does not know. A ruckus sounded through the cold, night air. Mosaic looked through the Yalguzag's scope. The targets were in range, and fresh ammo was set in place in the rifle. A squeeze of the trigger, and a 7.62x51mm round shot out with a *BANG*! The first target's cranium erupted in a geyser of crimson colored gore of brains and bone. The second target was met with a round through the heart, and the third took one in the neck. The shots were great but tonight, Mosaic was just not feeling it. "Fuck it." She whispered as the mercenary packed up her rifle. Someone was behind her and frankly, she was in no mood to fight. ((Open RP no one lined responses)) #Mosaic #DanielleShuler #OpenRP #RainbowMerc #Mercenary #Mutant #Prism #Rainbowgeddon #VenomsLilRainbow #ThompsonsLady

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mosaic_rp. #OpenRP~~Music: Mindless Self Indulgence - Bomb This Track~~ Pattering

#OpenRP~~Music: Mindless Self Indulgence - Bomb This Track~~ Pattering of size seven boots patter on the ground as twenty angry mobsters chased the Rainbow Mercenary. Bullets fly by, nearly hitting her. "Shit! Shit!" Civilians looked on with an odd stare as the gaggle of Valentino wearing, Gemetti serving, goombas curse and shoot off various handguns at Mosaic. Every so often Mosie will pop off a few shot back at them. She really did not expect being caught on the stake out. Sources said the location was only going to have Tommy Gemetti and two other men at this particular place...nope...nope. The suited brigade spotted her up in an adjacent building and called up the others to take her out. [Get back here bitch!] One yelled in indignantly as she lifted up her middle finger and kept running like a bat out of hell. Mosaic's gun was almost empty so she felt around for anything else strapped to her. She waited to get to a more secluded spot. As she took off a grenade from her belt, Mosaic yells: "Eat this muthafucka!" Her voice in all it's ghetto glory proudly announced as she threw the grenade. Then only a few seconds later, an explosion along with cursing and screams erupted in the street. A flaming severed arm with a Glock 17 clutched in it's grasp lands at Mosaic's feet. "Mine!" She loudly exclaimed and managed to grab it. ((CIC))

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mosaic_rp. #OpenRP--Music: Mindless Self Indulgence - Shut Me Up-- [Huh..huhhuh h

#OpenRP--Music: Mindless Self Indulgence - Shut Me Up-- [Huh..huhhuh huh huh..hey Beavis..he said "anal!"] The television hummed with animated goodness as a freshly packed bong bubbled excitedly. Other than being known for her reputation as the "Loud Walking Gay Pride Flag", "The Multicolored Merc", and the one other mutants tend to avoid--Danielle 'Mosaic' Shuler took a hit from her equally colorful marijuana device with rich appreciation. Mosie loved it when Krunchy sold her the good shit..like "Inventing Good Ideas" kush. It stunk up her living room instantly. It would knock out a seasoned pro like Courtney Love in a second. Oh that sweet buzz hummed through her curvy body. Mosaic released her breath and coughed. "Hot dayum! Best fuckin' two hundred dollas' I ever spent!" She patted two sizeable plastic bags filled with weed. This was a very nice night indeed. Beavis and Butthead marathon on the boob tube...heehee boob tube...and very rank Giggle Grass being inhaled through a glass sculpture more suited to an art museum. There are simply things must never do to the Rainbow Mercenary--1.) No anal sex. 2.) No Canadian beer 3.) Never wake her from a deep slumber 4.) Never drink all her alcohol and 5.) NEVER. EVER. BREAK MOSIE'S BONG! A pot filled device is way too sacred to merely destroy. Imagine the rage of the lovely loud mouth as somebody broke into her apartment and caused her to drop her bong. She even named it. It was 'Chong tha Bong'...and poor Chong laid in multiple pieces on her carpet. Mosaic's face twisted up angrily as she faced the intruder. "There better be a DAYUM good reason why yo' ass broke into mah apartment and caused me to drop mah fuckin' BONG!" Mosaic roared in righteous fury. It was a rare sight to see her pissed but--one must never fuck with Mosaic's pot. ((Open RP no one lined replies)) #mosaic #danielleshuler #rainbowmerc #mercenary #mutant #loudmouth #openrp #literate #fun #BeavisAndButthead #bitchbrokemybong

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mosaic_rp. \"Another Open RP to be posted soon! How are mah followers today? I'm p

"Another Open RP to be posted soon! How are mah followers today? I'm polishin' off a thirty pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon!" #MosieApproved #Mosaic #DanielleShuler #Chibi #Cute #Rainbowgeddon #RainbowMerc #Mercenary

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