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The places you find when you’re lost 💫⁣ ⁣ -⁣ Throwback to getting lost with @onelastmemory . It was just me shooting around this building 🤣

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/ felt like a dream /

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It was my first time at Pinnacle Duxton some weeks ago, just to have good break from work. Discovered for myself a really good view of my own country I'd never seen before. It was a sea of government-owned apartments (or HDB) and commercial buildings I'd always thought wasn't anywhere near being photo-worthy, but when you put them all together, in layers, woah! So here's the first photo to be posted, named it "The Bigger Picture", and that's how things should be viewed. Appreciate the diversity and the harmony. Happy Birthday to my home that's coming in about 6 weeks from now.

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Twin Towers? 🥢

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the city of dreams ...

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nickozw. 👰🏿


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Of pigeons and men

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I can't think of a caption, tbh its hard

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dracdemon. take a deep breathe and start all over ...

take a deep breathe and start all over ...

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dracdemon. sometimes you just shine unknowingly

sometimes you just shine unknowingly

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A daily ritual 🙏🏻

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lets reach out ...

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