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Yenchengpu station

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Never really over

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“You musn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling” -Inception

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Historic landmark of Vancouver 🕰💨

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My Gear today Sony a6300 Zhiyun crane 2 Rode videomicro Lilliput 4k monitor #sonya6300 #rodevideomicro #rode #lilliputa7s #sonyalpha #sonymena #a6300club #videography #photography

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She remembered who she was and the game changed.

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Evening walks along the @thealbertdock

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July gloom 🙄

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Sunsets and Silhouettes

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Seriously had an amazing weekend down @weathertechraceway with @lexinmoto can’t wait to get home and go through the 100’s of gigs of pictures and videos.

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A weekend of two festivals and a lot of walking. Taken tonight at Pier Head, under the Liver Birds. I use a 30mm lens for street shots (no big zoomy zoomy lens)- so these seagulls must have been pretty close to me. I’ll never like them. I saw one eat a pigeon once, although I don’t like pigeons either. So maybe I do like them.

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