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Am I ever going to be on the cover of a fitness magazine? Probably not. . . Do I think more people with stretch marks and “real postpartum” bods should be better represented on magazines and in society? Heck yes! . . Can we still have that magazine cover photo confidence and a “mom bod”? YES!!! . . No matter what shape, size, color, figure, or whatever we are, we let’s feel comfortable in our own skin, love who we are for what we are right now, not what we wish we could be! . . Be the star of your own LIFE magazine! Stand up and be proud! Love your bod and know you rock! #takebackpostpartum #diastasisrecti #stretchmarks #fitnessmodel 📷: @oohlalaaphotography

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fitmommy_kerishaw. 39 weeks pregnant 👉 6 months postpartum‼️ 33 years old and 2 babies l

39 weeks pregnant 👉 6 months postpartum‼️ 33 years old and 2 babies later and I’m feeling the best I’ve ever felt! 💙 . Are you looking to feel YOUR best? 🙋‍♀️ . Just released my NUTRITION ebook (PDF download) and it’s on sale for the holidays! 🙌 It’s all about balance and this book is meant to take you from where you are currently at, step by step, to where you want to go! No crash dieting, no starving, no eliminating carbs! 🚫 Instead it’s meant to guide you in finding a balance of healthy foods that satisfy you while achieving your goals! ❤️ . Link is in my bio! 👆 . Let me know if you have any questions! 😘 . . #nutrition #diet #balance #selflove #paleo #whole30 #transformationtuesday #postpartum #absafterbabies #momlife #bestself

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drkellyfitmomof4. I am currently on a ✈️ heading to NYC for a collaboration with @janine

I am currently on a ✈️ heading to NYC for a collaboration with @janine_delaney @covergirl @questnutrition so watch my stories for all the fun over the next few days. I am SO excited. I love the energy of NYC. . . I love adding combo moves like this into my workouts. They help with balance and core strength. This particular one works several muscle groups in the lower body. Try coming up with your own fun combos. Go slowly and focus on core activation and engagement. . . 🎯Core/ab work doesn’t have to take place just in the gym or just during your workouts. One thing I do is when I am walking around throughout my day, I check in with my core and body mechanics. I actively engage my core, keep a neutral pelvis, and fire my glutes when I walk around. Give it a try! I bet you will be surprised how easy it is to walk around improperly.

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I feel like I’ve been going through the motions on my fitness journey for the last couple weeks. We had our anniversary trip, Thanksgiving, kids have been sick, <insert other excuses here> 😂 . I get asked all the time about how I stay motivated and my answer is, I don’t. Our journey is like a roller coaster. There are some really incredible highs and there are some really incredible lows. The difference between those who are successful and those who are not is simple. The people who are successful stay on the roller coaster, even when they hit a low. They don’t quit when it gets hard. . It’s OK to get frustrated, it’s OK to feel discouraged, it’s OK to be unmotivated, but it’s NOT OK to quit. . Keep going. Fight for yourself. Because I promise you, if you stay on the roller coaster when you hit a low, you are destined to hit a high again soon. . I’ve been feeling less than motivated lately, yet I have still shown up every single day and what do you know? I feel like I am heading up again 💪🏻 . Keep pushing 💕✨ . . . #dontquit #fitnessjourney #motivation #workoutmotivation #momabs #absafterbabies #fitafter2kids #realtalk #goalsaf #fitspo #beforeandafterweightloss #postpartumfitness #postpartumweightloss #blondehair #postworkout

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drkellyfitmomof4. Here is a killer ab series to some metal🎸 to fire 🔥 up your morning�

Here is a killer ab series to some metal🎸 to fire 🔥 up your morning💪🏻 This type of music and White Zombie is what plays in my head every time I ride my dirt bike🙊😈😏. . ⚠️⚠️Why do I not consider these Diastasis recti safe??? . ➡️What is DR? It is a thinning and stretching of the linea alba (connective tissue) that connects the right and left side of your abs and runs down the center of your belly. It causes a protruding belly, back pain, digestive issues to name a few. It happens to over 80% off women during pregnancy. . ➡️With DR core stability is weak...all the muscles are weak. The above exercises take strength and stamina. With DR, you might fatigue very quickly which would then lead to you compensating with the wrong muscles, not engaging your core properly, and then there is more pressure on the connective tissue between the ab muscles making everything weaker and stretched. . ➡️Gravity is a B in this position!! If you can’t engage your core properly and the connective tissue is stretched and thinned between your ab muscles due to DR..... gravity will WIN every single time. It will pull down on the weak core and thinned connective tissue making DR worse. . ➡️Note: As my clients progress through my 10 week ab program, I do add in all on 4 exercises in small doses to challenge and strengthen the core BUT it is done systematically and at the right time. So it helps and does not hinder. . ✅Check out more about my programs on my website www.absafterbabies.com or click link in my bio @drkellyfitmomof4 Also, follow my million other IGs @absafterbabies @easynutritionbydrkelly @doctorkellylamoreaux AND my soon to launch supplement one @babe_factor

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Happy Healthy New Year!!! ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Just remember that things aren't going to change just because you want them to. They'll change because you decide to start making healthy, smart choices! Buy the new running shoes, get the trainer or gym membership, start an at-home fitness program with me, buy food with yourself in mind for a change, take 30 minutes to exercise...YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Here's to eating clean and staying lean in 2019 with these cool cats! 😍💪🏻🥕 What are your 2019 goals??

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🔥🔸BODYWEIGHT HIIT🔸🔥 - 🔖 Tag your workout buddy! 💰 Save for you to try! ___________________________________________________ 🏋🏽‍♀️ Bodyweight HIIT has to be my favorite type of workout!! The possibilities are endless and the workouts are always killer!! 😱 When I need to spice things up I just browse through the awesome accounts here on Instagram and 💥 I have a workout!! So this is my #sundayshoutout to some awesome accounts, thank you so much for all your amazing content! ❤️ ___________________________________________________ Workout Deets: - 🅰️ Burpee + toe touch @fitditts . 🅱️ Plank side to side hops @innercor.fit - 🅰️ Push ups jack + star jump 🅱️ Burpee + lunge hop @brittnebabe - 🅰️ Wall sprawls. 🅱️ Heel click + lateral hop @fitblvd - 🅰️ 1 leg lever to hop 🅱️ Skier hops @trainerkaitlin - 🅰️ Plank jack + foot tap 🅱️ Squat jump + heel tap (sorry not in slides) @steph.derby_fitness - - ⏱ 40sec work : 20 sec rest 🆎 format 🔁 3 rounds each pair = 30 mins ___________________________________________________ #womenempoweringwomen #shoutout #gratitude #strongasamother #hiit #hiitcircuit #circuittraining #metabolicworkout #highintensitycardio #cardiocircuit #fithealthyworkouts #athomeworkouts #functionalfitness #abguide #absafterbabies #bodyweighttraining #wholebodyworkout #fitnesstrainer #conditioning #fitfriends #strongnotskinny #fullbodyworkout #whstrong @womenshealthmag @girlyexercises @fit_moms_of_ig

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My fellow mommies!! Yes you can have abs after babies. Two pregnancies in two years, one starting as triplets and I was admittedly a little curious about recovery. I continued to train both times and dropped the weight right away after both deliveries. Something has changed in me though; I could care less about what my body looks like. I am so grateful to have a healthy, super capable body so I respect it and take care of it. I train hard because it makes me feel great but no obsessing about anything or eating tilapia and asparagus out of ZipLock bags every 3 hours. Such a different mindset and I weigh less now than I did before babies. Prioritizing your babies health and happiness automatically puts things in perspective and balances things out. And gasp, the end result is no different as long as you love and respect yourself enough to also always take care of you so that you can be the best mommy you can be. 💪🏼❤️ #absafterbabies #healthy #happy #alllove

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drkellyfitmomof4. Diastasis recti safe Ab workout .
‼️The key to doing these properly:

Diastasis recti safe Ab workout . . ‼️The key to doing these properly: . ✅Focus on keeping the pelvis stable, core engaged (no bulging outward of abs) . ✅Utilize my core breathing technique. This is huge!!! Find that in my 10 week ab program or on my IG @absafterbabies. . ✅Go slow and controlled. These seem simple but are highly effective. . ‼️Healing DR takes more than just doing a few exercises. It involves an understanding of how you move, and breath throughout your day. All of that impacts your healing. It also involves systematic rehab exercises.

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marissasue22. If I told you I was once marked obese by my doctor, would you believe

If I told you I was once marked obese by my doctor, would you believe me? Anything is possible if you want it bad enough. Be committed and consistent! No Excuses! Diet and exercise get you results! Don’t fall for all the fad diets out there. I’m totally guilty of it and guess what... they failed me! Y’all, read the fine print. I guarantee you they all say when combined with a balanced diet and exercise... well no shit that’s what actually provides the results so save the money and invest into proper nutrition. There’s no magic pills out there that’ll give you result alone. Magic is deceit and that’s exactly what they are. #Fit #FitWife #FitMom #FitLife #Fitness #FitnessJourney #LegDay #Quads #Quadzilla #GirlsWhoSquat #LegPress #GymJunkie #ObeseToBeast #Toned #Shredded #MuscularWomen #GirlsWithMuscles #StrongNotSkinny #Muscular #Abs #GirlsWithAbs #AbsAfterBabies #Vascular #NoWraps #NoExcuses #WestsideTotalFitness #WTFitness #NoMagicPills

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cschulte1679. Time to shed this winter layer with @steelfitusa Shredded Steel 💪

Time to shed this winter layer with @steelfitusa Shredded Steel 💪 #fitat40 #iamsteelfit #steelfit #getshredded #absafterbabies

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fit_mom_to_4. “Going in one more round when you don’t think you can. That’s what mak

“Going in one more round when you don’t think you can. That’s what makes all the difference in your life.” – Rocky Balboa Maybe I’ve been watching too much Rocky lately with the boys but to be honest, I kind of like it!! Some days you just have to throw your hair up and push through. That’s when champions are made, and I feel SO much better now. Back & abs are done and finished it off with 30 minutes of “butt burning” cardio and maximum sweat with @sweetsweat Bring on Friday!! . . . . . #motleyfitness #backday #abs #maggrips #leanandmean #allmax #allmaxstrong #challenge #leanandmeanchallenge #fitmomto4 #npc #npcbikini #npcbikinicompetitor #bikinigirl #bikinicompetitor #gymgirl #sweatsweat #absafterbabies #fitness #motivation #lats #noexcuses #stronger #progressnotperfection #muscles #metime #cardio #rockybalboa

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beautefit.fitness. #abs are possible after children!  Check out the results of my client

#abs are possible after children! Check out the results of my client after 4 weeks of a balanced fitness and nutrition plan. . What you eat matters?💁🏾‍♀️ . Different foods affect us in different ways and that is especially true for women. Spending hours in the gym means absolutely NOTHING if your nutrition is not sound! Believe me I’ve been there and so have many women I know who ask for my help. . When helping others get to their #fitnessgoals, my first question is WHY? . Why do you want this and what will it do for you? Honestly, depending on their answer I have a pretty good assessment of their success. . Creating your fitness #smartgoal helps you pin point your WHY and promotes success. . I created a S.M.A.R.T. goal worksheet just for you to take the guesswork out of it and give you clarity! . Whether your a working woman, mom of 1 or many ☺️, bride, student, or just wanting to hit your fitness goals, do yourself a favor and get the worksheet! It’s free and you have everything to gain. . Click the link in my bio! Have questions let’s chat!

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emilyyoungfitness. There is SO much variety in music.⁣
Not only are there differences in

There is SO much variety in music.⁣ Not only are there differences in notes, tempos, instruments, genres...⁣ ⁣ There are differences in the way all of these things resonate with each individual person based on:⁣ ✨Past experiences⁣ ✨Passions⁣ ✨Current events in our lives⁣ ✨Emotions ⁣ ✨Personal origins ⁣ ✨Individual Preference⁣ ✨ And the way it simply resonates with who we are inside and out⁣ ⁣ Our health and wellness is the same way. ⁣ Every person is completely different, we have completely different journeys that have informed the health, shape, and function of our bodies. We need different types of exercise, different nutrition, and different kinds of support to help our bodies and minds function at their highest capacities. ⁣ ⁣ As a health and wellness coach, it is my job and my passion to find the fitness, nutrition and support program that will be like your favorite music. I want to find a program that will inspire and push you to be the best you that you can be! ⁣ ⁣ We are all meant to live at our highest level of health and wellness. Are you not there right now? Reach out to me, I’d love love love to help you on your journey! ⁣ ⁣ The life changes that I have seen already this year, have been so absolutely amazing that I’ve decided to launch another group this month starting January 28th! ⁣ ⁣ Interested? Drop an emoji below, shoot me a message, and fill out this application so we can develop the best program for you 💕⁣ ⁣ https://goo.gl/forms/p5C5MbEs0YuDfj163⁣

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Fun little extra wod today... Crossfit Open wod 13.4...7min amrap 3 c&j, 3 t2b, 6, 6, 9, 9... Etc. Didn't get as far as I would've hoped.... Didn't finish the 15s, but it's so good. Oh and Popsockets like to fall off and cause your phone to fall in the chalk bucket.. FYI🤣🤣🤣🙄 *** *** @crossfit @crossfit623 @nutrasumma #45yrsyoung #crossfit #mastersathlete #openwod #keepgoing #7min #weareone #pushyourself #cleanandjerk #toestobar #thursday #fit #fitness #motivation #fitmom #absafterbabies #itspossible #strongwomen #empowerwomen #nevergiveup

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We’re going back to Punta Cana with my hubby AND a huge group of my besties! We just booked another reward trip (aka all expenses paid) to the Dominican Republic.✈️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I used to travel a lot for work, even to some pretty cool destinations, but it was all work & NO play. This trip is pretty much the opposite with lots of play...mixed with a little work. Since I started my coaching business, I have been all across the globe on tons of FUN trips along with my work bff’s. Just in the past year, we’ve been to Utah, South Beach, Mexico, Watercolor Beach, NYC, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and more! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Y’all: this never gets old. I always wanted a career where I could travel and enjoy the process! So... I have to ask sister: ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Have you ever found yourself asking if you could do this too? Do you ever wish you had more freedom over your schedule? Have you lost a sense of purpose in your life and feel like you are just going through the motions? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Oh my goodness! I can relate. I was there too! Just 3 years ago I felt lost, stuck and burnt out. Fast forward to today, and I can truly say I am living my purpose with some of my besties , with freedom to spend time with my family, investing in other women to help them become their best all from the comfort of my home. Curious how you could do this too & join us? Click the link in my bio to get a peek into what we do!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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aislinwg. There is nothing like feeling good 
from the inside out! 💅🏻New plan

There is nothing like feeling good from the inside out! 💅🏻New plan to paint my nails weekly (this week’s colour choice and paint job done courtesy of my 8 year old). Daily delish in a cup that just happens to match my pants and tastes like a PB banana sandwich but packs the punch of 8 salads and a whole bunch of good stuff! I would rather drink a yummy smoothie than pop a pile of vitamin and elixirs to keep me healthier and happier any day. Anyone else like coordinated and simple. Give me a black top and some colourful pants and I’m happy especially when my smoothie matches! And those nails just make it POP!!💕 Who wants to simplify health with me? My next group is starting soon and I can still get you into the VIP TEST GROUP!!! 20 minute workouts leave extra time for so much more in life! Want to join me to feel good and look good this year?✌🏻 . #mamaofgirls #mombossliving #fulltimemama #blessedmama #countrylivingmama #momfirst #myownboss #doitforyou #makingitwork #mamalife #strongaf #fulltimejobfulltimemama #absafterbabies #workonyou #sweattherapy #coffeesnob #morningmotivations #loveyoufirst

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jenniferdelliquadri. I tend to be a bit introverted, so it’s difficult for me to put myself

I tend to be a bit introverted, so it’s difficult for me to put myself out there. I do my best to avoid allowing this to stop me from achieving my goals. . Yesterday, I committed to making a video explaining what I do as a coach. I had put it off for a week and was planning to wait until Saturday when I had more time because I wanted it to be perfect. . When I told my mentor, she full on called me out in it. She reminded me that B- work is better than nothing and that done is better than perfect. . So, I hit record and went for it! Was it perfect? Heck no! But it’s done. Yay me! . . . . . ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #Workingonmyself #scarymommy #targetstyle #strongasamother #girlmomma #tiumama #momhustle #tiumommy #momlife #fitlife #fitmomsrock #familygoals #empoweredwomenempowerwomen #momsohard #imomsohard #popsugarmoms #tiumommy #bbgmoms #joyfulheart #healthylifestyle #absafterbabies #doneisbetterthanperfect #transformationjourney #vicidolls

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🖤 back and shoulder exercise🖤 ▪️ tap for sound I did this exercise as a warm-up for my back and shoulder day. It’s another Trx exercise because I am obsessed with the straps. I love warming up using the straps because it gets my heart rate up and warms up my muscles. Plus it’s always a challenge and fun just to learn something new. Do you like to switch up your workouts or keep the same routine? If your gym does not have these straps or if you like to workout at home, you can buy Trx straps through Amazon. Here is my affiliate link: ▪️ ▪️ ▪️https://amzn.to/2s4tHVd ▪️ ▪️ 🌙My activewear can be purchased through my online shop. Just go to foreverevolve.com and use the dropbox to click on shop Zyia Active. I size up with the leggings🌙 ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ #BackDayWorkout #ShoulderWorkout #TRXWorkout #foreverevolve #trxtraining

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mama_del_mar. Okay I’ll bite 🤷🏼‍♀️ 10 years and 2 kids later. Always a beach bum ☀

Okay I’ll bite 🤷🏼‍♀️ 10 years and 2 kids later. Always a beach bum ☀️ 🤗 And my 30s have been a million times better than my 20s. #10yearchallenge #winning #absafterbabies #neverfeltbetter #blessed #boymama

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aislinwg. At the end of the day, 
there are a couple things I ask myself? 
Did I

At the end of the day, there are a couple things I ask myself? Did I show up ? Did I make it count? Did I have an impact? There is something to being an adult and a mama that we think or get to a point where if things are pretty good, it’s good enough. And there is nothing wrong with good enough. There’s not. But why do we stop at good? Because good is ok, it’s enough, why go for more if you might fail? But would you tell your kids that? - “Hey sweeties, it’s okay that you can’t swim, or that math question is too hard, or you don’t want to go to school, it’s hard we get it, don’t do it.” I M A G I N E. I’m looking for 4 women with a specific goal in mind for you! 1. You want MORE. Confidence, direction, friendship, opportunity. 2. You want REAL. Challenges, relationships, growth, connection. 3. You want GROWTH. Physical, mental, financial opportunity. 4. You want DIRECTION. Something outside your day to day chores and work. If you think that getting an opportunity to grow for you is something you need, if you want to get really good at taking care of you and sharing that with others then I want you. There is no need to feel qualified or prepared to join my team, that is what I’m here for! You just need a spark that says YES I DO WANT TO BE MORE THAN JUST MOM, WIFE, EMPLOYEE. If you want to be your own boss, if you want to start and end each day feeling accomplished and fulfilled, if you want to help support your life with a side hustle or if you just want a place to belong, then I’m Waiting on hearing from you📲. I guarantee it will be something you won’t regret, except you will wish you started sooner! PS- if you want to just hear what it is I do and ask questions, that’s cool too. Next week join me and another momboss and we will share all about being in charge of starting something because we wanted MORE! . . . . #mamaofgirls #mombossliving #fulltimemama #blessedmama #countrylivingmama #momfirst #myownboss #doitforyou #makingitwork #mamalife #strongaf #fulltimejobfulltimemama #absafterbabies #workonyou #sweattherapy #coffeesnob #morningmotivations #loveyoufirst

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🔥6 moves for slim thighs🔥 Leave a 🙌🏻 below if you want more like this pretty please with a cherry on top.😆 . SAVE for later and tag a friend . Summer is coming and these moves are perfect to get your legs on point. I did a slider so these would be easier for you follow along with. . ⚠️⚠️Did you know I have the following programs: ✅pregnancy ab program to prevent or minimize DR ✅Postpartum ab program to get ypur abs back and heal Diastasis recti ✅Monthly workouts for men and women with home and gym options ✅Nutritional meal planning and recipes (vegetarian options available) . GUYS!!!! Last few days to get 20% OFF all my programs. Use code SAVE20 at checkout. I am not planning on doing another sale for awhile so take advantage. Go to my website www.absafterbabies.com or click link in my bio @drkellyfitmomof4

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fit.responder. #beforeandafter 
The left is 4 months post-partum, and the first pictu

#beforeandafter The left is 4 months post-partum, and the first picture I took of my stomach after giving birth. I was so self conscious because I was still 25lbs over my normal weight. Being in my 30s and being the 3rd baby, the weight was harder to lose than I expected. The picture on the right is only 6 months post partum (2 months of progress) In those two months I tracked everything I ate and was at the gym 6 days a week and I finally felt comfortable in my body. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, set goals, and work towards them. A plan, with effort and consistency is all that is needed. Let us help you reach your goals with the plan! . . . #postpartum #fitness #fitmom #absafterbabies #transformation #weightlossjourney #momofthree #fitnessmotivation #onlinecoaching #weightloss

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valenciajfitness. If you aren’t making an ugly face during your workout, it’s too easy!

If you aren’t making an ugly face during your workout, it’s too easy! This ab exercise was tough! Double tap if you want to get a stronger core. . . . . . #absworkout #abexercises #absafterbabies #sixpackabs #momswhoworkout #postcsectionabs

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getmomstrong. Be honest, what is the first thing that comes to mind when you think a

Be honest, what is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about "core training"? Probably sit-ups and crunches. While these movements aren't inherently bad, they focus almost exclusively on the outter abdominals (your "six pack")--the rectus abdominis. "Hey yo....what's wrong with a super developed six pack?" I bet you are asking. Nothing...so long as your deepest abdominals are also strong. But...unfortunately, this deep abdominal system gets neglected with traditional abdominal training. Your deepest abs, the transverse abdominis (TVA), act like the body's natural corset and keep your schtuff in! It is a giant muscle that wraps horizontally around your entire midsection. They quite literally are the spanx of the body. So not only is it incredibly important to strengthen this deep abdominal system for aesthetics, but as you can imagine, these abs are important for low back and pelvic health. The TVA is literally involved every time you extend a limb, and well, every time you breathe for that matter. And get this—overdeveloping your outter "six-pack" abs can actually make your tummy more poochy. Sit-ups and other flexion core exercises can further separate your abdominals, letting your innards bulge out. And...the six pack abs responds to strengthening exercises by developing outward (they run up and down and are the most superficial muscle in the ab system), so even if you aren't dealing with an abdominal separation, over-development of the rectus abdominis can still create the appearance of a pooch. On the contrary, the transverse abdominis muscle develops inward and in effect sucks it all in! So stop doing endless crunches, and think about how you can incorporate untraditional ab training that works those corset abs. Nearly every single exercise I post works the deep abdominals. It promotes function, stability, and ups your ninja status. Spread the word. Ab training doesn't have to be endless sit-ups. Pants @carbon38 (code: ASHLEYNOW20 for 20 % off) 📷 @emomphoto #getmomstrong #momabs #transverseabdominis #diastasisrecti #postpartumfitness #mombod #mommytummy #abtraining

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THIS is a sort of "YOU do the math" POST -- ALONG with a "wish I saw this when I was thinking about it" kinda post! ------It’s a little long but my PASSION is overflowing and its worth clicking ... read more.. GOSH, I used to be the type of girl who had VISION but was too scared to take action. NOTHING to do with anyone IN my life or circumstances that happened to me BUT EVERYTHING to do with how I reacted to things, my SHORT SIGHTED perspective and BLAMING all the factors AROUND ME instead of taking care of it myself! When I first heard of this company and heard that the investment was in my health ONLY (the $40 coach fee was waived)—I thought, WOAH... Ryan and I are up to our eyeballs in debt, we cant even afford a summer vacation out LET ALONE a $120 program for my health & fitness. UNTIL, I saw a post from my coach about WHAT that investment turned into. ABOUT HOW when an unexpected LIFE thing happened SHE didn't have to think what to pay and what NOT to pay anymore. AND THEN the perspective started to SEAP into my head. Because you see I was NEVER thinking like a "MOM BOSS” I was never thinking like a successful person. I was thinking like an early 30-something who wanted what she wanted NOW. With no real vision of WHERE I wanted to be in 2- 5 years. I talk to women every single day who say the SAME THINGS I said in the beginning. The program is too much, I don't have the time, we can’t afford it, My husband doesn’t think its for me, etc. AND I INSTANTLY GET SAD. LIFE doesnt have to be lived that way. THIS ONE CHANCE WE GET doesn’t have to be under restriction all the time. YOU DONT HAVE to be wondering if there is more. YEAH, sure it will take WORK and WERK 😉 but whats the alternative? You keep wondering, keep being only a few hundred away from the limit on your CC praying your car doesnt break down or your A/C doesn’t go out ? AND MORE IMPORTANTLY that you feel like you aren't making a difference or moving toward your own goals and future every day? THATS ALL DIFFERENT NOW because of a REFUNDABLE, I WOULD HAVE DONE IT ANYWAY purchase of a workout program THAT IS STILL WORKING FOR ME 8 years later. More in comments!

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aislinwg. Drinks out, late nights, repeating that back to back, in my early twen

Drinks out, late nights, repeating that back to back, in my early twenties really didn’t help build my confidence unless it was after a couple of juggity jugs or a round of shots. Yes it was fun. But I never woke up proud of my decisions or actions. (if I remembered😬) Years later, more often than not, I’m up early drinking my mamamoodboost so I can have time to myself that actually has built my confidence. And let me tell you, you don’t forget doing Ski Abs or Burpees so easily! I can’t say that I regret the social scene back then, but I know as a mama, my social scene now is much more mood boosting. It isn’t about being cool or looking a certain way or trying to be the life of the party, now it’s about having a posse of women all over the country who will instantly boost my mood, cheer me on and talk real talk daily. No more need for those crazy nights out when already found my guy✅ ~isn’t that what the bar scene is mostly about?!? No more need to dress to impress those watching ~ spending money on a weekly bar outfit gets hard. No more need to feel like keeping up with social lites and cool girls is the most important thing. I think fixing things inside leads you to the people who want to be part of your journey and not part of a story. Gals, you know who you are, you show up for me and I show up for you, no round and round about convos, just the good stuff, the real stuff, the stuff I maybe would have been too scared to tell anyone (unless I thought they wouldn’t remember in the morning😜) Women, find your tribe, enjoy being the true you with them and seeing what can grow, maybe it will be a friendship, a community, a team or business partners? And if you are looking for any of those, then send me 💕 and I will add you into my coach glimmer and glimpse group yo see what I do and how doing it makes me whole!✌🏻 . . . #mamaofgirls #mombossliving #fulltimemama #blessedmama #countrylivingmama #momfirst #myownboss #doitforyou #makingitwork #mamalife #strongaf #fulltimejobfulltimemama #absafterbabies #workonyou #sweattherapy #coffeesnob #morningmotivations #loveyoufirst

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Just realized Jan 2019 is 10 years ago from my last transformation post C-Section! 🔪 Jan of 2009, I FINALLY was able to lose my 2nd pregnancy baby weight even though she was born Oct 1st. 👉🏼Waited my 8 weeks post C-section Dr’s orders before starting to exercise, but on my 1st day back on Dec 1st..... I taught a Turbo Kick class then rushed right to the hospital as my 8 week old daughter was at a severe risk of dying from RSV . I lived in the hospital for 2 straight weeks eating hospital food, mostly chicken fingers. After being released, having Xmas, we were back in the hospital for another 4-5 days . 😟 Jan 2009 was a perfect time to start my body transformation as I announced on social media that I was going to follow a home weight lifting workout for 90 days. I’d actually NEVER followed a workout video before as I thought you really can’t get a REAL workout unless you go to the gym. But I had just joined as a Coach with this company 6 months prior, was embarrassed by my big post baby body, & exhausted from nursing a high risk newborn and having a 1 1/2 year old son . 😶😴 So dumb and so closed minded back then... because today, I PREFER following workout programs by video at home! 🤗 🤪 Picture on the left - 36 years old 😟 and picture on the right - 46 years old 🤪

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vikaventures. #SHOULDERS
Same bench three different moves.
🔖 Book mark and inco

#SHOULDERS Same bench three different moves. . . 🔖 Book mark and incorporate this triset into your next shoulder day! Issa gewd wunnn😇😘

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hannahwilwerding. Me 36 weeks pregnant with baby Number 1 at age 24 vs. 31 years old aft

Me 36 weeks pregnant with baby Number 1 at age 24 vs. 31 years old after having two kids. . . . Who says that you can’t have abs after having kids?! I used to think so too. . . . It’s often true that pregnancy changes your body in many ways. Sometimes it is never quite the same, but why believe that you can’t get in shape again?! . . . Like I’ve said before...there is no magic pill, there is no secret diet, and the results won’t come overnight. It takes consistency, accountability, and discipline. It can be done! . . . I’m looking for OTHER MOMS out there who want to have more energy, more accountability, eat healthier, and get it shape! If that’s you, GIVE ME A SHOUT! I want you on my team! 💪🏼 . . . I understand that you’re busy!!! So am I! I have two kids, work full time, and have a husband in grad school. . . . If you’re taking 30 min a day to scroll through your Instagram, then you for sure have 30 min to dedicate to working out and taking care of yourself. So why not do this for you?! . . . Make the decision to BEGIN your own TRANSFORMATION! #transformationtuesday

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If you view the world through the same lens for too long your brain will keep it as T R U T H, even if it's not working for you. ⁣ ⁣ 🤩 Have you ever caught yourself thinking there’s more to life, MONTH after month? ⁣ 🤩 What about not enjoying your job, yet you continue to show up day after day? ⁣ 🤩 Telling yourself you'll never lose that weight, never be capable of building that life of freedom. ⁣ Telling yourself these things is like telling your brain to believe them.⁣ ⁣ So, don't. Don't believe that for a SECOND. I don't!!! ⁣ ⁣ You know what I believe? I believe in YOU. I believe that with some hard work and hustle, commitment and PASSION, you can turn any obstacle into an opportunity. That you can train your brain to see excuses as challenges and you can overcome them.⁣ ⁣ Coming from someone who was a SELF DOUBTER, AFRAID TO FAIL and TOO SHY TO GET OUT THERE, I took a chance and became a multi six figure business builder because I STARTED TO BELIEVE IN MYSELF when others didn't... I know a heck of a lot can be done when you star with BELIEF! ⁣ ⁣ Wanna try this with me? I'm setting up a little virtual FAQ sesh this week for anyone who wants more info on joining this movement with my tribe in your corner who believes in you, and an opportunity to give yourself MORE: more financials, more freedom, more fit friends, just MORE to LIFE!! Drop an emoji below if you want deets!!

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2008...3 days from having baby #3... . 2009...partying like a rockstar in Milwaukee at Summer Fest in my size 0 dress, rockin’ my fake tan, & I’m certain I smoked an entire pack of cigarettes that night and I know I had a badass hangover the next morning. But it was fun... . 2011...baby bump #4, over it, never doing it again... . 2012...said baby sucked the life out of me once again... sick of feeling like poo but I’m gearing up to start my first at home program in an attempt to get fit while drinking Total Lean & eating like shit.... . 2013... Body Beast worked! Why was I so hesitant to try it? . 2014... this one kinda hurts... mommy makeover complete, abs gone, diastasis recti repaired, boobs bigger, blah blah blah . 2016... goal= build an ass, grow the muscles, get my abs back . 2019... new year, same me... not pregnant, not skinny fat, not nutrient deprived, not giving a shit about the size of my boobs or how flat my belly is. A focused on strong, healthy, no deprivation, confident me. . If I could rewind and change things I maybe would. But all that stuff and those challenges have been part of the journey. And at this point, my only regret is that I didn’t commit sooner.

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