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Travel : Yeah, the view from the top, Makes me feel that I've conquered it all, But have I? Certainly not! The Mountains have taught me to remain humble. They help keep the earth stable, prevent it from shaking; and do they boast about it!? Certainly not! A great feeling of joy and inspiration jolts within me when I see them giants standing tall on the face of the earth, I too desire to conquers not the peaks, but my dreams. Isn't it funny in itself. This illusion of being on the tops thinking that you conquered, Whereas there are actually a lot of them. . . Location : Deorali Bazar, Gangtok. Shot On : Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus. . . . #gangtok #gangtoktrip #gangtokdiaries #gangtoksikkim #sikkimtourism #sikkimadventures #sikkimdiaries #sikkim #northsikkim #sikkimphotography #topoftheview #mountai #mountainbiking #adventurelife #mountaintopview #naturephotography #nature_perfection

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adventureswithkp. if you only seek the views, you will be disappointed by things out of

if you only seek the views, you will be disappointed by things out of your control #enjoythejourney #adventurelife #foggyfriday #optoutside #discoverwisconsin

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Greece is the country in Europe that had the biggest number of nature reserves.  In other words we are talking of 17 National parks without even mentioning the rest !  and now we are exploring one of them, the Tzoumerka National park on the Pindus range. If the park is home of many species of animals, this is not what jumped to our eyes (excluding that cricket invasion that freaked out Marie!) But those pure landscapes really had something special.

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id_rather_wander. \"Why are you packing that big bag again, Mum?\" Yes, she is overly posh

"Why are you packing that big bag again, Mum?" Yes, she is overly posh and a bit snobby at times so I'm pretty sure she would have a British accent. I miss her more than anything when I'm gone, including @mattthebrewer6. 😚

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This weekends forecast may be oppressive heat and humidity 🔥 but Muddy Boots forecast is SPLASH! 💦 Many fantastic ways to enjoy the outdoors beyond hiking mountains and risking heat stroke during the heatpocalypse of 2019. ⠀ Brush up on your water safety tips, pack that bathing suit 👙 and sunscreen, leave the doggo home to chill in the ac, bring LOTS of hydration and enjoy those remote water ways! Let’s go!

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hannahmae_life. Perfect day at the airfield! Mae wore a cropped blue striped top from

Perfect day at the airfield! Mae wore a cropped blue striped top from JCrew, paired with white capris to go watch her grandmother skydive! Scroll to see the skydiving adventure of Oma! Skydiving was a bucket list item for her, and that got us thinking about our own bucket lists! High on Mae's list is seeing the northern lights! What's on your #bucketlist ?? Comment below!! #bucketlist #paracleteskydiving #crazyoma #airfieldstyle #JCrew #hannahandmae #bloglife #adventurelife

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coopers_adventurelife. Day 8 
Day7 #kuching#malaysia#adventurelife#bako#bakonationalpark#馬來西亞

Day 8 Day7 #spaghetti

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It’s adventurous July again.. 2018 - I was in northern Mongolia for my first trail & mountain full marathon. 2019 - get ready for Ladakh Markha Valley above 5000m . Life begins at the end of comfort zone. . . . . . #traveller_stories #mongolia #offthebeatenpath #adventuretime #ageisjustanumber #beactive #getoutofyourcomfortzone #july #trailrunning #mountainview #bluesky #lake #landscapephotography #landscape #wow #naturephotography #natureislife #nature_photo #cow #adventurelife #instalandscape #photooftheday #travellingthroughtheworld

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“When a man does a piece of work which is admired by all we say that it is wonderful; but when we see the changes of day and night, the sun, the moon, and the stars in the sky, and the changing seasons upon the earth, with their ripening fruits, anyone must realize that it is the work of someone more powerful than man.” ~Chief Standing Bear~

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In a world full of idiotic distractions, let’s not forget the REAL problems in the world.

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love this street! 😍 (last shot == mood when u awkwardly notice cute locals hyping u up) #paris

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Exquisite Kutchi tribal patterns. Moi taking a chai break while adventuring in the Kutch Desert. Gujarat. India. #kutch #gujarat_diaries

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