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We rode bikes to this gem, found a comfy rock and enjoyed empanadas and cerveza❤️

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Fim do dia 🏂😊❤

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@grandvalira ❤🏂

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Love the aroma here. #rome . . The history in Rome is absolutely breathtaking! The best thing about this spot is that my 3 favorite stores are here. To the right a family owned store with the absolute best buffalo mozzarella and procutto. To the left the luxurious perfume store & a coffee shop. . . Visit every time I'm here. #travelingfoodie

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A fé...

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Paisagem de perder de vista ❤

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Templo no alto da montanha

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Barcelona ❤

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Imagine sitting on the edge by the water. Watching the sun rise. Drinking your hot cup of coffee you just brewed with your JetBoil. Listening to the sound of those early birds chirping, feeling a slight morning chill in the air with the wind barely blowing, seeing a beaver across the water bobbing its head up and skimming the water. With no one else around. Zero. Peaceful. Serene. Incredible. That’s exactly what you’d be experiencing watching this sunrise with me on my second day at this national park. Completely took me by surprise how beautiful this place is and totally worth the plane ride AND boat ride we had to take to get here. #amazingwrld #explorebogor #bogorpisan #exploreindonesia

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