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mysticravenjade. Daily Love Message:  Spirit is saying this week you are needing to giv

Daily Love Message: Spirit is saying this week you are needing to give when it comes to love. For my singles, this is talking about giving someone your time or even giving love time. You may have been trying to stay busy with work or other activities and trying to avoid love but Spirit is saying if you want love, you have to give love. So, do things where you give love including giving love to yourself. If you are in a relationship or dating, Spirit is saying to give a gift of being with the person. Stop putting things in front of them and show them some attention and time. They could be missing you and just wanting to see you. For some couples, you have been avoiding some issues that need to be addressed. Spirit is saying that the gift you can give is to open up and let your partner know what in the world is going on. MESSAGE: GIVE THE GIFT OF LOVE TODAY! CARDS USED: THE WHISPERS OF LOVE BY ANGELA HARTFIELD Does today’s reading resonate? Let me know in the comments... Remember this is a general reading so this may or may not resonate with you. For personal reading, hit your girl up on my website, www.mysticravenjade.com Do you like the daily cards I use and want to know where to get them? Go to my shop on Amazon which has most of the card decks that I use! www.amazon.com/shop/mysticravenjade https://tinyurl.com/y6pl8pyf Follow me 👉🏾 @mysticravenjade Have you checked out your weekly Love Reading on YOUTUBE to see if it resonates? Check it out now: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwSlJCOa4wWiIiwfg1Y6Mog# #daily #love #message #gifts #give #time #space #trust #faith #Hope #believe #patience #guidance #god #spirit #source #angels #universe #guides #tarot #oracle #single #relationship #family #friends #mysticravenjade

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divinedestiny1111. To say you have drive is an understatement.....
Im seeing a screen

To say you have drive is an understatement..... . . Im seeing a screen with a rocket or missile being "locked on" something. Once its locked....now I'm seeing a Pit Bull bite down. Lock jaw. Which means its there to stay and/or not letting go. . . This endeavor may pick up considerable speed so try to keep things as slow as possible if this gives you anxiety. If you dont, it could run away with you.... . . . For some of you: You're zeroing in on the direction you want to go. This may be more plans being made. But these plans are exciting. Theres something about these plans that gives makes time seem to speed up. . . I grew up riding horses...from very small to very big. Some horses almost seem to dance...they move in a very spirited way. In fact, I was in an Arabian dominated show once and learned it's common for the horses to get cheered on...they like it. My Quarterhorse wasnt impressed lol Anyway, This energy feels to me like riding a very big, powerful horse. If all that power and energy were to get away from you...there may be issues. Keep a tight rein. Remain unmoved and unshaken. It may feel like your walking an energetic tight rope. But as long as you stay centered, you'll just keep trotting along. If you let it, it will start to gallop immediately.....so if speed is not something you want....like I said, keep a tight rein. . . For others: Hold on. You're about to get the movement you're wanting....all you have to do in return is stop thinking and make a move forward. Any movement. Even if it doesnt amount to THAT much. Progress is progress. . . The reason you're not seeing the progress you want right now is because it's not time to. You have other parts of the equation to solve. Dead end? Go another route. Did all that work, just to end up back at square one? Great! You no doubt learned a new trait you will need for success. Nothing in ever in vain. Just keep sorting through, organizing...it get clearer little by little. . . Oh yea, and enjoy the ride! One day you'll look back and be so proud. . . . @divinedestiny1111 🌈👑💋

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Copper and Wood bracelet. Reiki infused. • Copper, is the most popular to use for Rheumatoid Arthritis. Not only it help to relieve the pain, but it’s also a natural detoxifier which could help to identify and the energy that created the condition. When placed next to the skin, it soothes the pain of rheumatism, arthritis and other inflammatory problems. Copper is a calming stone and is used to promote good health and brings balance in your life. It’s a warming stone, it will help you release excess charges of anger or resentment. It’s known as the “love metal” because it will help you open up to love energies and address any sexual imbalances. • Wood, brings protection, strength, prosperity, wisdom and grounding. Brown wood brings stability and flexibility. Symbolizes a connection with the earth. To order comment below👇🏼 PayPal accepted. Disclaimer: This bracelet/Anklet/ necklace /item is not sold as a medical device or to replace consultation with your physician or health care professional. Wearing/ using this bracelet/Anklet / necklace/item will bring positive changes of energy but the effectiveness of the gemstones will rely on the user, therefore I cannot guarantee or predict the outcome for each wearer/user. Stay well, happy and ONEderful #Staywellandhappy #Reiki #Reikijewelry #Reikilife #Reikimaster #Reikibeading #beadingwithapurpose #angels #handmadejewelry #reikiinfused #holistic #angeltouchhealingcenter #healing #Reikilove

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Our relationships, achievements, poss

CONNECTING TO THE SOURCE OF LOVE Our relationships, achievements, possessions, goals, people and environment all have a purpose in our life but if we make our joy dependent on all these factors being perfect, will mean we would be unfair to ourselves. On the contrary, we have the power to #accept imperfections in the above and still be joyful and loveful. There is One source of love and joy who does not leave us, no matter what happens in our life. That is God. By #trusting Him and giving Him our life, we smile all the time. Otherwise we lose happiness every now and then, because we based it on changeable factors like relationships, possessions, salaries, positions and even one’s own physical health. When God’s vibrations become a part of our being, our every act begins to reflect the quality of God. There arises a natural desire to be the best so we start working through His #guidance, using Him as a constant #companion throughout the day. The intensity of this lasting inner love and joy transcend boundaries of the 5 physical sense organs. Joy becomes our state of #being. We no longer need anything outside of us to make us happy. We perceive everyone as equals as we remain in a #consciousness that we are equal in the eyes of #God. Our #interactions with family, friends, colleagues, relatives and even strangers will be filled with love and #blessings. When our way of #living #echoes God’s #divinity, we naturally rise as His #Angels, His messengers of #Love and #Joy. 🌺🌺🌺 #naturelove #naturelife divinepeace 💙 #instalove #kindness #selfrespect #mothernature #peace

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One of my affirmations for the Fullmoon... Angels thank you for always being by my side & showing me the wonderful ways in which I am blessed... I surrender that which doesn’t serve my highest good & give gratitude for everything that makes me smile 😊 Remember to smile 😊 #naturallyyoursbyisabel

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eituvij. Namaste lovely souls 🙏 
My first tattoo ever is ; a #semicolontattoo

Namaste lovely souls 🙏 My first tattoo ever is ; a #semicolontattoo and it also resonated with my thoughts and churning st that point of time when I was questioning my self and breaking my own moulds and was wanting to fly without being shy! I am the author of my life I choose what I write and how I write my life book .My story is mine and I get to write it just the way I wish !!!!!!!!!# Forgive ! Forgive your your self forgive All ..... LET BE..... Never judge yourself or let no one judge you . Your trauma , your path , your emotions , your story is legitimate and honour it . Take your time to heal take your moments to feel and then see when we breakdown we surely breakthrough , when we hit rock bottom we rise and we surprise . Call out if you need someone to listen to your story and show you the incredible path you on . Call me to help you empower you with your inner glow . Love and light 🙏🧚‍♀️ ♥️🍀🌟♥️🍀🌟Reach out for twin flame and soulmate and love readings and sessions to unblock and centre your energy to attract love 💖. Visit my website www.eituvijchopra.com FB page: Karmic Healing By Eitu Insta @eituvij Skype FaceTime Video call session Or one on one session for soul therapy and solutions and guidance to smoother healthier and happier life . Modalities : #reiki #Reikihealer #journalingtherapy #talktherapy #conciousparenting #angelcardreader #angeltherapy #crystalhealing #chakrahealing #chakrabalancing #livethemoment #noworry #liveyourtruth #noworry #manifest #angels #amethyst #tenacity #holdground #nurturing #heal #healing #beginning #semicolonproject #semicolontattoo #mylife #author

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Ignore the #dogear #photobomb

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jameshimm. Daily Divination: Emotional Clearing
When this card turns up, the ange

Daily Divination: Emotional Clearing When this card turns up, the angels are signaling a time to release and let go of emotional energies. The woman symbolizes your “emotional body” (regardless of your gender); to her left lies a mountain range, symbolizing blocks of the past, and some of those may be from the distant past (mountain can represent “distant”). Her left hand glows with energy, suggesting actively releasing emotional blocks of the past that have been stagnant or difficult to overcome before. This card turning up for you at this moment says you’re ready to release and let go of that past emotional baggage. The “light phoenix” above the woman’s head symbolizes the transmutation of that energy, and in doing so, ushers in a rebirth of sorts for you (a phoenix rises from the ashes). Another possibility with this card is that the angels are giving you a “heads up,” sending the message to pay attention to your emotional reactions and responses as you go about your day, as this is a card of handling (the glowing hand) any “emotional triggers.” The message here is to “feel what you feel” in the moment (you’re human after all), and then “cancel, clear, delete” (release and let it go). Archangel Muriel is associated with this card, and is one of the angels of peace and emotional harmony; you can call on Muriel to assist you in grounding yourself so you don’t get swept up in negative, unhealthy emotional energies. And since I mentioned Muriel, this card can also turn up as encouragement to develop your intuitive/psychic abilities more (Muriel is an angel connected to intuition). Your third eye and crown chakras may be activated or opening up more (those chakras are glowing on and around the head of the woman), and you may be noticing (feeling, sensing) a connection with non-physical energies, entities, and “light bodies” (phoenix). And Muriel is adding this: You might also be aware of scents, as her name translates as “perfume of God” and is associated with myrrh, which is used as a perfume.

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hrvyxloren_fpage. I’m back💘💫
•sorry for being inactive

I’m back💘💫 [NOTHING QR CODES AND PRESETS] •sorry for being inactive •Tried to do something smooth in this edit •hope u like it •please if u can pls repost this on you story - - - please tag her: @loren @lorenxgray @loren @lorenxgray @loren @lorenxgray @loren @lorenxgray @loren @lorenxgray @loren @lorenxgray - - ac: @aydinsaudios dt: @vscoloringsbylily Hashtags: #loren #lorengray #lorenbeech #lorenedits #lorenfanpage #lorengrayedits #lorenxbeech #lorengrayfanpage #lorenlove #angels #colorings #videostar #overlays #smoothedits #softaudios #smile #pretty

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martaismyword. 20. Rosky💍🤪
daje e sono
20 rosky
meriti anche 
tu il meglio
sei bell

20. Rosky💍🤪 daje e sono 20 rosky meriti anche tu il meglio sei bellissima e sorridi e guarda che 20 son pochi😍💕 @rosalba @rosalba #happybirthdayrosalba #happybdayrosalba #rosalba #angels #teamangel

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Joyce Pagan
Todo depende del color con se mira,

UN ASUNTO DE ACTITUD Joyce Pagan Todo depende del color con se mira, los martes son días a veces un poco incómodos...sin embargo si lo vieramos como el comienzo de una gran oportunidad para hacer todo nuevo, nos agradaría más. Si lo vieras con una actitud de agradecimiento, lo celebrarias. y así nos sucede en la vida, cuando cambiamos nuestras actitudes, ampliamos nuestra perspectiva y nuestras alternativas y oportunidades. Yo decidí celebrar mis Martes y construir el comienzo de mi felicidad armonizándome con todo ser vivo en este planeta...y sacando el máximo a la vida!!! Tú proponte hacer lo mismo!!! FELIZ MARTES A TODOS!!! #joycepagan #felizmartes #angels #mensajesdivinos #laactitudestodo

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angelesatualcance. Buenos días!
Esta bien expresar el amor, está bien ser amado. Aunque a

Buenos días! Esta bien expresar el amor, está bien ser amado. Aunque algunas veces hayas salido lastimado, no significa que ya no tengas ese derecho, al contrario! Entre más des amor, más recibes amor. Solo no des amor y exigir, porque eso no es amor, es ego. Actúa siempre desinteresadamente, sin pedir nada a cambio, y notarás cómo te rodearás de personas que también quieren dar todo su amor y te amarán sin pedirte más. Sigue tus instintos, tu sabrás quienes son esas personas. Pide mi ayuda y te guiaré para poder expresar ese amor qué hay en ti, te mereces todo lo bueno y todo el amor. Actúa siempre desde el corazón, pregúntate hacia donde quieres ir? Que es lo que quieres? Siente la respuesta en tu corazón, ahí te estamos guiando, y te diremos cuáles son los siguientes pasos para que puedas lograrlo y cumplir con tu misión de vida, en amor y abundancia. Estamos guiándote siempre. Te amamos siempre ♾ Arcángel Miguel y Tus ángeles y guías personales Feliz y bendecido día! Namaste Canalizado por Marylú Villanueva Terapeuta Arcangelical * Canalización con tus ángeles • * Sanación con Arcangeles • * Regresión a Vidas Pasadas • * Médium • * Tanatologia • Información sobre costo y horario para terapias por Inbox. Comparte este mensaje en tu muro para que el mensaje de los Ángeles llegue a más gente 🌟🙏🏻 GRACIAS GRACIAS GRACIAS #angels #angeles #amor #love #blessings #bendiciones #miracles #milagros #trusttheuniverse #confiaeneluniverso #trustinyou #confiaenti #MaryluVillanueva #Angelesatualcance

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suenosdeluz2019. Este próximo jueves, 24 de octubre en nuestro encuentro #Chocolateando

Este próximo jueves, 24 de octubre en nuestro encuentro #ChocolateandoConLosÁngeles, nos acompañará el Arcángel Rafael, el arcángel de la salud física, mental y espiritual. . . Conoce, conecta y aprende de las maravillas del #ArcángelRafael ¡inscríbete! +57 350 227 23 83 📲. . . 📅 Fecha: jueves, 24 de octubre. 🕖 Hora: 7:00 p.m. 🔜 Lugar: Calle 15 Sur CRA 46 # 84 APT. 301 URBANIZACIÓN VEGAS DE SANTA MARÍA, SECTOR AGUACATALA, MEDELLÍN. . . ♥️ Aporte amoroso: $25.000 INCLUYE KIT DE TU ÁNGEL GUÍA . . #ChocolateandoconlosÁngeles #Los7Arcángeles #ArcangelRafael #Angels #Mantras #Holistica #Colombia #Medellín #Envigado #Sabaneta #Caldas #LaEstrella #Bello #Ángeles #SueñosdeLuz

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sol_buga. Cucú!!!💗Muy requetebuenas!!!
Si a los ojos me miras y los ves brillar

Cucú!!!💗Muy requetebuenas!!! Si a los ojos me miras y los ves brillar, si sigues mirando y en ellos quieres entrar, puede que te estés enamorando de lo que dentro tienen para dar... los ojos cuentan mucho si sabes mirar... porque en ellos vive tu alma y esa no engaña es la que habla de verdad... + + + + + + + + + + + + + + #graffiti #eyes #buho #helloworld #thanks #començemsetmana #somhi #vamos #week #soy #14 #helloworld #angels #9 #quererespoder #lunes #dilluns #monday #montag #lundi #luns #Astelehena #thanks #8 #imparable #animalprint #buenasemana #atutti #graffiti #

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