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This is what my vision for the world to looks like. - I tried writing this caption like 7 times yesterday and I wanted to get it just right, but then I realized it’s not about perfection, it’s about honestly. - And that’s it, this picture perfectly represents the change I want to create in the world. - I want humans to see animals for the individuals that they are. I want humans to recognize that every animal’s life is just as important to them than my life is important to me, and therefore worth it. - And I want us to use our power to protect and connect with animals, not exploit and kill them. - Imagine what the world would look like if we loved and respected all life? If we all took the time to look animals in the eyes, connect with them and see their individuality? - Today, we encounter most animals as products and commodities. We encounter them as pieces of “meat”, leather boots, and prisoners in zoos. - We learn not to think about them and we learn that their lives are so unimportant that it’s no big deal to kill them and take what’s most valuable to them - their lives. - And what we’re not seeing is that those cows, chickens, pigs, goats, fish, and other animals didn’t die willingly for us, and that as they were prodded through slaughterhouses, they fought for their lives. - I met many animals over the past few months and they are all so beautiful. They’re different from us, but in all the ways that matter, they are the same. - They like to play, they will connect with you, and they want to live. - Really, take the time to imagine what the world would look like if we truly loved all animals. Wouldn’t that be beautiful? - Well, it’s up to each and every one of us to create that. - 📷 @jennileighfer

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vplantbasedbody. These are the screams they don't want you to hear! 
These are the imag

These are the screams they don't want you to hear! These are the images that are hidden for your protection? Bullshit. This is happening now. It happens everyday in one form or another, every second. In the hours you sleep... they don't. They are being brutalized, tortured and used, & killed, because you won't go vegan. You need to see and hear this! This is the truth. Their truth must not be hidden from your eyes, while they suffer with their bodies. They are innocent. They are sentient. They are loved. Wake up people! These pigs are smarter than a 3 year old human. Smarter then the dog you share your bed with! Open your eyes, your ears, and your heart. We need to fight for a world where this never ever happens to a single sentient being. 👊🌱💚 Rp @killuminati_don777 - Don’t like sharing these types of videos but this is the society we live in 😔😔🤦🏾‍♂️ #veganrecipes #food #ditchdairy #california #vegan #plantbased #vegansofig #vegansofinstagram #veganlife #veganlifestyle #veganism #veganfoodshare #whatveganseat #earthlings #animalrights #animalliberation #compassion #veganfood #plantpower #nutrition #protein #healthy #healthylife #eatcleantraindirty #vegangirl #crueltyfree #vegangains #govegan #cali #calilife

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veganautopia. Creo que el consumo de animales se apoya en la ignorancia y que lament

Creo que el consumo de animales se apoya en la ignorancia y que lamentablemente la mayoría de las personas en lugar de observar sus acciones de manera crítica buscan argumentos ridículos para protegerse. El consumo de animales marinos es uno de los grandes disparates de la humanidad y quienes lo defienden utilizan excusas como; "Viven libres", "Nadie los maltrata" o "Los peces no tienen sentimientos." 😧 Adivinen qué pasa si sacamos masivamente animales de el ecosistema acuático... ¡Exacto! Los depredadores mueren de hambre. No estamos matando solamente a lxs animales de consumo, estamos destruyendo un mundo libre. Y una de las cosas que más me aterra es ese grupo de personas que se llaman a si mismos vegetarianxs y comen animales marinos (¿Acaso son plantas?). Como no son mamíferos y no podemos escuchar sus gritos parece ser más difícil empatizar con ellxs, parece que sus vidas no tuvieran valor. No importa cuántas palabras sagradas hayas leído, no importa cuántas has dicho, no sirven de nada si no actúas respecto a ellas. . . . El verdadero #10yearchallenge . . . . . . . . #vegan #vegano #veganismo #govegan #goveg #plantbaseddiet #plantbased #comidavegana #BeVegan #behappy #whatsveganseat #veganblog #veganblogger #vegansofinstagram #veganlife #veganlifestyle #elfuturoesvegano #thefutureisvegan #consciente #consciencia #antiespecismo #animalliberation #animalrights #cubodelaverdad #cubeoftruth #anonymous #anonymousforthevoiceless

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lizzette619. It’s a shame knowing billions of people pay other humans to hurt these

It’s a shame knowing billions of people pay other humans to hurt these majestic creatures. My wish for this new year is that humans begin to see the error in their ways and embrace a kinder lifestyle, including extending their circle of compassion to all living beings.

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savemovementnl. This calf has the face of the millions upon millions of baby animals a

This calf has the face of the millions upon millions of baby animals around the world that are killed everyday. A face that would look up into the eyes of their killer, with fear, confusion as to why they are alone, and not with their Mother. The world must wake up to what we are doing to animals. The absolute horrific treatment imposed on them. How could anyone look into the eyes of an animal and slit their throat, bash them to death, skin them alive or force them into a gas chamber? We ask you? We kill the young, the old, the broken. We kill mothers and fathers, babies, brothers and sisters. There are no boundaries or morals in animal agriculture. No one is spared in these industries. 2019 is the year that Animal Liberation will be the focus for so many. Let’s make it an amazing year of incredible progress, immense education and the awakening of the world as to what’s happening. ____ Repost @perthcowsave ____ #thesavemovement #perthcowsave #bearingwitness #weseeyou #wearetrying #vigil #slaughterhouse #vegan #againstanimalcruelty #ethical #ethicallymade #vegancommunity #choices #vegansofig #vegansofperth #perthvegans #activism #animalactivism #animal #liberation #animalliberation #standup #cow #saveanimals #liveandletlive #veganactivist #veganactivism #babyanimals #dutchvegan #babycow

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directactioneverywhere. Rose is the sole survivor of September 29, 2018, a day where law enfor

Rose is the sole survivor of September 29, 2018, a day where law enforcement arrested animal rescuers and killed her brothers and sisters. Follow her journey as she fights disability and finds happiness after hell: @rosethechicken

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Did you know we started a podcast with @rowdygirlsanctuary ? The @2rowdyvegans is a podcast where we take you to the forefront of CHANGE in the animal rights movement. - So far, we have episodes about subsidies, ranches & farms going vegan and dealing with adversity. We have 9 episodes so far, available on iTunes and Spotify. If you like my content here, definitely check it out. - Oh! And I’m posting about it now because @livekindlyco just posted one of our videos on their Facebook page, and that may lead to some exposure. It would mean the world to me if you could follow @2rowdyvegans and like a couple of our posts so it doesn’t look that dry when people get there! ❤️ thank you so much for your support, always! - Btw - how epic is this cover? 🤣

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wilde_woman. I will never stop fighting for you. 💔
ICYMI, last night @acewilde a

I will never stop fighting for you. 💔 . ICYMI, last night @acewilde and I were sitting on the couch ready to unwind for the night, when we received calls that three pigs had fallen from a transport truck on I-35 in west des moines. we rushed to the scene and worked tirelessly to save two pigs, but only one made it to safety. . I will post more of the full story as I process the events of the night. thank you for all the messages of support. . this pig will stay with me for the rest of my time on this planet. despite the horrific scene, he was so gentle and sweet. I scratched his head and back as he faded in and out of this world. I’m so sorry we couldn’t save you. I’m so sorry you died in such a scary, traumatic way. I hope you felt our love. we are working to change this oppressive system, and and we won’t stop until humans see you for the beautiful, intelligent being you are. rest easy. . in this photo, law officers and the driver of the truck were being forced to consider this pig as an individual. one of our small victories last night. . to see footage from the scene, check out the livestream on the @iowafarmsanctuary facebook page, and please share. 🖤

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claire.vegan. We don’t deserve to share this planet with other animals.

Meet Starly

We don’t deserve to share this planet with other animals. Meet Starlyn. She lived with her previous humans for over 9 years. She was then dumped at a kill shelter because the humans moved house. Imagine moving house and dumping your child at a shelter where they would have a time allocated for them to be killed. That is exactly what happened to Starlyn. She was scheduled to be killed today. Thankfully, @laurrenlock saved her life and Starlyn is now safe and very much loved. In her 9+ years of life, Starlyn was evidently denied even the basics of care. She has terrible skin with multiple callouses which are likely the result of spending much of her life in a crate. She will see the vet tomorrow morning for blood and fecal tests as it’s thought that she may have a parasite on top of her skin condition. She also needs to be spayed. At some point in her life, Starlyn has had puppies. At least one litter. Her body bears the telltale signs. Lauren does so much for the animals and humans alike. The vast majority of things she does, she never mentions publicly and a lot of it, she doesn’t mention in private. She never asks for money unless it’s to help a sanctuary or rescue an animal. She donates her own money, time, resources and energy to helping others. On this one occasion, it would be wonderful if you could help her to cover Starlyn’s vet fees. It doesn’t matter whether you donate $1 or $10. Ever penny is very much appreciated and I can promise that you’ll see Lauren giving Starlyn the life she has always deserved. To donate, please click the link in @laurrenlock bio 🙏

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Geese are the largest waterfowls, the other being swans although they are waterfowls, they tend to enjoy spending most of their time on land. Geese always fly in the shape of a ‘V’ as it allows at least 71% greater flying range, when the goose in the lead gets tired, another goose takes over that position. Geese are also very loyal and will mate for life and are very protective of their partners and offspring. They enjoy preening their feathers, foraging for food in the grass, and collecting twigs, bark, and leaves to use to make “home improvements” in their nests. We’ve saved over 35 from slaughter in the few short years we’ve been running as a farm sanctuary here in Denmark and they truly are incredible animals. #geeseofinstagram #goose #fieldsoffreedom #flyinggeese #animalvideos

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true2myrootz417. from @thesavemovement - @lena_elle_ella 
This baby fell asleep before

from @thesavemovement - @lena_elle_ella This baby fell asleep before getting killed this morning. This is so heartbreaking but I am so glad I got to spend 5 hours with these precious beings in the slaughterhouse. I will never forget them. Go vegan. Become active. Bear witness. 📷:@veganroundtheworldtheseries ‼️Visit our website thesavemovement.org for information on starting your own group. ‼️Send us an email at savemovementinfo@gmail.com to get started. ‼️Visit our store torontopigsave.myshopify.com #vegan #govegan #slaughterhouse #endspeciesism #animalrights #animalrightsactivist #animallover #vegansofig #factoryfarming #activism #animalliberation #compassion #lunch #dinner #meat #mcdonalds #kfc #bearwitness #thesavemovement #comecloser - #regrann

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👁Microwaved Truth👁 As a child, my grandma had a “bacon stand” where you hung pieces of pig flesh on this rack to cook in the microwave. I remember thinking this was innovative the time. I used to love bacon and sausage, until I learned the horrifying truth behind these “products.” Mother pigs are typically kept in confined gestation crates. These crates are literally the size of their body. Only allowing them to take a step or two forward and backward. No room to turn around, or even look into the eyes of her babies. These conditions are so rough that these individuals develop servere psychological problems, such as biting at the bars until their teeth break and banging their heads against their cages. Baby pigs are often born on to metal grating. Those who are too small for the industry are “thumped.” Thumping is where a baby piglet is picked up by their hind legs and beaten against the hard concrete floor until they die. During this process their jaws and skulls get smashed in and if they don’t die from this, the workers have to go back and do it all over again. Those who make it past thumping have their teeth and ears clipped, tails cut off, and testicles ripped out of their body, all without anesthesia. These babies will only live a short 6 months before being dragged off to slaughter where they are electrocuted, thrown into a gas chamber, or shot in the head with a metal rod. Some don’t immediately die and are drowned in scalding water. Pigs are beautiful, intelligent people. They are as smart as three year old child and are smarter than dogs. Out at @happy_hen_animal_sanctuary there are five amazing people who were rescued. They love belly rubs, pumpkins, apples, and sunshine. They are my friends, and I will do everything in my power to stop their suffering. They inspired me to create this piece. I made this picture out of an old @natgeo and @veganoutreach leaflet! What will you do today, in order to end their suffering?🧠

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moby. Hanging out in the rain with some of my favorite activists. @aveganchi

Hanging out in the rain with some of my favorite activists. @aveganchildsjourney @smasherbrown #animalrights #animalliberation

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niagarafarmanimalsave. #10yearchallenge


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danielle_meiri. Yay! Got in the mail the T-shirt I designed🤘

Yay! Got in the mail the T-shirt I designed🤘

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marie_se_nehm. Animals Used for Experimentation

Right now, millions of mice, rats, r

Animals Used for Experimentation Right now, millions of mice, rats, rabbits, primates, cats, dogs, and other animals are locked inside barren cages in laboratories across the country. They languish in pain, ache with loneliness, and long to be free. Instead, all they can do is sit and wait in fear of the next terrifying and painful procedure that will be performed on them. .read more on @peta . .⚠️⛔☢️🚫⬛◼️◾▪️🔺☢️⛔ .don't follow @marie_se_nehm .⚠️⛔☢️🚫⬛◼️◾▪️🔻☢️⛔ . . #animalcruelty #vegan #animals #animalrights #govegan #veganism #dog #love #vegansofig #vegans #veganlifestyle #animalliberation #vegano #vegansofinstagram #crueltyfree #animal #veganlife #plantbased #vegancommunity #loveanimals #vegetarian #animallover #kindness #compassion #pigs #cat #animalabuse #dairyfree #vegangirl #bhfyp

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ORDER HERE ---> www.ko

BUTTON LOS FASTIDIOS ANIMAL & HUMAN LIBERATION ORDER HERE ---> www.kobrecords.org . . . #losfastidios #kobrecords #kob #shoponline #shopping #onlineshop #mailorder #buttons #animalliberation #alf #band #punk #ska #skapunk #rock #subculture #vegan #govegan

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sweet_plvnts. Dried Cinnamon Apple Slices are one of our favorite snacks! They're am

Dried Cinnamon Apple Slices are one of our favorite snacks! They're amazing in oatmeal, trail mix or just by themselves!! Recipe available through the link in bio! #DehydratedFruit #AppleChips #Apples #OvenBaked #PlantBased #GoVegan #GlutenFree #PlasticFree #PlasticFreeLiving #SweetPlvnts #Vegan #VeganBaking #VeganSweets #AnimalLiberation #EarthLiberation #RochesterNy

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Hey everyone! Happy Thursday! Q&A time, do you have any questions? 😄🙇🏻‍♂️🌿 Comment below and I’ll make a YouTube video about it soooon! • Picture is throwback from a conversation with a stranger and amazing girl from activist with @anonymousforthevoiceless, also holding the gear of a buddy I miss @francois.carreau 🙇🏻‍♂️🔥 • Photo by: @the.norvegan.photographer 🎥

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vegan_gina_. Our today's Croydon Vegan Outreach Team 
It was cold and quiet in Croy

Our today's Croydon Vegan Outreach Team It was cold and quiet in Croydon Shoping Centre today. But we still had a chance to talk with people about cruelty free lifestyle, compassion and veganism. What does kindness mean to you? Kindness extends from your actions and words to your plate. Reconsider what you define to be Kind. Thank You all amazing souls for being Voice for the Animals 🐥✊ See You next Thursday 💚 ➡ Go Vegan With us This January: www.veganuary.com/register Find out how many you could save in a year with The Vegan Calculator ➡️ #calculator #croydonveganoutreach #vegansofinstagram #vegansoftheworld #goveganandsavelives #veganfortheanimals #untileverycageisempty #animalsofinstagram #animallovers #animalliberation #compassion #dowhatiswrigt #veganjustdoit #veganuary #veganevets #beactive

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almasveganas. ¿Nos ayudas con 1 eurito al mes?
Teaming es una plataforma que ayuda a

¿Nos ayudas con 1 eurito al mes? Teaming es una plataforma que ayuda a entidades comon la nuestra a recaudar fondos. Por el precio de un café, puedes ayudarnos a construir un santuario animal. Solo con 1€ al mes nos ayudas mucho, ya que gracias a mucha gente aportando su granito de arena como tu, hacemos una playa. Solo tienes que ir a la pagina de teaming, buscar almas veganas y hacerte teamer. ¿A qué esperas? 😘 #santuarioanimal #salvaremosvidas #ayuda #solidaridad #AnimalLiberation #teaming #almasveganas #govegan #vegan #veganismoesjusticia #colabora #aportatugranito

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evahynojosa. #Repost @oscar.veganactivist
Roedores, peces, anfibios, perros, ga

#Repost @oscar.veganactivist ・・・ Roedores, peces, anfibios, perros, gatos, primates (no humanos), conejos, cobayas, reptiles, hurones...cumplen condena entre barrotes generalmente de forma individual, lo que significa estar sin estímulos ni relación social alguna y padecer así un severo castigo psicológico. Fuera de la jaula sufren la tortura física. Un auténtico infierno en pocos metros. Más de 100 millones de seres sintientes son víctimas anualmente de pruebas de toxicidad, biología, bioquímica, fisiología o psicología, para la docencia, biomedicina o industria farmacéutica. . Los resultados son ínfimos para el avance de la humanidad, se estima que el 95% de todos ellos no sirven, y el 5 restante requiere de repetir pruebas sobre humanos para confirmar conclusiones (lo que supone un retraso al progreso por la necesidad de confirmar los análisis). De los pocos resultados que salen satisfactorios muchos acaban en productos que se retiran por efectos secundarios. . Las pruebas para humanos deberían de ser sobre humanos, pero el abaratamiento y la consideración del resto de especies como inferiores y a las que nos creemos con la facultad y el derecho de causar daños para evitárnoslo a nosotros (especismo), conlleva a que sean siempre los animales los sacrificados por nuestro egoismo. . . . #Animal #AnimalsOfInstagram #AnimalLovers #AnimalRights #Vegan #GoVegan #Pensamientos #Reflexiones #VegansOfIG #NoAlMaltratoAnimal #NoALaExplotacionAnimal #VeganBoy #Veganism #VeganLife #VeganLifeStyle #AnimalLiberation #LiberacionAnimal #VegansOfSpain #VeganActivist #VeganPower #InstaAnimal #Experimentación #Vivisección #Labs

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