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the.awakenindigos. Any Empaths in this community?

Any Empaths in this community?

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divine_will_144. 👽💚🎶✨


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Have you ever seen the photo of the the 2 people on the bus and out one window someone sees an awesome view, sunset etc while the other person is worried looking through the other side and it is dark and grim? That is kind of like life in many ways. Some people may be in the same “bus” (like situation) but see through totally different filters (windows.) The key is knowing there is more than one window to look though. That person on the bus could get up and go to the other side of the bus where it is pleasant, happy, etc. Anytime something happens in my life that I assume “is not supposed to be there.” I recognize that the resistance I feel in the moment will only bring my state down. Then I will experience a reality that is equal to that lower state of being. We always get in life a reflection of “that which we feel”or “believe to be true.” Therefore what I do, is I give the situation a positive meaning and assume that it is “supposed to be there.” Then my state goes up (or at least it doesn’t go down) and then I experience more of what I want. The one thing we can always choose is how we respond and relate to “what is happening.” By choosing the meaning, everything changes. If you are in a bus with a shitty view, it’s okay. Just see the window as “one” possibility to look through. Then just get up and move seats...and then look at that view 🌎🙌

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faithsnaturals. Rise and shine beautiful souls 💛💜💛
#this #ascension #spir

Rise and shine beautiful souls 💛💜💛 . . . . . #this #ascension #spiritualbadass #bossbabe

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mindfulearthmama. Such amazing vibes last night at an absolutely transformative event wi

Such amazing vibes last night at an absolutely transformative event with healing Tibetan singing bowls, felt so much love and peace. Grateful to be wholly present in this moment as my pure authentic self to experience this journey with every ounce of my being. #vibehigh #galactivation #ascension #tibetanhealingbowls #soundhealing #myhealingjourney #authenticself 💗☮️💟✨✨✨💫

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#🔌Talk HAPPY SATURNSDAY/SATURDAY ERRBODY!!! Moon in ♋ and tomorrow last day of ♑ season 😢 yet I'm so excited for the lunar eclipse and for ♒ season carrying us past the veil!!! I'm still having difficulties with technology and this AM decided I wouldn't let any of that frustration take hold and it made me think about old cycles I had overcome in my life. The 'Grear American Eclipse' earlier in this eclipse cycle is what serrated me from all of that. I have some remnants of my past lives I'm going to let the fire have under this moon coming as well. I never want to send a message about anything unattainable so when I talk about peace and calm know it came with 29 years of unwittingly seeking others validation, approval, and feedback. Control is a concept only suited for those who don't know there is no such thing. That pressure of holding onto to details and letting stress build will only make you weary and nobody else! We truly cannot with 100% certainty know any outcome minute or monstrous. These waves may keep coming but I got this surfboard ready to rip at all times. Change can happen in an instant and will happenthe moment you let go of anything outside of your own self. This journey requires many hats, resiliency, and lots of love. Do you have what it takes? Watch the lunar eclipse tomorrow y'all and bundle up! On a final note I want to tell you from experience it ain't worth it to hold on to any of that hurt that pain or bridges that would be better burnt asunder. I speak that this eclipse in Leo will burn those things off and from within you all that are not for your higher good! Do some good ish for somebody today just because tell somebody you love them and mean it and smile at a stranger, you might just save some lives today!!! #LetDeadWeightGo #RISE2019 #New🌊 #TheGreatAwakening #Transcend #Ascension #HigherSelf #MerkabaActivation #KundaliniRising #WakeTheOthers #Tribe #Unite #ComeTogether #BetterWorld #LoveMas #LaughMas #LiveMas #SmileMas #CreateMas #PushMas #BeTheChange #BeTheSpark #TheSpiritual🔌 #QuantumHomies #BeardzAreDope #DontBeBeardvious #fuxwitdakampaign

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farahmsiddiq. 🧬🔥🦁 Everyone asked for a ritual for this eclipse - here ya go! 🔥🦁

🧬🔥🦁 Everyone asked for a ritual for this eclipse - here ya go! 🔥🦁🧬 🕊🙏🏼🕊 Ritual for the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse: Calling in Sacred Masculine Energies to Clear Toxic Masculinity via Archangel Metatron. The Four Fathers: Odin, Shiva, Osiris and Zeus 🕊🙏🏼🕊 Find out time of Lunar eclipse in your location. If you want to get really specific do this during the time of totality. Sage your space. Light a candle or candles. If you have crystals put them around you. Upper chakra stones are good for this like aquamarine, amethyst, celestite and lapis. If you have a singing bowl you can initiate your invocation and set your intention. Meditate for however long you please. (Some like to write out things they would like to release then burn it. That is up to you if you would like to add that but not necessary.) Once you feel your intention is set and know what it is you want to shift read the following invocation: “I call in the four fathers. I call in the energy of Norse God Odin for death of my old self and healing. I call in the energy of Hindu God Shiva for the death of my old self and healing. I call in the energy of the Egyptian God Osiris for the death of my old self and healing. I call in the Greek God Zeus for the death of my old self and healing. I am clear now and have released my old self. I now call in Archangel Metatron to help align my spirit in ascension. I see Metatron’s cube in my mind. I feel the energy activate each chakra one by one. The root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown. I am at peace and activated.” After you are finished close out with a moment of gratitude and take a warm epsom salt bath. If you don’t have a bath tub a shower works as well. Remember you can always adapt this into something more personal. Change what you need to with your own intuition. Happy Eclipse! 🌝🔥🧬🦁🙏🏼🥰 #alchemy #mercurian #arcturian #sirian #scorpio #chakras #astrology #thecosmicnomad #ascension #innerwisdom #energyhealing #cosmicreiki #cosmicenergies #spirituality #divinefeminine #sacredmasculine #farahmsiddiq #weareiascend #spiritech @iascendapp

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__love_art_inspo__. .
Innocent and mild.
My feelings for you run deep.
It makes my soul sm

. Innocent and mild. My feelings for you run deep. It makes my soul smile, How your gentle love empowers me. My muse and inspiration. Your gaze is the sweetest of delights. You are the only thing more peaceful, Than when I close my tired eyes. Baby let me enjoy you. Every song lyric and timely rhyme. Every quirk and insecurity. Let me love the parts of you, You hide. Give me all of your brutal winters, And your summers just alike. Give me that pure love in hefty doses, Until the end of time. ⌛🖤 . . Art by: @sparksflyidraw . #divineunion #ascension #1111 #twinflames #soulmates #divinelove #divineplan #reallove #spiritualwarriors #art #divineunionwithin #loves #pastlives #divinefeminine #divinemasculine #loveyou #wordporn #poems #poemporn #twinflameunion #mylove #growtheflame #soulmate #iloveyou #forever #trust #fate #twinflameunion #soulmission #twinflameseparation

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We come into this world on fire. No sooner have we arrived than a madness overtakes us, a madness which tears open our lungs with the cry of life. It is a cry which seeks everything, the All, the whole of life that lies in front of it. It is the cry of someone with a fresh memory of the unconditional love which embraced it at its origin, a faint but disquieting memory which may drive it over desolate oceans, up rare mountains, across the entire globe, and sometimes even into the starry night of space, just to taste it once again. . How easily that cry fades from our chest. How easily that madness, which is the source of all spiritual life, which is the passionate search for God, is tempered by subtle ennui, by the empty comforts of "life", by convincing conclusions drawn from the wells of despair. And yet the memory of the cry never completely fades, and it always stands ready to engulf its bored host, at the faintest spark of genuine beauty. . . . . . #spiritualawakening #wisdom #spirit #wild #oldsoul #spiritualpath #INFJ #awaken #journey #starseeds #frequency #catholicspirituality #theology #ascension #inspirational #awake #beajesuit #beauty #beautyway #inspirational #lightworker #priest #catholicism

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