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Power comes from taking responsibility for how good I feel. Circumstances outside of my control may influence my emotional state. Sometimes sucky things happen that aren’t my fault. Taking responsibility means choosing how to navigate through these circumstances and take care of myself physically, mentally, and spiritually. I don’t do my best. I do what feels good. People who are afraid to let feeling good guide them (sometimes, me) don’t have faith that, if they just let themselves take it easy, that their feeling good will lead them to work, and work better. They believe that feeling good is a reward they get when they finally struggle and sacrifice enough. But does this reward ever come??? Are you stranded out on a plateau? Or in a rut? Do you practice yoga or some other exercise only to hurt everyday? If so, I am willing to bet that you KNOW that this is detrimental and that you should do something differently, but are also WORRIED what would happen if you made the change. What if you let yourself feel good, or at least, feel better? What would happened if you were gentler? What if you rested more? What if you were LAZY?!? Do you not trust your intuition to correct course at the perfect time? Because it will. Do you not trust the natural pairing of feeling good and working towards your dreams? If you believed that power came from feeling good, what would you do right now? Leave a comment 😀 #yogawisdom #empowerment #thirdchakra #energetichealing #yogachikitsa #marichasanad

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icecreamtabata. #Repost @lottasebzdayoga with @repostsaveapp ・・・ Okay, here we go agai

#Repost @lottasebzdayoga with @repostsaveapp ・・・ Okay, here we go again💥 Challenge Announcement 🤸🏻‍♀️🤸🏽‍♂️ #handstandmirror Join us for an 8 day yoga challenge, where we will ground first through the yoga pose and then challenge ourselves to find a similar shape on our hands🙌 June 17-24 How to enter the challenge: 1. Follow hosts and sponsors. 2. Repost the flyer and tag a few friends. 3. Check hosts’ posts daily for tips. 4. Post daily using #handstandmirror and don’t forget tag your hosts and sponsors in the caption. 5. Have fun! Hosts: @cathymadeoyoga @kristopherpace @lottasebzdayoga @raymurse_yoga Sponsors: @bekindfolk @liforme @ohmmeapparel @satvaliving Day 1: Lunge = Bow and arrow 🤸🏽‍♂️ Day 2: Split or straddle = Split or straddle 🤸🏻‍♀️ Day 3: Tree pose = Tree pose 🤸🏽‍♂️ Day 4: Bound angle = Diamond shape 🤸🏻‍♀️ Day 5: Skandasana = Puppy press 🤸🏽‍♂️ Day 6: Pistol squat = Half pike 🤸🏻‍♀️ Day 7: Warrior 3 = L shape 🤸🏽‍♂️ Day 8: Eagle = Eagle leg 🤸🏽‍♂️ . . . . #yoga #yogi #practice #mysore #selfpractice #ashtangayoga #liforme #mypractice #yogapractice #yogajourney #abs #flexibility #breathe #handstand #igyoga #yogadaily #meditation #practiceandalliscoming #onebreathatatime #ashtanga #yogagrandma #love #namaste #igcommunity #ad #lottasebzdayoga

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alegriaycia. #Repost @mysorehousemadrid with @get_repost
Spent a beautiful week

#Repost @mysorehousemadrid with @get_repost ・・・ Spent a beautiful weekend with 40 students who wanted to learn more, to go deeper into their path, to understand more about what else is there apart from asana... that already is a great present for me as a teacher and i’m super happy and content with how it went... i can only hope it was similar to them. I enjoyed so much sharing my perspective and listening to others, and this has been a great learning experience for me. AND we hd a lot of fun! How can i call this a job? 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 . He pasado un fin de semana muy bonito trabajando con 40 alumnos que querían saber más, profundizar en su camino, entender qué más hay en él además de los Asanas. Esto de por sí ya eso estoy contento y satisfecho con el resultado, solo espero que ellos hayan tenido una experiencia similar. He disfrutado mucho compartiendo mi perspectiva y escuchando la de los otros, y ha sido una experiencia de mucho aprendizaje para mí…Y nos lo hemos pasado muy bien! ¿Cómo puedo llamar a esto un trabajo? 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #aymhm #mhm #mysorehousemadrid #ashtanga #yoga #ashtangayoga #madrid #mysorehousemadrid #yogaclass #yogapose #yogainspiration #nochallengechallenge #work #sadhana #bringyourasstoclass #rafaelmartínez #ashtangayogaenmadrid #ashtangayogaspain #ashtangayogaisnotwhatitlookslike #ashtangamadrid #yogamadrid #yogaenmadrid #ashtangayoganoesloqueparece #madrid #instayoga #fun #love #teaching #josecarballal #yogais24hours #yoga #ashtangayogaenmadrid

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I pushed my right hamstring past it’s limits and overstretched it last week so I’ve been nurturing it by letting it be and honoring it! It’s feeling a lot better but I’m going to give it a few more days before my next leg workout or intense, deep stretching. Here’s some hamstring friendly flowing after yesterday’s workout. If you have a body part that needs a break or maybe one that needs extra attention, let me know at the next class you come to and we can start to address it! #yoga #flowing #happyhammies #yogaeveryday #nyc #brooklyn #yogaflow #ashtangayoga

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ashtangayogasalone. Instead of feeling miserable about how little I can do, I am trying to

Instead of feeling miserable about how little I can do, I am trying to focus on been thankful for how much I can still do. #sunsalutation with #babygabo is always magic. Keep going, keep practicing. #26weekspregnant . . #downwardfacingdog #yogasavedmylife #practiceandalliscoming #morningyogapractice #practicepracticepractice #yoga #igyoga #instayoga #yogagram #maternityyoga #yogamum #pregnantyoga #positivemind #positivethinking #symphysispubisdysfunction #ashtangayoga #ashtangayogasalone

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Semana chegando com lua cheia e feriado💫 vai ser assim a programação: . . 🔻Seg - lua cheia 🌕 não tem aula 💫 🔶Ter e Qua (aulas Mysore regulares): . Manhã - das 6h às 10h (última entrada às 8:30); Almoço - das 12h às 14h (última entrada às 12:30); Noite - das 18:45 às 21h (última entrada às 20h). ♦️Qui e Sex (aula Mysore especial feriado) - das 8h às 10:30 (última entrada às 9h) 🔹Aula guiada no sábado às 8:45. Espero que estejam bem, e full power para a próxima semana! 🌈✨💫 . Vem praticar Ashtanga Yoga 📲998771293 . . . #ashtangayoga #pratiqueyoga #mysorestyle #ashtanga #vinyasa #yoga #ashtangasp #yogabrasil #aulasdeyoga #feriado #samaashtanga #laghuvajrasana #consciencia #practiceyogachangeyourworld #mysoreprogram #yogakorunta #ashtangayogasampa #ashtangayogasaopaulo #yogasp #pinheiros #vilamadalena #sampa #sp #fujifilm #xt2 #fuji_global #fuji_xseries

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Amanhã é dia de Lua Cheia 🌕. Mas, excepcionalmente, o Shala estará aberto todos os dias desta semana! Para mais informações sobre os horários desta semana, podem consultar a Newsletter de Junho na secção BLOG do site internet do @padmayogashala 🌿 (link na bio). . Tomorrow is Full Moon day 🌕. But exceptionally, the Shala will be open every day this week! For more information about this week schedules, you can check June’s newsletter on BLOG’S section of @padmayogashala ‘s 🌿 website (link on bio). . #padmayogashala🌿 #azoresyoga #yogaazores #yogainazores #yogasaomiguel #shalapdl #fullmoon #exceptionallyopen #ashtangayoga #hathayoga

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Day 6 of #yogachallenge #loveyogaanatomyarmbalance with @stu_girling #pinchamayurasana So, I haven’t practiced this properly for a very long time - not sure why I skip it from my practice, probably because I can not hold it very well so it’s just easy to not do it… 😊 So here is a very #bananaback #pincha or a very bad #Vrschikasana helped with the wall 😞 #yoga #yogaeveryday #yogaeverydamnday #yogapractice #yogaeverywhere #practiceandalliscoming #onebreathatatime #vinyasayoga #yogini #yogisofinstagram #stayyoungyogauk #yogaworkshop #ashtangayoga #alwaysastudent #yogaanatomy #elbowbalance

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Join Ashtanga Mysore for Beginners workshop with Summer Dien @summer.dien on Sunday, June 23rd, 10AM-12PM Workshop Topics: •Introduction to the primary series of Ashtanga •Building the foundation for a self practice of asana •How to practice Ashtanga Mysore style •Learn about lineage of Ashtanga Yoga •Tristana — Breath, Bandhas, Drishti This workshop offers a wonderful opportunity to learn about the Ashtanga vinyasa system and how to develop a self practice. Cultivating a self practice is a very special gift that you can yourself, which you can always keep with you, no matter what. Over these three days, Summer will guide you through the sun salutations A and B and the standing poses, helping you to develop a strong foundation which will prepare you to enter the mysore room. Summer will offer modifications where necessary and tailor the practice to suit your body and your needs. We will also cover the lineage of Ashtanga Yoga and it’s three key pillars: Breath, Bandhas, and Drishti. This workshop is suitable for absolute beginners to yoga and those interested to develop a self practice of Ashtanga. About Summer: Summer Dien is an international yoga teacher of pranayama and Ashtanga with nearly a decade’s worth of experience. She is trained in the classical pranayama practices of the Khaivalyadham lineage and in the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa system. Summer has a liberal, non-dogmatic approach and believes in using the body in the most efficient and intelligent way possible. She advocates modifying the poses to suit the student’s current needs and abilities. Summer in gifted in working with both advanced and new practitioners alike. Summer is committed to the path of yoga and dedicates her life fully to supporting and uplifting others. She has taught classes, given workshops and hosted retreats all over the world in places such as Thailand, Bali, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, England, USA, Iceland, Italy, Morocco and Costa Rica. LOCATION: @usadabali Jl. Sugriwa No.4, Ubud, Bali www.usadabali.com

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ashtangacoffee. I am always trying to find a good point to lay my mat towel without in

I am always trying to find a good point to lay my mat towel without interrupting practice too much. Usually it is right before daṇḍāsana, but this morning I held off until bhujapīḍāsana, which felt like a very awkward time to do it this morning. If nothing else, it kills the momentum that gets you through the next few poses. #mysorepractice #cappuccino #rarebirdcoffee #ashtangayoga #yoga

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“Trust the timing of your life. Stay patient, stay calm, stay determined, stay focused, and most of all trust your journey.”~ unknown Yoga has been and still is my number one teacher, teaching me to believe in myself, stop fearing and trust myself no matter if is my practice on the mat or real life situations off the mat. Happy Sunday friends ❤️ Outfit: @liquidoactive #yogapants #camelpose #grateful #strongwomenquotes #gratefulness #igyogis #yogisoninstagram #camelposevariation #myyogapractice #myyogajourney #ashtanga #ashtangayoga

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#PlanèteYoga, c’est déjà fini ! Merci à tous pour ces 2 jours à la @fondationgoodplanet dédiés au bien-être et à la réflexion ! 💛🌍 Quel superbe environnement et quel enthousiasme partagé ! 🌿 #qee #yoga #yogalife #yogaeveryday #yogalovers #namaste #yogapose #yogainspiration #yogafrance #yogaddict #yogapractice #feelgood #bienetre #goodplanet #yogaparis #ashtangayoga #ashtanga

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🌕Luna Llena en Sagitario. La energía de sagitario es entrega, instinto, confianza, abundancia, fluidez y optimismo. Sagitario tiene que ver con la búsqueda del sentido y la verdad, con el disfrutar del camino y desarrollar la maestría. Es una energía que ama el viaje - tanto interno como externo - y que se siente plena en el movimiento. Es un momento propicio para conectarnos con nuestra sabiduría, con la búsqueda de nuestra propia verdad, para expandirnos a través de las experiencias, del conocimiento, de los viajes y de nuestra interacción con otras personas. ¿Y cómo podemos aprovechar esta energía en la práctica 🤓? Entregándonos a ella con confianza, disfrutando del camino que se abre cada vez que ponemos los pies en el mat, abandonándonos al momento sin querer llegar a ningún lado. Escuchando a nuestro cuerpo, registrando cómo nos guía y qué lugares se abren cada vez que nos entregamos al momento, al espacio, a nuestros Maestros. También podemos aprovecharlo para preguntarnos qué sentido tiene el Yoga para nosotros, para darnos el permiso de vivirlo como una aventura y de disfrutarlo día a día. 🧘‍♀🧘‍♂Una postura relacionada con esta energía: la cobra nos ayuda a abrir el corazón, a abrir camino para avanzar. ¡Feliz luna llena para todos! Astróloga consultada @anamarletta #ashtangayoga #yoga #ashtanga #moon #luna #lunallena #sagitario #energy #energia @lucia_marletta

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열정넘치는 에너지 희정씨 @glassstar0 보면 항상 밝고 즐거운, 에너지 넘치는 분이라는 생각이 들어요 반면에 수업할 때에는 진지하게 집중하고 최선을 다해 노력하면서 끝까지 한번 더 연습하는 그 마음이 너무 예뻐요😍 도전을 즐기고, 꾸준히 연습하고, 자신의 에너지를 최대한 끌어내며 주변으로 그 에너지를 나눠주시는 분이예요 머리서기 연습하면서 넘어지기도 하고 벽의 도움도 받고 했던 시간이 있었지만 어느순간 혼자서도 너무 잘하세요. (제가 몰래 사진찍는 동안 이 자세 홀딩시간이 꽤 길었는데도 말이죠 ㅋㅋ) 다음주에 또 후끈 불태워봅시다🤸🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️

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malarofriskvardcenter. Yoga reducerar stress och skapar balans. Vilken yogaklass är din favor

Yoga reducerar stress och skapar balans. Vilken yogaklass är din favorit? #klassiskyoga #yinyoga #ashtangayoga #hathayoga #mindfulness #mälaröfriskvårdcenter #ekerö

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Ihr Lieben, in der nächsten Woche gibt es folgende Kurse: Montag | 9.30-11.00 | Monday Morning Flow 🤸🏽‍♀️ @ashtangayogaheidelbergpyi Dienstag 18.00-19.00 | Base Balance Yoga @fitbase_fitness Heidelberg 20.00-21.30 | Ashtanga Yoga Led Class (half primary series) 🧘🏽‍♀️ @ashtangayogaheidelbergpyi Mittwoch | 20.00-21.30 | Mental Yin Yoga 🙏🏽@venicebeach_fitness Eppelheimer Straße 21 | Heidberg Freitag - Sonntag | Hallo Sommer Wochenende mit Yoga und Klang bei @klangzumsein, Saarland (es gibt noch Plätze 🥰) ACHTUNG: der Hello Weekend Flow wird leider entfallen. All Levels welcome 🙏🏽❣️🧘🏽‍♀️ #vinyasaflow #ashtangayoga #yinyoga #yogaheidelberg #yogasaarland #heidelyogis #sirsasana #yogalove #yogagermany #yogateacher

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One size does not fit all 💙 One sport & fitness style does not fit all 💙 One yoga style is not for everyone either 💙 I am an extravert who has an extremely busy mind. I grew up with dance which was my meditation for years. I could relax my mind if I worked with my body. That I found out quite young, gladly. After trying a couple of yoga styles, I knew right away, that Ashtanga or Power yoga styles is something for me. That is where I feel myself, good, comfortable. But it won't necessarily suit you. Because you are not me and I am not you. If you are new in the yoga world, try as many yoga styles as you can find in your sport/yoga studio or town. Trial classes are usually free of charge, so it costs only your time and who knows maybe you will find something for life 🤲 #worthtrying #yoga #yogagirl #yogaflow #yogainspiration #yogaforbeginners #halfmoonpose #hipopeners #asana #ashtanga #power #ashtangayoga #yogi #yogateacher #eindhoven #eindhovenyoga #yogaeindhoven

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astangashalapori. Kiitos ihanat Wambui, Celia ja Sumu ❤️💛🧡 Oli ilo saada teidät vieraa

Kiitos ihanat Wambui, Celia ja Sumu ❤️💛🧡 Oli ilo saada teidät vieraaksemme Porin Shalaan. Kiitosviestejä on sadellut tänään puhelimeeni tänne Italiaan 😁🇮🇹 Kiitos kaikille rakkaille shalalaisille ! (Muutama kurssilainen puuttuu kuvasta).Täällä Italian Salentossa avustan jo toista viikkoa Petrin aamu mysoreissa😍 Tosi kivaa on ollut. Lämpimin terveisin ja nähdään pian! Ciao ! Pauliina @petriandwambui @pocyogafinland @astangashalapori #ashtangayoga #astangayoga #kiitollinen #astangashalapori #astangajooga #shalapori #astangajoogapori

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brawny_line. How cute is this Flight Jacket | MA-1 Bomber Jacket American Military

How cute is this Flight Jacket | MA-1 Bomber Jacket American Military just landed on our website 😎 32.24 only now & FREE Shipping. Tag a friend who would love this! Don't miss out! 😎☀️💕 Active link in BIO Have a wonderful week Yogis 🙂🧘 . #BomberJacketsandFlightJackets #Menjackets #PlusSizeClothes #storyofayogi #yogablog #yogacommunity #igyogafam #feeltheyogahigh #yoga #yogi #yogini #followus #awareness #yogafacts #yogafeature #namaste #ashtangayoga #vinyasa

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Ghandi ghat, Puskar(India). Secondo le sacre scritture (Padma Purana), Brahma vide la Jhantu Vajranabha che cercava di uccidere i suoi figli e molestare le persone; subito accorse in loro aiuto ed uccise il demone con la sua arma, il fiore di loto; la caduta a terra dei petali creò il lago e quando Brahma scese sulla terra, chiamò il luogo dove il fiore (“pushpa“) cadde dalle mani di Brahma (“kar“) come “Pushkar” . Come and join us in Caleta de Famara 🙏 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (6.30 pm) - Calle Chirimoya 12, Famara 🙏 Wednesday (8.30 am), Friday (18.30 pm) - Finca Marisa, Tinajo 🙏 Thursday (9.00 am), Wednesday (18.30 pm) - Avenida del Marinero 128, Famara #yoga #healthylifestyle #wellness #asanas #ashtangayoga #ashtanga #lanzaroteyoga #yogalanzarote #famarayoga #yogafamara #yogadaily #yogateacher #yogainspiration #lanzarote #famarabeach #lanzaroteisland #yogainspiration #igyoga #yogalife #yogalove #yogapractice #lanzarote #india

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Practice of Peace Challenge with Kino: Day 7✨“Gratitude.” “Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness. It’s the spark that lights a fire of joy in your soul.” -AMY COLLETTE It is this tender loving feeling for all life that warms the heart and you let go of all need for perfection as you realize how on one hand there is no such thing and on the other hand, it is all so perfect already. A sense of peace deep within from which all seems probable and joyful is the basis for the glorious state of being called contentment and it is by far the most profound reason I instantly fell in love with yoga. As a reminder of all the above and of the gratitude I feel for the practice of yoga, amongst so many, for today, I choose bharadvajasana 2 (named after one of the 7 great Hindu sages Bharadvaja). Thank you Kino for today’s guidance. Thank you omstars and liforme for supporting this amazing cause by donating $1 for every person who takes part in this challenge, to the incredible yoga gives back non profit organization who empowers young women and children of India to live sustainable livelihoods. #practiceofpeacechallenge Hosts & Sponsors: @kinoyoga @omstarsofficial @liforme @yogagivesback #yogachallenge #yoga #yogini #yogateacher #greekyogini #ashtangayoga #ashtanga #secondseries #bharadvajasana2 #yogisofinstagram #gratitude #meditation #asana #peace

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ashtangayoganovohamburgo. Segunda-feira pico da Lua Cheia 🌕!
Dia de descanso para nós praticant

Segunda-feira pico da Lua Cheia 🌕! Dia de descanso para nós praticantes de Ashtanga, não haverá aula! Terça-feira aula normal!✨🌕💫 . . . . . . #moonday #fullmoon #ashtangayoga #ashtangayogaforlife #ashtangayogaasalifepath #takearest #meditate #innerjourney

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Eagle eyes will notice this is an old pic. Join me on the mat this week where we will be exploring the seated poses of the ashtanga yoga method minus the arm balances and head headstand. Please bring a yoga strap or stretchy band if you have one or even a dressing gown belt will do nicely. I will bring spares so don't worry if you don't have one. This will be a floor based practice taking it down a notch from last week unless you're one of my ashtangi crew then please keep reading. Ashtanga Monday gang you will be going through the same sequence with a vinyasa thrown inbetween each posture 🥴💪🏻 Public Class Schedule . Monday: 9.30am-10.30am at West Lindsey Leisure Centre book via the centre . Monday: 6.30pm @Williamsonsfarm Modified Ashtanga dm Angela to book . . Tuesday: @blizardphysio 7.30am, 8.15am, 9.30am and 10.15am pre-book via the clinic 01302 511755 . . Wednesday AM: Marton Village Hall Assisted Yoga 10am-11am (tea & coffee afterwards) . . Wednesday PM: @williamsonsfarm 6pm-7pm & 7.15pm-8.15pm . . Thursday: - West Lindsey Leisure Centre 7.15pm-8.15pm book via the centre . . Friday: @blizardphysio 7.30am and 8.15am pre-book only via the clinic 01302 511755

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Prática Beneficente (sexta 9h) Vamos juntos celebrar o Dia Internacional do Yoga com muita prática e com muito amor por uma causa nobre 🙏 Aguardamos você 😁👍 #satyogafloripa #ashtangayoga #yinyoga #yogacontinente #praticabeneficente #diainternacionaldoyoga

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Yesterday morning was rough. I woke up feeling rushed I couldn’t place why but my mind was racing I felt like I couldn’t sit still I felt like my day was going to be based in if I felt like I had accomplished enough This is what my anxious brain tells me My worth is tied to my productivity I can only be proud of myself once I am on the other side of accomplishment I tried to bring myself back to the present But I just couldn’t on my own yesterday Ryan realized what was happening He reminded me of my coping skills (side note: he knew because we talk about what I need when I feel this way I didn’t expect him to just know what I needed, conversation for another post) He reminded me that the thoughts in my brain lie sometimes He reminded me that I could get through this because I have gotten through everything before so I will get through this too He held my hands, raised my arms and reminded me to breath and move in a rhythm Once I was breathing deeply again I was able to fully think through what was going on and place what was causing my stress I acknowledged I was anxious and that I was taking control back I drank water and ate breakfast, core needs that needed to be met Ryan acting goofy, made me laugh and released those happy hormones to relieve some of the tension Putting on my favorite song of the moment and dancing out some more tension This is how I walked through my anxiety yesterday. I don’t always have Ryan here when anxiety hits but it sure helps to be known and taken care of when he is here. Anxiety has become such a prevalent struggle for folks and I wanted to share how I walk through mine process. Share other tips and coping skills below 👇🏻🧡 . . . My coping skills: Breathing and getting my body into a rhythm Mantras/ affirmations/ prayer Thought stoppers “thoughts can be lies” Saying out loud “I’m anxious” Taking care of my core needs (sustenance, gratitude, presence in the now) Laughter Music Dancing

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annacamillasilver. Sunday and a new challenge for next week! This week's exercise is a kn

Sunday and a new challenge for next week! This week's exercise is a knee opener taught by Manju. In this picture done in the sofa due to illness 🙏 but still taking care of my knees ❤️ Challenge guidelines: 📣 The theme of the challenge is Yoga Therapy, in the spirit of our teacher and friend Manju Jois. I am honoured to do it together with @annabjarkvik & @northern.yogi. We will share material from the book we have co-created with Manju "Yoga Chikitsa - healing techniques and assistance", and inspire you to discover more of the healing benefits of traditional yoga. - We will present a new yoga therapy exercise every Sunday until June 30th. - Do the exercise every day for a week to experience the benefit. - Do at least 1 post weekly (on Instagram!) with the hashtag ”manjujoishealingyoga”, plus tag @northern.yogi, @annacamillasilver & @annabjarkvik. - On Saturdays we will announce a winner from the last weeks challenge. The price is the book ”Yoga Chikitsa - healing techniques and assistance.” 🏆 Also don't miss the opportunity to practice with Manju in Stockholm in August: www.manjujoissweden.com 🧘‍♀️ So now to this week's challenge: 🔺️ Knee opener exercise: Purpose: To increase the circulation in the knee joint, as well as lubricate and create space in te joint. Technique: Place the forearm tightly in the hollow of one knee. Peddle the lower leg up and down repeatedly until increased circulation in the knee is felt. Finish by pulling the foot towards the bottom using the free hand and hold it there for a couple of breaths. Repeat on other side. #ashtangayoga #manjujois #yogatherapy #yogachallenge #instachallenge #kneeopener #yogaforknees

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¡Qué bien sabe volver a ser alumnos! Ha sido un verdadero regalo estar un par de días en @mysorehousemadrid profundizando en las mil y un sutilezas de esta hermosa práctica y sintiéndonos arropados por la comunidad de Ashtanga Yoga que palpita en toda España y el mundo. Gracias, José, por la inspiración. Mañana es luna llena y no habrá clase. ¡Os esperamos a partir del martes en Ashtanga Yoga Bilbao! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #ashtangayoga #ashtanga #ashtangayogabilbao #yogais24hours #ashtangayogabilbaoporelmundo #ashtangayogabilbaomundutik #ashtangayogaisnotwhatitlookslike #ashtangayoganoesloqueparece

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🔥Mañana lunes feriado practicamos 10.30am, podés ingresar hasta las 11am 💜 . Práctica suave ya que es luna llena. Aprovechamos la luna para enfocarnos en los puntos más sutiles de la práctica: respiración, dristis, observación interna .🌚 . Te esperamos 😍 . #garbhapindasana #garbapindasana #asana #postura #meditar #meditacion #silencio #inspiration #inspirar #amorporlapractica #yogui #yogagirl #ashtanga #ashtangayoga #practice #yogapractice #yogalove #yogalife #yogastyle #practicaytodollega #amorporlapractica #yogui #yoguinus #yogagirl #mysoreclass #ashtangalove #loveashtanga

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Nu te koop: early bird tickets voor het Yogafestival Arnhem op 7&8 september 2019. Weekend kaarten en dagkaarten voor een scherpe prijs! De tickets kun je bestellen via de site (zie bio ⤴️). Ook dit jaar weer een afwisselend programma met verschillende yogalessen en workshops. En natuurlijk ook massages, foodtrucks, een lifestyle markt, muziek en nog veel meer. Kijk bij de tickets voor het complete programma. . #yogateachers #yogafestival2019 #meditatie #iloveyoga #foodtruckcatering #yogaarnhem #yogainspiratie #massage #accessbar #gezondevoeding #vega #kinderyogaarnhem #mindfulness4kids #compassie #vrijwilligers #yogalovers #arnhem #earlybirdtickets #letscoffee #vegafood #ashtangayoga #hathayoga #saswithayoga #yinyoga #gitayoga #lachyoga #ennogveelmeerleuks

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#Repost @108saludosalsolbcn • • • • • . Se cumple el primer aniversario de este proyecto que inició su andadura en Barcelona y que durante un año ha crecido y viajado a muchos lugares. . Nos sentimos muy agradecidos a todos los que os habéis unidos a este hermoso movimiento solidario. Seguimos trabajando para llevar ayuda a muchas organizaciones que necesitan nuestra/vuestra energía. . Por ello te animamos a participar en esta convocatoria en la que todas las aportaciones voluntarias serán destinadas a seguir con el proyecto. . Sigamos entregando esta meditación en movimiento que son los 108 Saludos al Sol , al amor y la solidaridad . AÑO 2018: . ✅JUNIO -120 € Arrels de Dona Barcelona . ✅JULIO -150€ Salud para Venezuela Barcelona . ✅OCTUBRE -500€ Fundación Kirira @fundacionkirira Sant Carles de la Ràpita @yogaactosypalabras . ✅DICIEMBRE -250€ Marató TV3 Barcelona . AÑO 2019: . ✅ENERO -312€ Fundación Kirira @fundacionkirira Sant Carles de la Ràpita @yogaactosypalabras . ✅MARZO -271€ Fundación Kirira @fundacionkirira Sant Carles de la Ràpita @yogaactosypalabras -190€ Micropolis Solidarity Group Vilassar @eulaliafarell . .✅ABRIL -214€ Proyecto Enjipai @proyecto_enjipai Málaga @freehomeyoga -292€ ONG Palau Solidari Palau- solocità i Plegamans @macayogafit . ✅MAYO -390€ Associació L ‘Estel @lleurelestel Balaguer @annapauls_ioga . ✅JUNIO 147€ ONG Tanu @tanu99ucraina Premià de Mar @dcfit_gym . . 🙋🏼‍♀️Os esperamos el próximo viernes 21 de Junio a las 20h . 📍 Playa de la Barceloneta Frente el Hospital del Mar .Mirando al mar Espigón derecho. . 🌀Aportación voluntaria . 🧘🏼‍♀️Recuerda traer tu mat . . 📸 @xavimoyaphoto #yogacesarcalderadavila @yogacesarcalderadavila #yogalife #yogabarcelona #ashtanga #ashtangayoga #vinyasayoga #vinyasa #yogaeverywhere #overthecounteryoga

#ashtangayogabarcelona #ashtang #yogaashtanga #yogahatha #yogabarcelona #barcelonayoga #iyengaryoga #yogaiyengar #yoga #yogalover #yogacolombia#yoga #ioga#yogacesarcalderadavila #espiritudescalzo

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