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Golden hour at Maderas 🌊 📷 by @surfnsr

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Another incredible shot of the Super Blood Wolf Moon. Photo by @thenightstuff #universe_dope

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After a long day of driving through Death Valley NP we weren’t quite sure if we should stop here or just move on to Las Vegas. But I’m so glad that we did because look at that view!

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universe_dope. Who’s ready for the Super Blood Wolf Moon!? Photos by @astrofalls #uni

Who’s ready for the Super Blood Wolf Moon!? Photos by @astrofalls #universe_dope Taken with @meadeinstruments

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Sandstone secrets 🏜

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Super Blood Wolf Moon 2019. Did you see it? @meadeinstruments

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Imagine that mountain in your backyard. 🤩 We finally have seen some sunlight which increases our mood 200% and makes a long walk with the baby waaaaay easier. It’s freaking cold, but that’s what teddy coats are made for. 🐻 #mountainview

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Walking through this slot canyon felt like I was on another planet. It’s amazing how rock formations like this exist here on Earth.

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kennyboundless. 💯Link to song in my bio. #beboundless @kennyboundless

💯Link to song in my bio. #beboundless @kennyboundless

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I didn’t want an ordinary wedding because there’s nothing ordinary about how much I love him. I wanted it personalised and individualised and so complicated sometimes it made me cry trying to plan it! I wanted to be surrounded by things that will last forever, mountains and lakes and forests, because we will last forever too xxx . . . Pic by @jaxatstillvision #elopement #queenstown #newzealandguide #ig_newzealand #queenstownnz #queenstownlive #earthpixnz #kiwi_photos #purenewzealand #roadynz #capturenz #kiwipics #gottalovenz #nzimagery #nzmustdo #nzmustsee #newzealand #arrowtown #bestnewzealand #discoverearth #BeBoundless #lakewakatipu #newzealandguide #destinationnz #newzealandfinds #nzimagery #openmyworld #weddinggoals #beachwedding #nzblogger

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Pacific North West 📷:@yoleeyo

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Broke some good news to my boy @the__diesel__davis back home. @pinkshotdogs on the horizon.

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kennyboundless. 💯My newest single 'Maybe' may or may not be my favorite from this mon

💯My newest single 'Maybe' may or may not be my favorite from this month so far. I'm not sure. What do you guys think? Three very different songs. 'Voices' 'ben' and 'maybe'. All ilenjoyable for different reasons but maybe is the most real. The most vulnerable. And I think that goes a long way. #beboundless @kennyboundless

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I remember back in middle school we used to poke fun at these two, "oooh David has a crush on Heather," or "Heather likes David." Then in grade 12, these two started dating (called it). Then we started joking, "have you picked a date yet?" Or "hey Dave, have you put a ring on it?" And in classic Mom and Dad fashion, they took away all of our fun when David popped the Q during a Game of Life. When David and Heather's car passed the "marriage" space, David said "hey, what would you think about getting married in real life too?" And that's all she wrote folks. Congratulations! I'm stoked for you two!

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We just finished up an amazing trip with @skibig3 last week. Since I was young, skiing has been a great way to get out in the mountains during winter. We tried the guided adventures with SkiBig3 and they showed us places I didn’t even know existed! Sometimes it’s nice to have new expert eyes show you the way, especially if it’s your first time on the hill. Can’t wait to hit the slopes again soon :) #instameetskibig3 @travelmindset

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boundless.inc. I always  try to finish what I start and acheive my goal. Once I reach

I always try to finish what I start and acheive my goal. Once I reach a goal, I go for another. This process has build traits within which I lacked in the past and allowed me to do better in the tasks I take on. . . . Please like follow and share 😋 . . . #beboundless

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A little #throwback to this summer! We have now booked a trip for somewhere I’d never think I’d be able to go, which is Banff National Park! We are so excited to explore this beautiful National Park! 😆🏞🌲 . . . #idhikethat #seekthetrails #explore #adventure #travel #nature #travelgram #womenwhoexplore #trip #folkscenery #america #iphone #earthporn #earthoutdoors #like4like #beboundless #ourwild #happeningoutside #earthofficial

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soraya.sachedina. they’re all copies these days

they’re all copies these days

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Walked around the Seattle campus today and ducked into the newest addition to the CS program at the UW...its a beautiful space, and one many smart, visionary and driven students will benefit from for years to come. The collective generosity of a few will benefit many lives. What a gift! #payingitforward #education

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