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KILL the Skill, OWN the Drill. #bebettereveryday 🐺✊ ▪ Work for Quality, then the movement will become second Nature. A Kettlebell must be earned NOT taken for Granted. #beamaverick #bethehammer ▪ Submit your technique to me in the DM and I'll be happy to help you with some Ques for Improvement. ▪ ▪▪💥SKILL Building COMPLEX💥▪▪ 10 Rounds . . . Left Side and Right Side = 1 Round . . . Rest 2 minutes

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Olen hetkes↗♡ Naudin hetke↗♡ Esitan endale küsimusi↗♡ Valin iseenda↗♡ Valin oma elu↗♡ Mis kõik on võimalik?↗♡ Kuidas saab veel paremaks minna?↗♡ #hetk #moment #fairytale #enjoyingeverymoment #askyourselfquestions #whatelseispossible #betterthanyoucanimagine #everythingispossible #whatdoyouchoose #ichoosemyself #nature #therearesomanyroads #youcanchoose #forest #forestroad #forestwalker #freshness #spring2019 #saarenaine #saaremaa #estonia🇪🇪

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the_rainbow_trio_twinmom. One of my favorite things that people say to me when they see me with

One of my favorite things that people say to me when they see me with the twins is “oh wow, you have your hands full!” Because I do. They are full of love & snuggles & itty bitty baby loves! Having 3 little girls is a blessing I never thought I’d get to experience, and every single bit of it is a blessing. Even when they all cry & need something at once and I know I can’t do it all & without help...my hands are full & I am #grateful . . . #momlife #twins #twinmom #girlmom #tbt #rainbowbaby #rainbowtwins #love #blessings #blessed #staypositive #dreamscometrue #betterthanyoucanimagine #twinsofinstagram #twinning

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msfashionteacher. My basic philosophy. The reason why I started @powerofoneforall #cantt

My basic philosophy. The reason why I started @powerofoneforall #canttellmeno #illjustdoit #betterthanyoucanimagine #dareyourself You are your only limit #youarecapableofamazingthings

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tattooedandhealthy. I did a Bible plan a few days ago and LOVED it!  Left me wanting more.

I did a Bible plan a few days ago and LOVED it! Left me wanting more. Found out it was based off this book, so here we are. 🤗😍🙏🏻 #GodsCalling #Purpose #BetterThanYouCanImagine

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I am inspired by pain. I see it as an opportunity . . I’m excited about challenges. They are gifts to help me grow . . I’m leaning into change. I know that transitions are gateways from god to live a better life, a life you couldn’t imagine if you feared the pain . . I’m up for the challenge. Here I grow 🌱 . . #Change #Transitions #LeanIn #Coach #FutureCoach #BostonCoach #LifeCoach #EmpowermentCoach #YourCoach #Blog #Blogger #BostonBlogger #EastCoastCoach #EastCoastBlogger #LeanIntoTheChange #BetterThanYouCanImagine #LiveYourLifeFullOut #LiveALifeBiggerThanYourDreams

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liquid_light. Now this picture may look a little silly, but the fact that both Bryan

Now this picture may look a little silly, but the fact that both Bryan and dōTERRA are Heroes in my book, is true as true can be. dōTERRA has blessed our lives in countless ways and one of the very biggest gifts it’s brought is time with this guy. The days of him going to work, being gone for hours and hours, having two weeks of vacation a year, and a few sick days, (not to mention the year and a half we spent apart while he worked in California) are a faint memory for me, but once and awhile I remember back and my heart is just so full of gratitude. Bryan is my best friend and I just love to be with him. I love sitting by him working, even on random stuff. (Like this, right now.) I love being at home with him, as well as when we travel all over the world. I love sharing ideas and creating with him. I love that we get to be with our children in their lives helping and supporting them, and now our Grand-babies, together!!! We are so free. Free to explore. Free to serve. And free to dream even more. I absolutely love sharing this journey with him and am SO excited for everything that’s coming, and tonight I’m especially thinking about all the couples we haven’t even met who are longing to spend time together and with their children. Maybe it’s you!? Well, know that if so, we are here holding a big intention to show up 100% and help you have this amazing life too!! PM me if this speaks to your heart. I’d love to talk with you.💕 #doterra #doterralife #doterralifestyle #doterraessentialoils #liveyourdreamlife #together #love #whatyourlookingfor #yesitstrue #itcanbethisgood #betterthanyoucanimagine #createyourlife #united #unitedlove

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Looking back on my beautiful year, all I can say is WOW! 😍 #fbf #thistimelastyear #italy #florence . . I’m DEFINITELY still learning the art of moving when and where God leads (it’s NEVER comfortable!), but i must say when I do let go and let trust Him he blows my mind. Every time! My year traveling the world exceeded my wildest dreams. #betterthanyoucanimagine . . But as the year was coming to an end, I stressed for months about my return, completely unsure of what to do or where to go next. But yet again, He is directing my steps, and blowing my mind!! . . “Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you saying this is the way, walk in it.” -Isaiah 30:21 I’m ready to walk into where God’s leading me knowing he has my back! Btw, this cathedral in Florence, Italy was the most beautiful church I’ve ever seen. 😍

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laurafinnegan5. If you’re looking for an opportunity to brighten your horizon, I firml

If you’re looking for an opportunity to brighten your horizon, I firmly believe our Rodan+Fields team will be your sunshine. I’d love the opportunity to share. #differentthanyouthink #betterthanyoucanimagine

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_cait_cunningham_. Hello! 
I’m just going to put this right out there. I’m looking for bu

Hello! I’m just going to put this right out there. I’m looking for business partners this month! This amazing business is truly a gift that I would love to share with you! Because of Arbonne, I get to decide when I want to work, and when I do work, it’s only part time and I fit it around my life. I get excited to go to work events; I never dread them. I get to spend my working time with amazing, uplifting and inspiring people. Each time I go to an Arbonne event I feel inspired to be a better version of myself. Because of Arbonne, I’ve realized the importance of personal growth and it has made phenomenal changes in how I see my relationships, and myself. I’ve also been shown how important it is to be healthier and fuel my body with the whole foods that it needs - and because of that, I’ve never felt better. Not only does Arbonne provide me with an income (when I work on my business, of course), and a vehicle to meet my goals of not returning to work after my maternity leave is over, it has made me a better person, wife, friend, daughter, and sister - and I’m just at the beginning of my journey. Is this what you want for yourself?! Did this post excite you or intrigue you?! Reach out to me!! I’d be happy to answer any of your questions. Even if you aren’t sure this is for you, but you’re curious about it, let me know. I can help you figure out if Arbonne is the right fit for you. . . . . #changeyourlife #improvement #letmeshowyou #letmehelpyou #gift #journey #selfimprovement #love #betterthanyoucanimagine #workfromhome #createyourlife #createyourdreamlife #nolimits

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hartandsoulco. Short answer: no, those are illegal.
Long answer: Young Living is not

Short answer: no, those are illegal. Long answer: Young Living is not a pyramid scheme, but did you know it’s not like a traditional MLM (multilevel marketing company) either? +++ An MLM means reps are encouraged to find business people, not product users. In an MLM, you typically have to stock the product yourself - which can be a huge financial burden and terrible obligation. You usually have to be locked into an autoship, and canceling that is effectively canceling your membership/hard work. Young Living, in contrast, encourages its reps to lead with the product and educate existing customers. You do have to have an autoship ($100/month), but you select the products and they are for you to use - canceling your autoship does NOT cancel your membership. If someone purchases product through you, the product ships directly from Young Living. +++ So how is Young Living paying these huge paychecks you see people talk about (but don’t actually believe exist)? Rather than paying for advertising, they pay 50% of their profit to the people that advertise for them - us, you, anyone who talks to a friend about Young Living. After all, wouldn’t you rather hear from a friend what is actually working for her in her life than hear from a movie star who is clearly reading a script? +++ Other reasons I love YL: +my pay is not determined by the person “above” me. I can outrank my leaders. +starting at Silver, you earn all expense paid trips as an added appreciation for your hard work +there is no right or wrong way to start living your dreams - take off running or casually share with friends, your success will come +residual income is real and life changing +++ Still have questions and don’t total believe the income disclosure statement? Shoot me a message or drop a comment below! ✌🏻✨🌱

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When one door closes, another one opens.⠀ ✨⠀ ALWAYS. Sometimes this is hard to remember because our human nature + ego become so attached to how we think things should go. And if they don’t go the way we plan ? Well, we freak out of course ! ⠀ ✨⠀ But what if there was another way ? An easier way. What if instead of being a slave to our ego + our emotions, we could come back to the sentiment that we are ALWAYS supported. Even when it doesn’t look that way. Doesn’t that sound like a better place to be in than in a complete and utter melt down ? And sure, there’s a time and a place. Sometimes we have to go through the initial shock to come out the other side. ⠀ ✨⠀ Remember this, the next time a door closes; You are always being prepped for something better than you can possibly imagine ! The universe has your back, + is constantly guiding you to align with who you are meant to be. There’s no sense in fighting it. Instead, relax and be open to receiving. ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #opportunityknocks #whenonedoorcloses #opendoors #windowofopportunity #universehasmyback #theuniverse #betterthanyoucanimagine #endlesspossibilities #youregoisnotyouramigo #egobasedthoughts #mindsetshift #mantras #relax #receive #stayopen #thehustlewithnv #wellnesscoach #travelingsalesrep 📸: @davingordon @amandajeankamm

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Collective message for today!! Deck is by @colettebaron_reid The Spirit Animal Oracle!! #batspiritmessage #rebirth #trustyourintuition #betterthanyoucanimagine #biggerandbetterplans #newthingscoming #allfromlove #bringiton #radiantyouwellness Comment below on what you are going to bring more of into your life today?? What are you manifesting for yourself right now?? 🙏🏻💜🙂🥰

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SIT IN DISCOMFORT . . . The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need tomorrow. . . . Learn to sit in your discomfort. EMBRACE IT! . . . Why? . . . Comfort is OVERRATED! It promotes lazy selfishness and boredom. Growth and comfort do not coexist! . . . Discomfort is a catalyst for GROWTH. It forces change by stretching, adapting. Then we behave differently. . . . I have found GREAT PEACE as I learn to breathe into the stretch, to let the sweat pool and drip on my face, to be SILENT when my insides SCREAM. . . . God ALWAYS finds me there. Or maybe, I always find Him there!! . . . #bestill #discomfortisgrowth #strength #betterthanyoucanimagine #practicenotperfection #youjustlove #getonyourmat #grateful #hypsteryogi #happy #oxfordyogi #yogateacher #yogajourney #yogaeveryday #balance #yogateacherlife #stsquared #practiceandalliscoming #yogaeverywhere #yogaoutside

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chelsea____g. Enjoy it- because it’s all going to work out anyways! 😄
If your alway

Enjoy it- because it’s all going to work out anyways! 😄 If your always trying to be certain of everything then you will most likely suffer. Trust in the orchestration of your life as it is always perfect and flowing right where it needs to. #lifeisnow #presentmoment #trust #embracetheunknown #infinitepossibilities #lessthoughts #morealignment #betterthanyoucanimagine #cg

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determineddonna. Thought I would throw up a little transformation Tuesday! The picture

Thought I would throw up a little transformation Tuesday! The picture on the left is the one that changed it all for me! I came home from a river trip and saw this posted on someone else's Facebook with me not strategically posed pr perfectly cropped. I remember crying and feeling so ashamed that I let myself get to that point! I did not know who I was anymore and I for sure didn't know who that person in the picture was! . Right then and there I made the decision that it was time to make a change! My coach had reached out to me 6 times before the 7th time when I finally said yes! My life has completely transformed and I can't even imagine where I would be without these amazing programs and the community around me that I have gained through this journey!! . Not only am I the happiest and healthiest me I've ever been but I get to help others find their happier and healthy selves as well! And the kicker… I get to earn a income for my family while doing it! . It's not easy and it does take work. Anyone that tells you otherwise is lying! I have made the healthy change that not only I deserve but my family deserves! Are you ready to do the same for yourself? Enrollment opened TODAY for my December 3rd virtual boot camp! Let's chat! . . #transformationinprogress #transformationtuesday #loveyourselfhealthy #workforitdontwishforit #itssoworthit #betterthanyoucanimagine #healthychanges #healthychoices #1dayatatime #autismmom #specialneedmomstrong #healthyisthegoal #youareworthit

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Over the rainbow 🌺 #betterthanyoucanimagine

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Της... μεταμορφώσεως σήμερα.... με @konstadinos_doukakis εδώ στα λατρεμένα @braziliankeratin της Κηφισιάς! #colorday #letschange #magichands #absoluttrust #betterthanyoucanimagine #colorist #talented #onhishands #metarammata #nomakeup #nofilter

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angie_kwek. Usually as a add on to the bbq food that we ordered, we will order ext

Usually as a add on to the bbq food that we ordered, we will order extra cooked food as mains to supplement the bbq choices. It’s usually not good and expensive. So this time I ask @jeslynwoon to prep some of her specialty dishes. My guests loves all the dishes to the max! Her cooking is foolproof and the price is reasonable for catering please msg her or me if you are interested to order from her. Even the most simplest fried rice , she master it to the next level. Initially I order for children only but I discovered all the adults whip it up too! It was Long gone before I knew it. Guess it complement so well with the Ayam Merah that she prepares. Call her now for your next catering order!!! #cateringbusiness #talentedchef #friedrice #ayammerah #thaivermicellisalad #betterthanyoucanimagine #sgfoodblogger #sgblogger #foodblogger #sgmakandiary #sgfoodies #sgcatering #sgcaterer #368party

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Crossing the Island nd discovering each part of this heaven, find a fabulous lunch spot nd enjoy the local food, that was my perfect saturday fever 🥥 #lovalova

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Daydreaming 💌 #betterthanyoucanimagine

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himecheri. 💐👩‍👧💐 #womancrushwednesday 💐👩‍👧💐 This #wcw goes to my Mom @mel

💐👩‍👧💐 #womancrushwednesday 💐👩‍👧💐 This #wcw goes to my Mom @melodyhummingbird 🌸💖🌸 As you can see my #kitty Tigā has also hijacked the post 😹😻😹 She's been especially snuggly since we've been home 💕🤗💕 And finally notes from my new #devotional which has helped me a lot right now. Our trip to Mayo did not turn out as we had planned (in many ways though I think mostly in the setup / how things operated); but part of being Christian is having #faith in God's bigger plan for your life 🙏💕🙏💕🙏 So even when it feels like things are falling apart I know I can have hope that something better is falling into place. For example, my primary care already had another specialist in mind before we ever left if Mayo happened to not be fruitful. So I'm very fortunate to have someone so dedicated towards finding the solution whatever route that takes. And if that fails I'll trust something else will come to light. The fight is never easy; but putting our health & bodies as a priority is worth it. .🎉. .💖. .🎉. TY for looking / liking / commenting / following #momanddaughter #iloveyou #happybirthday #kiss #chu #celebrate #cat #neko #snuggles #furbaby #betterthanyoucanimagine #adventure #inspiration #journey #invisibleillness #zebra #zebrastrong #unicorn #unicornstrong #beautifullife #buildaladder #spoonie #thespooniesisterhood #loveandlight 🌟🌟🌟 lots of #love & virtual hugs 💐... @forever21 Bible App = @youversion

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ylanityson. Best way to wake up on a Saturday in October 😍😋 Thanks @laurenyancy

Best way to wake up on a Saturday in October 😍😋 Thanks @laurenyancy #tastelikepumpkinpie #betterthanyoucanimagine

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Love those moments when I can just walk and speak to God. He always responds. He is faithful, kind, good, never failing and loving Father. I am so thankful for everything He did for me ❤️ #godisgood #betterthanyoucanimagine #givehimachance

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God is good all the time. No matter how you feel pr how it looks. #godisgood #betterthanyoucanimagine

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“If you’re going to try, go all the way. There is no other feeling like that. You will be alone with the gods, and the nights will flame with fire. You will ride life straight to perfect laughter. It’s the only good fight there is.” 📷: @portrait_madame

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riseballoondesigns. Almost time.....!

Almost time.....! #apartyto #partydecor

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