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noble_werwolf. Dm for source.
Fa = fire generation, fire borer, livestock, property

Dm for source. • Fa = fire generation, fire borer, livestock, property, to grow, to wander, to destroy, to shred. The first promises to help helpfully in the struggle and in misery and in every difficulty. The root word fa, which is symbolized as the primordial word in this rune, is the conceptual foundation of arising, being (doing, working, ruling), and of passing away to new arising and so of the transitoriness of all existence and therefore of the stability of the ego in constant transformation. This rune conceals, therefore, the skaldic solace that true wisdom only lives for the evolution of the future, while only the fool mourns over decay: Generate your luck and you will have it! Os = Gods, mouth, arising, ash, ashes. A fourth still I know, when someone throws my arms and legs into fetters: as soon as I sing it, I can go forth, from my feet fall the fetters, the hasp falls from my hands. The mouth, the power of speech! Spiritual power working through speech (power of suggestion) bursts physical fetters and gives freedom, it itself conquers all conquerors, who only gain advantages through physical force, and it destroys all tyranny. (In the struggle for existence, the folk who always remain lasting winners are those who develop themselves with the preservation of their moral force. With the disappearance of morality, higher spiritual and intellectual rank is also lost, as history--the final judgment--will prove.) Therefore: Your spiritual force makes you free! • #runes #folkright #folkfaith #asatru #opww #operationwerewolf #nationalism #bindrunes #blacksun #tribalism #runelore #nativeeuropean #ethnonationalism #ethnic #paganresistance #paganextremistresistance #asatruar #ethnictribalism #tribalism #ethnotribalism #ethnotribal #ethnos #nativeeuropeanspirituality #europeanspirituality #asatruar #asatrurising #bludundboden #bloodandsoil #hailthegods #tribal #ethnonationalist

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noble_werwolf. Source: https://t.me/FolkRight/2788
Sunnandæg - Old English

Source: https://t.me/FolkRight/2788 • Sunnandæg - Old English sunnūntag - Old High German sunnundag - Old Saxon sunnudagr - Old Norse sunnōniz dagaz - Proto-Teutonic The origins of Sunday come from ancient Teutonic and Indo European roots and practices. We venerated the Sun and the Dawn, perhaps as part of some ancient Hyperborean solar cult. And we named this day after Sunna to honor the goddess who pulls our star across the sky each day in her chariot pulled by two horses Árvakr (Early Riser) and Alsviðr (Swift). Sol and her chariot are pursued across the sky by the wolf Sköll. In an Old German story called the Merseburg Incantations, Phol and Wodan ride to a wood and find Balder's horse has sprained its foot. Sunna and her sister Sinthgunt, along with Friia (Frigg) and Volla all sing charms, and then Wodan sings charms followed by a verse about healing the horse's bone. • #norsemythology #folkright #folkfaith #asatru #nordic #operationwerewolf #nationalism #bindrunes #eostre #tribalism #norse #nativeeuropean #ethnonationalism #Teutonic #paganresistance #paganextremistresistance #asatruar #ethnictribalism #tribalism #ethnotribalism #ethnotribal #ethnos #nativeeuropeanspirituality #europeanspirituality #asatruar #asatrurising #bludundboden #bloodandsoil #hailthegods #sundayorigin #hyperborean #ethnonationalist

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thulean.archive. Do we have global warming? Yes, we do. But we also have global cooling

Do we have global warming? Yes, we do. But we also have global cooling. You see, the climate is not static, it changes. You have periods when you have very low temperatures, then they go up, you have shorter period with a warmer climate, it goes down again, and so forth. And the cold periods last a lot longer than the warm periods (The Cold periods last on average 120.000 years, and the warm periods 12.000 years.). So, today we are in a warm period and, apparently, it Is still warming up. We are probably at the very top, though, so, shortly we will see that the climate changes and it starts to get cold again, and what we will get from that is another ice age. In the Viking age, for example, we had a warmer time. And if you go further back in time, for example to the bronze, it was much hotter. Even in Scandinavia, women were walking around with tiny tops and short skirts, because it was so hot. You see the climate changes naturally, and there is absolutely no relation between CO2 emissions and global warming. Well, there is one relation, you see, if there is global warming we have more CO2 emissions (e.g because CO2 is released from the glaciers when they melt due to the higher temperatures), and not the other way around. So our emissions are completely irrelevant in that context. What we do is not influencing the climate one bit. And to those who think that "human CO2 emissions" have such a huge impact, let me remind you for a fact that the last big volcanic eruption in Iceland had more CO2 emissions than all of Europe has had, put together, the last 40 years. So one single volcano eruption, polluted more, or had more emissions, than all of Europe the last 40 years or so. So there is no relation between our CO2 emissions and global warming. So why is the media so eager to talk about global warming and how we should reduce our emissions and so forth. Well, there is a very simple explanation for that - it's a tax scam. They want to take your money and they want to find new ways for you to pay them, so they can waste their money on whatever they want to waste their money on. Global warming is a tax scam, there is no science to it whatsoever.

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revilerd_backup. My #epic #interview / #debate w the lovely @dilvany_tha_goddess , who

My #epic #interview / #debate w the lovely @dilvany_tha_goddess , who was ballsy enough to have me on! 🎤 Subscribe to her stuff at Dilvany The Goddess and my stuff at RevilerRed online 🚩

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skaldic_arts. Here is one of the many posters I have made last weekend. When faced w

Here is one of the many posters I have made last weekend. When faced with overwhelming odds whether if the life of yours/loved ones from predatory forces or if your business is targeted by predatory methods, what is important is that you win/succeed by any means necessary. My only caveat is that you shouldn't cheat yourself or loved ones of any chances on improvement or ability to thrive on their own since it will impede on future victories. Remember that victory/success is far more important than virtue signaling to those who never cared one bit for you. - - - #returnyourrevoltintostyle #smashculturalmarxism #operationwerewolf #mightmakesright #victory #morstuavitamea #revoltagainstthemodernworld #fightforeurope #skaldicarts #europe #european #propatria #europa #mega #makeeuropegreatagain #traditionalism #opww #skullsandcrossbones #ironandblood #viking #norse #wolfbrigadegym #militantstrengthculture #againstthemodernworld #bloodandsoil #politicallyincorrect #kaliyuga #blackmetalmilitia #blackmetal

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thyrevolk. Wilhelm Dachau, The morning, 1942 #family #blood #european #pagan #pai

Wilhelm Dachau, The morning, 1942 #family #blood #european #pagan #painting #homeland #bloodandsoil #1942

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