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bookishsmaug. another magic-themed morning!! fun fact, this little teacup is actuall

another magic-themed morning!! fun fact, this little teacup is actually a tea light😂😅 but it works too well as a teacup so it stays that way! along with the cup, the hagrid mini was also a birthday gift! it actually lights up😍 but i need to install some batteries in it first. i’ll have a picture of it some day!✨ #harrypotter

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inquisitivebookworm. Thank you to @neweroticaforfeminists for the free copy! This is the bo

Thank you to @neweroticaforfeminists for the free copy! This is the book I never knew I needed in my life until I read it. NEW EROTICA FOR FEMINISTS is a satirical spin on the things that turn feminists on (i.e. equal pay, duh), and it was hysterical. It’s split into several different sections (New Workplace Erotica for Feminists, New Pop Culture Erotica for Feminists, etc.), but of course being the booknerd that I am, my favorite was New Literary Erotica for Feminists (there’s a great vignette about Romeo & Juliet…all I will say is FINALLY SOMEBODY SAID IT). Even though the scenarios described are incredibly funny, this book is rooted in truth: as a woman, it would be a dream come true if we could get to the level of gender equality depicted in this book. It may be a satire, but it’s definitely not far off from what most women truly wish we had. Needless to say, do yourself a favor and pick up this book. You won’t regret it!

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thegrowinginvestor. In life, there are two kinds of people:
- 1️⃣ The ones who find excuse

In life, there are two kinds of people: - 1️⃣ The ones who find excuses. - 2️⃣ The ones who get shit done. What side are you on?💪🏽 Tag a friend who has to stop with the excuses❌ • • • • • • • • • • • • #read #wisdom #investor #motivated #investing #invest #forex #trader #trading #business #workhard #books #motivationalquotes #entrepreneur #stocks #warrenbuffet #investment #billgates #hustle #stocks #wallstreet #follow #sidehustle #quotes #motivate #readbooks #readingadvice #startup #reading

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I have a serious @bookofthemonth problem in that I almost always order three books! These are my new buddies for this month 🤗. The Far Field sounds like a really interesting and beautiful story, and @franzencomesalive recommended No Exit so you know it HAS to be good. What did you choose this month? Do you tend to stick to just one or are you a sucker for the add-ons? . . . #bookofthemonth #botm #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #readingislife #allthebooks #bookaddict #booklover #bookish #bookphoto #bookspines #bookcommunity #bookreviews #bookaccount #booksofinstagram #readersofinstagram #igreads #bookworm #booklove #books #bookstack #booksarelife #book #booklife #readinglife #readersofig #instareads #bookmail

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thebookwormofnotredame. “The road to hell is paved with adverbs.”
― Stephen King, On Writing:

“The road to hell is paved with adverbs.” ― Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft . A big thank you to @goscribbler for sending me this amazing box! It’s basically a subscription box for novelists, created by bestselling authors, and as I have tons of friends who write I’m sure it can help many people out there (and me when I will have the time to finally sit down again and write lol). . Writing has been a huge part of my life for a long long time as I used to write a dramione fanfiction online for years and then joined an online writing role playing game where I was playing and writing for Lily Luna Potter. I have mostly wrote fantasy books and I always had this idea in my head, this Peter Pan retelling, which I started worked on seriously last year but had to stop because, you know, LIFE. I also have this second idea, a contemporary novel this time, that I really want to write but again…. Life happens. Hopefully when I’ll be a successful teacher (a girl can dream) I will have the time to write and lose myself in it as I used to. . Do you write? Is that something you want to do? Tell me all about it! ✨ . . . #bookster #bookstagram #booknerd #book #bookphotography #booklover #pages #instabook #reading #lovereading #vsco #vscocam #bibliophile #bookish #bookstagrammer #igreads #bookaholic #reader #booknookstagram #bookstagramfeature #featuremybooks #violetfeatures #culturetripbooks #bookishfeatures #literature #books

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shelfbyshelf. 🍡Bookstagram Made Me Do It🍡

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine is

🍡Bookstagram Made Me Do It🍡 Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine is my next read—I hear it’s great for a reading slump—and this is the first time I’ve grabbed a book just because I saw it all over Instagram. I’m super excited to dive into this one—I’m finishing Carthage for my buddy read with @thecrazybookhoarder and then I’m on to this, but hopefully I’ll fit plenty more books into my December!! 🍡 What books has Bookstagram made you read? Also, what are your final reads of the year?! I’m definitely reading Waiting For Eden, and maybe The Witch Elm... - - - #books #books📚 #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #bookish #eleanoroliphantiscompletelyfine #eleanoroliphant #gailhoneyman #starbucks #cakepop #gayboy #lgbt #gaypride #lgbtqia #gayreader #fallreading #decemberreads

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bookishsolace. { December 11th 2018 } 
#bookreview #bookishsolacereviews #bookstagram

{ December 11th 2018 } #bookreview #bookishsolacereviews #bookstagram title: the winter witch author: paula brackston genre: fantasy, historical fiction my rating: 5/5 . . . my review: I was so excited to get into this witchy tale and was immediately drawn in by her writing; in my opinion, the author is a very gifted writer. I couldn’t help but basically read this book in two settings, it delivers the right amount of witching lore without being too far-fetched and a beautiful historical lush setting. Morgana doesn’t talk. She hasn’t uttered a word since her dad died, making it particularly hard to find a suitable husband for her. Her mother, however, is desperate to arrange a marriage, even if it means she will never see her again. She is forced to marry Cai, the drover, who has his own herds of cattle and ponies. Naturally, Morgana is frightened and just longs for the wild meadows of her home and definitely does not need the help of a man to get around. She is surprised to find him gentle, patient, and tender, nevertheless, she cannot keep the secret that she carries in her heart for very long… I love how Brackston’s female lead characters are all so strong-willed and don’t shy away from hard work. Morgana is no exception, she is impressing independent and can fend for herself very well. Even though she speaks no word, she is a very strong, well-rounded character and has become my favourite in this novel. She is wild, witty, and free and don’t we all want to be like that? The author has a way with her words that makes you almost feel as though you are one with this story like you could smell the flowers or feel the sunshine on your shine. I found myself standing right next to the characters, listening to their conversations and taking walks with them through the Welsh valleys. I especially appreciated the changes between the first-person point of view of Morgana and the third-person point of view of Cai, however, I have to admit, I found the story a bit too romantic at the end. This book is the perfect mix of history and magic, I can recommend it to everyone who is craving for a fantasy/historic setting.

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farawaypoetry. Just know this.
My books are all on sale for the holidays via the link

Just know this. My books are all on sale for the holidays via the link in my bio!! Use the Amazon of your country for the best rates. Love and light!!

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kandisteiner. 📚 GIVEAWAY! 📚 Happy December, IG fam! It's the holiday season, and w

📚 GIVEAWAY! 📚 Happy December, IG fam! It's the holiday season, and what better way to spread cheer than with an epic giveaway? I’ve partnered up with some amazing authors to bring you one you won’t want to miss. Not only could you win SIGNED copies of Weightless, Dirty Exes, Not Until You, Love With Me, and Tattered, but you could also win a Kindle Paperwhite AND a Book Beau along with them! PLUS, a bunch of swag not pictured here, like another book sleeve, stickers, a reusable bag, and more. WHAT!? So epic. And it’s super easy to enter.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 1. Follow all the lovely authors behind the giveaway: ⁣⁣ @kandisteiner ⁣⁣ @devneyperry⁣⁣ @kristenproby⁣⁣ @RachVD⁣⁣ @corinnemichaels⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 2. Tag a book buddy in the comments.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ That’s it! GOOD LUCK!⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ One entry per post. Posts will be open for qualifying entries for at least 24 hours and can close for entries anytime afterward. On December 30th, two drawings will be held to determine the winner. One drawing determines which post, and then from that post, the second drawing determines the winner. So, to up your odds, make sure you submit your entry on every post you see from me and these other amazing authors this month! Winner will be announced December 30th. ⁣⁣

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opalsbookjems. Why was I sitting here thinking Christmas was like a week and a half a

Why was I sitting here thinking Christmas was like a week and a half away?🤔😂👏Maybe it’s because I’ve finished all of my holiday shopping! . . . #thehateugive #thegreatgatsby #theone #toalltheboysivelovedbefore #eleanorandpark

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bookotter. .
Happy Tuesday. ♡ 
Hope you all had a good day.
I just got home fro

. . Happy Tuesday. ♡ Hope you all had a good day. I just got home from work, and will spend the rest of the evening reading and napping. 😂😴😴

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booket_planeta. Del flamante ganador de la última edición del Premio Planeta, Santiago

Del flamante ganador de la última edición del Premio Planeta, Santiago Posteguillo, Booket presenta el “Estuche Trilogía de Trajano”. Un estuche exclusivo que incluye los tres títulos de la Trilogía dedicada al primer emperador hispano de la Historia. Ya podéis descubrir el fascinante mundo de Marco Ulpio Trajano de la mano de Santiago Posteguillo. #momentobooket #SantiagoPosteguillo

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panmacmillan. This was never the story of one woman, or two. It was the story of all

This was never the story of one woman, or two. It was the story of all of them. . . . Loving these proofs for Natalie Haynes' A Thousand Ships! A retelling of the story of the Trojan War from an all-female perspective. . . #nataliehaynes #athousandships #trojanwar #feminism #bookaddict #bookstagram #bookshop #books #bookshelf #bibliophile #bookworm #bookish #lovebooks #igbooks #bookstagrammer #igreads #bookporn #booklover #booknerd #reading #booksofinstagram #bookstagramfeature #bookphotography #bookaholic

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Als ich dieses Bild geschossen habe wusste ich, dass es meine Liebe zu Büchern reflektiert. Das aufgeklappte Buch in meiner Hand steht im Fokus und nimmt größtenteils das Bild ein. So sieht und sah es in meinem Leben schon immer aus: Bücher. Überall. Von klein auf an wurde das Kleingeld von Tanten und Onkels, von Oma oder den eigenen Eltern immer sofort für Bücher ausgegeben. Im Urlaub an der Ostsee mussten wir immer zuerst zur Buchhandlung gehen und gleich 3 Lektüren für den Strand kaufen. Diese eine Liebe wird nie zu Ende gehen und heute bin ich stolz darauf, mich selbst als Leseratte zu bezeichnen. Was für ein herrliches Gefühl, sich ständig in anderen Welten und Charakteren verlieren zu können. Ein großes Danke an all die großartigen Verlage, die immer wieder nach neuen Autoren suchen und finden. Die immer wieder neue Bücher in ihr Programm aufnehmen. Danke an die Autoren, ob alt oder neu, aber den Mut aufzubringen sein eigenes Buch zu schreiben und zu veröffentlichen, finde ich beachtenswert. Danke an all die Buchhandlungen, ob privat oder in einer Kette - Buchhandlungen bleiben immer ein Ort der Zurückziehung, der Ruhe, der Kreaitivität und der Intelligenz. Danke, dass es Bücher gibt und sie niemals aussterben werden. Nie nie nie niemals! ❤️📚

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I hate that you are not here and you should be I hate when I see a couple holding hands and I look down and I’m only holding air I hate sleeping next to an empty space and waking up alone I hate crying on the inside while my mouth smiles I hate holding myself together so no-one will see that I’m in a million pieces I hate being the one pretending not to care that you are a thousand miles from here I hate that I’m so full of love but all I can feel is pain I hate that I miss you is now a permanent part of my vocabulary. _______________________________________________ #ScribblersWord 📄✍️ _______________________ Words by:- @gemmatroypoetry _______________________________________________ #poetry #poem #love #quotes #thoughts #books #quoteoftheday #writersofig #instapoet #poetryporn #quotesofinstagram #wordsofwisdom #instapoem #feelings #writingcommunity #writersofinstagram #poetrycommunity #story #wordgasm #poetsofig #poets #writer #spilledink #wordsmith #literature #lovequotes #wordstoliveby #words #lifequotes

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Nouvelle chronique en ligne sur le blog ✍🏻 Je vous parle du film Monsieur de Laurent Delahousse sur les derniers mois de Jean d’Ormesson 📽 Il est en salle actuellement 😉 Vous l’avez vu? #lecture #livre #livres #instalivre #livrestagram #livreaddict #monsieur #monsieurlefilm #jeandormesson #laurentdelahousse #film #ecrivain #litterature #litteraturefrancaise #book #books #blog #blogueuse #bloglitteraire #bookstagram #bookaddict #influencer #instalivre #instabook

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jessireads. .
Anche quest’anno mi sono pre

. MOST ANTICIPATED BOOK RELEASES OF 2019: Anche quest’anno mi sono preparata il calendario con le uscite che mi interessano di più per il 2019! Sono TANTISSIME, come al solito! ✨ ❓Fatemi sapere la vostra Top3! E se ne abbiamo qualcuna in comune! ✨ ➳ 8 Gennaio - The Wicked King (The Cruel Prince #2) ➳ 22 Gennaio - Imprison the Sky (Reign The Earth #2) ➳ 22 Gennaio - Kingdom of Copper (City of Brass #2) ➳ 29 Gennaio - King Of Scars ➳ 21 Febbraio - Bloodwitch (Truthwitch #3) ➳ 26 Febbraio - The Priory of the Orange Tree ➳ 5 Marzo - Children of Virtue and Vengeance ➳ 2 Aprile - The Red Scrolls of Magic ➳ 2 Aprile - Defy Me (Shatter Me #5) ➳ 18 Aprile - An Ember in the Ashes #4 ➳ 7 Maggio - Broken Throne (Red Queen #4.5) ➳ 14 Maggio - We Hunt the Flame ➳ 21 Maggio - Kingsbane (Furyborn #2) ➳ 30 Maggio - Finale (Caraval #3) ➳ 4 Giugno - Ghosts of the Shadow Market ➳ 4 Giugno - Sorcery of Thorns ➳ 9 Luglio - Dark Age (Red Rising #5) ➳ 30 Luglio - Spin the Dawn ➳ 3 Settembre - Darkdawn (Nevernight #3) ➳ 3 Settembre - The World of Throne of Glass ➳ 3 Settembre - Three Dark Crowns #4 ➳ 26 Settembre - Capturing the Devil (SJTR #4) ➳ 8 Ottobre - The Beautiful ➳ 19 Novembre - Chain of Gold (The Last Hours #1) . + Crescent City , Maybe Now, Wayward Son (Carry On #2) , The Toll (Scythe #3) , Renegades #3! Tutti nel 2019, ma le date sono ancora da definire! ✨ #bookstagramfeature #bookstafeatures #fairylights

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Buon compleanno a me 💙🎁 Ecco il ricco bottino: La vita istruzioni per l'uso di Georges Perec, Dark tales di Shirley Jackson, Il cielo è dei violenti di Flannery O'Connor, Un feroce dicembre di Edna O'brien, Lizzie di S. Jackson, Piccolo mondo perfetto di Kevin Wilson, Due estati di Thomas Williams. E ora mi chiuderò in casa a leggere. ____________________________ #bookhaul #bookhauldicompleanno #birthday #birthdaybookhaul #books #booksonbooks #libri #librisulibri #tantilibri #newentries #flanneryoconnor #ednaobrien #shirleyjackson #bibliophile #bibliofilia

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eagoraisadora. no post de hoje não tem uma indicação, tem uma declaração. pela \"Lúcia

no post de hoje não tem uma indicação, tem uma declaração. pela "Lúcia Já Vou Indo" que ecoa numa parte da memória em que tudo é um tanto embaçado e mais colorido. pelo "Menino Que Aprendeu a Ver" e me fez enxergar que não era só eu que tentava ler as placas na estrada. pelo Sítio do Picapau Amarelo pra onde eu tanto queria ter viajado e feito amizade com a menina que era tão parecida comigo. pela minha mãe, que botou na minha mão a história de um jovenzinho que fugia prum mundo encantado, onde tudo era mágico e os inimigos não tinham nome e a amizade salvava o mundo. pela internet que me mostrou que mais gente como eu mergulhava tão fundo nessas histórias que era difícil voltar à realidade. por todos os Sobrenomes com vírgula Caixa Alta (Parênteses Ano de Publicação) que me formaram e permitiram que eu criticasse tudo o que tinha lido antes. pela Clarice, pela Simone, pela Angela, pela Maya, pela Chimamanda, pela Elena, pela Margaret, pela Hilda, pela Lygia, pela Octavia, pela Patti, por todas elas que eu chamo pelo primeiro nome pois me fizeram enxergar que as estruturas antigas não cabiam mais no presente. por todo mundo que segue escrevendo hoje. por todo mundo que segue lendo hoje. . . . leia a última newsletter da @umacertagabi sobre o amor, o presente e o futuro dos livros. acompanhe seus leitores preferidos. seus autores preferidos. faça teus clubes de leitura, encontre pessoas lendo no parque, troque mensagens apaixonadas de madrugada com a amiga que temqueleresselivrocomvocê. dê livros de natal. empreste teus livros. se apaixone novamente por livros ❤

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esrasyrk. Conficıus (Konfüçyüs) a soruyorlar , 
_Bu kadar kitap okudun, ne öğren

Conficıus (Konfüçyüs) a soruyorlar , _Bu kadar kitap okudun, ne öğrendin, _Ne kadar cahil olduğumu! 😄😄 .. .. İlk kez Gogol okuyanlarda bu akşam 😊. Tam bir edebiyat şöleni olacağını tahmin ediyor ve merakla başlıyorum 💙💙

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Hello! I’m really on a roll with posting. I just don’t really like it when I barely have any pictures in the same style on my feed. So prepare for multiple posts the next couple of days 🤗 . . In other news, look who I finally got into my pictures again 😻 isn’t he handsome? 🐱 (also, don’t worry, I don’t force him to lie down, he can leave at any time he wants) . . Have you seen the new Fantastic Beasts movie yet? I haven’t 🙈 . . QOTD: lets play a kind of game in the comments. Tell me which Hogwarts house Pottermore put you in and which one you thought you would be in? ✨ . . AOTD: I was sorted into Hufflepuff but I assumed I would’ve been sorted into Ravenclaw 🧙🏼‍♀️

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muffinsandbooks. « Cold, cozy night, warm blankets and hot chocolate. »✨
Vous savez p

« Cold, cozy night, warm blankets and hot chocolate. »✨ . Vous savez peut être que j’ai une légère addiction ? En plus de mon addiction aux livres, aux goodies, à booksta, aux séries et au chocolat (je suis une fille très saine, vous pouvez le voir), je suis aussi accro aux bougies parfumées. 🙈 J’ai récemment eu l’occasion d’en tester une de chez @avamay_fr et ... j’en suis amoureuse ! Déjà elle sent bon, ce qui constitue un premier bon point non négligeable, hein ? Ensuite elle représente Paris, une ville que j’adore. Et pour finir je suis fan du design hyper cocooning. ✨ Le principe des bougies de chez @avamay_fr est virement sympa : inspirées par différents voyages, elles sont autant d’invitation à parcourir le monde à travers leurs senteurs ! 🌍 Si vous le pouviez, de quelle ville feriez-vous une bougie ? . . . 🕯 Pour vous faire plaisir ou faire plaisir à Noël, vous pouvez utiliser le code muffins30 lors de votre commande ! C’est valable jusqu’à fin décembre mais si vous voulez recevoir votre bougie pour la mettre subtilement sous le sapin, sachez qu’il faut passer commande avant le 16/12 ! N’hésitez plus 😘 . . . . . #books #bookstagram #booklover #instabook #igbooks #igreads #reading #instadaily #cosy #candles #travel #paris #france

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faeriehearthwitch. Tarot and Oracle decks in rotation for December! What decks are you us

Tarot and Oracle decks in rotation for December! What decks are you using this month? I definitely change out decks according to the season, but also toss in ones that attract me, are new or just intrigue me to try out and study! 🌲❄️✨

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The Magic Finger might just be the least familiar of Roald Dahl’s children’s books - the one that wins the jackpot on Pointless. Showing it to a customer the other day along with a clutch of the classics like Matilda; The BFG; the Enormous Crocodile;and James and the Giant Peach, it was one she didn’t recognise. Maybe time for a TV adaptation? Has there been one? Or a film? It was first published in the U.S. in 1966 and in the United Kingdom two years later (as pictured here), without a dustwrapper. Both were illustrated by William Pène du Bois which is a little surprising because two earlier titles, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and James and the Giant Peach, appeared on each side of the Atlantic with images by different artists. In both cases though the American appeared first, not marginally, but many years earlier. The rather modern tale concerns a young girl with a magic power which she directs towards her neighbours. Every weekend they go out hunting animals and birds and that’s too much provocation for our young protagonist, who disrupts their activities with unpredictable results.

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estantedalee. ☁️ Juntando os Pedaços - Jennifer Niven • Eu gosto muito da escrita da

☁️ Juntando os Pedaços - Jennifer Niven • Eu gosto muito da escrita da Jennifer, li primeiro “Por Lugares Incríveis” dela, e amei, e acabei comprando esse livro na Bienal do Livro em Sp de 2018. E valeu cada centavo! Que livro importante! Amei as características dos personagens, e a personalidade de Libby, e de como ela é uma protagonista forte, que tem muito a nos ensinar. Além de tudo, eu admiro muito a Jennifer, pela sua história, e pela sua força diante de tantas percas em sua vida. •• Sinopse do livro: Libby é uma adolescente, mas não uma adolescente normal, quando ela é considerada uma das jovens mais gordas dos Estados Unidos, após a morte da mãe, ela começou a ter ataques de pânico, e começou a descontar sua tristeza na comida. Após ter que ser retirada de casa de uma maneira “humilhante” ela acaba passando 2 anos em readaptação alimentar e exercícios físicos para voltar a vida normal. Após esses dois anos, ela volta para a escola, e diante de uma brincadeira de muito mau gosto ela acaba conhecendo Jack, um menino de aparência normal, popular... Porém Jack também sofria, só que calado, pois ele tinha uma doença na qual ela tinha que lidar com ela sozinho, pois seus pais não sabiam, até conhecer Libby, “a menina gorda da escola” que em cada página mostra o quão forte ela é, e não se deixa mais abater pelos comentários maldosos, com isso ela ajuda ao Jack, ele vê esperança em alguém que não esperava. . . . . . . . #bookstagram #books #bookshelves #books #booksbooksbooks #booksofinstagram #bookslover #instalivros #amolivros #igliterario #blog #leituracompartilhada #resenha #likelike #follow #flatlaystyle #tumblr #instagood #photography #papelariapersonalizada #sweet #coffee #livrosemaislivros #livroseleituras #muitoboatarde

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purememess. Why am I breaking out so bad guurrrrhhhhhhhrhyhrhhr

Why am I breaking out so bad guurrrrhhhhhhhrhyhrhhr

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Ferret. Badger. Same thing. Look, even our profiles are the same! 💛 . . Did you know ferrets and badgers are actually closely related? They’re both Mustelids! So it really isn’t a far fetch that a ferret could stand in for the Hufflepuff House mascot. Just saying. 💛 . . Has your house changed over the years? I know when I first started reading the books I wanted to be a Gryffindor, because Harry, Hermione, and Ron were, of course! I don’t remember when my shift toward Ravenclaw happened but it’s always been the House of my heart- even if I’ve tested online for Hufflepuff and then Gryffindor, Ravenclaw will always be my house! But little Diggle Bear, he’s always always been my sweet little Hufflepuff Ferret! 💛 . . What has your house journey been? Share with us in the comments! 💬 . . Custom House Magnet by @quirkyimpression 💛 . . . #thebookferret #books #bookstagram #bookworm #booknerd #bookpets #bookaddict #bookphotography #bibliophile #instabooks #ferret #instaferret #ferretsofinstagram #ferretgram #instapets #petsofinstagram #digglebear #harrypotter #jkrowling #hufflepuff #hufflepuffscarf #hufflepuffpride

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Fakat doğa bizi yasalarındaki ahenge, uyuma öyle bir alıştırmıştır ki, onun görmeye alışık olduğumuz uyumundaki en ufak bir kayma bizi tiksindirir, korkutur; bu nedenle Yaradan’ ın her hatası yanlış yaratılmış bu varlığa karşı -her ne kadar bir haksızlık ise de ne yazık ki çözümü yoktur- içimizde öfke uyandırır. Daha da kötüsü tiksintimizi onu özensiz yaratana değil, hiçbir suçu günahı olmayan eserine yöneltiriz: Sakat ve biçimsiz varlık yeterince sıkıntısı, derdi yokmuş gibi sağlıklı ve kusursuz varlıkların nahoş davranışlarına da katlanmak zorunda kalır. Bu nedenle şaşı bir göz, yamuk bir dudak, yarılmış bir ağız gibi doğanın bir kereliğine yaptığı bir hata, bir insanın gittikçe artan acısına, ruhunda onarılmayacak bir yaraya dönüşebilir; etrafımızı saran, dünya dediğimiz ve inanmakta güçlük çektiğimiz gezegendeki anlam ve adalete olan inancımızı şeytani bir felakete dönüştürür. #stefanzweig #lyondadüğün #okudumbitti ************************************* Lyon’ da Düğün, İki Yalnız İnsan ve Wondrak adlı üç kısacık öyküden oluşuyor kitap. . 📌İki Yalnız İnsan, dış görünüşleri yüzünden toplumdan dışlanan, yalnızlığa itilen iki insanın kimseye söyleyemedikleri hatta kendilerine bile itiraf edemedikleri şeyleri birbirlerine anlatmaya başlayarak yalnızlıklarını paylaşmalarını anlatan kısacık bir öykü. . . 📌Kitaba adını veren Lyon’ da Düğün, Fransız devrimi döneminde birbirine aşık ve evlenmek üzere olan iki gencin, birbirlerini kapatıldıkları zindan da tekrar bulmalarının ve ölüme giderken evlenmelerinin öyküsü. . 📌Wondrak ise yine fiziksel olarak çirkin hatta ucubeye benzeyen ve yine toplum dışına itilen bir kadının ve hayatındaki tek insan olan oğlunun acı öyküsü. Ben üç öyküyü de çok severek okudum, yalnız keşke biraz daha uzun olsalardı diye düşünmedim değil. Zweig’ in insan tahlilleri her zaman ki gibi muazzamdı yine. Ve yine diyorum ki Zweig ne yazsa okurum. Huzurlu günler📚☕️😻💙 * * * * * * * * #kitap #kitaplik #kitapkurdu #kitaptavsiyesi #kitapaski #kitapkokusu #kitapkeyfi #book #bookstagram #books #booking #bookstagrammer #kitaphayattir #bookstagrammers #kitapcaykedi #kitaptavsiyeleri

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