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Such beautiful girls! This was the kick off of our Spring 2019 weddings. Laura and her bride squad were so much fun and looked so incredibly beautiful! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Hair : @pinkblushhairartistry Makeup : @kbbeautybykristen

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Where do I even begin with these two? My absolute favorite past clients, that I managed to keep and turn into genuine, life-long friends that I treasure so much. The story of how they came together is not only sweet, two young cute guys who met on ICQ (if you don't know then google it lol) and they just clicked. But that's not the real story! There is this amazing backstory that started when they were children that wove a bond between them that neither one of them realized was there until years and years later. I won't tell the story as its a bit long even for me, but trust me it's jaw-droppingly awesome. If you look up the definition of "meant to be" you'd see these two. I photographed their wedding in September of 2008, when gay marriage was this hot button issue and Prop 8 in California made gay marriage legal in the state of California for a brief 9 month period. I never understood why it wasn't legal anyway, but seeing the change happen and the flood of couples like these two who had spent years and years together and wanted this significant bond, was overwhelming. They wanted the most epic wedding possible and photos to match. We were inspired by frames of Wong Kar Wai films, Prada and Gucci and Louis Vitton ads, and the venue, the infamous Club Social in Hollywood (which is sadly not in existence anymore). Guests were greeted with a glass of wine and the knowledge that they were witnessing history, as well as their friends and family pledging forever. It was the most perfect day, and their enthusiastic support of me incorporating my fashion background into our portrait time changed my view on weddings and my business. It was a revelation, and I will be forever grateful. Happy Real Anniversary to two of my favorite people. You both will forever have my heart, and of course, the kids will too now. <3 . . . . . . #laphotographer #losangelesphotographer #clubsocial #thatshot #2008 #prop8 #Junebug #bridesmagazine #gaywedding #prada #dolceandgabanna #samesexwedding #truelove #laweddingphotographer #laportraitphotographer #lafamilyphotographer #weddingfashion #fashionweddingphotographer #losangelesweddingphotographer #laportraitphotographer

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The start to the 2019 season began with the sweetest pair. I felt love all day long. Between siblings, between grandparents, between friends, and most importantly, between these two. @lindspac & @tomdom30 check your inbox for the sweetest sneaks 🖤

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I swear I’ll never look this good close up. Missing this day 😭

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You ever feel like you stare at your work for too long and it just starts to look boring? I do this when I draw or spend a long time doing anything creative. The older I get the more I see the struggle of stepping away at times and giving yourself the much needed breaks for mental clarity. Edits will resume tomorrow! Let's just sit here and admire how gorgeous Lauren is! This girl is such a dream! ❤🥰

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athabascabarnburner. We are playing a wedding, and thought you all needed to see Marc sitti

We are playing a wedding, and thought you all needed to see Marc sitting in this small chair. You're welcome. #dreamwedding #bridesmagazine #alwaysabridesmaidneverabride #dunsterbc #wedding #ihopeyourehappy #britishcolumbia #brownhat #evilmarc

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we love a natural glow & bold lip moment💄 tap for product details. makeup/📸 @emilydisantibeauty model @jillian.asmith

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It’s a wonderful Easter weekend with family and friends. A lot of you ask me why I don’t take individual orders for Easter and Mother’s Day. It’s simple really: I have five daughters and it is my mission they know -without a doubt- they are more important than self-promoting my dream with 8-14 hour days. That’s easy to me and I enjoy it.... What’s hard is negotiating with my 4 year-old that is wiser than my oldest, explaining to my 7 year-old why her bff is now bff’s with someone else and helping her refocus on all her wonderful friends and sisters, guiding my 9 year-old to fashionable decisions even though she despises denim, talking through the concept of opportunity cost with my 11 year-old who wants to join every club and enter every art contest in the Treasure Valley, and getting my 13 year-olds head out of a book. This seems futile but there are times I’m holding three simultaneous -different- conversations with my people and my head hurts. But my heart, it’s full friends, even though I do not live with flowers, we have a fair balance for this season of life - as long as I buy the girls their own to design with along side me.... we make a good mess... I tell them all the good ones do... Happy Easter friends. Be present this weekend and bask in the true gift we received on the third day. -Kate

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I have thought my entire life I needed seas or mountains or magnificent city lights to be happy. Truth is: I do not care where I am as long as I have you

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When the cake is dripping in flowers! #thingsworthchasing

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chasingwang. Floral confetti cake!

Floral confetti cake!

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I have a 5 hour car ride home and for the first time get to be the passenger. Tell me something good, ask me any question, or just say hello 😊️🥰!!!

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Have you seen my new blog post featuring this stunning bride and her new husband Thad? It’s a good one!! Also, make sure to enter my giveaway post for a chance to win one of THREE mini sessions I’m giving away!

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The emotion in this photo gets me every time. These are the photos I love taking. Poses are great, but I really want the honesty that comes through when you don’t think a camera is around. THAT is when your love shines the brightest. ✨

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Generations | This photo has so much significance behind it. I wish I could put into words what a privilege it is to be trusted with recording such moments. It’s honestly something I don’t think I will ever get over.... #gonnabeagreen2019 #realwedding

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Oh Parker and Kylee... your wedding photos make my heart swoon!! #gonnabeagreen2019 #realwedding

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Yesterday’s wedding was a absolute dream!! 🌿 Florals by @mdunndesign #gonnabeagreen2019 #realwedding

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My beautiful bride Shahana 💗 how stunning is she Mashallah Allah hummah barik laha 🥰💗💗 Makeup/hair and dressing by me: @shakiraalimua #shakiraalimua NO FILTER 🙅🏽‍♀️ just #iphone8plus images 💕 @tatti_lashes in #tl6 images taken with #iphone8plus #realbride #iphone8pluscamera #images #noedit #noretouch #sabyasachibride #sabyasachi #lessismore #simplicity #love #stunning #brideswag #bridalmakeup #bridesmagazine #mood #inspiremeweddings #allthingsbridal #potd #motd #bridestyle #weddedwonderland #askauntyapp #fulldetail #bridaloutfit #beautifulbride

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Jocelyn’s breathtaking #bouquet Isn’t it just lovely. 💐👰🏼💕

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vizcayasac. Can we please make #seatingchartsaturday a thing? We love to see all t

Can we please make #seatingchartsaturday a thing? We love to see all the different seating charts that our clients come up with! . . 📸 @bxmitchell 🍃 @ashes_to_asters

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A classic preview of this insanely gorgeous and intimate wedding from yesterday. Romantic violin music graced our ears during portraits, birds chirping in the trees, and this magical dewy light....Courtney and Elias, Congratulations my sweet sweet loves. Truly an honor to be your photographer and to have had a perfect day with you both. @courtmontes

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alpartyfavours. #clientdiaries

These gorgeous blush zamzam bottles were made for a mu

#clientdiaries These gorgeous blush zamzam bottles were made for a mummy-to-be to hand out on the arrival of her new baby girl ~ such a sweet idea ♡ 📷: @ambia.kx

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alittlepartyevents. We are sooo excited to be kicking off @sorellafarms 2019 wedding seaso

We are sooo excited to be kicking off @sorellafarms 2019 wedding season today with Shannon and Jason. Heads up- it’s gonna be 🔥🤗🎉 📸 @derek_fowler_photography

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I’ll catch you when you fall!! 💍🌅🌵🏜🎶💐📸

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Alex & David’s bright & colorful spring wedding is on my blog today! Link in profile. #lutskyinlove #rachelsolomonweddings | Planning @vcweddingsandevents | Venue @mountainshadowsaz @zeina_mountainshadows #mountainshadows #mountainshadowswedding | Floral Design @azpetalpusher | Chuppah @wendellflorist | Cake @pieceofcakeaz | Band #thejjsband | Videography @serendipitycinema | Hair & Makeup @stevenpaulsalon @naomishair | Rentals @brighteventrentals | Lighting @karmaeventlighting | Cigar Bar @fumarcigars | Linens @latavolalinen | Strings @allegroquartet.az | Donut Wall @borrowedfromabride | Gown @carolinaherrera via @nordstrom | Shoes @jimmychoo | Bridesmaids @jennyyoonyc | Menswear @mrformaltuxedos | Calligraphy & Signage @prettypaperie | Watercolor Bar Signage @breanne_jackson | Photobooth @thelivephotobooth | Welcome Dinner GIF Booth @phoenixgif | Film Lab @thefindlab #thefindlab #contax645 #fuji400h @fujifilm_profilm #ishootfujifilm

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