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#RealNiggaFiles🎥 new video dropping 🔥 this shit str8 ⛽️ #CamplifeOrNoLife it’s the #TakeOva2019 welcome home to my day 1 💯💯💯💯 shout to @alphaeyefilmz we doing up🌏🌏✈️ with this 1💪🏽

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Survived 1) driving blind in the middle of the night with fogged glasses and visor 2) ripping across open water in a beater snowmobile in pitch black without knowing that I was doing open water and 3) the absolutely frigid cold. Thankful as hell for having the most kickass best friend in the whole wide world to make these pretty sweet, unforgettable memories with. Here’s to many more camp adventures my friendo🤙🏼 #camplifeornolife #bestfriend #boyfriend #justgivener #vapenaysh #FXR

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da_realkings. My nigga on a lot of gang sh**nocap @nba_.kd #camplifeornolife

My nigga on a lot of gang sh**nocap @nba_.kd #camplifeornolife

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da_realkings. Chances make champion ♿️📶#camplifeornolife 2019sh**

Chances make champion #camplifeornolife 2019sh**

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