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valerie.kennedy.505. It's important to remember the peaceful moments when turmoil surrounds

It's important to remember the peaceful moments when turmoil surroundsyou. I loved just sitting and seeing as the sun descended #refelections #melbournedusk #checkmelbourne #stkilda #stkildapier #Melbourne

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Electric indigo 💖 @thepaperkites . . . . .

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Melt 💖 @thepaperkites . . . . .

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On the train ride home @thepaperkites 💙 . . . .

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Practicing at a new rink today. Emma and I joined a lesson. As usual I was the only adult, but the kiddos were super encouraging and thought I had ‘potential’. It’s not as fancy as my usual skating hangs but much less crowded on a Saturday as they don’t open for general skate till 2pm. Are you enjoying the little skating videos? It’s amusing to watch them, I feel like I’m skating so fast and gracefully (in my mind) but in reality I’m moving in slow motion. 😂 #moxirollerskates #moxiskatedaily #moxiskates #rollerskating #melbourne_insta #checkmelbourne #melbourne #melbournecity #melbournecbd #melbourneiloveyou #ilovemelbourne #visitmelbourne #melbournetodo #melbournerollerskating #lifestyle #melbournefood

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Touched down in Indonesia. 🇮🇩✈️ . Sometimes I wish life could be split into chapters: each phase - such as my time in Melbourne - coming to a neat ending that leads onto the next section. But no, memories aren't always tied with a neat little bow to be stowed in a shoebox along with other sentimental items. For me, often they blur into one. It's hard to make sense of them or to understand if they had any unique purpose to my life. . And gosh, if I wanted to I could sit and find a meaning for almost anything. As wonderful as it is that humans have the capacity to do this, I don't always want to spin things. Sometimes moments simply pass. . Not every chapter ends up in a final book. Sometimes life's a bit like that too. Some months are just unfinished sentences written on notebooks and blotches of ink that didn't quite make it into words. And that's okay, that's okay. We need those times to help us find the path we're meant to be on. . . Photo by @haileehazelnut .

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William Barak Bridge. 🌉 Stunning location and perfect for long exposure shots with busy traffic. The city is stunning isn’t it? Last Night was amazing! Why? Because @northborders and @7th.era hosted there first photowalk! More photos to come! 🌃🍆 #eggplantgang

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Breaking out the bubbly! ⠀ Who’s having a glass tonight?

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ebnhrd. Last breath of summer. Mostly Brunswick West, 2019

Last breath of summer. Mostly Brunswick West, 2019

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