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klsfoundation. #Symptoms vary from patient to patient, and may change and evolve thro

#Symptoms vary from patient to patient, and may change and evolve throughout the course of the illness. The absence of any of the symptoms does not mean a patient does not have KLS. Read more about what KLS is here: http://klsfoundation.org/what-is-kleine-levin-syndrome/ Repost this to #raiseawareness for KLS! . . . . . . . #kls #kleinelevinsyndrome #curekls #brainfog #hypersomnia #excessivesleep #derealization #shorttermmemoryloss #hypersomnolence #confusion #lethargy #apathy #irritability #klsfoundation #neurological #neurologicaldisorder #chronicillness #chroniccondition #klsresearch #awareness #klsawareness #sleepdisorder #hypersomniacommunity #nonprofit #nonprofitorganization #nonprofitsofinstagram

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interstitialcystitisaltmed. Did you know, Ingredients in products you use on your skin, your large

Did you know, Ingredients in products you use on your skin, your largest organ can be exactly the same as if you consumed them by mouth?! #ic #interstitialcystitis #chroniccondition #chronichealthissues @bomasense

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airportrun. I was so grateful to attend my first  @ppodconference @ncstate in #Ral

I was so grateful to attend my first @ppodconference @ncstate in #Raleigh this last weekend. I met so many amazing humans. My experience meeting @drstancic was profound and filled with beautiful positive emotions. She is one of the executive #producers of the #documentary @code_blue_doc. @drstancic is a @njms_lifestylemedicine doctor who has lived with #multiplesclerosis 24 years. Today she thrives living a #plantbased #lifestylemedicine #lifestyle. I also met beautiful and strong @kellybroel who shares her amazing #MS #journey in the film. Meeting these two #courageous #MS #warriors was the highlight of my @ppodconference experience. I am proud to say that I’ve been living a #plantbased #WFPB (whole food plant based) #vegan lifestyle for three years. I’ve never felt better and stronger. It was the best decision I ever made. Anyone living with a #chroniccondition #multiplesclerosis or is interested in #redefiningthepracticeofmedicine should watch this documentary. @code_blue_doc. #fullofgratitude #mynameisdianeandiloveyou

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gastroparesis_recovery. Let's be honest, it can sometimes be difficult to be open and honest a

Let's be honest, it can sometimes be difficult to be open and honest about what's going on in our lives. Personally, I sometimes struggle to talk about problems that arise in fear of being "an attention seeker" or "feeling sorry for myself". In reality, I think it's really important that we talk about our struggles and encourage others to feel capable of doing the same. . More recently I've been posting stories about the different medical problems I've been facing. This has without doubt been the worst 5 months for me health-wise. It's taken a toll on me mentally and physically, but being able to share those experiences with other people, and get advice and support from followers has been incredibly helpful. . So don't be afraid to share your stories. You never know who you're inspiring and the support and comfort it can provide for other people out there. . #gastroparesis #gastroparesisawareness #health #chronicillness #stressfracture #gastroenteritis #kidneyinfection #antibiotics #digestiveissues #immunesystem #immunehealth #mentalhealth #motivation #inspiration #quotes #dysmotility #medications #roadtorecovery #recovery #chroniccondition

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forhealthseekers. Chronic illness can be so lonely, depressing and isolating.  But there

Chronic illness can be so lonely, depressing and isolating. But there are a few who understand and remain close. And there’s also new friends to be found in the Chronic Illness Warrior Community. Here’s to true friends that love unconditionally. May I be a true friend to everyone who needs one. Together is better! 💚.💚.💚.💚.💚.💚 #forhealthseekers #chronicillness #chronicpain #chronic #ChronicFatigue #chronicallyill #chronicpainwarrior #chronicdisease #girlbebrave #chronicillnesswarrior #ChronicFatigueSyndrome #ChronicLife #chroniclyme #ChronicallyFabulous #chronicmigraine #chronicmigraines #chronicallyawesome #chronicpainawarness #chronicillnesses #chronicpainawareness #chronicwarrior #chronicillnessawareness #chronicallymotivated #chroniclymedisease #ChronicLymeBabesia #ChronicCondition #chronicpainsucks #chronicbackpain #lymewarrior #ChronicfatiguePain

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gppieface. Note to self: Don’t egg on the person the person holding a fully-loade

Note to self: Don’t egg on the person the person holding a fully-loaded cream pie during the #GPPieFaceChallenge... They WILL smash the living daylights out of you!😜😂😂 #GPPieFaceChallenge #CureGP #Awareness #Pie #Challenge #piefacechallenge #RareDisease #chroniccondition #invisibleillness #Gastroparesis #CareAboutRare

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Come on everyone, we’ve got a script to stick to! 😂

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God’s trying to tell me something. I found this verse in my Facebook memories yesterday, and a sweet Instagram friend sent it to me out of the blue just now. Think God is trying to encourage me? 😊 If you haven’t seen my super long insta story about God trying to get my attention, check it out. Our God is good. All the time. ☕️ #godisgood #godisatwork #comeoverforcoffee #bibleverse #tbi #chroniccondition

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optimalremedy__. It’s Exercise Right Week! .
This year is about Active Ageing and the

It’s Exercise Right Week! . . This year is about Active Ageing and the importance of exercise and physical activity at all stages of life! . . You can visit www.exerciseright.com.au for more information or find out more with our Accredited Exercise Physiologist! . It’s never too late to better your health! . . #exerciseright #activeageing #movemoreagebetter #exercisephysiologist #health #wellbeing #chroniccondition #healthyageing #healthyliving #prevention #maintenance #improve #you #selfcare #worthit

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Do you ever need to have a chat about what it’s like living within chronic health conditions or for your family? 👨‍👩‍👧 My one hour consultations include discussing individual challenges and obstacles then devising a personalised plan to address just exactly how you’re going to tackle these issues 📃 Follow up consultations are advised to review and re evaluate plans and maintain accountability. Follow the link in my bio to book a consultation today!

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yasminegalenorn. Balancing your mind, body, and soul, are vitally important components

Balancing your mind, body, and soul, are vitally important components of managing chronic conditions like #histamineintolerance and #mastcellactivationdisorder. Be aware of where you spend your time, your energy, and focus. Remove as many of the stresses as you can from your life so you can handle the ones you can't remove. Don't willingly subject yourself to people or activities that make you upset or that trigger stress responses. There's a lot we can't control, but there are things we can control and it's a gift to ourselves to walk away from conditions that aren't supportive. Don't be a drama llama...it's not worth it. It's not selfish to say "No, I can't help" or "No, I don't have the energy for that." Seek out simple joys to support yourself.  #stress #mindfulness #selfcare #chroniccondition #peace #peaceofmind #joy #simplejoys #writersofinstagram #authorsofinstagram #witchesofinstagram #pagansofinstagram

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jo_josmo81. Some quiet time this Monday night
It’s been such a rough year this

Some quiet time this Monday night 🌼 It’s been such a rough year this year in so many ways - I think probably some #selfcare is due 🌼 I’m trying to remind myself that I’m doing at the best I can - that on the tough days - I am allowed to rest and that I can’t do everything - no matter how much I want to 🌼

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project_sleep. 🌙 When individuals open up about their experiences with #sleepdisorde

🌙 When individuals open up about their experiences with #sleepdisorders, we all learn and grow. 🎀 This is the gift of vulnerability and we can’t get enough of it! 💜 Thank you for sharing your stunning art and truth, @byloelee! 🙌 . #Repost @byloelee with @get_repost ・・・ "I" is for "Insomnia" - This is the big one for me. I tried to convey the feeling of aimlessly wandering and endless hours of staring at the moon. It's hard to convey the experience of insomnia, it's like going through a whole other day but silent and in the dark - days are twice as long and you're barely "there" for any of it. - When I first “got” chronic insomnia, I didn't say anything for 6 months - it was so bad that I had to take a break from university. I didn’t know insomnia was even “a thing." I slept totally fine in my teen years, but it just happened and I didn't know what was going on or how to handle it... It took me a long time, episodes of fainting and hallucinating, to admit I had a problem and finally see a doctor. For me, that was the first step to recovery. - Today, I'm not shy about my insomnia and only hope to spread awareness and education for others with sleep issues. I'm no doctor and I can’t give the medication or diagnosis you may need... But what I can offer is personal experience; advice after overcoming some of the hardest years of my life to being able to sleep pretty normally! I’m always open to discuss sleep health. - This year, I’m dedicating my #36DaysOfType to illustrating 36 facets of mental health. Opening up is the first step to allowing others share their story and potentially get help. My aim is to stop portraying these conditions as frightening and hopeless, and instead as something to be embraced as we fight our own battles. #36Days_I #36Days_Adobe #invisibleillness #chroniccondition #projectsleep #insomnia #sleepbetter #sleepwell #sleepmatters #raiseyourvoice #shareyourtruth

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keepkilter. How are you really feeling? Underneath the armor?


How are you really feeling? Underneath the armor? Broken?⁣ Exhausted from disguising your health conditions?⁣ Like your symptoms are out of control?⁣ Scared most of the time?⁣ Insecure and unsure of who you really are?⁣ Disappointed by the people in your life?⁣ Distrusting of love and intimacy?⁣ Like you can't endure any more trauma and distress?⁣ Defeated by your loneliness and isolation?⁣ Like you can't bury your depression and anxiety anymore?⁣ ⁣ What you suppress will intensify and suffocate you. It will create a false reality based on negative thoughts you've allowed to shape your wellbeing by holding them in with shame, guilt, fear, frustration, and regret.⁣ ⁣ Stop hiding. ⁣ Stop avoiding.⁣ ⁣ Yes, life is challenging dealing with traumas and related chronic conditions. But you have to face these hardships head-on in order to overcome them. That's the process of healing - confrontation, acceptance, forgiveness, and resolution.⁣ ⁣ You are stronger than you think you are. There is an infinite light and vibrancy underneath the shadow of your doubts and fears. Make room for that radiance by releasing worry, despair, and self-loathing holding you back from your freest, healthiest, and happiest you.⁣ ⁣ Do you need help releasing negativity? Click the link in my bio to book a breakthrough call with me and find out how I can help you overcome your doubts, anxieties, and fears. ⁣

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Not all power is lost 💪

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healthprofessionalradio. Audra Moran and Susan Leighton, winners of the Cancer Community (C2) A

Audra Moran and Susan Leighton, winners of the Cancer Community (C2) Award, discuss the work they are doing in oncology and in their communities. To learn about their efforts, visit www.hpr.fm. . . #asthma #lungdisease #chroniccondition #chronicdisease #lunghealth #HPR #healthradio #healthpodcast #HPR #healthprofessionalradio #care #podcast #podcasting #podcaster #podcastinglife

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healthprofessionalradio. Asthma is a chronic lung condition where patients experience tightenin

Asthma is a chronic lung condition where patients experience tightening or swelling in their air passageways, which can cause shortness of breath. Dr. David Slade together with ballroom dancer Donna Matlach talk about how people with severe asthma manage their condition. . . To listen to this podcast episode, visit www.hpr.fm. . . #asthma #lungdisease #chroniccondition #chronicdisease #lunghealth #HPR #healthradio #healthpodcast #HPR #healthprofessionalradio #care #podcast #podcasting #podcaster #podcastinglife

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This is a very brief synopsis of what my life with inflammatory bowel has been. The disease is as complex as it is painful. It’s life altering. But with the breakdown comes beauty with purpose, patience and perseverance. Not to say, I don’t have my days of absolute frustration and chaos. But I’m always looking ahead. Knowing that as this disease evolves, so does the science. That there are people fighting everyday for me and with me to not only eradicate it his disease but ensure a better quality of life for all those who live with #IBD. • And to my fellow warriors, fight on!

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crazycreolemama. Today is #worldibdday !
I could spew a bunch of statistics at ya, bu

Today is #worldibdday ! • I could spew a bunch of statistics at ya, but what’s most important is to be aware of how we can help improve the quality of life for patients. • Write to your legislators about pieces of policy that affect #IBD and other Gastro diseases. Such as HR 2279: The Safe Step Act, S1194/HR2587: The Medical Nutrition Equity Act. Increases to the NIH/NIDDK budget to help produce research and development for IBD & other Gastro diseases. Patient’s protections and decreases on drug therapy costs. • If you know an #IBDMom or #IBDDad who is a patient or caregiver, consider donating an amazing gift card, babysitting services, school pick ups, grocery delivery, @postmates, @kangoapp or @hopskipdrive rides, bags of @mommeecoffee or a nutritional supplement. Something to relieve the financial burden off of a family already spending more than the average family on medical related needs. • Talk to people about IBD. And if you know nothing about #crohnsdisease or #ulcerativecolitis , ask. Lets spread awareness and normalize the disease. This is how we should be spending World IBD Day!

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Chronic Conditions . . You do not have to be useful even if you want to be so, but can only try a little. . Still, you do not have to be worthwhile. You do not have to change all that you touch. . It is enough that you have come, that a bit of star stuff slips through your veins and into your heart. It is enough that you are home And that you are a home. . It is enough that you love for all that you can, conserving what might not be cured.

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gppieface. I’ve been MIA for a little bit but I promise it’s for a good reason...

I’ve been MIA for a little bit but I promise it’s for a good reason... At the age of 12, I remember hearing the words “you may never be 100% healthy again” from a doctor after being diagnosed with #Gastroparesis. He then continued to say that I would unfortunately always feel some type of nausea and have to learn to cope with vomiting frequently. ______________________________ Hearing these words at such a young age was difficult as I never fully grasped my prognosis. I truly never grasped what the doctor said to me that day because I had the rest of my life ahead of me... As years went on, and my symptoms continued to worsen, I was informed of many concerns such as: -“Your health wont allow you to continue your schooling” -“Your health may hinder your ability to find a job or have a family”. Essentially, my future would be spent on a couch and within a bathroom... ______________________________ Hearing all of this at such a young age made me question why being diagnosed with a chronic debilitating condition meant I should basically give up “living” life. Why should a diagnosis determine this? So, I decided to flip the script and defy the odds. I knew one of us would be right, and I knew it would be me. ______________________________ Yesterday I accomplished this by graduating Elms College as 1 of 5 valedictorians of the class of 2019. Despite my diagnosis and what I was told, I was able to continue my education, graduate with my fellow peers, and even be a part of the most kind, caring, and supportive family at @elmscollege ______________________________ To those of you out there struggling with GP, a chronic condition or anything else, do not let anyone tell you what you can’t do. A diagnosis or prognosis cant dictate your future. Why? Because it doesn’t account for one variable: YOURSELF. Here’s to defying the odds and flipping the script! Now, it’s time to smash some pies and have an epic summer of raising awareness🎓🎉💪 _____________________________ #Relentless #NeverGiveUp #GPPieFaceChallenge #CureGP #Awareness #Pie #Challenge #piefacechallenge #rare #chroniccondition #invisibleillness

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“Chronic” means that it will always be there. When you have something good always we feel blessed. What about Chronic happiness, Chronic peace, Chronic love, or Chronic wealth? Our condition though is often viewed from a negative lens though and we classify it as a constant negative. . In reality, it is just something extra that we live with that other humans do not. What are the positives that can be found therein? Because of #t1d I am more data driven, act with a sense of urgency and better able to be empathetic with others. These are extra or superhuman traits I now possess- read differently they are my 💥SUPERPOWERS💥. . What is your Chronic Super Human Power? Comment below

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kcl_ibd. World IBD Day 2019!
#ItTakesGuts to talk about #InflammatoryBowelDisea

World IBD Day 2019! #ItTakesGuts to talk about #InflammatoryBowelDisease. This excellent video from @crohnsandcolitisuk helps to shed some light on the harsh reality of living with #Crohns and #Colitis. Unfortunately being a #chroniccondition that is still surrounded by so much stigma and misunderstanding, it is crucial to raise #awareness which highlights the struggle of sufferers, helping to increase the #support they receive. • #Campaigns such as our invisible disabilities signage, #purple KCL buildings and the #CCUK video, facilitates dialogue and breaks down those barriers, one conversation at a time, improving the #mentalhealth of patients, and greatly benefitting their overall #wellbeing. We hope such enlightening initiatives and conversations can happen 10x more often and today on #WorldIBDDay, hope that you are also able to find new ways of supporting those in your life enduring a #chronicillness. • Thank you as always, KCL #IBD Society Family 💜 • • • #crohnsandcolitis #crohnsdisease #ulcerativecolitis #invisibledisability #hiddenillness #ibdawareness #ibdsupport #crohnsandcolitisuk

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The cheapest meds you’ll get! 💪

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What is #eczema? 😣 Atopic eczema is sometimes called ‘atopic dermatitis' and is the most common form of eczema which mainly affects children. Eczema is a condition that causes the skin to become dry, itchy, red, cracked and inflamed. It is a chronic (long term) condition, although it can improve over time especially in children. #theskinguru #jlformulations #eczemaproblems #chroniccondition #atopicdermatitis

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I’m @madeleinethriftvip the one woman band behind the scenes at ThriftVIP. . Setting up a slow fashion business was in part born from having to slow my life down completely due to a chronic condition. I think there are a lot of entrepreneurs out there doing this. . @slowfashionchallenge DAY 19 Slow self care... work smart play smart shop smart. Working with a baseline of around 12 hours a week is not a lot of time to get much done. I can often overdo things by going over this a lot which means I then have to try & lose hours the following weeks or months. Sometimes by this point i will have slipped back into a relapse & have to rest. So for me it’s so important to really prioritise & make the most of that time. . . Sacrifice is constant so when I overdo things or choose work it means I don’t always get to play. It’s one or the other more often than not. Working alongside a chronic condition means there’s little place for routine, something of a luxury not afforded to me. I’m starting to wind things down here now as I begin website implementation so I can focus fully on that. . Having this challenge to do has allowed me to feel like I’m doing something when I’m not able to do any proper work as has been the case for this month so far. Sometimes I have to admit that I need more rest than work & decide on a few easy but productive tasks to feel like I’m doing something. . I also like it when I read helpful reminders on other peoples sites like this one, Written by: Jenny Tang, a content creator @kinaandtam ‘a human bean who often finds herself in a creative rut &will need to put her own advice into good use.’ . . “Last but not least, the most important, & one that is often overlooked - be kind to yourself, show yourself compassion take things slow. . Remember, people grow at different rates & it's okay to put your hands up & let out a 'that's enough for the day' once in a while. Proceed to make yourself a nice cup of tea, run a hot bath, take a well-deserved nap, go for a walk, or couch potato it up with your favourite treats & films. There is absolutely no judgment here. Let your creative soul rest & unwind. It will come back to thank you in no time.” .

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I’ve really loved meeting everyone at my Meet the Doula coffee catch ups in the past few weeks 🤗 I’m hosting my last one for now on Tuesday, feel free to come along for a chat! ☕️ Did you know that 50% of our population is living with a chronic condition? So if it's not you or someone you love, it could be the person sitting next to you or someone in their life that's fighting an ongoing battle every day 💛 Having your own personal Chronic Health Doula to help you navigate the health care system, provide time, energy & money saving tips or just be a listening ear can make all the difference in a person's life by making their journey a little bit easier ☺️ FREE catch-ups coming to coffee shops near you where you can meet Vicki from LaurenKate, share a cuppa and find out just what the heck Australia's first Chronic Health Doula actually does! ☕️ * Learn about Vicki, her story and how Australia's lack of one-stop-shop support prompted her to set up LaurenKate Chronic Health Doula * Find out how having your own Chronic Health Doula can help you, your loved ones and anyone taking on the role of a 'carer' * Get the lowdown on how Vicki works, services she provides and offers she's currently running * Meet others in Vicki's community also living with chronic conditions and share your story Follow the link in my bio and find the button for my Facebook business page to find out more about the event! Or feel free to DM me with any questions. See you there! ☺️

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endoproelium. Need to take a leak but my cat is way comfy. Can I hold it for the res

Need to take a leak but my cat is way comfy. Can I hold it for the rest of the jury votes? My poor bladder after endo surgery and now with baby pressure... sorry cat, I love you but I need to pee. . . . #Endoproelium #Endometriosis #Endo #EndometriosisWarrior #EndoWarrior #EndometriosisAwareness #EndometriosisAware #EndoAware #EndoSister #EndoMonster #EndoStrong #ChronicCondition #ChronicIllness #InvisibleIllness #PainLevelSquiggles #YouDontLookSick #Pain #Tired #Fatigue #FrozenPelvis #Pregnancy #Australia #Eurovision #Voting #Cat #Bladder

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