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dreamsandinspi. Going to HK in a few days for a few months!! Ahhh!! Excited but scared

Going to HK in a few days for a few months!! Ahhh!! Excited but scared at the same time - feel like I'll miss my family so much! Does anyone feel the same homesickness???

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📌 Location Manarola /Cinque Terre / Italy 🇮🇹 . . Ranné dievča v Manarole. 💃 Kandidát na vytlačenie a zarámovanie. 🌅 V našom byte môžete nájsť niekoľko obrazov z ciest. A ako ste na tom vy? 😊 Máte doma albumy z dovoleniek? Alebo ich máte len tak niekde na usb? S kým ste najčastejšie na fotkách? 📸 . 🇺🇸 Morning girl from Manarola.💃 Candidate for print. 🌉 Our flat is full of pics from our trips. 🖼 And what about you? Do you have albums with pictures or do u prefer digital copies? 😁 #cinqueterre #italy #italy_vacations #italy🇮🇹 #italy_stop #cinqueterreitaly #manarola #manarolaitaly #manarolacinqueterre #topitalyphoto #dnescestujem #cestujzamenej #cestovanie #taliansko #europe_pics #europe_vacations #europe_greatshots #europe_perfection #europe_tourist #sheisnotlost #dametraveler #citizenfemme #girlstoptravel #girltravel #wearetravelgirls #iamtb #girlaroundworld

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I feel like I'm exactly where I'm meant to be right now 💙

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A wall of rice terraces. Literally.🌱 In the early/mid part of the Annapurna Circuit these rice covered hills follow you along, and the formations truly amazes me.😍 I’m so thankful that I had the opportunity to join the locals during the yearly rice harvest in the small village of Lampata. To have the chance to see the impressive work that they do, all in a very traditional way without any technical tools to speed up the process. 🍚🥡 If you trek the Circuit, Lampata should definitely be one of your stops where you stay the night!⛰

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hanaazriki. أغلى إشي بحياتي . كنزي عائلتي 💕💖💕

أغلى إشي بحياتي . كنزي عائلتي 💕💖💕 #sweethome

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Tiny details for @melalosurdo’s big day xx 💍

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Cuteness overload 💙🌿

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Morning Santorini 🥐🥞🙌🏻 I wish I could eat Greek yogurt and honey everyday... and if it comes with this view, even better 😜 #santorini #breakfastgoals #happysaturday

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Happy for Saturday after a whirlwind week in two continents!

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🍊🍋🍊 S I C I L I A N V I B E S 🍊🍋🍊 #Sicily 🇮🇹 #siciliacam #sicilianelcuore . . . . . . . . #travel_regram

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Marina Bay Area 🏙️ I'm quite sure there's a lot of people that would be able to recognise the iconic Marina Bay Sands or Gardens by the Bay on a photo, even though they've never been to Singapore. This part of the city is mostly focused on tourist attractions and offers much in terms of photo locations for visitors but not so much for the local population (apart from a great place for performing arts - Esplanade and maybe restaurants). The modern architecture and futuristic urban planning are definitely worth your attention and heck, I've been there way too many times because of my photography work, but what stroke me the most is that a lot of Singaporeans have never been to that area, have never seen the famous light show from Marina Bay Sands or never strolled around Gardens by the Bay (let's remember that Singapore is a city-state, so moving around is pretty fast and convenient). It made me think a lot about the exclusivity of that place and how mass tourism and travel marketing is changing the landscape of places where people live, making some parts of our towns or cities inaccessible because of higher prices, crowds or unsustainable attractions. Have you noticed such effects on the places where you live? Do you feel like some neighbourhoods of your town/city has become inaccessible due to tourism? I'd love to hear about those experiences!

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Farewell Amsterdam 🌷

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Flashback to summer piano fest...that #mertoncollegechapel ceiling, though!! 😍

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Chocolate for breakfast & checking email. #workinggirl

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Golden hour #lavieestbelle

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Always look from a different perspective #ladolcevita

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