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What’s your morning routine look like?☕️💤⏰ • I think the morning routine is one of the most important routines of your day and sets you up for success. So I try, try being the important word here, to do some simple things every morning to make my day AWESOME! • 1️⃣ Right when I wake up I write in my @fiveminutejournal I KNOW I KNOW...But hear me out. I tried to journal before and I wouldn’t stick to it or really know what to do. This one literally prompts you with 5 questions. Three you answer when you wake up and two right before bed. It’s my way of setting my intentions and priorities for the day. • 2️⃣ Chug water. I’m so bad with drinking water during the day so I make sure to keep a bottle by my bed so it’s there right when I wake up. I challenge myself to finish it before I get out of bed. • 3️⃣ I feed the cats. Lol I know this isn’t a useful tip for you but I wanted to be 100% honest about what my mornings look like.😂 • 4️⃣ Work out! My favorites are studio @toneitup cause I don’t even need to leave the house to do them! Plus if I don’t get my workout done first thing, I will come up with 4,589 reasons why I can’t workout later on (anyone else?!🙋🏽‍♀️) • 5️⃣ Meditation. Guys... I am not good at this lol. But I’m trying. I find that if I do it right after my workout it’s a good way to cool down and focus myself before I get to work. I use the @headspace app cause I FOR SURE need a little hand holding when it comes to meditation. Give it a try! • Now you might read this and be like damn... I don’t have time for this but you’re WRONG. It takes me 56 ish minutes to do all five of these things (truly, I timed it). I work out for about 20-30 min every day depending on how much time I have. The longest I’ve been able to meditate is 15 minutes. But most days are only 10. So don’t think you don’t have time to do the important things that set you up for a successful day, cause you do. Most days...Unless you have kids...then hats off to you moms & dads, idk how you do it.😂🙌🏼 • So what’s your morning routine look like?! Tell me in the comments below. I might steal some ideas😏 Xx Allecat 📸: @briannabroyles

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This has got to be one of the best decorated corners in the French Quarter, am I right?!💜💚🙌

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Patiently waiting for my 4th coconut of the day 🥥🌴🤗 wearing @mlm_label

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Wes Anderson vibes in Lisbon. Stumbled upon this pink church on my way to LX Factory - it was a long walk from the city centre but I always try to walk if time permits. Found both this church and the blue building (on my previous photo) on the way!

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Bonjour #Paris! 🌞🗼🇫🇷 || Pistachio & chocolate pastry for #breakfast is always a good idea right?! TAG a friend who needs this! 😋🥐🍫🌰🌿❤️ . . 📍@dupainetdesidees #JetaimeParis

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Island rides 🏝🚲

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I’ve been patiently watching this blossom for a few weeks now... 🌸 #thisislondon

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Connecting with nature in #scotland

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Una parada obligatoria de los alrededores de Mandalay es Mingun. Aquí encontraréis varios templos alucinantes, a nosotros el que más nos gustó fue este. Un templo totalmente blanco y diferente a los demás, bien conservado y con unas vistas muy bonitas. • • 🌐 @juntos_viajando #travelasia #bagan #myanmar #thailand #wearetravelgirls #wanderlust #travel #discoverglobe #travelblogger #travelphotography #femmetravel #wonderful_places #couples #traveling #trip #blog #blogger #travelawesome #southeastasia #discover #travelgram #beautifuldestinations #cntraveler #theglobewanderer #myfavoritesuitcase #lifestyle

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Keen for a dip 🏝💦

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What footprint do you want to be known for? It's the legacy and the journey that you're on. Trust in yourself. Trust in the passion you have inside yourself. -Drew Waters . We exclaimed, “Aren’t these the cutest little footprints you have ever seen?” as we added our own to the fresh snow on the path.

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На днях разговор с коллегами: Я - когда я начинала водить, навигаторов еще толком не было М - 😳тогда не было навигаторов??? Этот прекрасный момент, когда чувствуешь себя динозавром😬 Прошло каких-то 12 лет и у нас есть телефоны, нашпигованные навигаторами, камерами, системами защиты с распознаванием лица и ещё кучей всего, - многие и половиной этого не воспользуются ни разу А что будет ещё через 10 лет? Может, мы в космос начнём летать, как в Турцию? #travel #travelphoto #wanderlast #travelholic #travelstory #travelmoments #nature #naturephotography #naturelovers #adventure #wildnature #beautyofnature #wanderluster #darlingescapes #cntraveler #iamtb #passionpassport #lifewelltravelled #finland #landscape #home #winter #interior #relax #verilymoment #путешествия #финляндия #лапландия #зима #мысливслух

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A crane and a wall is somehow equal to the construction of a metro. Some people and their associations, I tell you. 📷: #HuaweiMate20Pro Ballard Estate, Bombay February 19, 2019

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Always on the lookout for the prettiest boulangerie facades ✨

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Early morning lights 🌤 🇲🇫 . #Strasbourg #France

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angelapavuk. One thing I really appreciate about visualizing spaces through renderi

One thing I really appreciate about visualizing spaces through renderings is the ability to see how your ideas will appear in your space without the huge price tag & amount of waste that often comes with a refurb or redecorating. I’m also a firm believer in good design for everyone, regardless of your budget so that’s why we’re pushing the boundaries at @mpvisualizations to figure out new ways to offer these services without the hefty price tag of a unique rendering. Sharing more details soon, but in the meantime please do reach out for a 15 minute free consultation at @mpvisualizations

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Paap bhi yahan Dhoenge or Kapde bhi.🙏. Being the largest water body to Indian population it's somewhat normal to witness something like what I shared through the Image. It is the most sacred river in India. But just because of that people won't stop using it for their daily chores. From laundry to full naked bath and also the sewage dumping in the river the river is used for all of them. It might clear your sins but I would suggest go take a bath with fresh water afterwards 👀. . Shot on @sonyalpha 24-70 GM. . © @Raghav.Rai.Ralhan . . . . . . . . . . . . #RaghavRaiRalhan #Varanasi #India #ganga #river #pollution #indiapictures #travelrealindia #indianphotography #photographers_of_india #mypixeldiary #natgeoindia #incredibleindia #yourshotphotographer #spi_humor #streetphotographyindia #_woi #_coi #cntgiveitashot #cntraveler #spicollective #creativeimagemagazine #sonyalpha #Bealpha

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De quando eu fiz alguns amigos no deserto 🐪 . From when I made some friends in the desert 🐪

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📍Masada, Israel Ancient Kingdom of Israel, 37BC Beautiful Roman style fortress and most complete Roman siege surviving to present day

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